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Lewis Wood

Letters, 1862-63, 8 items, Ms91-011

Lewis Wood Letter: January 3, 1862

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Camp Denison Jan 3

Dear Wife

I understand that Mr. Harper is to start for home in the morning so I thought I would write a line or two and send by him. there is quite a bussel with us on acount of + receiving orders this morning to go to Fort Levenworth Kansas. the officers say next week but I don't believe they will go so soon if at all. Alex Harper will go Home in the morning he is to be back here Monday he has to borrow monney to go with it will cost him 15 or 18 dollars at least I think it would do his wife more good than his presance at least I think so in my case besides I could not get a furlow if I should try I shant send my trunk home til I leave for

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here for the next 3 weeks, Sunday 5th I have got my work don up and I have had a bully good wash and brushed my cloths and boots we are in our new barracks we should be comfortable if we could stay here the Harpers made themselves a lafing stalk by runing all over the camp to borrow monney to go home with Alex got a dollar in a place and got started Hip failed but I here he is a going in the morning it is the first sabbath in the year I suppose it is Communeion day with you how differant here with me with card playing on both sides of me say nothing about the swaring George Roberts among the rest Mary said you talke of going to Plymouth I think you had better go do you get monney from King of Centervill yhet?

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I think the order may be countermanded Aburvil went to Columbus this morning to se Phebe I had som talk with him about gettin a watch of Abe Baldwin but did not send for one I received yours last day before yesterday You have no doubt got the one I sent the day before I was folish annough to send for some eatables you se it is no use to send anny thing now I went to the Hospital to get vaxanated and the Surgent look at my arm he said I dident need to be vaccinated again I think Homer Wheelers meat bill was paid to Harrison in our setlement you need not pay it if you should here the boys prasse my cooking and call it bully wich means verry good I am cooking all of the time now there is a good deal of letter writing to night but I dont beleive we leave

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you may like to know how I like to go to Kansas I had as live go there as anny whare els Cornel Doubledy dont like to go I suppose he would be under Lane and he dont like him I dont know but you had better send me a satchel to take my and a cake or to if you are a minto I can send it back if I dont want it in my trunk Sunday evening I have gest ben in the Capt office a small room near the barracks that to day and my praye meetting tonight I thought it good to be there it is the most I have ben alone since I have ben in camp I think some of trying to go to Cincinatta this week but may not Abe Harper gest came in and said he expect to go in the morning so I shal send this if he does if not by male I should like to send the children some thing

Mr L,Wood

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