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The Lyric Theatre: A Look Back at the Beginnings

Chronology Smithey & Boynton, 1890-1990

1890 Louis P. Smithey (L. P. S.) born
1899 Henry B. Boynton (H. B. B.) born
1910 L. P. S. graduated Randolph-Macon College
1920 L. P. S. began practice as architect, Roanoke, Virginia
1921 H. B. B. graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute
1922-27 Smithey & Tardy partnership
1924-28 H. B. B. draftsman, Carneal & Johnson, Richmond
1927-35 L. P. S. practice as architect
1928-35 H. B. B. associate with L. P. Smithey, responsible charge of mechanical work
1935 Smithey and Boynton partnership formed
1938 Total staff 12
1941 Total staff 8;cash $5,000: borrowing capacity $20,000
1942-45 L. P. S. and H. B. B. in Army
1946 Total staff 14; total salaries $39,325; 57.5 % overhead
1954 Total staff 23: Assoc: L. Smith, F. Cox, B. Chester; Proj. Mgr.: Ellis Hall, H. Keister, R. Kinsey; Arch. Drft. incl. Ken Motley; 4 Engineers
1966 L. P. S. died
1967-71 SWNE Partnership (Shumate, Williams, Norfleet, Eddy)
1972 SWNE merger with Smithey & Boynton
1980 Smithey & Boytnon became professional corporation
1982 H. B. B. retired
1983 Kenneth L. Motley president and CEO
1983 VBDA (vanBlaricon Design Associates) joined Smithey & Boynton
1985 Opened Triad office in Highpoint, N.C.
1987 Acquired AU (Thomas Au) Architects Richmond and Fredericksburg offices
1990 Opened Hampton Roads office (total staff of all offices 95)
1992 Smithey & Boynton ceased to exist. Some assets and firm acquired by Kenneth L. Motley--changed name to Motley & Associates
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