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The Lyric Theatre: A Look Back at the Beginnings

The Lyric Council

The purpose of The Lyric Council is to promote and encourage the use and development of the Lyric Theatre, and to enhance community awareness and appreciation of the arts through programs, entertainment and/or education produced at the Lyric. The vision for the Lyric is one that will see diverse programming--film, theater, dance, lectures, etc., and a renovation with an eye toward historic preservation.

Important first steps

The Lyric Council Inc.,
Sandy Wiedegreen (Executive Director)
Board of Directors
Steve Beatty
Jim Dymock
Michael Hedgepeth (Vice-Chair)
Chris Kappas
John Kline
Barbara Pack
Arlene Saari
Janice Sherman
Mark Smith (Secretary)
Connie Snell (Treasurer)
Lindsay West (Chair)
Nancyne Willoughby

The Lyric Council Inc., Advisors
Donna Diane
Diane Green
Dan Specht
Dot Torgersen
Eric Wiedegreen

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