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January 13, 1993

  These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on

  February 10, 1993.



                            January 13, 1993



  Carol Burch-Brown, Provost's OfficeEdward Fox, Arts & Sciences

  Darrell Clowes, Faculty Senate      Jeff Fithian, GSA

  Norm Dodl, Education                Gerald Luttrell, Engineering

  Joanne Eustis, Library              Martha Rose, CSAC



  Frances Painter, Library



  Meighan Belsley, SGA                Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Ken McCleary, Human Resources       James Yardley, Business

  Scott Poole, Architecture           Roderick Young, Ag. & Life






  The meeting was called to order at 3:15 p.m. The November minutes

  were approved as submitted.


  The secretary was instructed to begin sending the minutes to the

  Commission on Graduate Studies, and to send all previous minutes

  from this year.  The committee passed a motion that the minutes

  continue to be sent for posting to GOVERN on the online University

  Information System.  It was also requested that the secretary

  canvass the membership by electronic mail to determine whether the

  meeting could continue to be held on the second Wednesday of the

  month at 3:00 p.m.




       LIBRARY REPORT (J. Eustis):


       On January 8 J. Eustis gave a "State of the Library" address to

       assembled library personnel.  She addressed challenges faced by

       the library, steps that have been taken to meet the library's

       goals, and expectations for the next 6 to 12 months.


       There was discussion about the relationship among the divisions

       reporting to Information Systems.  Also discussed was whether

       the University Library Committee ought to make known their

       interest in having the University Librarian participate in

       meetings between the deans and the provost.  A motion was

       passed that a letter be sent from the committee to the provost

       asking that he find a mechanism for library representation at

       meetings of the deans.  A motion was then passed to table the

       previous motion until the February meeting.




       The committee is in the preliminary screening process, with

       about 85 candidates to be screened.  The pool of applicants

       does not contain very many applicants with broad academic

       backgrounds, and very few with library backgrounds.  There is

       no announced closing date for the search and applications

       continue to be accepted.  N. Dodl said he would be pleased to

       receive any input from committee members as to the

       qualifications they consider to be important for this position.


       DISTANCE LEARNING (J. Eustis):


       Over a year ago the Library Advisory Council (LAC) of SCHEV

       drew up a proposal to charge distance learning students for

       services, and this was approved by the library directors who

       make up the membership of the council.  J. Eustis found the

       proposal unacceptable and asked the LAC members to table the

       report for further study.  She has since been working with the

       Distance Learning Committee on campus, which drafted a report

       with recommendations during the summer.  Portions of this

       report will be made available for ULC members to read before

       discussing the issue at the next meeting.


       In the past it has been library policy to focus almost

       exclusively on campus service.  With the new questions of

       service for distance learners this philosophy is changing to

       allow support for the Equine Center at Leesburg, the

       Architecture Center in Alexandria, and the new International

       Center in Lugano, Switzerland.  There are major questions to be

       resolved in providing service for distance learning.  The

       questions concern technological, organizational, and public

       relations considerations and will engender much campus debate.


  The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.  The next meeting is

  scheduled for February 10, at 3:00 p.m.

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