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The Bailey-Law Manuscript Collection (Ms82-002)

The manuscript part of the Bailey-Law Collection (c.1850-1970) mainly consists of correspondence, notebooks, maps, reviews, and notes of Harold H. Bailey and John Eugene Law. Among other items of note are some of Laura Beatty Law Bailey's correspondence; a long run of correspondence (1902-1930) between Law and Joseph Grinnell, then Director of the California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology in Berkeley, CA; notebooks on natural history topics by FM Dille, Herman Haupt, Jr., and R. Pearce Smithwick; as well as manuscript items by other naturalists.


The contents of Boxes 1-3 are primarily concerned with Harold H. and Laura Bailey. The Eugene law Papers are in Box 4, and the notebooks of other naturalists are in Box 5.

Box 1: Harold Bailey's Papers

Harold H. Bailey, "Naturalists' Autograph File", Index and Numbers 1-567. Contains correspondence either written to, or collected by, Bailey from such persons as Louis Agassiz, Charles Lucien Bonaparte, James Branch Cabell, George Bird Grinnell, Joseph Grinnell, Kermit Roosevelt, as well as others.

Box 2: Harold and Laura Bailey's Papers

  • Harold H. Bailey, "Naturalists' Autograph File"' Numbers 570-662.
  • Offprints and notes (1912-29)
  • Birds of Virginia: sales record book (1913-22)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence, photos, notes, etc. (1920-43)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence (1922-24)
  • Birds of Florida: correspondence (1914-27)
  • Birds of Florida: bills, etc. (1925-27)
  • Birds of Florida: reviews, etc. (1925-27)
  • Specimen notebooks (1938, 1943-46)
  • Cooper Ornithological Club: correspondence (1946)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence (1950s)
  • Goethe, CM: correspondence (1956-58)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence of HH Bailey and Laura Bailey (1962-67)
  • Correspondence of Laura Bailey re: bird identification (1960s)
  • Maps: Hudson's Bay, Key Largo, etc.
  • Miscellaneous correspondence, photos, etc. (undated)
  • Miscellaneous (undated)

Box 3: Harold Bailey's Papers

Lithographic plates (unbound) from Bailey's Birds of Florida (1925)

Box 4: Eugene Law's Papers

  • Cooper Ornithological Club (1900-20)
  • Van Rossem, AC: correspondence (1902-24)
  • Grinnell, Joseph: correspondence (1902-30)
  • "Naturalist's Notes" (1905-16)
  • Miscellaneous notes, correspondence (1906-08)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence (1907-17)
  • Kimball, HH: correspondence (1910-12)
  • Chiricahua Mountain article: notes, correspondence (1913)
  • Miscellaneous correspondence (1915-28)
  • Jesurun, Mortimer: correspondence (1916-21)
  • Petition to the Committee on Classification, American Ornithologists Union (c.1920)
  • Micellaneous notes (1920's)
  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California (1921)
  • California Institute of Technology (1915)
  • Toxostoma manuscript (c.1927)
  • Mountain Laboratory, California (1928)
  • Icteridae: correspondence (1928-29)
  • Invention of a method to raise an airplane (1929)
  • Berkeley studies (c.1930)
  • Miscellaneous notes (c.1930)
  • Thrasher manuscript (undated)
  • Bombycillidae (undated)
  • Cuculidae (undated)
  • Fringillidae (undated)
  • Lavidae (undated)
  • Micropodidae (undated)
  • Pelicanidae (undated)
  • Picidae (undated)
  • Psittacidae (undated)
  • Sittidae (undated)
  • Trochilidae (undated)
  • Turdidae (undated)
  • Zonotrichiae (undated)
  • Arizona (undated)
  • Bird wings (undated)
  • Color; distribution; ecology; evolution (undated)
  • Feathers (undated)
  • Feathers; food; geographical variations; abrasion; albinism (undated)
  • Golden-crowned sparrow: x-ray (undated)
  • Ground locomotion; habits (undated)
  • Invasions (undated)
  • Juvenals; molt; nests (undated)
  • Notes on a captive green heron (undated)
  • Oil glands (undated)
  • Osteology; pigment; psychology; runts; tail (undated)
  • Reforms (undated)
  • Title search (undated)
  • Miscellaneous (undated)

Box 5: Other Naturalists' Notebooks

  • FM Dille: "Field Notes on Colorado Flora and Fauna, 1883-1914"
  • Herman Haupt, Jr.: "Notes and Memoranda Relating to Natural Science in General as Observed and Collected"; Chicago area, 1890-1920
  • R. Pearce Smithwick: "Original Field Notes, Virginia and North Carolina"; Norfolk area, 1896-1904
  • R. Pearce Smithwick: "Field Notes on Virginia and North Carolina Birds, 1895-1905"

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