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October 21, 1992

   These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on

   November 11, 1992.



                            October 21, 1992



  Meighan Belsley, SGA                Ken McCleary, Human Resources

  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Office Martha Rose, CSAC

  Norm Dodl, Education                Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Jeff Fithian, GSA                   James Yardley, Business

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Rodney Young, Ag. & Life


  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering



  Dave Beagle, Library                Paul Metz, Library

  Don Kenney, Library                 Francis Riggins, Library

  Buddy Litchfield, Library



  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate      J. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Joanne Eustis, Library




  The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m.  The September minutes

  were approved with one correction: page 1, 2d paragraph,

  Communications Committee should read Communication Resources

  Committee.  Meeting times were changed to the second Wednesday.






       Because of conflicts for two committee members, it was agreed

       to change the meeting time from the 3rd to the 2nd Wednesday of

       each month for this semester.  The next two meetings will be on

       November 11 and December 9, at 3:00 p.m.






       The library received $1.25 M additional from the tuition

       increase.  About 1/4 of this money replaces the one-time

       assistance the library received in 1991/92; about 1/4 covers

       serials inflation, 1/4 allows increased firm ordering, and 1/4

       will permit purchases that have been previously deferred (i.e.,

       some new subscriptions, CD ROMS in business, sociology, public

       affairs, dissertations, physics, biology, medicine, food

       science, etc.), an end user search program, current contents

       databases, and engineering technical standards.


       Book buying will be up about 35% to 40% over last year, and new

       publishers will be added to the automatic approval plan.  There

       will be no cuts in serials this year, and some new serials

       purchases will be made.  Determining selected new subscriptions

       or reinstatements is a chief goal of the fall 1992 outreach to

       departments, during which bibliographers will be visiting the

       departments for consultation with faculty. There is no

       automatic reinstatement of subscriptions that were canceled

       last year.  In order to make the best use of new funds, any

       request for reinstatement of a canceled subscriptions will have

       to compete with new titles which are being considered.


       The library materials budget is allocated as follows:

            50%  journal subscriptions

            17%  standing orders

             5%  binding

            21%  firm orders

             5%  approval plans

             2%  blanket orders


       The $1.25M will be added to the library base budget, and will

       recur.  However, the library does not know whether the future

       budget allocations will be indexed to inflation.  Serials

       inflation could be as high as 20% next year.  For the current

       year the budget is holding up very well.


       N. Dodl asked about Lexis/Nexis and D. Beagle responded.

       Registration to Lexis/Nexis has been opened, and an article

       will appear in Spectrum in about two weeks explaining

       registration.  There are about 150 people registered so far.

       Lexis/Nexis is a database available from News Data Central in

       Dayton, Ohio.  It began as an online legal system, but is much

       more than that at the present time.  Many other databases can

       now be accessed through Lexis/Nexis, and almost all the

       databases are full-text, rather than just bibliographic

       reference.  Lexis/Nexis offers educational institutions a flat-

       rate to buy as many research sessions as needed.  Currently we

       can have 12 simultaneous sessions.  It is available through the

       internet to campus offices after making a few software changes

       to allow the connection.  The library checks requests for

       registration to make sure the requestors are faculty, staff, or

       registered students in order to guard against abuses of the

       system that have occurred at some other institutions.




       A detailed paper entitled Analysis of the 1992 User Survey was

       distributed.  The survey was conducted last spring, and was

       sent to all faculty and given to a random sampling of students

       coming into the library.  The survey document was the same as

       the one used in the 1987 survey, with the exception of a few

       minor changes.  The responses turned out to be very similar in

       both surveys.


       Highlights from this spring's survey include:

       The top three positive responses from faculty were: 1)

       satisfaction with circulation desk, 2) satisfaction with

       reference people being polite and willing to help, and 3)

       reference responses well-informed and correct.

       The top three positive student responses were: 1) politeness

       and willingness of reference people, 2) availability of VTLS

       terminals, 3) satisfaction with circulation desk.


       The highest negative responses among faculty included: 1) not

       enough photocopy machines, 2) cannot find periodicals, even

       after finding location and status on VTLS, and 3) inadequate

       hours and seating.

       Among students the highest negative responses were: 1)

       inability to find periodicals, 2) inadequate number of hours

       open, 3) not enough photocopy machines, 4) and inadequate



       The survey indicated that among faculty and students the main

       reason to come to the library was to use reference materials.

       After that, faculty listed finding books to check out, and

       using periodicals and newspapers.  Students' responses included

       coming to the library to study their own books, to find books

       to check out, and to use periodicals and newspapers.


       The two things best liked by students were the building and

       study areas, followed by the collection, VTLS, electronic means

       of obtaining information, and the staff.  Faculty rated the

       collection at the top, followed by VTLS, the staff, and

       cooperation in obtaining requested materials, primarily through

       Interlibrary Loan.


       Liked least by students was less than full information on VTLS,

       needed materials not being available, poor environment, and

       that the library does not own needed materials.  Faculty cited

       as least liked that the library does not own needed materials,

       followed by less than full information on VTLS, needed

       materials in use, and delays and errors in reshelving.


       The library staff has concluded from survey results that it

       needs to address VTLS and the collections.  Among written

       comments the highest number of negative responses were about

       VTLS, especially among faculty, but many of these were

       misunderstandings about use of the system.  The library plans

       an educational program and publicity about the enhancements and

       capabilities available with the implementation of VTLS '92.

       The written comments about the collections were concerned with

       having lost ground during the financial crisis.  The additional

       allocation to the materials budget this year should help

       alleviate this problem.


       There was some discussion about VTLS training for students.

       The students do not always take advantage of the training the

       library provides, although freshman English classes assign VTLS

       training.  Training sessions are better attended if they are

       combined with a class assignment that requires library





       The document outlining library goals for 1992/93 was

       distributed at the last meeting.  The library goals are being

       monitored on a monthly basis.


       There are a number of goals related to enhancing services.  The

       in-bound modem pool for VTLS has been established, 4 smart

       terminals and printers have been placed in public areas for

       patrons, a task force has been named to consider establishing

       an information desk in the lobby, an end-user database

       searching program has been implemented, and a committee is

       planning an instructional video aimed primarily at incoming

       freshmen.  A number of goals were related to implementation of

       the Disabilities Act, and there is library representation on

       the university-wide committee which is studying this issue.

       The goals related to collection access are being worked on.

       Plans include improving access to government documents through

       bibliographic computerized tapes by making them available on

       VTLS, and also loading the tapes for the Center for Research

       Libraries on VTLS to make their research materials more readily

       available.  A library task force is working on a new

       acquisitions system, the VTLS electronic serials check-in

       project should be completed by the end of the fiscal year with

       some information already available on VTLS, the library has

       increased document delivery from once a day to twice daily, and

       the library has purchased software to enhance document delivery

       through interlibrary loan.


  The meeting was adjourned at 4:25.  The next meeting will be on

  November 11, at 3:00pm.

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