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December 8, 1993

  The minutes were approved with corrections to the attendance record at

  the ULC meeting on January 12.  Please note corrections as follows:

  Present: Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine; Absent: James Smith, Forestry

  & Wildlife. Also M. Norstedt was not present.



                                     December 8, 1993



  Darrell Clowes, Education          Ken McCleary, Chair, Human Resources

  Joanne Eustis, Library             Pamela Percha, GSA

  Ed Fox, Arts & Sciences            James Smith, Forestry & Wildlife

  Diane Kaufman, Staff Senate        J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate

  Gerald Luttrell, Engineering       James Yardley, Business



  Don Kenney, Library                P. Metz, Library

  Buddy Litchfield, Library          M. Norstedt, Library

  Gail McMillan, Library             Bob Pillow, Library



  S. Brooker-Gross, Provost's Off.   Melissa Spengler, SGA

  Lori Marsh, Agriculture & Life Sc. Marie Wall, Architecture

  James Smith,


  The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m.  The minutes of the October

  27, 1993 meeting were approved as submitted. (There was no meeting in

  November.)  Committee members agreed to meet on the second Wednesday of

  the month during second semester, with the exception of March. (January

  12, February 9, April 13)  In March the meeting will be on the third

  Wednesday (16) in order to avoid conflict with spring break.




      LIBRARY REPORT (J. Eustis):


      J. Eustis announced that a new head of the Science Reference

      Department has been hired.  Dr. Dana Sally will begin on January 3,



      J. Eustis distributed materials about InfoShare, which is a NOTIS

      product. Michael Williams and J. Eustis have been negotiating with

      NOTIS for about four months.  NOTIS uses the client/server

      architecture, and their InfoShare UNIX-based database server

      communicates via Z39.50, offering a flexible access system.

      Purchase of the software will allow the library to offer

      information in a networked environment.  It will allow local

      database capabilities to mount citation of local databases on the

      campus, and can be a centralized database server for Virginia

      Tech. InfoShare will not be immediately available on campus at the

      time of purchase.  There is testing ongoing, particularly with the

      MAC version, and there will be much to learn before it can be

      distributed around the campus.  Current Contents will be the first

      database distributed, since we have already acquired distribution

      rights, followed by several H.W. Wilson databases: General Science

      Index, Humanities Index, Reader's Guide, Social Science Index,

      Biology & Agriculture Index, Applied Science/Tech Index, and

      Business Abstracts, which are relatively inexpensive, popular with

      undergraduates, and do not have any vendor costs in the first year.

      Expanding to a wider set of databases will not occur until we have

      experienced success with the InfoShare gateway and search engine.

      Third phase expansion will be to distribute ERIC and Compendex.

      With the exception of ODU, all of the other doctoral granting

      institutions in the state have bought InfoShare, and our purchase

      will facilitate sharing of materials and information with these



      There was broad discussion about the selection process for

      acquisition of databases.  The decision about the initial databases

      was based on the bibliographers experience with these products and

      on cost.  No further databases have been identified.  Any such

      decisions would require full participation by the bibliographers

      with input from the university community.


      A request to put Lexis/Nexis on the agenda resulted in a general

      discussion of the topic and a summary of the events which led to





      The first set of specifications had a number of problems requiring

      revision.  If the revised specs are accepted and the process goes

      smoothly, there could be ground-breaking by early March.  If the

      entire building cannot be bid within cost guidelines, there is a

      possible budget alternative which would reduce the amount of

      shelving initially installed, with more added later as required.

      The project to barcode each piece in Cheds is progressing well in

      preparation for the eventual move.


      Currently the library has no resident staff at Cheds, and requests

      are taken either online or in paper form for retrieval from Cheds.

      These requests are batch processed and staff go to Cheds twice a

      day to retrieve or reshelve materials.  The library plans to have

      resident staff in the new facility who will fax requested materials

      when possible to reduce handling and speed delivery.  When the

      actual item is needed, it will be delivered to Newman or a branch

      as it is now.  There are still some software modifications which

      need to be done by VTLS, and further processing needed, in order to

      move smoothly into the new building.  A committee from various

      library departments will deal with policy and procedure issues

      associated with the move to a new facility.  Darrell Clowes (ULC

      member) will represent the academic faculty on the committee.

      Browsing will not be possible, since the building is a warehouse

      with shelving to a height of 35 ft. and the books are stored in

      bins.  VTLS does allow browsing by call number.




      The position description has been written and the announcement

      appeared in this week's Chronicle.  The search committee will meet

      once in January, twice in February (to go over the applications)

      and in March a short list will be agreed on with candidates invited

      to interview in late March and early April.  To date there is one

      application and six or seven nominees.  It seems probable that June

      would be the earliest beginning date for a new University



  The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be on

  January 12, 1994.

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