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Lewis Wood

Letters, 1862-63, 8 items, Ms91-011

Lewis Wood Letter: April 9, 1863

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Covington Kentucky Apr 9th - 63

Dear Wife

Perhaps your may hear of our whereabouts before this reaches you but I have some things to write our battallion was paid last Sunday and left the same day and got to Cincinatty Monday morning I was back wits the baggage and lost the chance of seing Burt for he came to the Co and inquired for me I dont know wheter he will come over here or not I hope so I might call on him if I knew where to fing him Henry Wright and I have sent some things home together I expect you will be botherd to tell what belongs to me and what dont I had a bag straped aon top of the box that was all mine Then I have a white over shirt 3 cans of coffee overalls gloves 2 towels neck tie in the box it is posable you may see some thing els

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you know to be mine thes thing are on top of Henry things Henry has sent you 25 dollars allotment ticket it is what he owed me I think you will get the monney without much trouble when I get setled up a little more I shal have some more to send I had some picturs taken that I was to send home by Mrs. B I have not seen them but Mr Gibbs has ses they are good I wrote to Mr. Baldwin to get them and send them if he had a chance I have some things in the satchel that is in the bag and George Robberts some the satchel is his I have a can of coffee in it 2 caps I thought might be good for the boys it is so long a go I dont know what I have got in it George ows me some and I think wee had better keep the things things til he pais there is a talk that we leve here to night I dont think of much more now I was a going to send the rings to by Mrs B but I could not see her Sunday
I have a ring for C Yours, L Wood

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