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The Lyric Theatre--A Look Back at the Beginning


"Eating confectioneries and smoking will not be permitted in the new Lyric? The owners have made this ruling because smoke seriously affects reproduction when the sound is recorded on the films, and because much damage to the expensive carpets and seat upholstering would result from the use of cigarettes and confectioneries." from the V. P. I. Skipper, April 1930
Cinema Trivia
Barbara Streisand wanted Elvis Presley to play her down-and-out husband in the third verison of A Star Is Born (1976). He allegedly rejected the part because it called for him to portray a has-been rock star, and because he didn't want to be bossed around by Streisand. The part went to Kris Kristofferson.
from The Book of Lists: The 90s Edition by David Wallechinsky and Amy Wallace (Boston: Little, Brown & Company, 1993).