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The Lyric Theatre: A Look Back at the Beginnings

Construction and Plan

The new Lyric Building has been constructed of triple-A fireproof construction. All floors are of reinforced concrete, and all roof trusses, beams, and columns are of steel, which has been fireproofed in accordance with the best known practice. Especial care was taken in the design and fireproofing of the balcony, all of the heavy steel girders and beams being encased with concrete. All walls are of solid masonry constrcution, and all interior partitions are built of hollow tile. All stairs are fireproof, and the emergency exits are protected by metal doors equipped with up-to- date panic bolt hardware.

The theatre auditorium has a sloping bowled floor which provides an easy view of the stage from any seat. On each side of the proscenium there are direct exits to the exterior, with ornamental grilles above. An adequate stage with space for future dressing rooms is provided. There are four exits from the auditorium and four balcony exits.

The balcony is divided into two sections, the upper section being planned for colored patrons, with a separate entrance from College Avenue. This section is also provided with an emergency exit.

Two ticket booths have been installed in the entrance so that in rush hours the patrons can be cared for quickly.

Five shops are located on the College Avenue front. The space above these shops was originally planned for offices, but will be used for the present as an amusement parlor.

Adjoining the theatre Foyer there are restrooms for ladies and gentlemen.

Source: V.P.I. Skipper, April 1930, p. 5.
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