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Smithfield Preston Foundation

Papers, 1784-1881, n.d., Ms1997-002

May 30, 1813 -- letter from Edmonia M. Preston to James McDowell.

Smithfield May 30th 1813

Dear Sir

I understood from Sister Madison that the lot in Lexington might have been rented advantageously, but for the want of proper authority to do so. To qualify myself for giving a power to rent that piece of property, as well as to be legally invested with the care of my dear, helpless orphans, I went to the last court and was appointed their guardian. I must again be in debted to you, and in addition to all your kindness to me request you to act as my agent in this instance for this purpose I ---- a power to you as such. To your own discretion I submit the terms. It is Dr. Floyd's opinion that the Kentucky property might be better divided sometime hence thean now, as he ---- the advantages of it loved not be property estimated at present. This idea never occurred to me. An anscious desire to keep the interests of my children separate from my own; so as to prevent all future censure as suspicion from them, and to preclude the possibility of their regarding me some time hence as an incumbrance, made your advice for an immediate division particularly agreeable to my feelings. But if there should arise any loss or difficulty to the children from it, I would wave every other consideration.

Dr. Floyd made me acquainted with the result of some business which he was employed in which it is necessary you should be informed of. He had a bond on Dr. Isbel, from Dr. Wilson, put into his hands for collection. The sum was $40. Dr. Wilson assigned the bond to Richard Powell. Dr. Floyd collected it, and when he was in Richmond gave directions to Genl. Preston to pay the money to Mr. Powell. He also collected the money due on a bond from Charles Lewis of this county to some man in mason or kenawha (he does not recollect the county) to the amount of 17 dollars, which sume he has still in his hands, not knowing to whom to pay it. He offered to pay it to me, but I have not received it as I conceived it to be as well in his care until given up to proper authority. Perhaps you may find among the papers some thing relative to this business and discover the claimant.

We keep Betsy, as we could not be satisfied with the short time she has been with us. My most affectionate love to my sister and Suson and believe sincerely me your friend.

E. M. Preston

I, Edmonia M. Preston, as Guardian of the orphan children of Thomas L. Preston dec'd and widow of the --- Preston, do hereby authorize James McDowell of Rockbridge County, to rent or lease the lott of land in or near the town of Lexington, in Rockbridge county.

Edmonia M. Preston

Smithfield, Montgomery County. May 30th 1813.

P.S. I have mistaken the business mentioned above, of the bond on Dr. Isbel. Dr. Floyd had no bond, but only collected the balance due on an account which was forty dollars.

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