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June 15, 1805 -- letter from Nathaniel Hart in Franklin, Kentucky to James McDowell in Lexington, Virginia

Franklin June 15th 1805

Dear Sir

I have had an interview with George Elliot and find him a very difficult person to do business with. I made you several propositions known to him & the only reply he made to them was that he was willing to reger it to men, to which I informed him that it was already refered to the Court which I considered as the same, he insisted for some time that he claimed the one third for locating, but when I informed him that he had only demanded 1/4th and that he could not now recover more & that if the suit went on each trtrail should undergo a division and his fourth should be allocated him out of each trail. He then appeared to see his true situation and finally agreed to take the 600 Acres which he had sold as a complete compensation for locating and that his advances for surveying & taxes should balance, Loyds charge against him for costs of the Suit in Rockbridge, and that all ----, should be considered as balanced, each party paying their own costs in the Federal Court, which I suppose will make their accounts nearly even. I promised to advise you of this proposition and informed him that if you ---- to it that you would empower me, or some other person, to make the conveyance, immediately and the suit should be dissmissed ag. Loyd.

I have had two important Land suits agreed in the Fayette Circuit Court since you left us. I have obtained a decree in one, and as yet the court have not made up their decree in the other, but have little doubt of my success, old Judge Wallace has thot it prudent to take the third wife, he was married a few days past, to an old widow of the name of Brown in Frankfort, this has prevented my giting a decree in the suit with Baylor, they have adjourned untill August at which time I trust it will be given in I hope my favour.

We have enjoyed good health since you left us, I hope you found your dear family in the same situation upon your return, and that your business, did not suffer from your absence. I recieved your favour from Danville enclosing the blank deed of trust for which I thank you, as I was in great want of it, if you enclose me Baylors, Certificate write me particulary on what terms to let him have it, back or if you wish to sell your bargain what your price will be.

I should be glad to hear the result of your communications to Col. Breckenridge respecting Kitty.

I beg you and Mrs. McDowell to accept of Susans and my best wishes for your Happiness & properity.

And believe me to be with esteem
Your affectionate ----
Nathaniel Hart

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