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The Lyric Theatre--A Look Back at the Beginning

Summary of Architect's Costs

Louis Philippe Smithey
Architect and Engineer

112 West Kirk Ave.
Roanoke, Virginia
June 9, 1930

Blacksburg Theatre, Blacksburg, VA. #174

Summary of Architect's Costs

(1) Building proper $4,364.07
(2) Alterations to Boiler Plant232.88
(3) Extra & Additional Work81.00
(4) Special Work from Jan. 29, to June 1, 19301,267.70
(5) Twin City Boiler Works' Bill93.32
(6) Extra blue prints, telegrams & phone calls charges to Owner9.15


Architect's Fee Estimated on Cost of Building

(1) Building and extras 5% of $85,938.43$4,296.92
(2) Alterations to Boiler Room310.00
(3) Fee for special work from Jan. 29 to June 1, 19301,521.20
(4) Extra blue prints, telegrams & phone calls charged to Owner9.15
(5) Extra & additional work, cost plus 20%97.20
(6) Twin City Boiler Works' Bill93.92

Total of Above$6,328.39
(7) Fee for Drapes, Furniture, Carpets, Seats, Projection Room Shutters, Marquise Letters, etc.284.62

Note: Traveling expenses for Blacksburg Theatre not including special work and alterations to boiler room187.66

Total Estimated Architect's Fee$6,800.67
Less 2% of $2,789.73-55.78

Architect's Fee$6,744.89
Less Payments Made-3,426.40


Payments Made

Jan. 17, 1928$50.00
May 1, 19292,000.00
Sept. 28, 1929310.00
Aug. 16,1929320.00
March 3, 1930746.40


Summary of Total Cost on Which Architect's Fee Is Based

Total Miller Contract to-date$69,818.42
Total Miller contract deductions-2,789.73
Electrical Contract to-date8,528.50
Extra electrical (approx.)400.00
Extra millwork (material only)70.80
Extra plaster (material only72.50
Extra ventilation ducts (approx)75.00
Extra painting144.55
Extra ticket booth glazing51.50
Marquise (less electrical, painting, & Miller expenditures)986.25
Lighting fixtures (contract)154.07
Lighting fixtures (extra)47.11
All extras on list attached to change slip #15 (approx)800.00


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