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Manuscript Resources for Science and Technology at the Special Collections Department of the University Libraries at Virginia Tech

ALFORD, WILLIAM J., JR. (1924-2010). PAPERS, 1951-1988. 0.6 cu. ft. VPI graduate (BS, Aeronautical Engineering, 1949); engineer for National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) from 1949-1958 and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from 1958-1980; Head of the Advanced Transport Technology Program (1970-1975); Manager, Energy Efficient Transport Office (1976-1979); Head, Advanced Military Technology Office (1979-1980) co-owner with Edward C. Polhamus of the patent for the Variable Sweep Wing Configuration. Collection contains NACA and NASA research memoranda and reports, publication drafts, research notes and patent details for the variable-sweep wing design, correspondence, award certificates, AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics) conference programs, and personnel file papers from Alford's career; also includes materials relating to research for 1962 variable sweep wing patent. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-007.
ALWOOD, WILLIAM BRADFORD (1859-1946). PAPERS, 1905-27. 1.2 cu. ft. Professor of horticulture, entomology, and mycology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1891-1904); fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Includes manuscripts, brochures, and notebooks on such subjects as cider, wine making, grapes, and pellagra. Ms60-003.
AVITABILE, JAMES J. PAPERS, (1963-2001). 14 cu. ft. Air Force officer assigned to NASA's spacecraft simulator complex as an astronaut mission operations instructor (1965-1957). Papers include NASA spacecraft operations manuals and training guides for the Mercury, Gemini and early Apollo programs; programmer manuals for NASA computer systems; NASA public information publications; and non-NASA space-related materials. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms2001-057.
BAILEY-LAW. COLLECTION, 1825-1971. 14.5 cu. ft. Harold H. Bailey (1878-1962), ornithologist and author of The Birds of Virginia (1913) and John Eugene Law (1877-1931), ornithologist, member of the Cooper Ornithological Club and curator with the California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. Both men were husbands of Laura Beatty, who married Bailey a few years after Law's death. Correspondence, notes and photographs from the research of both Bailey and Law; biographical files of other hundreds of other naturalists, containing correspondence, field notes, writings, printed material, photographs, and original artwork, all relating to ornithology and other branches of natural science. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms82-002.
BAILY, JOSEPH T. (1848-73). ENGINEERING LECTURE NOTES, 1870. 1 vol. Lecture notes on mechanics taken by Baily while a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. The majority of the notes were based on lectures by Prof. Charles McMillan (1841-?). Subjects are construction of earth dams, strength of materials, and railroad engineering. Includes numerous small sketches throughout the text. Ms93-006.
BARNETT, JOHN W. PATENT, 1879. 1 item. Broadside entitled "Instructions for Using John W. Barnett's Patent Process for Curing Leaf Tobacco. Patented January 7th 1879." Barnett is identified as a resident of Big Spring, Montgomery County, Virginia. Image available. Ms98-002.
BAUER, HENRY H. PAPERS, 1950-2010. 24.2 cu. ft. Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Science Studies and Emeritus Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (1978-1999) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Papers include correspondence, grant reports, newspaper clippings, memoirs, books, class roles, chemistry files, evaluations, lectures, and appointment books. Correspondence and clippings mainly concern Loch Ness; papers on chemistry, classes, Immanuel Velikovsky. Finding aid available online. Ms1999-005.
BECKER, JOHN V. (1913- ). PAPERS, 1945-86. 4.0 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer, specialist in hypersonic and reentry aerodynamics and a pioneer in the development of hypersonic research aircraft such as the X-15. Received B.S. (1935, mechanical engineering) and M.S. (1936, aeronautical engineering) degrees from New York University. Joined the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) as a research engineer in 1936. Head of the 16-ft. Wind Tunnel Branch (1943-47), chief of the Compressibility Research Division (1947-57), and chief of the AeroPhysics Research Division (1958-74) at NACA and NASA-Langley; retired from NASA in 1974. Elected a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Author of The High-Speed Frontier: Case Histories of Four NACA Programs, 1920-1950 (Washington, DC: NASA, 1980). Papers include correspondence, notes, memoranda and other materials related to NACA and NASA programs with which Becker was associated, including the X-1, X-15, X-20 (or "Dyna-Soar") programs; research files for The High-Speed Frontier; transcripts of oral history interviews; and copies of publications and lectures by Becker. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-052.
BLACKSBURG ELECTRONIC VILLAGE. COLLECTION, 1992-2006. 0.7 cu. ft. Experimental online community network in Blacksburg, Virginia, launched as a Virginia Tech outreach project in 1993. In-house publications, presentations, press clippings, and external reports. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms 2006-018.
BLUE RIDGE DISCOVERY CENTER. COLLECTION, 2011. 0.2 cu. ft. Environmental non-profit organization founded to foster "creativity, discovery, and critical thinking through interest-driven and hands on activities focused on the Blue Ridge Mountains." Printed materials published by the organization. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms2012-004.
[BOTANICAL CARDS, ca. 1850]. 0.1 cu. ft. Reproductions of eight different drawings of wildflowers found near the Yadkin River in North Carolina, done by Adelaide and Elizabeth Kron. Cards were printed by the Albemarle [North Carolina] Council of Garden Clubs and the Kron Trust. Ms95-022.
BROOKE, HENRY. LETTER AND FLYER, 1893, c.1909. 0.1 cu. ft. Employee of the Spring Mt., Glendon and Mt. Carmel Collieries, Machine Shops and Foundry of Jeansville, Pennsylvania. Letter written March 1893 from Brooke to Editor Colliery Engineer about an article written by Otto C. Burkhart, Professor of Mining Engineering at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Virginia Tech). Brooke also writes about telescopes used in surveying. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1949-001.
BURKE, J. A., JR. COLLECTION. 1936-1938, 1942-1947. 0.6 cu. ft. An aeronautical engineer, Jerry Allen Burke Jr. graduated from Virginia Tech in 1938 and worked as an engineering expert for various insurance companies as well as for the U.S. Navy during WWII. This collection contains university class notes and reports, as well as papers, correspondence, and drawings relating to his work in the U.S. Navy and in private business ventures. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms2010-076.
CHRISTOPHER, GEORGE WILLIAM (1908-2002). PAPERS, 1961-1991. 0.1 cu. ft. Flight instructor and barnstormer in Texas panhandle area in 1930s; engineering test pilot for Civil Aeronautics Administration during World War II; United States Air Force pilot during post-war period. Autobiographical memoir, Pioneer Pilot from the Texas Panhandle: Stories from a Flier's Life (1991), an outline for a proposed journal article on the same subject, and a newspaper clipping about Christopher being awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal in Italy. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-031.
CLARK, EVERT B. (1925-88). PAPERS, 1949-88. 14.0 cu. ft. Aviation, science, and space journalist with Washington [D.C.] Daily News (1948-55); Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine (1956-63); New York Times (1963-68); Newsweek Magazine; McGraw-Hill publications (1978-85); and Business Week Magazine (1986-88). Recipient of many awards, including the National Space Club's 1969 Battery Journalism Award for coverage of the Apollo program. Co-author (with Nicholas Horrock) of Contrabandista! (dealing with the South American drug trade, 1974); also covered the Watergate scandal for Newsweek. Correspondence, memoranda, research notes; and drafts and published copies of articles. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms89-022.
CLARK, JOHN D. (1907-88). PAPERS, ca. 1923-88. 4.0 cu. ft. Rocket fuel developer; chief chemist at the Naval Air Rocket Test Station and its successor, the Liquid Propulsion Laboratory at the Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, New Jersey (1949-70). Received a B.S. from Cal Tech (1930); M.S., University of Wisconsin (1932); PhD, Stanford University (1934). Under Clark's direction, a new family of storable high-energy liquid propellants later used in the Apollo program was developed by Navy civilian scientists in 1959. Author of Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants (1972) and numerous science fiction stories. Papers include correspondence, drafts of scientific and science fiction publications, notes, an unpublished typescript memoir, diaries (1923-84), photographs, and news clippings. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms88-058.
CLAYTOR, W. GRAHAM (1886-1971). PAPERS, 1912-1964. 3.0 cu. ft. Graduate (BS, electrical engineering, 1906) of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (later Virginia Polytechnic Institute); executive with the Roanoke (Virginia) Railway and Electric Company, American Electric Power Company, and American Gas and Electric Company; board member for Virginia Polytechnic Institute Alumni Fund and Virginia Polytechnic Institute Educational Foundation; and avid ham radio operator. Correspondence with business associates, political leaders, and industrial figures, printed materials relating to business and civic affairs, speech drafts, photographs, and files on the VPI Alumni Association and VPI Educational Foundation. Finding aid available online. Ms1981-095.
COLLINS, GEORGE (1906-2001). PAPERS, 1952-1992. 2 cu. ft. Physicist; Researcher; Professor at Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. Papers include correspondence from George B. Collins' time as Chairman of the Brookhavens Cosmotron Department; Collection also contains travel vouchers, research proposals, travel reports, and materials relating to Collins' work as a professor at University of Notre Dame and at Virginia Tech. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-012.
COLLINS, MICHAEL (1930- ). PAPERS, 1907-2004. 24.9 cu. ft. Graduate of U. S. Military Academy (B.S., 1952); Air Force pilot (1952-1963); astronaut in NASA's Gemini and Apollo programs (1963-69); pilot for Gemini X (1966) and command module pilot for Apollo XI (1969), the first lunar landing mission; Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs (1970-71); director of the National Air and Space Museum (1971-78); aerospace consultant and author (1978-present). Author of Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys (1974); Flying to the Moon and Other Strange Places (1976); and Liftoff: The Story of America's Adventure in Space (1988). Recipient of many awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and NASA's Distinguished Service and Exceptional Service Awards. Collection includes instruction manuals and notebooks from Collins' Air Force and NASA training; transcripts, audio recordings, printed material and photographs from the Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 flights; materials from Collins' State Department and NASM tenures; files on boards and clubs to which Collins belonged; notes, correspondence, drafts and reviews for three of Collins' books, as well as magazine articles and book reviews written by him; personal correspondence and biographical material; and a significant collection of Collins' awards (certificates, plaques and medals) and aerospace memorabilia. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms1989-029.
COLLINS, MICHAEL (1930- ): JAMES DEAN RESOURCE MATERIAL, 1961-88. 2.5 cu. ft. Collection consists of reference material NASA artist James Dean used in producing the artwork for Michael Collins' book Liftoff: The Story of America's Adventure in Space. The bulk of the contents include NASA file photos, files from the twelve Gemini missions, the majority of Apollo missions (mostly XI), the Spacelab project, the Hubble telescope, space shuttle missions, the Challenger accident, and many other NASA related subjects. Also included are photos from the Project Mercury missions, images of NASA aircraft, NASA promotional material, and photos of U.S. officials and NASA personnel. An original rough draft copy of Liftoff, divided by chapter, is included. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms2003-061.
COOPER, BYRON NELSON (1912-1971). PAPERS, 1925-1971. 9.0 cu. ft. Head of Virginia Polytechnic Institute's Department of Geological Sciences (1946-1971). Correspondence; writings; instructional, administrative and consulting files; research data; and photographs relating largely to Appalachian geology--particularly that of southwestern Virginia. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1973-004. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
CORSON, BLAKE W. JR. (1908- ). PAPERS, 1937-80. 9.0 cu. ft. Aeronautical engineer. Joined the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in 1935; retired from NASA-Langley in 1972 as head of the 16 Foot Transonic Tunnel Branch. Papers consist of project files, reports, and correspondence concerning his work at Langley. Topics include aerodynamic performance of aircraft propellers and manned aircraft; wind tunnel fans, jet noise suppression, and tunnel calibration. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-055.
D'INVILLIERS, EDWARD. REPORT, 1905. 0.1 cu. ft. Typescript carbon copy of a geological report on the Virginia Anthracite Coal Company property, Price and Brush Mountains in Montgomery County, Virginia, by d'Invilliers, geologist and mining engineer of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1959-002.
DUBERG, JOHN E. (1917- ). PAPERS, 1940-80. 4.0 cu. ft. Aeronautical engineer, NASA administrator. Received B.S. at Manhattan College (1938); M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1940); Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, University of Illinois (1948). Aeronautical research scientist, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (1943-46 and 1948-52); research engineer, Standard Oil Company (1948-48); chief, structural research division, NACA (1952-56); research engineer, Aeroneutronics Systems (1956-57); professor of structural engineering, University of Illinois (1957-59); technical assistant to chief, NASA-Langley (1959-61); technical assistant to associate director (1961-64); assistant director (1964-68); associate director, theoretical mechanics division (1968-80). Papers include copies of Duberg's M.S. and Ph.D. theses; drafts of speeches; reports; correspondence; and materials from conferences and workshops attended. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-056.
DUCE, G. GRAHAME. PAPERS, 1920-1947. 0.2 cu. ft. Papers of the president of Duce Aeronautical Research, Baltimore, Maryland. Includes various airplane notes and characteristics, an approved aircraft index, and manuscript drafts of articles discussing new paratroop devices, the fastest long-ranger, the Martin XB-48, the building of XB-48, airlines in the red, pilot judgment, air races, the Boeing XB-47, the jet pilot, and the future of jet planes. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms87-005.
ELLETT, ROBERT. ACCOUNT BOOK, 1867-72. 1 vol. Blacksburg, Virginia, physician. Medical fees, 1867-72. Ms40-006.
FARADAY, RICHARD. COLLECTION, c.1816. 0.1 cu. ft. Photocopy of a formula book for making lead shot at the Shot Tower in Wythe County, Virginia. Includes genealogical notes on Faraday's family. Finding aid available online. Ms1984-177.
FENNE, SANFORD BERNELL (1903-1978). PAPERS, 1918-1970. 0.7 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech (BS, 1927; MS, 1930); Virginia Agricultural Extension plant pathologist, 1939 to 1967. Writings, correspondence, biographical materials, photographs, Virginia Tech scrapbook, photo album compiled while working for the Food Supply Division, Institute of Inter-American Affairs in Brazil, 1943-1944. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1987-054.
FISHBURN, JUNIUS BLAIR (1865-?). PAPERS, 1940-1947. 0.1 cu. ft. Roanoke, Virginia, banker and vice president of the Time-World Corporation. Papers include a typescript report (1940) by A. Murrill, mining engineer, on the Fishburn Price Mountain coal property in Montgomery County, Virginia, and a letter (1947) by Fishburn to John H. Jones of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the property. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1958-001.
FRANKLIN, WILLIS E. PATENT, 1872. 0.1 cu. ft. Paper indicating the sale of a patent "Improvements in Bee-Hives" from L.L. Longstroth of Oxford, Ohio to Willis E. Franklin of Concord, Campbell County, Virginia for $10. Ms67-001.
FRICKE, HERMANN. MANUSCRIPT, 1932. 0.1 cu.ft. German cosmologist. Presents new theoretical perspectives on the sun's relationship to the atmosphere in a paper titled "Eine Neue Sonnentheorie" ("A New Theory of the Sun"). Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms2008-062.
GILRUTH, ROBERT R. (1913- ). PAPERS, 1936. 0.4 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer, NASA administrator. Received B.S. in aeronautical engineering, University of Minnesota (1935); M.S. (1936). Flight research engineer, Langley Aeronautical Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (1937-45); chief, Pilotless Aircraft Research Division (1945-50); assistant director (1950-58). Head of the Space Task Group for NASA (1958-61), in charge of directing Project Mercury. First director of the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston (1961-72). Papers include Gilruth's M.S. thesis (1936); NACA reports he authored or co-authored; his typescript diary during February and March 1961; a copy of an unpublished memoir, "From Wallops Island to Project Mercury, 1945-1958"; notes and texts of speeches, including his farewell speech as director of the MSC (1972); copies of oral history transcripts of interviews on the history of the space program, photographs, notes, and newspaper clippings on the Apollo missions, and certificates and awards. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-053.
GOOD, IRVING J. (1924-2009). PAPERS, 1925-1992. 6.2 cu. ft. British mathematician and statistician; Educated at Cambridge University (Ph. D., mathematics, 1941; Sc. D., 1963) and Oxford University (D. Sc., 1964); Statistics professor at VPI (now Virginia Tech), 1967-1994; Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics; Distinguished member of the Crypto-Mathematics Institute. Collection includes thirty-six bound volumes of photocopied articles reviews, interviews, correspondence, and lectures, as well as original research materials, correspondence, and bibliography of works. Finding aid available online. Ms1982-018.
GOUGH, MELVIN N. (1906-94). PAPERS, 1919-1971. 22.0 cu. ft. Aeronautical engineer and test pilot. Received B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins in 1926. Successively engineer, test pilot, chief test pilot, and chief of flight research at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (1926-58). Director of NASA operations in Cape Canaveral, Florida (1958-60); director of the Bureau of Safety, Civil Aeronautics Board (1960-62). Recipient, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Octave Chanute Award (1941); Flight Safety Foundation's Distinguished Service Award (1955); elected to the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame (1978). Papers include correspondence, memoranda, test reports on aircraft, notes and calculations, and publications, reflecting Gough's career as a test pilot, N.A.C.A. administrator, and flight safety investigator. Topics include Gough's years at Langley, aviation safety, and accident investigation insurance. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1987-057.
GROSS, AL (1918-2000). PAPERS, 1909-2000, bulk 1945-1980. 10.0 cu. ft. Al Gross, a pioneer of wireless communications technology, is most known for his inventions that include the walkie talkie, the two-way wrist radio that was the prototype for the Dick Tracy wristwatch walkie talkie, the pager, and various antenna. Gross's collection is comprised mostly of patents, technical drawings and specifications, research and design notes, ledgers, publications, correspondence, and photographs. The collection also includes prototypes of his inventions, licenses, diplomas, and awards.
Photos taken from the Al Gross exhibit opening in Torgerson Hall available. Images taken from the Al Gross collection are located in the Virginia Tech Imagebase. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms2001-011.
HARPER, ROBERT A. (1862-1946). COLLECTION, c.1910-c.1930. 0.2 cu. ft. Head of Columbia University Botany Department from 1911 to 1930. Collection consists of ca. 200 photographs--some attributed to Hicks Arnold--of various orchid specimens, together with a few scientific notes and personal materials. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project. Ms2003-010.
HERRICK, SAMUEL (1911-74). PAPERS, ca. 1931-72. 60.0 cu. ft. Professor of astronomy and engineering at UCLA from 1937 to 1974, and recognized as the founder of the field of astrodynamics, which applied the disciplines of celestial mechanics and mathematics to the problems of space trajectory research. His interest in space dates from the 1930s, when he corresponded with and received guidance from R. H. Goddard. In 1945 Herrick founded the Institute of Navigation; in 1946 he instituted a course in Rocket Navigation at UCLA, the world's first university-level course on astronautics. Papers include correspondence, notes, drafts of publications, and files relating to courses and students. His consulting files for NASA's Project Mercury, the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and private industry are included. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms78-002.
HILL, PAUL R. (1909-1990). COLLECTION, 1936-1996. 5.6 cu. ft. UC Berkeley graduate in Mechanical Engineering, 1936; Teacher; NACA and NASA engineer. Collection contains material relating Hill's NACA and NASA career, including books, papers, newspapers, lantern slides, NASA publications and memos, overhead sheets, and notes from presentations and talks. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms2010-068.
HITE, S. P. AND COMPANY. DRUGGIST'S LEDGER, 1905-09. 1 vol. Roanoke, Virginia, druggist, manufacturer of a pain reliever. Ledger shows shipments and customers, costs, and discounts. Ms87-005.
HOLDEN, ROY J. (1870-1945). PAPERS, 1904-1945. 6.0 cu. ft. Professor of Geology and Mineralogy (1905-42) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Papers include field notes, charts and maps, and geological surveys and research results, covering the history of mineralogy and geology, especially in Virginia, including work at the VPI Engineering Experiment Station. In addition to detailed materials on iron ores in Virginia, especially west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are reports on mines and furnaces in twenty-five counties of the state. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1982-014.
HORSFALL, FRANK JR. (1902-1988). PAPERS, 1917-1973. 0.7 cu. ft. Professor of horticulture (1947-1973) at Virginia Tech. Thesis (1932) and dissertation (1935), reprints of articles about horticulture, awards, samples from barbed wire collection, and material about barbed wire and stone tools. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1992-040.
HUSSEY, ROBERT E. (1888-1985). NOTEBOOKS, 1928-37, n.d. 0.4 cu. ft. Professor of chemistry (1925-52) and Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Collection consists of three research notebooks on topics in chemistry. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms55-004.
JACOCKS, HENRY MORGAN (1878-1950). PAPERS, 1898-1919. 2.0 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech (class of 1900); assistant superintendent at Mathieson Alkali Works (Saltville, Virginia). Correspondence, notes, trade catalogs, instructional booklets, and blueprints from Jacocks' years at Mathieson Alkali Works. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms92-008.
JOHNSON, WILLIAM MARTIN. PAPERS, 1937-68. 0.6 cu. ft. Graduated with B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1928 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Civil Engineer for Wiley and Wilson, consulting engineers in Lynchburg, Virginia. Papers include personal and professional correspondence. Ms82-017.
JOHNSTON, P. DIARY, 1874. 1 vol. Diary written in October 1874 by an agent of the Virginia State Agricultural Society. Records the people he spoke to about the State Fair and membership in the VSAS as he traveled around the state, particularly to Lexington, Charlottesville, and Alexandria. Ms91-012.
KELLEY, HENRY J. (1926-88). PAPERS, 1948-88. 15.0 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer, authority on flight optimization. Sc.D. (1958) from New York University; connected with Grumman Aircraft (1948-63) as a researcher and as assistant chief of the Research Department. Founder of Analytical Mechanics Associates (1963), which worked with NASA on parameterized steering approaches for Apollo mission planning. Professor of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech (held Christopher C. Kraft, Jr., chair), 1978-88. Awarded the AIAA Guidance and Control Award (1973). Papers include correspondence, notes, drafts and offprints of publications and research reports. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms88-021.
KEYSER, LINWOOD D. PAPERS, 1889-1944. 0.2 cu. ft. Urologist in Roanoke, Virginia. Received Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1918 and an M.S. in Pathology at the University of Minnesota in 1921, and later studies at the Mayo Clinic. Was selected to the American College of Surgeons in 1928, and the American Board of Urology in 1935. Papers include diplomas and certificates awarded, and photographs. Ms72-006.
KRAFT, CHRISTOPHER C. (1924- ). PAPERS, 1941-82. 26.0 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer and NASA administrator. Christopher Columber Kraft, Jr., a 1944 graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, joined the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in 1945. In 1958 he was named an original member of NASA's Space Task Group. He was flight Director for all the Mercury and many of the Gemini missions and directed the design of Mission Control at the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) in Houston. Kraft was named Deputy director of the MSC in 1970 and its Director in 1972. He retired from NASA in 1982. He is a recipient of the NASA Oustanding Leadership Medal (1963), the NASA Distinguished Service Medal (1969), and the American Astronautical Society's Space Flight Award (1970). Papers include correspondence, notes, and limited-circulation NACA and NASA documents. These range from his notes and calculations on the P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft in the 1940s and annotated copies of the "Mission Rules" for space missions in the 1950s and 1960s to his extensive notes from meetings and conversations in the 1970s and 1980s. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms85-001.
KRIEGER, CARL GEORGE (1905-1979). PAPERS, 1930-1967. 15.0 cu. ft. Gas engineer specialist and a pioneer in the development of the high-compression tractor. First agricultural engineering graduate at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Employed by the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation (1927-69) and was director of the Farm Equipment and Machinery Division of the War Production Board during World War II. Papers include correspondence, speeches, notebooks, photographs, recordings, a scrapbook, and news clippings in the areas of agriculture, gas, oil, tractors, air and water pollution, waste treatment, and public relations. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1982-013.
LANDIS, JOHN W. (1917- ). PAPERS, 1949-1969. 58.0 cu. ft. Nuclear engineer educated at Lafayette College, the University of Rochester, and Princeton University. Consultant on guided missiles, U.S. Navy Department (1946-50); worked for the Educational Testing Service from 1948-50 and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission from 1950-53. Associated with the Babcock and Wilcox Company from 1953-69, as Head of Customer Relations (1953-55), Assistant Manager (1955-62) and Manager (1962-65) of the Atomic Energy Division, and General Manager of Babcock and Wilcox Washington, D.C. operations (1965-69). Collection includes extensive documentation (correspondence, memoranda, proposals, studies, and reports) on a number of Babcock and Wilcox nuclear reactor projects worldwide. Other papers relate to Landis's membership on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors (1966-70); the Advisory Council of Virginia State Technical Services (1966-69); the Virginia State Advisory Committee on Nuclear Energy (1956-61); the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce (1954-68); the Virginia Engineering Foundation of the University of Virginia (1962-69); and the Virginia Advisory Board on Industrial Development (1962-69). Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1969-001.
LEE, CLAUDIUS (1872-1962). PAPERS, 1890-1947. 0.2 cu. ft. Born in Culpeper, Virginia. Graduated with a B.S. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1896. Obtained M.S. from University of Chicago. Served as a captain in World War I. Instructor and electrical engineer at VPI, (1896-1959), and Professor Emeritus in electrical engineering, (1956-62). Collection includes VPI Power Plant reports (1905-15), programs of various VPI events (1904-22), and war pictures and other photographs. Ms61-002.
LEE, JOHN A. N. PAPERS, 1973-90. 30.0 cu. ft. Professor of computer science at Virginia Tech, formerly director of computing at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario (1959). Later served as the associate director of computing and head of the computer science program at the University of Massachusetts (1964-69). Authored Anatomy of a Compiler, Numerical Analysis for Computer, and Computer Semantics, and has been involved in establishing standards in the field of computing. Member of the editorial board (1980-86) and editor-in-chief (1987-1995) of Annals of the History of Computing. Collection includes correspondence, computer programs, publications, and meeting notes all relating to Lee's work for the National Bureau of Standards to develop a standard for the BASIC programming language. Included in the papers are a survey of 27 descriptions of BASIC and a collection of published works relating to the language up to 1973. Also includes records (1979-90) from the editorial staff of the Annals of the History of Computing. Unprocessed. Preliminary inventory available online. Ms73-005.
LEOPOLD, ALDO (1886-1948). CHARTS, 1929-1930. 0.1 cu. ft. Wildlife ecologist and environmental philosopher, author of Game Management. Two charts on the "Cumulative History of Game Cycles and Other Fluctuations in Abundance of Game in North America and Wisconsin," and a summary of the game cycle data. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1974-005.
LITTON, GEORGE W (1910-89). PAPERS, 1931-70. 2.2 cu. ft. Graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (B.S., 1931; M.A., 1940) and Professor of Animal Science (1931-1975) at VPI. Papers include correspondence, poetry, research reviews (1963-1968) for the United States Department of Agriculture; numerous writings on topics in animal science including sheep, cattles, pigs, and nutrition; and class lecture notes. Ms81-099.
LOBO, WALTER E. (1905- ). PAPERS, 1929-55. 2.0 cu. ft. Senior chemical engineer employed by M.W. Kellogg Company of New York City (with research laboratories at Jersey City, New Jersey), an architect-engineering company catering to petroleum and chemical industries. Kellogg performed contract research and development for Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, Standard of Indiana, Texaco, Cities Service, and others. Collection consists of Lobo's microfilmed files (99 reels) dealing with natural gas and oil; thermodynamics; thermal and catalytic cracking; catalytic polymerization; hydrocracking; hydrocarbon synthesis; heat transfer; furnaces; distillation; and other petroleum and energy-related topics (including laboratory reports from Jersey City and field reports on equipment startup). A typescript catalog and index of the microfilm is available. Collection also includes a typescript translation of S.Y. Gersch's Enriched Air, originally published in Moscow in 1939; several typescript reports on German petroleum production (1945-47); and indexes to the Technical Advisory Committee of the Petroleum Industry War Council Technical Oil Mission microfilm reels (1947). Ms85-014.
LUCAS, JAMES BURLEIGH (1888-1955). PAPERS, 1926-1930. 0.7 cu. ft. Graduate (class of 1910) and professor of chemistry (1916-1955)at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Lecture and laboratory notes, most apparently taken by Lucas while attending graduate courses in organic and inorganic chemistry at the University of Illinois. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms68-005.
McLEAN, F. EDWARD (1924- ). PAPERS, 1950-85. 0.6 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer. Specialized in supersonic aerodynamic design and analysis, and high-speed management. Graduated from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (B.S. Math-Physics, 1948). Beginning in 1948, McLean held several positions at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), including principal aerodynamic evaluator and consultant in the U.S. Supersonic Transport Program (1963-69); head of the Langley Research Center's Aero-Thermo Section (1968-71); aeronautical manager and head of the NASA Supersonic Technology Office (1974-78). Retired from NASA in 1978. McLean was presented patent awards in 1966 and 1968 for a supersonic airplane design and is the author of Supersonic Cruise Technology (Washington, DC: NASA, 1985). Papers consist of writings by McLean, news clippings, correspondence, patents, technical reports, photographs, and awards and citations. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-054.
MAHER, FRANK J. (1915- ). PAPERS, 1948-83. 5.0 cu. ft. Engineer specializing in aerodynamic research. Received B.S. degree from Manhattan College (1936) and M.S. in Civil Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1937). Taught Applied Mechanics, Engineering Science and Mechanics at VPI from 1937 to 1978. Papers include consulting files for wind tunnel research on a number of projects, including the North Carolina National Bank (Charlotte), William Preston Lane Memorial Bridge (Maryland), and Hollins College Chapel. Also included is an extensive correspondence with David B. Steinman, engineer and bridge designer, dealing with consulting work Maher undertook for Steinman's projects, including the Macinac Straits Bridge and the Jefferson Memorial Arch. Other papers include publications, reports, photographs, and blueprints. Ms86-004.
MARSHAK, ROBERT E. (1916-1992). PAPERS, 1947-1990. 65.0 cu. ft. Sub-atomic particle physicist. A.B., Columbia University (1936); Ph.D., Cornell University (1939). Instructor and professor of physics, University of Rochester (1939-70). President of City College, City University of New York (1970-79). University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1979-86). Chairman, Federation of American Scientists (1947-48); president, American Physical Society (1983-84). Recipient of the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize (1982) for his work on nuclear forces and of the Clark Kerr award (1987) for contributions to the advancement of higher education. Papers consist of Marshak's files on the Shelter Island Conferences (1947-49); and his administrative and correspondence files on the Rochester Conferences on High-Energy Physics (1950-57), which he founded. After 1957 the conferences were held under the sponsorship of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and Marshak's files from the conferences from 1958 to 1970 are also included. The collection also includes correspondence files on IUPAP (1953-73) and on the Commission on HighEnergy Physics (1958-63); photographs (1950-70); and a photocopy of an oral history interview done by Charles Weiner (1970). Also includes correspondence, notes, reports, files, speech texts, newsclippings, autographs, photographs, transcripts, and other personalia. Topics include the national and international development of high-energy physics, meetings and symposia, and scientific committees; awards and prizes, administration and education, science in the Eastern Bloc and Third World, and the scientist as social activist or citizen-scientist. Partial inventory available on the Virgina Heritage database. Ms1988-060.
MASSEY, A. B. (1889-1982). PAPERS, 1902-50. 0.2 cu. ft. Arthur Ballard Massey, plant pathologist. Assistant Professor of Botany (?-1917) at Alabama Polytechnic Institute and Professor of Biology (1918-59) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and member of the Virginia Academy of Science. Collection includes photographs (1902-50) of VPI campus trees (with a list identifying each), the "Old Field House," and cutting of the Mall through campus; a checklist of Virginia trees (1940, compiled by J. B. Grantham of VPI); papers on livestock poisoning in winter, wild-flower conservation, and other topics; field notebooks; typescript lecture notes; and copies of Virginia Wildlife (1937-39). Ms62-002.
MASSEY, W. F. (1839-1923). PAPERS, 1893-1908. 0.1 cu. ft. Professor of Botany Arboriculture at the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanics Arts, and editor of The Practical Farmer. Copies of correspondence to Massey from farmers, horticultural societies, and others regarding articles in The Practical Farmer, and asking for advice. Finding aid available online. Ms1984-171.
[MEDICAL TEXT, LATE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY.] 0.1 cu. ft. Manuscript text from unknown late eighteenth century physician. Refers to cures for hemorrages, fainting, gout, "morbid congestions," and jaudice. Suggested cures include cathartics and leeches. Ms89-008.
MORRIS, HENRY M. (1918-2006). PAPERS, 1937-1999. 5.7 cu. ft. Founder and President (1970-2006) of the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, California; Professor of Hydraulic Engineering and Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering (1957-1970) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Papers consist of course materials (exams, notes), reprints, publications, technical reports, and correspondence concerning such topics as hydraulic engineering and soil mechanics. Finding aid available online. Ms1994-028.
NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA, MARYLAND ASSOCIATION. RECORDS, 1928-60. 0.2 cu. ft. A national organization for black students studying vocational agriculture. Founded in 1927 as the New Farmers of Virginia to be an organization similar in aims to the all-white Future Farmers of America. Collection is largely photographic, and depicts NFA activities in Maryland. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms80-002.
NUCLEAR PIONEERS: CONFERENCE ON NUCLEAR DEVELOPMENTS. VIDEOTAPES and PAPERS, 1991. 0.5 cu. ft. Collection consists of seven videotapes recorded at Virginia Tech in August 1991 of interviews with six nuclear pioneers: Sigvard Eklund, Bertrand Goldschmidt, Robert E. Marshak, Glenn T. Seaborg, Gerald F. Tape, and Herbert F. York. Five of the tapes cover four main topics in nuclear history during the period from about 1945 through 1965: weapons and the arms race, civilian vs. military control in post-World War II United States, peaceful uses of the atom and basic research, and international perspectives: research, development, and cooperation. Two additional tapes cover a two-hour public round table where the pioneers were interviewed by Jerry Bishop of the Wall Street Journal, Gloria Lubkin of Physics Today, Albert Moyer of Virginia Tech, and Paul Torgerson of Virginia Tech. Also includes supporting documentation for the sessions. Ms93-004.
PAGE, THORNTON L. (1913-1996). PAPERS, 1936-1983. 0.7 cu. ft. Professor of astronomy at Wesleyan, Chicago, UCLA, and other universities; on staff at Naval Ordnance Lab, Operations Research Office, and NASA; taught astronomy to astronauts at Manned Spacecraft Center and worked on the S201 far ultraviolet camera used in Apollo and Skylab programs. Typescript drafts, offprints, and detachments of published papers; speech texts; and reports. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1983-002.
PARDUE, LOUIS A. PAPERS, 1946-63. 26.0 cu. ft. Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies from 1950 to 1963 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and a member of the Council and Board of Directors at the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science (ORINS). VPI was a member of ORINS and Pardue served on the Council as the university's representative. Papers consist largely of university records, but also include a large collection of ORINS materials, including correspondence, annual reports, Board of Directors minutes, budget reports, project reports and proposals, organizational charts, news releases, and Glenwood School drawings (architectural layouts for proposed addition to ORINS). Finding aid available online. RG3/3.
PARKER, OTIS JEROME (1918-1995). PAPERS, 1963-1975. 0.2 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center during Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs. NASA technical publications regarding "jet shoes" and other matters; inter-office communications regarding projects on which Parker worked; and photographs. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage database. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms87-065.
PARKER, W. DALE (1925- ). PAPERS, ca. 1935-95. Ca. 23.0 cu. ft. Aerospace scientist and management specialist. Production engineer, personnel and public relations specialist, General Motors Corporation (1949-61); manufacturing engineer, General Dynamics/Astronautics (1961-64); aerospace scientist and management specialist in Gemini spacecraft production program, NASA (1964-69). Papers include correspondence; appointment books; patent and copyright files; photographs; scrapbooks; files dealing with civic, humanitarian, and political affairs; manuscripts of publications (books, newspaper columns, articles) on political and space exploration topics; materials relating to Parker's daughter, Jacquelin Susan Parker, the first female Air Force test pilot; and an inventory and videotape of Parker's extensive collection of memorabilia and artifacts relating to the U.S. Manned Spacecraft Program. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Unprocessed. Ms89-093.
PARSONS, JOHN T. (1913- ). PAPERS, ca. 1935-87. Ca. 200 cu. ft. Manufacturer, inventor; father of "numerical control," or the application of computer technology to manufacturing processes. Produced bombs and land mines for U.S. government during World War II. Conceived a machine tool for automatically producing aircraft structural shapes from punch card/tape input (1946); executed contract to produce the world's first numerical control milling machine (1949) and monitored design and completion of the machine (1950-52). Originated aircraft operation whch became the world's largest designer, producer, and overhauler of helicopter rotor blades; built first all-composite airplane (for Office of Naval Research). Creator of many other precesses involving computer applications to manufacturing. President and owner of the Parsons Corporation of Traverse City, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and Stockton, California (1954-68). President and owner of the John T. Parsons Company, Traverse City, Michigan (1968-86) First recipient, Numerical Control Society's Joseph Marie Jacquard Award as the "Father of Numerical Control" (1968); recipient, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Engineering Citation as the "person whose brilliant conceptualization of numerical control marked the beginning of the second industrial revolution" (1975); recipient, National Medal of Technology (1985); recipient National Tooling and Machining Association's distinguished Service Award (1987); received approximately fifty U.S. patents in the fields of numerical control, marine propellors, foundry systems, and data acquisition manufacturing methods. Papers include correspondence; memoranda; financial records; engineering drawings and specifications; files dealing with civic affairs in Traverse City, Michigan; reading files and other materials. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms87-016.
PATTON, WILLIAM MacFARLAND (1845-1905). PAPERS, 1896. 0.7 cu. ft. Civil engineer, professor at Virginia Agricultural & Mechanical College (now Virginia Tech). Partial draft of Patton's book, A Practical Treatise on Foundations, and draft of an unpublished textbook on civil engineering, together with patent documentation for two inventions. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1954-001.
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM HEWITT (1918-2009). AUTOBIOGRAPHY, ca. 1995. 0.1 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer at Langley Research Center for NACA and NASA; chief of Flight Dynamics and Control Division from 1970 to 1979. Typescript draft titled "Research at Langley: a Technical Autobiography," later published as Journey in Aeronautical Research: a Career at NASA Langley Research Center. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms2008-080.
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM HEWITT. (1918-2009). PAPERS, 1918-2008. 28.5 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer for NACA and NASA Langley Research Center and chief of Flight Dynamics and Control Division from 1970 to 1979; retired in 1979 but continued work as distinguished research associate. Reports, working papers, memoranda and lecture notes tracing the development of Phillips' theories while at Langley, spanning from his work on World War II-era aircraft to the early U.S. space program and beyond, as well as his personal interest in model aircraft. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms 2005-019.
PHYCOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA. RECORDS, 1874-83, 1946-90. ca. 25.0 cu. ft. Society established in 1946 by and for phycologists, or those who study algae. Records consist of presidents' files and correspondence, financial ledgers, membership lists, conference programs, meeting minutes, videotapes, and a complete run of the Journal of Phycology. Also includes sketchbooks (1874-83) of algae by botanist Francis Wolle (1817-93). Ms90-038.
PLETTA, DAN H. (1903-1994). PAPERS, 1958-1994. 9.4 cu. ft. Educated at University of Illinois (B.S., 1927; C.E., 1938), University of Wisconsin (M.S., 1931), Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and Columbia University. Professor and Head of Engineering Mechanics Department at VPI (1944-70), and Professor Emeritus since 1972. Honorary member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and founding member of the American Academy of Mechanics. Author of Engineering Statics and Dynamics (Ronald Press, 1951), Engineering Mechanics, Part I Service Award (1987); reStatics, Part II Dynamics (Ronald Press, 1964), The Engineering Profession: Its Heritage and its Emerging Purpose (1984) and numerous articles in technical journals (1952-82). Collection includes treatises, transcripts of talks and correspondence dealing with all aspects of the field of engineering, but especially with the role of education in producing a professional engineer. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms82-006.
POLHAMUS, EDWARD C. PAPERS, 1962-86. 0.4 cu. ft. Aeronautical engineer, active in aerodynamics research related to the development of high-speed aircraft. Received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland (1944) and joined the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in 1944. Head of the Stability and Performance Branch, the Fluid Dynamics Branch, and a Distinguished Research Associate at NASA Langley Research Center, retiring from NASA in 1981. Polhamus is an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and has been and advisor to the U.S. Defense Department and the Air Force on variable-sweep technology. He is the holder or co-holder of three U. S. patents on variable-sweep wing technology; recognized as the co-inventor of the variable-sweep aircraft configuration concept that led to the U. S. Air Force F-111 and B-1 aircraft. Polhamus presented the AIAA Wright Brothers lecture on 1983. Papers include reprints of articles and reports by Polhamus, correspondence, notebooks, and photographs relating to his patents on variable wing sweeps, F-111 aircraft and cryogenic wind tunnel development, and vortex lift aerodynamics; Congressional testimony on the TFX contract investigation; and materials relating to his Wright Brothers lectureship. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-051.
RANDOLPH, JAMES ROBBINS (1891-1969). PAPERS, 1922-1969. 1.5 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (B.S. in mechanical engineering), 1912; M.A. in physics, Harvard University, 1921. Instructor of physics and mechanical engineering at various colleges; ordnance officer, U. S. Army Reserves, 1931-1942 (active service, 1942-1943). Manuscript notebooks containing notes, calculations, essays and published articles on rocket design, rockets in warfare, space travel, and mental mobility; and an unpublished 1920s science fiction novel, "The Neighbor World." Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms1971-001.
ROANE, CURTIS W. HISTORY OF PLANT PATHOLOGY IN VIRGINIA AND BIOGRAPHIES OF PLANT PATHOLOGISTS. (1921- ). PAPERS, 1993-99. 0.6. cu. ft. Collection consists of A History of Plant Pathology in Virginia and biographies of individual plant pathologists written by Professor Emeritus Curtis W. Roane from the Department of Plant Pathology at Virginia Tech. The history covers the period from 1888-1974 and is divided into eras: "The Pre-Alwood Era," "The Alwood Era (1888-1904)," "The Reed Era (1908-1915)," "The Fromme Era (1915-28), " "The Wingard Era (1928-1964)," and "The Couch Era (1965-74)." Biographies of the following plant pathologists are included in the collection: John Joseph Albert (1935-78), Robert E. Baldwin, Charles Roy Drake (1918), Sanford B. Fenne (1903-78), Joseph A. Fox (1934- ), James Godkin, Richard H. Gruenhagen, Robert Gordon Henderson (1903-1989), Kenneth D. Hickey, Gerald R. Hooper (1937- ), Wilbert Armande Jenkins (1905-1956), Robert C. Lambe, 1927- ), John Lovelace LaParde (1906-1991), Arthur Ballard Massey (1889-1981), James Albertine McClintock, Lawrence Ingram Miller (1914-1996), Robert Spencer Mullins (1912- ), Joseph Alexander Pinckard (1906- ), Carl Neel Priode (1898-1985), Robert Pristou, Curtis Woodard Roane (1921- ), Martha Ann Kotila Roane (1921-1996), John Felix Schneiderhan (1891-1974), Grover Cleveland Smart, Jr. (1929- ), Harvey Earl Thomas (1890-1974), Joseph L. Troutman, Edward Kemp Vaughan (1908-1990), Herman L. Warren, Albert Simpson Williams, and Wirt Henry Willis (1924- ). Some content is available online. Ms99-008.
SANDERS, HARRY W. (1895-1984). PAPERS, 1913-1981. 1.2 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (BS, 1916); Professor of agricultural education and vocational education (1925-1963) and professor emeritus of vocational education (1963-1985) at Virginia Tech; vocational teacher-trainer in Puerto Rico (1932-1933); co-founder of Future Farmers of Virginia, basis of Future Farmers of America. Correspondence, articles, printed materials, awards, scrapbooks, and photographs relating to Sanders' personal life and professional career (including his year in Puerto Rico, developing a vocational agricultural education program), as well as the histories of Virginia Tech and Blacksburg, Virginia. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1975-002.
SEBBA, FELIX (1913-1989). PAPERS, 1979-1989. 4.2 cu. ft. Professor at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg; professor of Chemical Engineering (1979-1989) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Chemical Society; Discoverer of and expert on aphrons. Collection consists primarily of materials concerning his research into the uses of aphrons and other foams. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-008.
SKINNER, H. H. PAPERS, 1912-17. 0.6 cu. ft. Salesman for the Narrangansett Electric Lighting Company of Providence, Rhode Island, a supplier to makers of electric automobiles. Papers include Skinner's correspondence, writings, sales reports, memoranda, and meeting reports; also includes photographs from the Baker Electric Vehicle Company of Cleveland, Ohio, of electric cars, wagons, trucks, and engines; and trade magazines. Ms88-061.
SMYTH, ELLISON A. JR. (1863-1941). PAPERS, 1859-1927. 6.4 cu. ft. Professor of Biology (1891-1925); dean of the faculty (1903-1906); dean of the Department of Applied Science (1916-1920); and faculty advisor to students in biology and pre-medical (1920-1925) at Virginia Tech. Papers include correspondence with professional and amateur scientists, and collectors, dealers and suppliers around the world, including H.H. Bailey, Carl Braun, Jonathan Dwight, E.K. Harvey, and James R. Randolph. Also includes correspondence with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the American Entomological Society, Boston Society of Natural History, Linnean Society of New York, and the University of Notre Dame Botany Department; reprints of articles written by Smyth; literature on topics in biology and science; and his notes, written in 1912, on birds in Montgomery County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1981-098.
SOULE, HARTLEY A. (1904-1988). PAPERS, 2.8 cu. ft. NACA and later NASA administrator; experimental jet developer; aerospace engineer. Collection includes research files, personal notes, film scripts, and publications collected by Soule, on the fields of aviation, aeronautics, and aerospace, particularly on the NACA and NASA programs, including the X-1 and X-15 jets, and the Mercury and Gemini space programs. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-004.
SPRAGUE ELECTRIC RAILWAY AND MOTOR COMPANY. RECORDS, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Electric motor company based in New York. Collection includes two diagrams for setting up Sprague Electric Motors, and two completed motor cards for automatic motors. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-041.
SQUIRES, ARTHUR M. (1916- ). PAPERS, 1940-1987. 72.0 cu. ft. University Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1986- ) at Virginia Tech. Member, National Academy of Engineering. Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Educated at the University of Missouri (A.B. 1938) and Cornell University (Ph.D. 1947). Employment: M.W. Kellogg Company (the Kellex Corporation), 1942-46, participating in design and startup of gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge; Hydrocarbon Research, Inc. of New York City, 1946-59, architect engineering firm (research laboratories at Trenton, New Jersey) catering to petroleum, chemical, and steel industries; self-employed consultant, 1959-67; faculty of chemical engineering, The City College of The City University of New York (1967-76), Department Chairman (1970-73), Distinguished University Professor (1974-76); Frank C. Vilbrandt Professor of Chemical Engineering (1976-82) and University Distinguished Professor (1978-86), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Consultant for U.S. Bureau of Mines, Office of Coal Research, Electric Power Research Institute, United Nations, Office of Technology Assessment, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and others. Author of The Tender Ship: Governmental Management of Technological Change (1986) Expert in fluid beds, petroleum refining, hydrocarbon synthesis, coal conversions (gasification, liquefaction, carbonization, combustion), iron ore reduction, low-temperature processes, dust filtration, air pollution control. Collection consists of extensive correspondence, unpublished research reports, lectures, trip reports, reprints, trip diaries (1968-82), daily work books (1959-81), and subject files spanning entire career. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms87-006.
TALBOT, RICHARD B. (1933-1994). PAPERS, 1967-97. 1.4 cu. ft. Educated at Kansas State University (B.S., 1954; D.V.M., 1958), Baylor University (NIH postdoctoral), and Iowa State University (Ph.D., 1963). Professor Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Medical Informatics at Virginia Tech and founding dean of the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. Director of the Office of New Animal Drug Evalution at the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education and editor of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals. Pioneering work with computers in the field of veterinary medicine. Collections consists primarily of speeches, speech resource and research materials, administrative notes, departmental program planning and budgeting materials. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1995-024.
THRELKELD, WILLIAM LOGAN (1893-1988). PAPERS, 1919-1972. 1.0 cu. ft. Born in Versailles, Kentucky. Educated at Georgetown College (AB in biology and chemistry, 1915) and University of Virginia (MA in parasitology, 1929; Ph.D., 1934). Professor of zoology and biology (1929-58) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Personal and professional papers including biographical material, personal and professional correspondence, research files, and printed materials. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1975-005.
TOWNSEND, JOHN W. JR. (1924- ). PAPERS, 1949-90. 5.0 cu. ft. Physicist, NASA administrator. Received B.A., Williams College (1947), M.A. (1949); Sc. D. (1961). Worked at the Naval Research Laboratory (1949-58, branch head 1955-58). With NASA (1958-68, 1987-90); deputy director of the Goddard Space Center (1965-68); director of the Goddard Space Center (1987-90). Deputy administrator, Environmental Sciences Services Administration (1968-70); associate administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1970-77). President, Fairchild Space and Electronics Company (1977-82); President, Fairchild Space Company (1983-87). Papers include correspondence and memoranda, travel files (1949-68, 1985-90); Congressional testimony (ca. 1982-86); files on the history of the Upper Air Rocket Research Program at the Naval Research Laboratory (ca. 1956-58); Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station Advisory Panel (1966-68); International Academy of Astronautics (ca. 1981-87); NASA Advisory Council (1982-87); National Academy of Engineering (1982-87); National Research Council Space Applications Board (1983-87); and the Office of Technology Assessment Advisory Board Panel on International Cooperation and Competition in Civilian Space Activities (1982-85). Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms90-068.
TOWNSEND, MARJORIE RHODES (1930- ). PAPERS, 1966-80. 2.0 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer, NASA project manager. Received B.E.E. degree at George Washington University in 1951. Worked for the Naval Research Laboratory (1951-59) and for NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center (1959-80). Was project manager for Small Astronomy Satellites (1966-75) and for Applications Explorer Missions (1975-76). Recipient, NASA Exceptional Service Medal (1971); NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal (1980); named Knight of the Italian Republic Order (1972). Papers include correspondence, notes on staff meetings, drafts of speeches, newspaper and magazine articles, and publications. Additional accessions to the collection are expected in the future. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Unprocessed. Ms86-003.
TRENT, CLARENCE E. (1904-91). PAPERS, 1958, 1970-91. 3.0 cu. ft. Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1931-73) and Professor Emeritus (1973-91) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); served on the Virginia Section's Services AdministrationHistory and Heritage Committee. Primary force in bringing about the selection of two mechanical engineering historical landmarks: the Jackson Ferry Shot Tower at Fort Chiswell in Wythe County, Virginia, and Norfolk and Western's 611 steam locomotive. Collection consists of materials related to these two historical landmarks and to Trent's involvement in the ASME. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage Project database. Ms85-010.
"TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF FORTRAN" (EXHIBIT, 1957-82). INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION. 5.0 cu. ft., 10 - 3'x8' panels and 1 videotape. Pioneer Day was celebrated on June 9, 1982, at the National Computer Conference in honor of the 25th anniversary of the delivery of the first FORTRAN compiler. As part of the celebration IBM created and displayed this exhibit. Contains photographs of FORTRAN pioneers, facsimiles of documents, textual analysis, flow charts, memorabilia, FORTRAN manuals and other publications, and a twelve-minute videotape on the history of FORTRAN starring the members of the original FORTRAN development team: John Backus, Sheldon Best, Richard Goldberg, Lois Mitchell Haibt, Harlan Herrick, Grace Mitchell, Robert Nelson, Roy Nutt, David Sayre, Peter Sheridan, and Irving Ziller. Ms83-003.
UNDERHILL, GROVER W. PAPERS, 1935. 0.1 cu. ft. Professor of Entomology (1918-54) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, at the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station. Collection consists of a radio talk entitled "The Insect Menace to Log Cabins and Rustic Woodwork." Ms87-014.
UNION ELEKTRICITAETS-GESELLSCHAFT COMPANY. PHOTOGRAPHS, n.d. 0.3 cu. ft. Berlin, W. Germany, factory. Scrapbook of 202 photographs of interior and exterior views of the factory, one of the company cable car, and products, including meters and generators. Ms87-037.
VINE AND ASHMEAD. PATENT, 1849. 0.1 cu. ft. Patent certificate (No. 7552) awarded to William Vine and James H. Ashmead of Hartford, Connecticut for "machines for beating gold." Four-page document includes a description of the device and a set of engineering drawings for it. Ms86-014.
VIRGINIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE. RECORDS, 1920-2005. 60.2 cu. ft. Statewide scientific academy founded in 1923 from the Association of Virginia Biologists. Records document the founding of the VAS, its membership and officers, its committees and sections, and Academy programs. Records include correspondence (including correspondence of the Association of Virginia Biologists), financial statements, minutes, clippings, photographs, and award-winning research papers. Subject files deal with the Virginia Institute for Scientific Research, the Virginia Museum of Science, and VAS publications such as the Virginia Journal of Science. Additional groups of records are expected to be added to the collection at regular intervals. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1981-096.
VIRGINIA AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION. RECORDS, 1906-47. 50.0 cu. ft. Established in 1886 by an Act of the Virginia General Assembly and funded by the Hatch Act of 1887, the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station was not established physically until 1888. Responsible for several agricultural research stations and laboratories throughout the state. Collection includes farm survey work sheets and work reports on such agricultural subjects as insecticides, cattle, orchards, and crop rotations. Collection also includes statistical surveys for farm operations and production in ten Virginia counties, including: Albemarle (1935, 2 vols.), Appomattox (1935-36, 4 vols.), Floyd (1937, 2 vols.), Grayson (1930-31, 8 vols.), Halifax (1939, 7 vols.), Henry (1940, 7 vols.), Nansemond (1932, 17 vols.), Norfolk (1931-32, 7 vols.), Pittsylvania (1933-36, 42 vols.), and Russell (1935, 9 vols.). Also included are Poultry surveys (1931-32, 9 vols.) encompassing several Virginia counties, and a Truck survey (1938, 2 vols.) listed by names of farmer. Farm surveys include information on dairy production, land tenure, feed and supplies, livestock, equipment, and crops. RG25/1.
VIRGINIA JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE. RECORDS, 1931-99. 8.0 cu. ft. Organization of affiliated high school science clubs organized by the Virginia Academy of Science in 1941 to discover and promote scientific aptitude in the secondary schools of Virginia. Records include correspondence (including some antedating the founding of the VJAS); notes and minutes from committees and general meetings; reports; financial statements; and publications such as the Junior Science Bulletin and the Virginia Junior Academy of Science Proceedings; scrapbooks (1975-84); meeting proceedings (1963-90); and handbooks. Additional groups of records are expected to be added to the collection at regular intervals. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1981-094.
VIRGINIA NURSERYMEN'S ASSOCIATION. RECORDS, 1961-65. 0.1 cu. ft. Association that provides courses, meetings and tours, advice on insect and animal problems, and information about infestations. Collection includes photographs, clippings, reports, and a program of an annual convention. Ms68-001.
VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING. RECORDS, ca. 1925-42. 8.0 cu. ft. Records include materials on rural electrification (1924-42); farm irrigation (1927-33); and soil conservation (1934-35) in Virginia. RG13/4.
VIRGINIA VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. RECORDS, 1894-1983. 0.7 cu. ft. Incorporated in 1894 for the purpose of advancing veterinary medical knowledge throughout Virginia. Annual meeting minutes, minutes of the Board of Censors, programs, speeches, a history of the organization, and an organizational handbook. Finding aid available on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms1988-032.
[WATERCOLORS OF FUNGI, 184?]. 1 vol. Illustrations of fifty fungi or algae found in England. Perhaps a catalog of a collection. The illustrations are accompanied by brief descriptions and captions. Ms93-012.
WILL, ERWIN HOGE (1900- ). PAPERS, 1918-73. 1.0 cu. ft. Electrical utilities executive. Graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1922 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Employee and then chair of the Board of Directors for the Virginia Electric and Power Company from 1922-33 and 1947-60. Honorary chairman of Board of Directors, 1972-74. General superintendent and then President of the El Paso (Texas) Electric Company, 1935-47. Collection contains personal papers from Will's academic career at VPI, including a Commencement program, copy of diploma, and a basketball score card (all 1922). Business material includes correspondence, programs, clippings, reports, etc., chronicling Will's years at the Virginia Electric and Power Company and El Paso Electric Company, and in community groups. Biographical information is included. Ms74-004.
WRIGHT, DANIEL E. (1883-1962). PAPERS, 1904-60. 3.2 cu. ft. Born in Winchester, Virginia; received B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1904. Participated in the construction of the Panama Canal and in the public health activities which rid the Canal Zone of yellow fever and malaria. Was Awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Medal of Honor in 1921. Served as consultant (1921-29) to the Columbian and Panamanian governments. Joined the staff of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1929 and worked in Greece and Turkey on water supply and disease control. Worked with the United Nations Public Health Service (UNPHS) in Burma during World War II, then joined the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) in 1944 until 1949. Collection contains materials dealing with the Panama Canal, the Public Health activities of the Rockefeller Foundation, the UNRRA and the UNPHS and UNRRA, and extensive correspondence to his family while a colonel on the staff of General Joseph W. Stilwell and later of the U.S. Middle Eastern Command Headquarters in Cairo. Also included in the collection are photographs (ca. 250) from Wright's travels. Ms68-007.
ZALLEN, DR. RICHARD (1937-). PAPERS, 1946-2009. Professor of physics at Virginia Tech and former researcher at Xerox. Information on Xerox research, professional correspondence; lecture notes and class materials; drafts of published works; materials concerning trips, sabbaticals, and conferences; and illustrative figures. Finding aid available in EAD on the Virginia Heritage database. Ms2008-069.

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