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October 27, 1993

     These minutes were approved as submitted at the ULC meeting on

     December 8, 1993



                               October 27, 1993



  Joanne Eustis, Library             Ken McCleary, Chair, Human Resources

  Ed Fox, Arts & Sciences            James Smith, Forestry & Wildlife

  Diane Kaufman, Staff Senate        J. D. Stahl, Faculty Senate



  Alan Armstrong, Library            M. Norstedt, Library

  Paul Metz, Library                 Melissa Obenhaus, Library



  S.Brooker-Gross, Provost's Off.    Mark Smith, Veterinary Medicine

  Lori Marsh, Ag. & Life Science     Marie Wall, Architecture

  Pamela Percha, GSA                 James Yardley, Business


  The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. The minutes of the September

  15, 1993 meeting were approved as submitted.






       It was agreed that since the regular meeting time conflicts with

       the holiday breaks in November and December, the next meeting will

       be at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 8, 1993, and the November

       meeting will be canceled.



       WITH MINUTES (K. McCleary):


       After discussion the committee approved a motion that the

       electronic distribution be limited to the minutes of the meeting

       unless otherwise directed to include specific attachments.




       LIBRARY REPORT (J. Eustis):


       J. Eustis distributed the fall issue of BiblioTech, which contains

       the University Libraries' goals document. It will be mailed to all



       J. Eustis attended the Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

       meeting and reported briefly on their three major initiatives.

       The first is coordinated acquisitions and networked based

       distribution of foreign language and area studies materials.  The

       second initiative involves intellectual property rights in an

       electronic environment. Part of ARL's concern is about the way

       faculty members produce copyrighted material and give it to a

       publisher, who then sells it back to the university's library.

       They are looking at other kinds of ownership options.  The third

       initiative is to develop a strategy that will encourage scholars

       to make their work available on the network.  One aspect of this

       initiative is the lack of institutional rewards and recognition

       for electronic publication.


       The library has just completed a major project to review staff

       classification and salary equity.  A task force of classified

       staff and two faculty members was appointed to work with the

       university's personnel services. They have been meeting since the

       first of August to complete a very demanding analysis of library

       tasks, ranking them in order of complexity.  The task force report

       is now ready to be distributed and discussed in the library.


       A question was asked about the status of the library infill

       project.  Last year Richmond turned down all construction

       projects, and consideration of a library addition is in abeyance.

       Although this is not the time to press for a library addition,

       the library would be interested in proposing that the old

       entrances to the library be reopened and the "pigeon court" be

       covered over.  However, at this time no formal proposal has been

       made to the university and no cost estimates have been solicited.

       This is a complicated process which requires state approval for

       expenditure of funds even if it is university funds which are used

       for renovation.


       The passage of the bond issue last November guaranteed funding for

       the storage facility; an entirely separate matter from the

       proposal to build an addition to the library.  The final sign-off

       on the storage facility plans is now underway, and the library

       expects ground-breaking in December.  The massive project of

       barcoding all the material stored in Cheds is beginning,

       preparatory to moving it into the new building.  Volunteers will

       work on the project on an overtime basis.  A committee member

       suggested that someone from the University Library Committe should

       be on the committee responsible for planning the storage facility.

       That group has been composed of people from Facilities Planning,

       Records Management and the library. Since the plans for the

       structure are essentially complete at this time, another ULC

       member suggested that he would be more interested in the

       development of policy governing the facility and the process of

       selection of additional materials to be placed in storage. A

       storage building report will be on the ULC agenda for December.


       MATERIALS BUDGET (P. Metz):


       (This discussion is a substitution for the ARL statistics listed

       on the agenda.)

       The library is still enjoying the benefits of last year's addition

       of $1.25M for materials, received as part of the tuition increase,

       and a subsequent further small addition of funds which were

       divided 50/50 between the operations and the materials budgets.

       Last year and this are the two best years in a decade for

       monographic purchases.  A modest number of new serials orders has

       been approved.  This fiscal year the library has added Statistical

       Masterfile on CD-ROM and signed contracts to bring the Commerce

       Business Daily and the Federal Register online.  The library also

       is acquiring Legislate including the full-text of the Washington

       Post online.  Use of the Engineering Standards, acquired last

       year, is increasing and we are now conducting a trial experiment

       with vendor catalogs.  The library recently bought the complete

       papers of Charles Darwin on microform.  The materials budget is

       underwriting the purchase of cataloging copy for some of the

       library's outstanding microform sets in order to make them

       accessible.  The database for the Center for Research Libraries is

       being mounted on VTLS and the library also is expanding the

       available number of document delivery providers.  Another growth

       area in the budget is what the library calls "unreimbursed

       literature search," which includes online services such as Federal

       Register, Dow Jones, Westlaw, Avery Index and, increasingly, the

       classroom instruction program offered by Dialog.  A major library

       goal is to increase online access from faculty offices.


       In looking to the future, the library will be seeking guidance

       about what to place in the storage building.  If half of what the

       library acquires is serials and every 10 years we store 10 years

       worth of serials, the library is off-setting only half its growth.

       This means that the library will, for the first time, have to

       store a significant number of monographs.  VTLS data will show

       what has not circulated, but the library will seek faculty advice

       in choosing which books to store.  Another future concern, in this

       fiscal environment, is that no funding agency will be able to keep

       up with serials inflation, new serials, and online databases.  The

       consequence of this is that there will probably need to be another

       serials review in about two years.  The number of reinstatements

       after the last round of serials cuts is between 10 and 15 out of

       1,255 cancellations, which is a remarkable record.  Requests for

       reinstatements compete with requests for new serials and deserving

       ones are reordered with backsets.


       UPDATE ON THE VTLS '92 UPGRADE (M. Obenhaus):


       The upgrade was brought online during Christmas break in 1992.

       Some of the major enhancements in the '92 upgrade are: the ability

       of the library to customize screens, increased help facilities

       (there are now 99 help screens specific to this library), and

       enhanced key word searching.  Since the initial installation there

       have been a number of upgrades to fix problems found in the

       system.  M. Obenhaus is negotiating with VTLS on 35 to 40

       outstanding problems reports (some of which predate the upgrade).

       VTLS has reorganized its support structure so that each VTLS

       library client has an assigned support team to work on problem

       resolution.  The major problems for which the library continues to

       seek resolution concern technical aspects of the work done by the

       library's cataloging department, rather than problems the patron

       might encounter.



       When accessing VTLS, patrons should notice the entry at the bottom

       of the first screen which reads, "For more information about VTLS

       searching and the University Libraries, enter NS."  Entering this

       command will display the menu of library information available

       online, which is quite extensive.  Also, patrons now may go to

       the circulation desk to be issued a second private patron ID.

       This second ID number will allow the patron to see the items for

       which he/she has placed holds and recalls and those items

       currently checked out, with due dates.


  K. McCleary read a draft of the letter thanking Norm Dodl for his service

  to the University Library Committee.  The draft was approved and will be

  sent to Dr. Dodl.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:58.


  The next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 8, 1993.


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