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April 14, 1993

  Minutes approved without correction at the September 15, 1993 ULC




                             April 14, 1993



  Norm Dodl, ULC Chair, Education     Gerald Luttrell, Engineering

  Joanne Eustis, Library              Ken McCleary, Human Resources

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences         Martha Rose, Staff Senate



  Earving Blythe                      Patrick Liverpool



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Off.   Scott Poole, Architecture

  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate      Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Jeff Fithian, GSA                   James Yardley, Business

  Dawn Greenleaf, SGA                 Roderick Young, Ag. & Life Science




  The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. The February minutes

  were approved as submitted.  No meeting was held in March due to

  lack of a quorum.  There were too few for a quorum at this meeting

  as well; however, since there were invited guests present, the

  meeting was held.  It was decided not to have a May meeting.  N.

  Dodl will meet with J. Eustis to discuss items needing closure, and

  will communicate with members online for their approval.




       DISTANCE LEARNING (E. Blythe, P. Liverpool):


       Earving Blythe, Interim Vice President for Information Systems

       and Patrick Liverpool, the Vice Provost for University Outreach

       and International Programs, have been charged by the provost to

       produce a strategic plan for the development of a distance

       learning program at the university.  The plan is to be

       programmatically driven, with emphasis on the opportunities the

       program will present for university outreach, and is to propose

       technology solutions to meet the objectives of the program.

       Out of this will come a long-term plan that outlines the

       university's distance education role over the next 5 to 10

       years.  Ideally there would be several months available to

       prepare the plan and a budget for the 94-96 initiative, but

       there are very near-term deadlines imposed for certain aspects

       of the work.  There is already a plan being circulated by Old

       Dominion University, in an alliance with the community

       colleges, which proposes to deliver undergraduate programs by

       distance learning technology.  New state financial initiatives

       will be focused on  problems associated with increased demands

       being placed on higher education. Virginia Tech needs to

       develop their plan as expeditiously as possible.


       An immediate task is to create an office of Distance Education

       and to develop this plan, supported by a budget.  The plan will

       need to redefine what is meant by distance education; where

       should this university's focus be and who are the clients we

       will serve. Addressing some of the issues will be politically

       sensitive, and the reality of distance education will have

       ramifications for all aspects of the university.  The committee

       working with P. Liverpool and E. Blythe is composed of B.

       Chaloux, R. Sorensen, T. Head, D. Hanna, T. Pratt, and J.

       Eaton.  A two or three page draft vision statement will be

       developed, accompanied by a budget.  This will be presented to

       Dr. Carlisle, the deans, and the Budget and Planning Committee.

       They then will decide whether to move ahead with a much more

       detailed and concrete document to send to Richmond.  A question

       was raised as to whether placing the development and leadership

       for the program in the Provost's office suggests that the

       effort is seen not as part of the mainline academic mission of

       the university, but rather as an outreach effort similar to

       Continuing Education or the new European Study Center.  P.

       Liverpool answered that this effort will be an integral part of

       the academic mission, and that the provost's office is

       responsible for addressing those issues.  At this point the

       planning is focusing more on the academic programs than on the

       potential for outreach.  A department that develops an idea for

       a program could then work through the Distance Education Office

       for assistance in making the case for the program, getting the

       required resources, and developing the needed technology.  The

       point was stressed that the Distance Education Office could

       serve as a catalyst by suggesting opportunities, but would also

       provide assistance to departments developing their own

       initiatives.  The role of the library was discussed.  Library

       material for distance learners would need to include access to

       the electronic databases available to students on campus.  In

       answer to a comment, E. Blythe stated that whatever develops in

       statewide distance education it will probably be a consortia,

       but Virginia Tech can define a unique niche.  Community

       colleges should play a significant role in whatever initiatives

       we develop.



       DISTRIBUTION (N. Dodl):


       Only three responses have been received listing names of those

       designated to receive electronically distributed minutes and

       attachments.  The process of sending to this list will begin

       next academic year and they will be transmitted after being

       approved at a subsequent meeting.


  Due to time constraints the New Business agenda items were not



  The May meeting would be after graduation, presenting a problem

  with obtaining a quorum.  A motion was passed that N. Dodl

  coordinate the response to the Commission on Graduate Studies and

  Policies regarding our committee charge and membership and

  distribute electronically to members for approval.  He will meet

  with J. Eustis on this and any other remaining business and

  communicate online with the membership.

  There will be no meeting in May.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:00


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