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The Lyric Theatre--A Look Back at the Beginnings

Smithey & Boynton - Architects and Engineers
Additional Information

Brief History
The office was established by L. P. Smithey in 1920. In 1922 the firm name became Smithey & Tardy. In 1927 Mr. Tardy left the state and the office was run under the name of L. P. Smithey. In 1928 H. B. Boynton became an associate, participating in the profits. In 1935 the firm name was changed to Smithey & Boynton.

Type of Practice and Service
The office has conducted a general practice of architecture and architectural engineering.

Since 1928 the office has been capable of handling all engineering work in connection with architectural projects: structural, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Outside field work can also be handled but usually this has been given to local engineers.

Registration of Partners
Both hold certificates as Architects and Engineers.

Consulting Practice
Since 1935 consulting architects for the Roanke, Virginia City School Board.
Consulting architects for Roanoke County School Board.
Consulting architects for Stone Printing & Manufacturing Company, Roanoke, Virginia
Consulting architects for Cinder Block, Inc., Roanoke, Virginia
Consultants on varied small work, chiefly of a mechanical nature.

Kind of Service Desired
Architect - engineering service.

Completed Work for Government
Plans, specifications and details for U.S.O. Building, Radford, Virginia, under Third Zone quartermaster. Total project $115,000.00. Building under construction. Bids received were well under appropriation.

Contemplated Association
For any work involving landscaping, site planning, sewer and street work, an association with A. A. Farnham, Landscape Architect, Roanoke, Virginia is contemplated. Mr. Farnham has had a varied practice, maintains a Roanoke office and also is on the staff of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Some Exampes of Work:
Stadium-Armory, Roanoke, Virginia
(stadium under construction) $700,000.00
Roanoke County Schools since 19321,000,000.00
Roanoke City Schools since 1923 (including associations and projects now contemplated) 1,250,000.00
Schools in Alleghany, Montgomery, Fauquier, Pulaski counties, Virginia, and Waynesboro, Virginia, since 1934 1,045,000.00
American Theatre, Roanoke,Virginia.550.000.00
Mortuary, John M. Oakey, Inc., Roanoke, Va.125,000.00
First Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, Virginia225,000.00
Franklin County Jail, Rocky Mount, Virginia 50,000.00
Camera Shop, Roanoke, Virginia 60,000.00
Building for Montgomery Ward & Company, Roanoke, Virginia 100,000.00
National Bank, Blackburg, Virginia 35,000.00
(under construction) Country Club, Roanoke, Virginia85,000.00
Addition--State & City Bank Building, Roanoke, Virginia 225,000.00
Complete air conditioning, alterations, First National Exchange Bank, Roanoke, Virginia 45,000.00
Armory, Blacksburg, Virginia35,000.00
Armory, Convington, Virginia50,000.00
Armory, Winchester, Virginia55,000.00
Client References:
W. P. Hunter, City Manager, Roanoke, Virginia
D. E. McQuilkin, Superintendent of Schools, Roanoke, Virginia
Roland E. Cook, Superintendent of Schools, Salem, Virginia
A. L. Bennett, Superintendent of Schools, Covington, Virginia
J. S. Mathers, Town Manager, Covington, Virginia
S. L. Grant, City Manager, Wnchester, Virginia

Bank References:
H. G. Nicholson, Cashier, First National Exchange Bank, Roanoke, Virginia
G. C. Holcomb, Chairman of Board, Colonial-American National Bank, Roanoke, Virginia

Source: undated paper from folder "S & B Historical Data" records in Box 1, Smithey & Boynton Collection, Ms. 92-027 Special Collections, Newman Library.
Please note that this is an historical piece that is probably circa the late 1930s to 1940. The Smithey & Boynton architecture firm ceased to exist in the 1980s.
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