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February 10, 1993

  These minutes were approved at the ULC meeting held on April 14




                            February 10, 1993



  Norm Dodl, ULC Chair, Education   Ken McCleary, Human Resources

  Joanne Eustis, Library            Martha Rose, CSAC

  Jeff Fithian, GSA                 Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Edward Fox, Arts & Sciences       Roderick Young, Ag. & Life Sciences

  Gerald H. Luttrell, Engineering



  David Beagle, Library             Robert Pillow, Library

  Buddy Litchfield, Library



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's Off. Scott Poole, Architecture

  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate    James Yardley, Business

  Dawn Greenleaf, SGA




  The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. The January minutes

  were approved as submitted.  The committee passed motions to create

  a list of names of people to receive the ULC minutes online; to

  send the minutes to the Commission on University Support; and to

  table until April the motion to send a letter to the provost about

  library participation on the Deans Council.




       LIBRARY REPORT (J. Eustis):


       Robert Pillow, head of the library's Access Services

       Department, gave a presentation on the status of the new

       library storage facility.  Transparencies of architect's

       preliminary drawings and plans were shown.  Mr. Pillow

       explained that special software will cross reference the

       items' LC call numbers and their storage building shelf

       locations.  The stored materials will be boxed and

       retrieved from warehouse-type shelving by a Man-Aboard

       machine.  The building will be shared with University

       Archives with a separate working office for each.  There

       will be room for 1 million library volumes and 15,000

       cubic-foot record boxes.


       Buddy Litchfield explained the present status of the VTLS'92

       release.  The conversion took longer than expected, and there

       have been a number of problems in the programming of the new

       release.  The libraries' Automation Department is working

       closely with VTLS to resolve the problems.  The Cataloging

       Department has been most effected and have had to reprocess a

       substantial amount of data.  The Reference Department has

       prepared a handout for patrons explaining new features, and the

       system has more online help features than the previous release.


       J. Eustis made two announcements.  1) The library will offer a

       new service beginning next week, introducing a pin number

       option for any patron who wishes access their patron activity

       records.  2) A VTLS program now accommodates assigning a

       different fine for recalled books.  After sufficient publicity

       about the new fines structure it will be implemented later this





       Under the new governance structure the University Library

       Committee reports to the Commission on Graduate Studies and

       Policies.  For informational purposes ULC is instructed also to

       send minutes to the Commissions on Classified Staff Affairs,

       Faculty Affairs, Public Service and Extension, Research, and

       Undergraduate Studies and Policies.  The new committee charge

       includes the wording "to disseminate knowledge..."  Committee

       discussion centered around the interpretation of this portion

       of the charge.  Some of the colleges do not have a library

       committee which the college's representative to the University

       Library Committee could use as an avenue for disseminating

       knowledge about the library.  After discussing options

       available to the committee a motion was passed to create a

       distribution list of names designated by committee members to

       which the minutes and all attachments, where feasible, will be

       sent online.


       In further action a motion was passed that the University

       Library Committee minutes also should be sent for informational

       purposes to the Commission on University Support.  The Computer

       Committee and the Communications Resources Committee both

       report to the Commission on University Support.  Because the

       units represented by these committees, and the library, all are

       under the supervision of the Vice President for Information

       Systems, it was felt this was a proper avenue for information






       J. Eustis talked with the Provost and he suggested a letter be

       sent in May.  If changes in the Deans Council structure are

       made, they would not occur before summer.  A motion was passed

       to table the motion until the April meeting.


       DISTANCE LEARNING (J. Eustis):


       Committee members received in advance of the meeting a copy of

       excerpts from the "Final Report of the ad hoc Committee on

       Distance Learning."  The recommendation concerning the library



            "Improve library support for the receive sites,

            including electronic distribution systems for

            library materials.  A feasibility study is

            needed to determine the cost effectiveness and

            legal ramifications of distributing materials

            with copyright issues in mind.  The library has

            agreed to provide a person from the Access

            Services Department to develop procedures

            regarding library support for distance



       Bob Pillow, Head of Access Services is the person designated by

       the library to work with others on campus involved in distance

       learning.  The committee discussed the fact that a feasibility

       study is mentioned, as well as the legal copyright problems,

       but there is no mention of a time frame for this study.  J.

       Eustis was asked to invite E. Blythe to the next meeting, if

       possible, to talk about plans for implementing the report.


  Because the next meeting date falls during spring break it was

  decided to postpone the meeting for one week; therefore the next

  meeting will be on Wednesday, March 17.  The meeting was adjourned

  at 4:05 p.m.

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