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March 18, 1992

  These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on

  April 8, 1992.



                             March 18, 1992



  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate      Mike Mankosa, Engr.(for G.Luttrell)

  Norm Dodl, Education                Martha Rose, CSAC

  Joanne Eustis, Library              Cortney Vargo, GSA

  Megan Hilt, SGA                     Rodney Young, Ag. & Life Sciences

  Werner Kohler, Arts & Sciences (for E. Fox)



  Buddy Litchfiled, Library           Frances Painter, Library

  Bruce Obenhaus, Library



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Off.   J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering        James Yardley, Business

  Ken McCleary, Human Resources




  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.  The February minutes

  were approved as submitted.




       The library will conduct a user survey this spring.  The survey

       form will be sent to all faculty during the week of March 23

       and randomly distributed in the library during the following

       week.  The questionnaire and comment sheet will help the

       library determine how well it is serving its patrons, and how

       it might improve.  A good response rate is very important to

       the library and committee members were encouraged to ask for

       the cooperation of their colleagues.







       J. Eustis was asked to summarize the consensus of the last

       meeting on this issue.  At the last ULC meeting the committee

       agreed with the task force recommendation to increase the

       overdue charge from 10 to 25 cents per day; however, Ms. Eustis

       has decided not to do so at this time.  The task force

       recommended that the fine for failure to return a recalled book

       be increased to a dollar a day for all patrons, up to a maximum

       of $20.00.  Some ULC members expressed concern, but it was

       explained that a patron is always entitled to keep a book for

       two weeks (with an additional eight-day grace period) before

       the fine would begin to be levied. The committee also agreed

       with the task force recommendation that the charge for out-of-

       print lost books should be raised from the current $50 to $65,

       and the binding fee for damaged items needing repair from $5 to

       $10.  These proposals will not be implemented until the

       beginning of the next fiscal year, allowing time for publicity

       before the changes are made.  Modifications to VTLS software

       will be necessary to implement the increased recall fine.  The

       committee is on record as having endorsed these changes.






       J. Eustis outlined for the committee the four part agenda

       agreed to with the Interim Vice President for Information

       Services when she was appointed Interim University Librarian

       and her plans for achieving these objectives.  The first area

       of concern is the working environment in the library, with the

       specific objective of improving morale.  Plans for meeting the

       first part of this objective include maintaining a consultative

       management style; redefining the library's organizational

       structure to include representation from each functional area

       on the management team; making members of the management team

       department heads rather than administrators so that they might

       participate in the Library Faculty Association;

       emphasizing/coordinating the libraries' mission and goals with

       the university plan/college plans; charging the Library Faculty

       Association to investigate, debate and report on the way

       faculty are evaluated, rewarded and recognized.


       The second concern is the perception which faculty members have

       of the University Libraries, with the specific objective of

       strengthening the library's role as a critical resource for all

       academic activity.  Plans include consulting with the academic

       deans regarding the needs of their colleges for library support

       and to generally increase linkages between the colleges and the

       library; formulating a plan for library development over the

       next five years, in consonance with the university plan/college

       plans; stressing and rewarding efforts of library faculty

       members in teaching and participating in collaborative research

       or public service efforts and university governance work; re-

       establishing a science reference department; formulating a

       proposal to reinforce the library's position with the

       university administration; and investigating organizational

       possibilities for research libraries which might serve the

       campus better than the present arrangement.


       The third concern is to stop the library's decline in ARL

       rankings, with the objective of improving the library's

       standings in ARL ranks.  Plans include lobbying for additional

       funds; working with the Development Office on funding efforts;

       studying the reasons for the library's decline in rank, and the

       degree to which the criteria that determine ARL rankings are

       applicable or compatible with current directions in information



       The fourth concern is to enhance support for equipment and

       personnel resources, with the specific objective of insuring

       adequate resources to maintain library operations.  Plans

       include working to increase operational support with the

       university administration.


  The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.  The next meeting will be on

  April 8, 1992.

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