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The Lyric Theatre: A Look Back at the Beginnings

Mechanical Equipment

The mechanical equipment of a theatre building is of great importance, and has much to do with the success of the theatre.

For the comfort of those attending the Lyric Theatre, a carefully-designed heating, ventilation and cooling system has been provided. The auditorium is ventilated and heated by a combination system. Fresh air is brought in near the roof, where it is free from dust and dirt; it is then heated and forced into the auditorium by fans, in such amounts as to meet stndard school-room requirements. This combination system will change the entire volume of air in the auditorium every ten minutes. The temperature of the incoming air is automatically controlled to meet all posible varying conditions. During warm weather a large volume of outside fresh air is circulated through the auditorium to provide the cooling effect, and the entire volume of air is changed every two and a half minutes.

The auditorium is illuminated by fixtures hung on the side walls and from the ceiling. All these fixtures; can be lighted in any color or color combination, and at any intensity, from very bright to dim, to meet all possible theatrical requirements. The side wall fixtures serve as a main decorative feature at the center of each wall panel as well as serving as an illuminative unit. The front of the organ grilles and the exit grilles below can be flooded with light of any color from indirect concealed units.

The stage is fully equipped for presenting any modern stage production. Lighting equipment is provided for producing any desired color effect.

"The Lyric is one of three theatres in Virginia built especially for sound pictures?"
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