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DAMEWOOD, WALTER. PAPERS, 1928-30. 0.1 cu. ft. Rhymes & Poems by Eddy and Damewood, unpublished collection of poetry written by cadets in the Corps. Handwritten versions of poems (one on the back of the Sophomore Engineering Schedule), and the poem "The Old Dead Soldier" with a pen and ink drawing. Ms2000-088.
DANVILLE, VIRGINIA. MILITARY PASS, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a single military pass for Captain F. C. Fisher to Montgomery White Sulphur Springs (Montgomery County, Va.). Finding aid available online. Ms2011-036.
DASHIELL, THOMAS E. COLLECTION, 1893-1895. 0.2 cu. ft. Collection includes materials relating to Thomas Edward Dashiell's time as a student at the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. Included are invitations and programs from Lee Literary Society events, Dashiell's grade reports from 1894 and 1895, and the Honor List from the 1894-1895 academic year. The collection also contains two letters sent to Dashiell's parents, one from Ellison A. Smyth and the other from President McBryde. While attending the college Dashiell played on the football team, a newspaper article detailing the 1894 VAMC vs. VMI game is also included. Dashiell left the college in 1896 when his father fell ill. Finding aid available online. Ms1964-007.
DASKALOVA, SNEZHA (1925- ). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1985-1995. 2.8 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Snezha Daskalova Milkovska graduated from Sofia Polytechnic in 1950 and worked in Sofia at "Sofproekt" until her mandatory retirement in 1985. After laws changed, she opened a private practice, at which she designed mainly private houses in Bulgaria. Papers include 50 drawings for four residential projects by Daskalova and one set of student drawings done by her daughter, Marine Milkovska. Finding aid available online. Ms2007-004.
DAUGHERTY, D. A. LETTER, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a letter by Daugherty, regarding the confiscation of his father's cow to pay a debt. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-053.
DAVENPORT, PETER J. TAX RECEIPTS, 1849-1850. 0.1 cu. ft. Peter Johnston Davenport was the son of Thomas Davenport and Thomas's first cousin, Permelia Davenport. This collection contains tax receipts for Peter J. Davenport's stud horse. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-125.
DAVIS, A. J. (1854-1935). COLLECTION, 1874-1907. 0.3 cu. ft. Collection includes a journal; photographs, sketches, and ephemera; and a town history; journal (1874-1901) contains memoirs, particularly of Davis' army experiences, as well as some writing exercises, poetry, stories, and religious observations; second notebook includes a 19-page history of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, authored by Davis; also contain pictures of Davis and his wife. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-067.
DAVIS, DAVID M. (b. 1843). LEDGER, 1875-1896. 0.2 cu. ft. Farmer, proprietor of clothing/shoe store, treasury clerk, and resident of Washington, D.C. and Fauquier County, Virginia. Ledger recording daily transactions of clothing/shoe store, including customer name, goods purchased, and prices paid; accounts with farm workers; and daily diary entries for summer months of 1890-1892. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-003.
DAVIS, H. G. LETTER, 1876. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection includes a letter from Davis to his son, written to apologize for his benig unable to visit and to encourage his son to invest in a farm. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-064.
DAVIS, HOMER E. PAPERS, c.1861-2000. Resident of Kensington, Maryland, and a Civil War history enthusiast. Collection consists largely of photographs (more than 12,000) which were taken while documenting the gravesites of Civil War generals. (Also included are photographs of the gravesites of many other people prominent in U. S. military, political, legal, business, entertainment, art and literary history.) Complementing the photographs are Davis's research files on cemeteries and individuals. The collection also contains materials from various historical organizations (particularly District of Columbia area Civil War roundtables); Civil War printed materials and memorabilia (including relics) and personal materials. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-051.
DAVIS, R. J. PASS, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a pass granting Davis permission to travel to and from the Richmond area for 60 days, providing he not share any information that would be potentially "injurious to the Confederate States of America." Finding aid available online. Ms2013-069.
DAWSON, JOHN HARPER (ca.1915-2002). BOOK MANUSCRIPT, [1981?]. 0.1 cu. ft. Author, retired president of Adrian College. Typescript draft of Dawson's book, Wildcat Cavalry: a Synoptic History of the Seventeenth Virginia Cavalry Regiment of the Jenkins-McCausland Brigade in the War Between the States. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-005.
DAY-LEWIS, CECIL (1904-1972). PAPERS, 1935-1968. 0.1 cu. ft. British author and poet laureate (1967-1972); author of detective stories under the pseudonym Nicholas Blake. Collection includes notes, clippings, and poetry. Finding aid available online. Ms1973-006.
DEAL, WILLIAM. INVENTORY OF ESTATE, 1808. 1 item. Patrick County, Virginia, resident. Inventory of his possessions made at the time of his death. Ms1988-036.
DEAN, JAMES. COLLECTION, 1961-88. 2.5 cu. ft. Collection consists of reference material NASA artist James Dean used in producing the artwork for Michael Collins' book Liftoff: The Story of America's Adventure in Space. The bulk of the contents include NASA file photos, files from the twelve Gemini missions, the majority of Apollo missions (mostly XI), the Spacelab project, the Hubble telescope, space shuttle missions, the Challenger accident, and many other NASA related subjects. Also included are photos from the Project Mercury missions, images of NASA aircraft, NASA promotional material, and photos of U.S. officials and NASA personnel. An original rough draft copy of Liftoff, divided by chapter, is included. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-061.
DEAN, OTIS (1821-1907). DIARY, 1864-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in Company E, 56 Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War. Concise diary entries describe mostly routine personal and unit activities, but also include mention of several battles and other significant war-related events.Finding aid available online. Ms2008-010.
DEANE, F. B. JR. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Pulaski, Virginia resident; partner in Deane & Son Foundry. Collection consists of a letter from Deane to General John Echols, requesting permission to ship pork by rail. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-059.
DEANE, FRANCIS B., JR. LETTER, 1857. 0.1 cu. ft. Member of the Virginia General Assembly from Campbell County from 1853 to 1858. Letter written June 28, 1857, to William Ballard Preston (1805-62), a Montgomery County, Virginia, lawyer who rose to the office of Secretary of the Navy(1849-50) under Zachary Taylor. In 1858 Preston was involved in the negotiations to establish a line of steamers from Norfolk, Virginia, to the west coast of Africa, which failed to materialize due to the Civil War. Deane writes Preston about the possibility of the state raising the capital for the line of steamships, and hopes that Preston will "secure the cooperation of Mr. Hunter's friends in the Legislature." He refers to Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, a U.S. Senator at the time who later became the Confederate States of America Secretary of State. Ms1992-006.
DE BLOIS, NATALIE (1921- ). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1941-2008. 2.7 cu.ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Natalie de Blois worked for Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill (SOM) for 30 years collaborating closely with Louis Skidmore and Gordon Bunshaft, primarily. She is recognized for her work on a number of projects including, Lever House (NYC); Pepsi-Cola building (NYC); Union Carbide Corporation (NYC); Connecticut General Life Insurance (Hartford, CT); Lincoln Center (NYC); and the Hilton Hotel (Istanbul, Turkey). Later in her career de Blois taught at the University of Texas at Austin. She was named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) in 1974. In the 1970's she became active advocate for women in architecture joining the American Institute of Architects Task Force on Women, visiting architecture schools and talking to female students. Materials in the collection include correspondence; original notes; clippings; brochures; finished project photographs; published materials; sketches; watercolors; elevations; architectural renderings; contracts; specifications; and reports for 24 projects. Finding aid available online. Ms2007-017.
DECORATOR'S SCRAPBOOK, c.1930s? 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a compiled scrapbook of clippings relating to decorating and interior design; Clippings include images, usually with associated captions and articles, and cartoons. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-014.
DeGEZELLE, MOLLY (1979- ). PAPERS, 1994-95. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Resident of Mankato, Minnesota, and inventor of a building material composed of recycled paper and glue, originally created as an entry in a science fair competition in 1991. The material is now manufactured under the trade name Environ by Phenix Biocomposites. Collection consists of literature about the invention, including the paper she wrote for the science fair; biographical information about DeGezelle; and samples of her original invention (which she called "MollyBoard") and Environ. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms1995-014.
DEHART, W. D. & SONS. LEDGERS, 1916-1946. 0.7 cu. ft. Country store in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, likely operated by William D. Dehart. Three ledgers of customer accounts. One ledger of wholesale transactions. Loose letters within ledgers. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-045.
DEKKER, HENRY J. PAPERS, 1949-2009. 1.8 cu. ft. Member of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, 1989-1997; Rector from 1996-1997; served on Pamplin Advisory Council. Collection includes BoV and Pamplin College of Business materials (correspondence, meeting minutes, development papers), as well as publications and papers relating to the history of Virginia Tech. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-055.
DE LAVAL SEPARATOR COMPANY. BROCHURE, 1926. 0.1 cu. ft. Karl De Laval patented the centrifugal dairy separator in 1878; formed the AB Separator Company in 1888, later renamed to De Laval. Collection contains a letter and broadside advertisement for De Laval Cream Separators, addressed to Mr. S. D. Stokes of Roanoke, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-050.
DELAVRANCEA-GIBORY, HENRIETTE, BIOGRAPICAL MATERIAL. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Three page biographical sketch with project list, author unknown, undated. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
DEMI, ENGJELLUSHE HOXHA, CD, 2003. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Collection consists of a mini-CD with computer drawings by architect Engjellushe Hoxha Demi. [Material is in Albanian.] Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
DENISON, CHARLES NEWTIN. LETTER, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Medical student in Cincinnati, Ohio, writing to his brother on December 22, 1861. Comments on his fellow medical students, his work on cadavers, and operations he has observed. Ms1991-020.
DENT, J.B. MEMORABILIA, 1920s. 0.2 cu. ft. Collection contains VPI memorabilia: photographs, programs from events and dances, copies of The Bugle, and a form letter from VPI President Burruss. Ms1987-022.
DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY ORAL HISTORY COLLECTION. RECORDS, 2001-2002. 0.8 cu. ft. Oral history interviews conducted with faculty and staff of the Department of Biochemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the department, which was founded in 1952. Interviews were conducted in the period from October 2001 to June 2002 with current and former department heads, faculty, and staff who played an important role in the founding and development of the department. Oral history interviewees included: Juel Albert by Robert R. Schmidt, Bruce M. Anderson by Thomas O. Sitz, Ruben W. Engel by George Edwin Bunce, Robert Smibert by John L. Hess, Everett L. Wisman by Lewis Barnett, and Roderick Young by Robert R. Schmidt. Full text of most of the interview transcripts as well as sound clips and other documentation are available at the "50-Year Celebration of the Department of Biochemistry 1952-2003." Finding aid available online. Ms2003-009.
DEPUTY SHERIFF OATH, BARBOUR COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA. 1870. 0.1 cu. ft. The collection contains an oath taken by a Deputy Sheriff of Barbour County, West Virginia, stating that he never fought in the Confederate Army. The document is signed by Stingley Shaffer and is both witnessed and signed by Louis Wilson. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-087.
DE QUINCEY, THOMAS (1785-1859). PAPERS, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. British essayist. Untitled autograph manuscript leaf. Topics center on theology. Source of the text is unidentified. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-021.
DERNONCOURT, WAYNE L. (1918-1988). PAPERS, 1950-1980. 0.5 cu. ft. Vice president and director of the Upper South Division of the Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA). Circular letters, printed materials, memorabilia, photographs, and other materials relating to the TWUA. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-025.
DERRICK, CLARENCE (1837-1907). LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Letter written to President Andrew Johnson by Clarence Derrick, Lt. Colonel with the 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry, when he was a prisoner of war in the military prison at Fort Delaware. Letter is dated June 17th, 1865, and asked that Derrick be released from prison and given amnesty. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-014.
DEVIER, HUGH (1818-1889). LETTER OF ATTORNEY, 1857. Resident of Shenandoah County, Virginia. Legal document granting Devier's mother, Nancy Devier, power of attorney in receiving funds from sale of the lands and slaves of his late father, Allen Devier. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-039.
DEUEL, HERBERT. CIVIL WAR COLLECTION, 1864-1866, n.d. 0.7 cu. ft. Soldier with the 17th Regiment, Michigan Infantry (?-1865); clerk at Citizen's Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1864-1865). Collection includes diaries, battlefield artifacts, and printed ephemera related to Deuel's service in battle and at the hospital. Finding aid available online. Ms1999-004.
DIAMOND, KATHERINE. ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1985-1995. 1.0 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Partner in Charge of Siegel Diamond Architects of Los Angeles, California, and the first woman to serve as President of the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles Chapter. President of the Association for Women in Architecture from 1989-1991. Collection consists of correspondence, a curriculum vitae, and information about the exhibit "Women in American Architecture, 1888-1989: A Historic, Contemporary and Southern California Perspective," which Diamond helped create. Also includes a 1992 draft of the book Women Architects: USA, by Jan Gero and information about the AIA exhibit "That Exceptional One." Finding aid available online. Ms1996-001.
DIAZ, LUZ MARIA BERISTAIN. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1996. 0.1 cu. ft. A member of the Faculty of Architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Division de Postgrado, The Luz Maria Beristain Diaz Architectural Papers consist of Beristain Diaz's Master's Thesis in Restoration of Monuments entitled "Restoration of the Barrio de Tizapan Historical Center, Mexico City." Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2001-022
DI CARLO, GUY JR. CIVIL WAR RESEARCH PAPERS, 1862-2002, n.d. 25.2 cu. ft. Civil War enthusiast of New Jersey. Collection consists of newsletters, newspaper clippings, photocopies from published literature, maps, brochures, calendars, and other collected literature on a multitude of Civil War topics. Finding aid available online. Ms1995-015. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
DICKENSON, RICHARD B. (1930-2006). PAPERS, 1931-2004 4.0 cu. ft. Community activist; historian; teacher (including at Virginia Tech); Borough Historian of Staten Island, New York. Collection includes materials related to Dickenson's research on Southwest Virginia African Americans during the Civil War and through the early 2000s. In addition to subject files, the collection also contains correspondence, publications, and audio and video media. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-043.
DICKINSON FAMILY. PAPERS, 1871-1931. 1.0 cu. ft. Marion (Smyth County), Virginia, family. Letters from U. S. Army officer Ralph Dickinson; medical account books of Dr. S.W. Dickinson; financial memoranda book of Josiah Look. Finding aid available online. Ms1989-094.
DICKINSON, LUCY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1905-06, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Poughkeepsie, New York. Two letters to Dickinson from Edward C. Root of New York, New York, and one from Louise Bass of Atlanta, Georgia. Ms1988-014.
DICKSON FAMILY. PAPERS, 1769-1924. 2.0 cu. ft. Pioneer settlers in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Joseph Dickson (1749-1822) settled in Greenbrier County from Ireland by way of Pennsylvania in the 1770s. He received land grants originally from the King's land office in 1769, and later from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1785, 1789, and 1795 for property on Howard's Creek. His son, Robert Dickson (1795-1869?), inherited the land and built Locust Hill in 1833, later called Mountain Home. Robert Renick Dickson (1827-1888) and Henry Frazier Dickson (1841-1909), Robert Dickson's sons, inherited the land and in turn left it to their heirs. The Dicksons turned Mountain Home near White Sulphur Springs into a resort in the 1800s and early 1900s. The property and home were owned by the family until they were sold in 1968. The papers include financial accounts, bonds, correspondence, legal papers, diaries, slave documents, and bills of sale for property of each of the four generations of the family, including Geraldine Dickson Burrow, daughter of Henry Frazier Dickson. Collection also includes papers dealing with the construction of Locust Hill. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-094.
DIETRICH, LEANDER. COLLECTION, c.1910s. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a field artillery manual, a book of hymns, a book of victory songs, religious pamphlets, and photographs. Ms1989-001.
DIETRICH, VERENA (1941- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1975-1992. 0.1 cu. ft. Architect of Cologne, Germany. Papers include photographs of Dietrich and of her designs, a list of her designs from 1979 to 1990, copies of architectural drawings and photographs for her book, Architecktinnen: Ideen-Projekte- Bauten [NA199 .D44 1986], a exhibition poster of her work in Berlin (1992), and articles (1980-86) by her and about her work. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms1987-060
DIETRICK, WADE. FAMILY COLLECTION, c.1864-1887. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of two letters and three poems involving the Wade Deitrick Family. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-036.
DIETZ, AUGUST (1869-1963). CIVIL WAR COLLECTION, 1862-1909. 0.7 cu. ft. Contains materials originally collected by August Dietz, Richmond, VA,including single editions of Civil War-era newspapers, photographs, a woodcut and prints, quartermaster records, playing cards, a handwritten memoir, correspondence, and reproductions of stamps from the Civil War. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-069.
DIFFENDERFER, CAMILLA. LETTERS TO, 1863-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Winchester, Virginia, resident. Collection includes two pieces of correspondence to Camilla Diffenderfer from 1863 and 1865. One is an invitation from Gen. George Henry Chapman and the other is a letter from A. H. Yeagel. Finding aid available online. Ms2015-004.
DILLARD, MARTHA. AUDIOCASSETTE TAPES, 1992. 0.2 cu. ft. Oral history interviews (3 on 3 cassette tapes) conducted by artist Martha Dillard in connection with "Watershed," an exhibition of Dillard's paintings of the Ellett Valley in Montgomery County, Virginia. Interviewees include T. Cartmel and Liz Brown, Anna Laura Tribble, and Josie Shotts about the valley of the North Fork of the Roanoke River. Collection also includes postcards and flyers relating to the exhibition. Interviews untranscribed, notes available. Ms1998-027.
DILLON, EDWARD (b.1871). COLLECTION, 1889. 0.1 cu. ft. VAMC student from 1888-1890. Collection consists of a VAMC cadet uniform coat and trousers (in the University Archives materials), and a letter to his mother, dated February 22, 1889. Finding aid available online. Ms1970-008.
DILLON, ELLETT & COMPANY. LEDGERS, 1871-1899. 0.8 cu. ft. Producers of lime and related items at Indian Rock (Botetourt County), Virginia. Three financial ledgers (daybook, journal and ledger) detailing transactions. Finding aid available online. Ms1986-011.
D'INVILLIERS, EDWARD. REPORT, 1905. 0.1 cu. ft. Typescript carbon copy of a geological report on the Virginia Anthracite Coal Company property, Price and Brush Mountains in Montgomery County, Virginia, by d'Invilliers, geologist and mining engineer of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Finding aid available online. Ms1959-002.
DISHMAN FAMILY. GENEALOGY CHART, 1993. 1 item. Family of King George and Westmoreland counties, Virginia, originating in France (as Duchemin). Compiled by James Dallas Dishman of Lynchburg, Virginia. Ms1994-029.
DIX, GEORGE S. ACCOUNT BOOK, 1867-1874. 0.1 cu. ft. Account book for a hotel run by George S. Dix in Pennsylvania. In 1871, the hotel was moved to Onancock in Accomack County, Virginia. Account entries date from 1867 to 1874. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-065.
DODGE, PETER C. PAPERS, 1938-1948. 0.2 cu. ft. VPI student, 1936-1940; VPI graduate in Civil Engineering, 1948. Collection includes membership and student identification cards, concert and theatre programs and other memorabilia. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-012.
DOE, CHARLES (1830-1896). CORRESPONDENCE, 1850. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Hew Hampshire, lawyer, NH State Supreme Court judge. Collection contains two letters written to his family while traveling in Virginia, describing his observations of the US Congress and religious culture in Danville, VA. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-058.
DOGGETT, DAVID S. (1895-1972). LETTERS, 1912-1915, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. VPI Engineering graduate in 1916. Collection contains letters to his father, George B. Doggett, during his time as a student in Blacksburg. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-004.
DOMBAI, DR. MARIA (1934- ). BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL AND PRESENTATION PANELS, 2003. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Budapest, Hungary. Dombai began her professional life in a planning office for the Hungarian food industry. She also taught at the university level and was a manager for the construction of a church-complex, and an architectural advisor for the National Association of Large Families (which addressed housing policy). The collection includes a biographical statement by Dombai, a photograph of Dombai, and a series of 9 panels presenting several of her projects from 1962-1986. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
DONEV, MIRIANA I. RÉSUMÉ 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of New Rochelle, New York; job captain of the firm of Allan Greenberg, Architect, of New Haven, Connecticut. Graduated from the Parsons School of Design in 1975 (B.F.A. in Environmental Design) and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1977 (M. Arch.). Curriculum vitae. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-031.
DÖRHÖFER, KERSTIN (1943- ). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1984-2001. 0.2 cu. ft. Born in Dresden in 1943, Dörhöfer received her architecture degree in 1969 from the Technical University of Berlin and later earned her doctoral degree with a dissertation about social housing in Germany. In 1979 Dörhöfer formed an organization for women's studies at the Free University of Berlin. Since 1986, Dörhöfer has taught at the University of Arts in Berlin. This collection includes a bound portfolio book with photocopies showing her work from 1966-1972, a publication by the International Women's University entitled Reader: Project Area "City and Gender," with essays by Dörhöfer and Beverly Willis, and a few biographical items. Finding aid available online. Ms2002-007
DORROH, JOHN A. (?-1862). LETTER, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in Co. G, 3rd South Carolina Infantry; killed at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Letter written April 11, 1862, while recuperating on a plantation near Charlottesville, Virginia. Transcript available. Ms1991-069.
DOUGHERTY, BETSEY OLENICK. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Newport Beach, California. Member of the National American Institute of Architects Board of Directors representing California, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Papers consist of photographs (1980-86) of her designs and a flyer and a brochure of her firm, Dougherty + Dougherty. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-032.
DOUGHERTY, JOHN. PAPERS, 1796. 0.1 cu. ft. Wythe County, Virginia, militia compensation note, paid to Dougherty. Signed by James Thompson. Ms1988-055.
DOUGLAS, HENRY KYD (1838-1903). LETTER, 1871. 0.1 cu. ft. Hagerstown, Maryland attorney and former Confederate staff officer. Letter to William P. Maulsby of Frederick, Maryland, concerning the case of Fiery et al v. Emmert et al, a suit between two groups of stockholders in the Antietam Manufacturing Company. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-023.
DOUGLAS LAND COMPANY. RECORDS, 1880-1923. Obsolete title. See HURT, WILLIAM W. PAPERS. Ms1992-025.
DOUGLAS, NORMAN (1870-1952). PAPERS, 1930-53. 0.1 cu. ft. British novelist, author of South Wind (1917). Collection contains an apparently unpublished handwritten essay (1943) on a novel by an unknown author, three letters (1929-1936) written from Florence, Italy, and other notes and lists. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-009.
DOW, JOY WHEELER, DESIGNS, 1982. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Photocopy of a design by Joy Wheeler Dow, an architect in New Jersey, published in County and Suburban Homes of the Prairie School Period 1982. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
DOWS, WENA W. (1928- ). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1966-1988. 4.0 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in 1928. Architect of Culver City, California. Wena Dows earned her B.A. in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 1950 and began working independently, specializing in residential remodeling, in 1954. Along with her architectural commitments she also worked as a nutritionist. This collection contains drawings, textual documents, photographs and slides of Dows' addition and renovation projects for residences in California from 1966 to 1988, along with information about a few commercial projects. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-013.
DOYLE, GEORGE F. SCRAPBOOK, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Patriotic scrapbook compiled by a Charleston, Massachusetts, resident in the first year of the Civil War. Scrapbook contains Union songsheets, mourning cards, patriotic covers, and cartoons. Much of the information relates to Colonel Ephram E. Ellsworth whose death in May 1861 caused a great upswell in patriotic sentiment in the North. Images available on Imagebase. Ms1989-096.
DR. THOMAS' ECLECTRIC OIL. TRADE CARD, c.1875-1940. 0.1 cu. ft. The trade card was produced as an advertisement for the named product, which was sold from 1875 through the 1940s. This particular trade card was distributed by James Aumann, M.D.–a chemist and druggist in Wytheville, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-064.
DRAKE, ELIAS G. LETTER, 1844. 0.1 cu. ft. Letter written June 28, 1844, from New York by Drake to William Segar Archer, senator from Virginia. Drake asks Archer about his views on Henry Clay, then Whig nominee for President and the Whig Party. Also includes a letter from an unidentified man who exhorts Archer to enforce the policy of abstaining from nominations for the coming election, which would benefit the Whig party. Ms1990-012.
DRAPER MERCANTILE COMPANY. ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1908-1932. 1.2 cu. ft. General store operating in Draper (Pulaski County), Virginia. Ledgers detailing customer transactions. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-005.
DREW, JANE (1911-1996). RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Assistant Town Planning Advisor to the Colonies of Nigeria, the Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, and Gambia. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
DRINKARD, ALFRED WASHINGTON, JR. (1883-1962). DIARY, 1947. 0.1 cu. ft. Director of Agricultural Experiment Station at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1917-1945; assistant director of Agricultural Experiment Station, 1945 until his retirement in 1948. Collection consists of a Daily Desk Diary, which mentions persons and events in Blacksburg and at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Ms1996-019.
DRISKEL, JEAN ROTH (1915-1971). BIOGRAPHICAL PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, member of the Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes, and national president (1954-1956) of the Association of Women in Architecture. Designer of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Pasadena, California. Notebook of material relating to Driskel and her career, including a photograph, correspondence regarding her membership in the American Institute of Architects (1949-1958), newsclippings (1968-1971), and obituaries, donated by the Association for Women in Architecture. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-033.
DRUMELLER, WILLIAM F., JR. (1923-2006). COLLECTION, 1942-1953. 1.4 cu. ft. VPI student in engineering and 1949 VPI graduate. Collection includes student work and lectures notes from Drumheller's tenure in the 1940s, as well as alumni materials, memorabilia, photographs, and a report written for Norfolk & Western Railway. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-007.
DRUMHELLER, WILLIAM D. PAPER, 1963. 0.1 cu. ft. VPI student in the early 1960s. Collection contains an IEEE prize-winning paper, "A Storage Analog Computer to Solve Polynormal Equations." Finding aid available online. Ms1963-004.
DUBERG, JOHN E. (1917- ). PAPERS, 1940-80. 4.0 cu. ft. Aeronautical engineer, NASA administrator. Received B.S. at Manhattan College (1938); M.S., Virginia Tech (1940); Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, University of Illinois (1948). Aeronautical research scientist, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (1943-46 and 1948-52); research engineer, Standard Oil Company (1948-48); chief, structural research division, NACA (1952-56); research engineer, Aeroneutronics Systems (1956-57); professor of structural engineering, University of Illinois (1957-59); technical assistant to chief, NASA-Langley (1959-61); technical assistant to associate director (1961-64); assistant director (1964-68); associate director, theoretical mechanics division (1968-80). Papers include copies of Duberg's M.S. and Ph.D. theses; drafts of speeches; reports; correspondence; and materials from conferences and workshops attended. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms1990-056. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
DUCE, G. GRAHAME. PAPERS, 1920-1947. 0.2 cu. ft. President of Duce Aeronautical Research, Baltimore, Maryland. Various airplane notes and characteristics, an approved aircraft index, and manuscript drafts of articles discussing new paratroop devices, the fastest long-ranger, the Martin XB-48, the building of XB-48, airlines in the red, pilot judgment, air races, the Boeing XB-47, the jet pilot, and the future of jet planes. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-005.
DUDLEY, HARRY C. (1885-1955). ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1910-1939. 0.9 cu. ft. Operator of lime kiln, sawmill, farm, and general store in Montgomery County, Virginia. Ledgers detailing expenses and customer accounts. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-007.
DUDLEY, JAMES FREDERICK. COLLECTION, 1927-1929. 0.2 cu. ft. VPI graduate in Chemical Engineering, 1929. Collection includes programs, clippings, and fliers from organizations in which Dudley participated while he was a student, including the Dramatic Club, the Bugle, Tech Minstrels, the Southwestern Virginia Chemical Club, and the YMCA. Finding aid available online. Ms1949-002.
DUERR, WILLIAM A. (1911-2002). PAPERS, 1934-1987. 1.0 cu. ft. Professor of forestry at Virginia Tech (1972-1980). Extracts, reprints and typescripts of scientific reports on forestry, authored or co-authored by Duerr. Finding aid available online. Ms1975-006.
DULANEY, REBECCA COBB MASENGILL (1825-70). ALBUM, 1838-67. 1 vol. "Religious album" or remembrance book, of Dulaney's in which friends wrote poems and notes. Ms1987-023.
DUNAY, DONNA. PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Professor of Architecture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; member of the IAWA Board of Advisors and its chair 1994-2000. Collection includes a CD-ROM titled History of Architecture Cybercore Project [NA350 .L83 1999] and A center for civic activity in the Town of Blacksburg: a national design competition [F234.B5 C35 1992]. Ms2001-054.
DUNCAN, LANDON (1786-1867). LETTERS, 1812-37, n.d. 6 items. Giles County, Virginia, minister, teacher, and Commissioner of the Revenue. Collection consists of five letters from Duncan to his uncle Alamander Duncan and cousin Hiram Duncan in Stokes County, North Carolina. In the letters Duncan writes about the draft laws passed by the Virginia legislature for the War of 1812, the prices of basic goods such as pork and corn, and the nature of God's grace and his own faith. One of the letters was written by Jane H. Threves of Gallatin, Tennessee, to her cousin Hiram Duncan. Finding aid with links to transcripts and images available online. Ms1997-023.
DUNCAN, WILLIAM E. COPYBOOK, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate assistant quartermaster at Giles Court House, Virginia. Copybook containing requisitions issued and letters written by Duncan. Many of the letters are written on behalf of Brigadier General Henry Heth and concern such matters as supplies for local regiments, while others relate to postal service and transportation. A few items mention military combat in the New River Valley area. Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
DUNCOMBE, A. JANE (1925- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1952-2002. 2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Graduate of Art Institute of Chicago School of Industrial Design and apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin (1950-1951). Architect in San Francisco Bay Area from 1956 to 1996. Papers primarily include drawings and some printed material that relate to various residential and other projects, one in Illinois and the rest in California. Finding aid is available online. Ms2002-004.
DURHAM, L.S. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate soldier in Company B of the 34th Virginia Infantry, during the Civil War. Letter to his wife from Camp Randolph, September 7, administrator. Received B.S. at Manhattan Co 1863, with references to the strength of the enemy and the horrors of war. Ms1988-070.
DURKEE FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1858-1884. (See Sturtevant Letters)
DUSTIN, J. K. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft., 1 item. Union soldier in the Civil War. Letter written from Hammond U.S. General Hospital in Beaufort, North Carolina, April 26, 1864. Writes about reaction to the ship battle at Plymouth, North Carolina, April 20, 1864. Transcript available. Ms1988-087.
DWIGHT, G. LYMAN (1841-1875). CORRESPONDENCE, 1861-63. Sergeant, then Captain, in the Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Artillery during the Civil War. Three letters written from camps in Maryland and Virginia to "Saint Helena," or Sarah Helen Whitman, of Providence, Rhode Island. Writes that the autumnal coloring in the South is very disappointing compared to that in the North and that he was in command of the battery while the captain was in Providence. Ms1989-101.
EARHART, DAVID G. (1834-1862). CORRESPONDENCE, 1862-63. .75 li. ft. Thirty letters written by David Earhart of Montgomery County to his wife, parents, slaves, and sister while he was serving in the Stonewall Jackson Brigade, 4th Virginia Infantry, Company L. Also included are a letter David Earhart's wife, Mary Caddell Earhart of Dublin, Virginia, received regarding recovery of David Earhart's body after he was killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville; images of Mary and David Earhart, and a few items of additional family correspondence. Finding aid available online. Ms2002-017.
EARLY 1900S POSTAL CARDS. POSTAL CARDS, 1906-1912. 0.4 cu. ft. Collection consists of 32 postal cards, many undated and with no postmark. The collection includes Decoration Day 1861-65 commemorative cards, five Doctor Series humorous cards, a Valentine, and views of Virginia towns and buildings. Ms2002-024.
EARLY, JUBAL A. (1816-1894). LETTER, 1872. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate general in the Civil War. Born in Franklin County, Virginia, and a Lynchburg, Virginia, resident most of his life. Published A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America (1866). Collection consists of a letter written by Early to General Ran William H. Payne of Warrenton, Virginia, about the appointment of General Lunsford Lindsay Lomax to the Presidency of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg. Finding aid available online. Ms1955-005.
EASTMAN, ANN HEIDBREDER. PAPERS, 1978-1991. 8.4 cu. ft. Former resident of Blacksburg, Virginia, and active since the 1960s in publishing and library circles. Active participant in such organizations as the Women's National Book Association (WNBA), the Resources and Technical Services Division, and the American Library Association. Awarded the WNBA Award in 1986. Collection consists of correspondence, conference materials, news clippings, memoranda, and file folders on Eastman's work as head of the steering committee for the Virginia Governor's Conference on Libraries and Information Services in 1991. Also includes much information on funding and support for libraries in the state. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-053.
EDDY FAMILY. LETTERS, 1857-81. 0.2 cu. ft. Family in Troy, New York. Collection consists of thirty-two letters, mostly from Union soldiers, to the daughters of the family. Also includes two photographs of unidentified Union soldiers. Ms1990-063.
EDELMAN, JUDITH (1923-2014). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1967-1997, n.d. 0.4 cu. ft. Partner of The Edelman Partnership/Architects of New York City. Founding member of the Alliance of Women in Architecture (AWA) and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Papers consist of newspaper clippings, correspondence, writings, and published literature about Edelman's activities with the AWA, as well as writings by her and about her work as an advocate for women in the field of architecture. Also includes photographs, floor plans, and supplementary information about seven architectural projects done by her. Finding aid available online. Ms1997-010
EDGEMONT FARM. PAPERS, 1925-1998. 1 cu. ft. Edgemont Farm record books, papers, maps, and correspondence relating to the history, operations, and sale of Edgemont Farm in Halifax County, Virignia, and to the Barksdale and Hutcheson families, owners of the farm. The collection includes correspondence between John R. Hutcheson and Thomas B. Hutcheson, Jr., as well as other correspondence of Thomas B. Hutcheson, Jr. Also included is extensive correspondence with David Barksdale regarding the purchase of the farm. John Redd Hutcheson (VPI class of 1907, M.S., 1909) was the ninth president of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1945-47). He also served as director of the Agricultural Extension Divison (1919-1944) and as chancellor (1947-1955). Thomas Barksdale Hutcheson (VPI class of 1906), brother to John R., was professor of Agronomy (1914-1945) and dean of Agriculture at VPI. Thomas Barksdale Hutcheson, Jr. (VPI class of 1950) was professor of Agronomy (1964-1968) and head of the Agronomy Department. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-022.
EDMINTON, ROBERT. INVENTORY, 1815. 0.1 cu. ft. Washington County, Virginia, land and slave owner. Inventory of value of land, farm, and slaves. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-077.
EDMUNDSON, HENRY (1774-1847) LETTERS, 1814-1847. 0.1 cu. ft. Henry Edmundson, co-owner of the Alleghany Turnpike from 1828 to 1847, was a prominent citizen of Montgomery County, Virginia. This collection contains nine letters, eight of which were written to Edmundson and one, the earliest of the nine, written by Edmundson in 1814 to General John Preston. The senders of the various letters include William Ballard Preston; Francis H. Smith, superintendent of Virginia Military Institute (V.M.I.); Bernard Peyton; Isaac White; and Joseph Robert Woods. The subjects of the letters range quite widely, but many have to do with financial matters, including various debts, loans, notes, and Bank of Virginia stock certificates. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-085.
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH D., (1867-1953). COLLECTION, 1905-1945 (Bulk 1905-1920). 0.2 cu. ft. Born in Prince Edward County, Virginia; superintendent of schools in Asheville, NC, and Farmville, VA; Virginia State Superintendent of Public Instruction (1906-1912); President of VPI (1913-1919); President of Hampden-Sydney College (1919-1939). Collection contains publications and pamphlets authored by or including articles authored by and about Joseph D. Eggleston. Materials relate Eggleston's tenure with VPI and Hampden-Sydney College, as well as local religious and social causes. Several of the articles contain Eggleston's marginalia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-128.
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH D. (1867-1953). PAPERS, 1913-19. 6.0 cu. ft. President of Virginia Tech (1913-19). Educated at Hampden-Sydney College; later its President. Virginia state superintendent of public instruction (1906-13). Papers consist of correspondence concerning mostly VPI, but also many other subjects, such as Agricultural High Schools, rural economic development, and the U.S. War Department. Also includes correspondence with state and national figures, including N.E. Clement, W.H. Mann, James Ray, and Claude A. Swanson. Finding aid available online. RG2/7.
EISEMAN, JOHN. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in the 133rd New York Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War. Two letters written April 11 and 18, 1863, from Berwick City, Louisiana, and "on the march," to his parents. Eiseman describes skirmishes in Port Hudson and Franklin, Louisiana, and the actions of Major-General Nathaniel Banks. Ms1989-049.
ELARTH, HERSCHEL GUSTAVE ANDERSON (1907-88). PAPERS, 1931-85. 11.0 cu. ft. Professor of Architecture (1954-77) and Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech. Papers include correspondence, class notes, photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and ephemera concerning Elarth's personal life, experiences in World War II, fellowship in the American Institute of Architects, structures he has designed, awards and honors, and teaching at VPI&SU. Also includes two architectural drawings Elarth submitted for the Paris Prize (1931), for which he was chosen Civil War soldiers, Romaine J. Eggleston, Willard H. Eggleston first alternate, eight rolls of architectural drawings, and several drawings and watercolors. Ms1984-182. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
ELARTH, WILHELMINA VAN INGEN (1905-1969). PAPERS, 1862-1971. 9.5 cu. ft. Professor of art history and classical studies; educated at Vassar (B.A., 1926) and Radcliffe (M.A., 1929; Ph.D., 1932); instructor at University of Michigan, Wheaton College (Massachusetts), and the University of Manitoba; resident of Blacksburg, Virginia, 1954-1969. Correspondence; diaries; heirlooms; original artwork (including sketches attributed to Henry van Ingen); ancient Greek and pre-Columbian artifacts; postcards; and photographs. Images of Elarth available on the VT Imagebase. Finding aid available online. Ms1969-004. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
ELIASON, WILLIAM P. LETTER, 1859. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Virginia. Collection consists of a letter from Eliason to Mrs. Ann Hodgson and includes a report of the death of her brother, William, in California. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-096.
ELLETT, ANNA BURTON (1886-1974). PAPERS, 1751-1932. 0.3 cu. ft. Blacksburg, Virginia, resident, active in the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. Correspondence, accounts, and military documents of early Southwest Virginia residents James Patton, William Preston, and John Preston. Also includes printed materials commemorating the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-010.
ELLETT FAMILY. PAPERS, 1865-1961. 0.2 cu. ft. Montgomery County, Virginia, family. Approximately 35 letters (1865-1867) from Dr. Robert Thaddeus Ellett (1826-1904), who served as a Confederate Army assistant surgeon at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, during the Civil War, to Sue French of Pearisburg, Virginia, who would later become his wife. Also includes genealogical information about the Ellett and French families in the form of photographs, newspaper clippings, and essays. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-047.
ELLETT, ROBERT (1836-1904). ACCOUNT BOOK, 1867-1873. 0.1 cu. ft. Physician residing and practicing in Montgomery County, Virginia. Physician's account book, providing patient names, dates of visits, and fees. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-006.
ELLIOTT FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1864-71. 0.1 cu. ft. Three Hanover County, Virginia, brothers who served the Confederacy in the Civil War. Thomas A. and Joshua L. Elliott served in the 24th Virginia Infantry; Odin B. Elliott served in Company G of the 34th Virginia Infantry. The correspondence consists of ten letters to Mary F. Page of Hanover County. Company. Thomas and Joshua write Mary in 1864 from various camps in North Carolina. Joshua comments that he believes it is "General Lee's intention to pay the Pennsylvanians a visit" and that he thinks Lee will "invite us to accompany him on his visit as we are his pets." Thomas displays romantic interest in Mary and was angry that his furlough was "disapproved" for "it made me mad to think that I was deprived of being with the one I love." In 1866 Odin writes Mary from Roanoke County, Virginia, wanting his letters and a ring back after she led him on about marriage. Also includes a letter Mary wrote in 1871 from an insane asylum in Williamsburg, Virginia, to her sister, Elizabeth Mallory, about her desperate situation. Transcripts available. Ms1990-021.
ELVISH, EMILY AUGUSTA SHADE (d. 1872). DIARY, 1854-60, 1872. 0.1 cu. ft. Unmarried schoolteacher in Perry, Illinois, in the mid-1800s. Elvish writes eloquently of her devotion to God, and berates herself for not being a better person or more worthy of God's love. Among the topics Elvish writes about are her sisters, a friend's leaving for Persia, and her mother's earlier death. Ms1992-004.
EMMONI, GEORGE M. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Obsolete title. See EMMONS, GEORGE W. LETTER. Ms1991-008.
EMMONS, AUDREY (1921-97). PAPERS, 1974-97, n.d. 2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Sausalito, California, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Received B.S. in Architecture at Kansas State University in 1943, and worked for architectural firms in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, California, until she established her own firm in 1980. Papers consists of architectural drawings, photographs, slides, and job files for designs Emmons did in San Francisco, Sausalito, and other Northern California locations from the mid-1970s to 1996. Finding aid available online. Ms1997-018.
EMMONS, GEORGE W. (b. 1840). LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in Company C, 12th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War, detailed as hospital steward. Letter written August 2, 1863, from White Oak Hospital (Dinwiddie County, Virginia), to Mrs. Louisa Traylor about money left to him by a dying soldier that he intends to send to her. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-008.
EMOND, JAMES C. V. PAPERS, 1857-1988. 3.4 cu. ft. Carroll County, Virginia, resident, and minister of Fairlawn Church of Christ (Galax, Virginia) from 1967 to 1974. Printed material, correspondence, photographs, research notes, and ephemera assembled by Emond while researching the history of Fairlawn Church of Christ and the surrounding area. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-026.
ENGLISH, ELIZABETH COOPER. DISSERTATION AND DOSSIER, 2000-2001. 0.5 cu. ft. Cooper received her PhD in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Her dissertation is titled Arkhitektura I Mnimosti: The Origins of Soviet Avant-Garde Rationalist Architecture in the Russian Mystical-Philosophical and Mathematical Intellectual Tradition. Finding aid available online. Ms2002-003
[ENGLISH FAMILY PATENTS OF ARMS, 1908]. 1 vol. Manuscript index to the official records of grants of arms to 18th and 19th century English families. Ms1991-005.
ENGLISH RECEIPT/HOME REMEDY BOOK, c. 1830s-1840s? Collection includes recipes and home remedies, with the last few pages devoted to a description of quilting designs and a "list of plate in use" for 1838; recipes consist largely of meat or fish dishes as well as puddings, desserts, and even ginger beer. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-013.
ENRIGHT, JOHN COLLINS (1837-1900). LETTERS, 1861-1863. 0.1 cu. ft. First sergeant in Company A, 18th Virginia Infantry. Transcripts, made by Enright's wife, of his war-time letters, written from camps in northern and eastern Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1996-021.
ENRIQUEZ-MUSNI, MARJORIE L. (1958- ). RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Planner of Manila, the Philippines. Materials consist of her curriculum vitae. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-034
EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA. RECORDS, 1919-1990. 104 cu. ft. Diocese created from the Diocese of Southern Virginia in 1919, covering those parts of Virginia south and west of Nelson, Amherst, and Campbell counties, with administrative headquarters in Roanoke. Records include correspondence of Bishops Robert C. Jett (1920-38), Henry D. Phillips (1938-54), and William H. Marmion (1954-79); reports from various churches, parishes, and mountain missions; diocesan financial information; lists of official acts (baptisms, confirmations); typescript histories of churches; and photographs. Finding aid available online. Ms1985-004. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA. RECORDS (II), 1913-1967, n.d. Collection includes accounting records, attendance records, documents from the diocese, bills, correspondence, and service programs from Christ Church of Roanoke, Christ Church of Schuyler, St. Andrew's in Galax, St. John's in Roanoke, and Saint Peter's in Roanoke, as well as those of the diocese Standing Committee. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-018.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. RECORDS, 1986-2006. 1.65 cu. ft. Collection contains materials relating to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EO/AA) at Virginia Tech from 1986-2006; includes EO/AA minutes, affirmative action plans, proposals, grants, executive orders, and information on faculty recruitment, the Family Friendly Policy Task Force, and awards; also contains materials relating to various events, including Black Alumni Reunions, and areas of concern as well as information regarding the work force and lists of black alumni. Finding aid available online. RG 6/4/5.
ESPEGEL ALONSO, CARMEN. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1995-2004. 0.6 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Associate Professor of Projects at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid, Spain. Practicing architect since 1985. Served as Principal of her firm VZK Architects (1991-1998) and currently works with her firm Espegel-Fisac Arquitectos (2003-). Papers include a copy of her Master's thesis, "Study and Restoration Proposals for the "Maison en Bord De Mer: E. 1027" By Arch. Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici," graphic dossiers of her work, and some correspondence. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-021.
ESTES, LUDMILL. LETTER, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Post office worker in Columbia, Tennessee. Letter written May 12, 1861, to his brother, W.I.A. Estes, in Corinth, Tennessee. Writes of the confusion in switching the postal system from Federal to Confederate and rumors that the Union army intends to tear up the railroad. Ms1989-064.
EUBANK, DR. CHARLES D. (c.1860-1951?) MEMORANDA BOOKS, 1909, 1911-1916. 0.2 cu. ft. Dr. Charles D. Eubank was born c.1860 and was living in Roanoke, Virginia, with his wife Minnie C. (born c. 1862) by 1920. His "Physician's Daily Memorandum" books list patients' names, services required, and fees for treatment. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-108.
EUBANK, MRS. C. D. [MINNIE LINWOOD] (abt. 1862-1938). ACCOUNT BOOK, 1916-1919. 0.3 cu. ft. Collection contains Mrs. Eubank's account book with subscription information for newspapers, including the Vinton World News. Also included are several clipped classified ads with handwritten notes. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-056.
EVANS FAMILY. LETTERS, 1862-63. 0.1 cu. ft. Family of Illinois and Wisconsin. Consists of three letters from the sister and brothers of William Evans, a Union soldier in the 6th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, Company B, stationed in Washington, D.C. Transcripts available. Ms1993-015.
EVANS, WASHINGTON C. (c.1833-1864). LETTERS, 1864. Resident of Essex County, Virginia and private in Co. F, 9th Virginia Cavalry, killed near Malvern Hill. Photocopies and transcripts of two letters to Evans' sister, written from camps in the Richmond-Petersburg area, concerning local and camp conditions, military operations and personal matters. Accompanied by photocopies of a letter from Isaac J. Mercer regarding Evans' death, a newspaper death notice and a carte-de-visite of Evans. Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
FAIRFAX, JOHN W. LETTERS, 1898-1902. 0.1 cu. ft. Letters from a New Orleans stock broker, John W. Fairfax, to Confederate General James Longstreet. The first is a request for a recommendation for Lawson L. Davis, a conferate veteran who was applying for a paymastership in the Army. The second letter speaks of personal business matters and mentions Bradstreet's impaired vision and new marriage. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-025.
FALLON, KRISTINE K. (1949- ). PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. Born 1949. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Former president of Computer Technology Management, Inc., of A. Epstein Companies, in Chicago, Illinois, and a consultant to architects and engineers on the effective use of computers in facility design. Current head of Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. Collection materials consist of a résumé, a career information form from the AIA Archives, materials from the UIFA 1979 conference and essays. UIFA materials include a program, a participant's list, and two papers, "Computer-Aided Design in Architectural Practice" by Fallon and "If the City Were a She" by Donna E. Shalala. Essays include a 1980 article by Fallon, "An Overview of Computer Aided Design in Architectural Practice," a 1981 article by Margrit Kennedy, "Gyn/Ecology: On the Relationship Between Woman/ Nature/Space," and a 1988 article, "Computer Applications in Building Design and Management" in which Fallon is featured. A digital copy of KFA's 2004 report for the Art Institute of Chicago, "Collecting, Archiving, and Exhibiting Digital Design Data" is also included. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-035
FANCY GAP CHURCH SINGING CLASS. PHOTOGRAPH, ca. 1900. 0.1 cu. ft. Church in Carroll County, Virginia. Photograph of group in front of church, together with caption identifying those pictured. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-068.
FARADAY, RICHARD. COLLECTION, c.1816. 0.1 cu. ft. Photocopy of a formula book for making lead shot at the Shot Tower in Wythe County, Virginia. Includes genealogical notes on Faraday's family. Finding aid available online. Ms1984-177.
[FARMER'S ACCOUNT BOOK, 1836-38, 1844-45.] 1 vol. Account book of unidentified farmer listing good and labor bought and sold. Ms1988-112.
FARMVILLE GUARD (COMPANY A, SECOND VIRGINIA INFANTRY). POSTER, ca.1917. Poster commemorating the company's service in World War I. Finding aid available online. Ms2002-046.
FARRIER FAMILY. PAPERS, 1894-1972. 77.0 cu. ft. Martin P. (1869-1946) and his son, Andrew L. (?-1972) Farrier, lawyers in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia. Each was a trial lawyer and each served in the Virginia General Assembly. As a law firm they individually and collectively represented some of the most important industries in Southwest Virginia, including the Norfolk and Western Railway Company, Appalachian Power Company, and several coal and lumber interests. Collection includes copies of deeds, title searches, land transactions, estate matters, loan contracts, divorce suits, small claims collection suits, ledgers, and correspondence. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-011. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
FARRIER, PAUL H. FAMILY PAPERS, 1936-1970. 0.6 cu. ft. This collection contains correspondence and reports relating to Paul Farrier's work as the former VPI Director of Admissions. In addition, this collection contains memorabilia for various VPI activities and events, largely collected by Pence Farrier, a VPI alumnus. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-084.
FEMOYER, ROBERT E. PAPERS, 1938-1996. 0.2 cu. ft. Papers include information regarding Femoyer's life, especially his World War II Medal of Honor, citations, photographs, correspondence, and clippings; collection consists of materials primarily gather for research by John Coulter for his book on Virginia Tech Medal of Honor winners. Finding aid available online. Ms2000-091.
FEILD, H. [HUME]. LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Letter from a Confederate surgeon, writing from the General Hospital in Petersburg, Virginia, to "my esteemed friend." Feild writes on January 5, 1865, about the suffering in the land and the cries of the wounded. Additional letters from Feild may be found in the Henry C. Somerville Letters (Ms1991-045). Ms1992-039.
FELDENHEIMER, MELVIN. COLLECTION, 1940-1997. 0.1 cu. ft. Melvin Feldenheimer graduated from the Virginia Tech in 1944. Collection consists of materials from Feldenheimer's time as a cadet at Virginia Tech. Also included is a recording from a 1946 performance of Mel Felton and the Southern Colonels, a dance band lead by Feldenheimer during his time as a student and following World War II the band reunited and toured the south. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-083.
"THE FEMININE PRESENCE IN ISRAELI ARCHITECTURE," EXHIBIT CATALOG, 2009. (0.1 cu. ft.) International Archive of Women in Architecture. Exhibit catalog (2009) edited by Sigal Davidi that chronicles the first exhibition of female architects in the history of Israeli architecture. The exhibit opened at the Union of Architects in Jaffa (2007) and featured the built projects of 22 "veteran and new architects." The projects were also accompanied by a short manifesto that the architects were asked to write. A video, "A skirt of concrete and cement," directed by architect Vered Fluk was shown as part of the exhibit and the DVD of this film is included with the catalog. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054
FENNE, SANFORD BERNELL (1903-1978). PAPERS, 1918-1970. 0.7 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech (BS, 1927; MS, 1930); Virginia Agricultural Extension plant pathologist, 1939 to 1967. Writings, correspondence, biographical materials, photographs, Virginia Tech scrapbook, photo album compiled while working for the Food Supply Division, Institute of Inter-American Affairs in Brazil, 1943-1944. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-054.
FENWICK CIVIL WAR MATERIALS COLLECTION, c.1863-1865. Civil War-related materials inherited by Edward G. and Dorothea Little Vanderslice Fenwick. Collection contains correspondence of John Newton Smith, a private in Company I, 13th Virginia Cavalry and a sketchbook of Charles Gulager, a private in Company A, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Finding aid available online. Images from the Gulager sketchbook are available on the VT Imagebase. Ms2001-042.
FERGUSON, GEORGE L. LETTERS, 1918-1919. 0.1 cu. ft. Letters written from Ferguson on active service with the American Expeditionary Force immediately after World War I in France and Scotland, to Julia Harvey Ingles of Dublin and Abingdon, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-043.

International Archive of Women in Architecture.

Architect and professor in Athens, Greece. Author of Public Architecture in Modern Greece, 1827-1992 [NA4301 .P49 1993] and Essays on Neohellenic Architecture [NA1098 .P47 2001], which are available to view in the Special Collections Reading Room. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2004-011.

FESSLER, MARY (1912-2000). PAPERS, ca. 1940-2001 (bulk 1967-1984). 5.5 cu. ft. and three oversize folders. The Fessler Papers are comprised primarily of records that doucment Fessler's work as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors from 1977 to 1986. They include Fessler's copies of Board meeting minutes, correspondence, studies, reports, financial records, and clippings pertaining to issues before the Board. Subjects include contruction of the Roanoke River dam, planning for landfills, wastewater, water, and sewage services, organization of the Montgomery County Public Service Authority, and county finances. The collection also contains records documenting Fessler's work with the Montgomery County League of Women Voters in the 1970s,the Montgomery County Democratic Committee (1967-1993), the Ninth-District Democratic Committee (1979-1981), and the Blacksburg Library Building Committee (1994-1999); a geological map of the Blacksburg Quadrangle, and campaign posters from state Democratic candidates from the early 1980s. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-012.
FEUERSTEIN, MARCIA. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1983-1995. 2.2 cu. ft. Feuerstein earned her PhD. in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1996 she joined the architecture faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institution and State University, after teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and the University at Buffalo. She chaired the IAWA Board of Advisors 2001-2005, after serving as its secretary and newsletter editor. A licensed architect and member of the AIA, she has practiced in New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. Her papers consist of teaching, writing, and project documents and project drawings. Finding aid available online. Ms2007-007
FICHTEL, C. PAPERS, 1868-1871. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Neulingen, Germany and non-commissioned officer in German field artillery regiment during the late nineteenth century. Copy of Strack's Notiz-buch zum Gebrauch im Felde für den Unteroffizier der Kõnigl. Württembergishen Feldartillerie (1868), several pages of notes handwritten in German, carte-de-visite of unidentified infant, and ephemera. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-017.
FIELD, CYRUS W. (1819-92). CABLE SECTION AND LETTER, 1858. 0.1 cu. ft. 4'5" section of a cable cut from the unsuccessful attempt led by Field in 1858 to link a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean. Includes a copy of a letter by Field verifying the authenticity of the section. Ms1989-053.
FIELD, EUGENE (1850-95). POEM, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. American poet of childhood themes, and newspaperman. Photocopy of a poem by Field entitled "Little Willie," published in limited edition by E.C. Hill, New York, in 1901. There is a note that indicates that the poem was previously unpublished, and read by Field at a Chi Press Club (no date specified). Ms1994-014.
15TH VIRGINIA INFANTRY. HISTORY, 1861-1864. 0.1 cu.ft. History of the 15th Virginia Infantry written by an enlisted solder, Claybrook Y. Lain, covering the period from 1861 to 1862. Discusses Battle at Bethel Church, the merit of individual companies, the dearth of supplies, and alcohol use, among other topics. Includes reproductions of Confederate records concerning Lain's military career and his eventual death. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-111.
FIGGAT, NANCY G. CORRESPONDENCE, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Fincastle, Virginia, resident; wife of Charles Figgatt, 1st Regiement, Virginia Cavalry. Collection includes two letters by Nannie to her husband, Charles, in 1863; letters recount the illness of their son (who died shortly after the second letter was written). Finding aid available online. Ms2012-080.
FIGUEIRA, LEONOR (1937- ). RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. Principal architect of the Portuguese Institute of Cultural Heritage. Curriculum vitae prepared by the United States Information Agency. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-055<
FILAS, HILDE. BROCHURE. 0.1 cu. ft. Architect of Vienna, Austria. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Brochure of her work. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-048.
FILM FOOTAGE OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. 1980s-2003. 2.8 cu. ft. Collection contains 35 Betacam tapes (also available on 9 DVDs) of raw video footage featuring locations throughout Virginia, including Williamsburg, Richmond, Lake Prince, and Alexandria. The film was shot over several years, during the 1980s, 1990s, and up through 2003. This is raw footage. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-024.
FILTZMOYER, JOHN (b. abt. 1803). DAMAGE CLAIM, 1865. Filtzmoyer was landowner in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Collection consists of a claim for damages by several Confederate cavalry units, mostly the use of wood and pasture lands, including two witness accounts and an appraisal. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-016.
FINCH, ADAM T. COLLECTION, 1891-1933. 0.2 cu. ft. Adam Tyree Finch graduated with the Class of 1893. Finch returned to VPI in 1898 to teach Military Science and Tactics. Finch also served as Commandant of Cadets and Assistant Professor of Physiology and Materia Medica before leaving VPI in Spring of 1900. Collection includes scrapbook pages containing photos and materials from Adam Finch's time as a cadet and VPI. Also included is a letter of recommendation from President Barringer and a letter written by Finch about an alumni reunion. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-015.
FISH, FLOYD H. RAILROAD COLLECTION, 1927-1987. Collection contains articles, magazines, and newspaper clippings involving the railroad industry in the 20th century; collection also includes Norfolk & Western playing cards, photographs, and postcards. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-006.
FISHBURN, JUNIUS BLAIR (1865-1955). PAPERS, 1940-1947. 0.1 cu. ft. Roanoke, Virginia, banker and vice president of the Time-World Corporation. Papers include a typescript report (1940) by A. Murrill, mining engineer, on the Fishburn Price Mountain coal property in Montgomery County, Virginia, and a letter (1947) by Fishburn to John H. Jones of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the property. Finding aid available online. Ms1958-001.
FISHBURNE MILITARY SCHOOL [WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA]. SCRAPBOOKS, 1926-28. 2 vols. Two scrapbooks owned by Eugene P. Summerson, Jr. and his brother Beverly Dancy Summerson, of Flushing, New York, who attended the school in the late 1920s. Scrapbooks include photographs, assignments, programs, newspaper clippings, and notes. Ms1994-030.
FISHER, CONRAD C. LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Corporal in the 76th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company B, during the Civil War. Letter from Fisher written January 2, 1865, to his cousin Nancy Jane Cozard of Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Writes about an expedition to South Carolina his regiment made by sea where all the men had lice. Ms1991-064.
FISHER, LAURA HORSTMAN. BIOGRAPHICAL COLLECTION, 1986-2002. 0.1 cu.ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Vice president of facilities at Allied Bancshares, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Member of the American Institute of Architects, FAIA. Collection includes a résumé and biography; an article citing her as the recipient of the 1986 Young Architect Award from the Houston AIA; a catalog she edited, Houston's Gallery of Architecture: A Walking Tour of Downtown Houston, and her nomination binder for AIA Fellowship. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-049.
FISHER, RUTH WHITE. SCRAPBOOK, 1978. 0.2 cu. ft. Blacksburg, Virginia, resident. Scrapbook about a series of paintings by White entitled, "The Evolution of Creativity," presented to Virginia Tech. Scrapbook includes photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a paper by Fisher explaining the project. Ms1987-058.
FISHWICK, JOHN PALMER (1916-2010). PAPERS, 1971-1981. 7.0 cu. ft. Railroad executive and lawyer; born in Roanoke, Virginia. President and Chief Executive Officer of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company (1970-1980). Member of the Board of Directors for the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Papers include speeches; testimonies for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and other federal committees; minutes; memoranda; Legislation-status reports; and reports and other materials from the Organization of American Railroads. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-053.
FISHWICK, MARSHALL W. (1914-2006). PAPERS, 1940s-2006, n.d. 75 cu. ft. Professor of Humanities and Communication Studies at Virginia Tech since 1976, he introduced academic programs for American popular culture studies in the US and abroad. He founded the Popular Culture Association and began the journal, International Popular Culture. He authored many publications, including Gentlemen of Virginia (1961), The Hero, American Style (1969), Common Culture and the Great Tradition (1982), and Cicero and Popular Culture (posthumously published, 2006). Typescript manuscripts of Common Culture and the Great Tradition and Searching for Cicero by Fishwick are in the collection, along with his "Where do 'American Studies' Begin?" (1959) and sheet music he wrote for "Welcome to our Fair City." In addition to his academic pursuits, his papers contain his writings from his early years in the American Fleet during World War II, his poetry, correspondence, photographs and more. Ms1985-007.
FISKE-SEYMOUR FAMILY. PAPERS, 1864-1918, n.d. 1.4 cu. ft. Collection contains correspondence from the Fiske and Seymour families, particularly William W. Fiske and Lida Seymour (later Fiske). In addition to the letters, the collection also contains over 30 photographs of family members, as well as family-owned properties, and newspaper and magazine clippings (some written by family members), programs for various events, school papers, and calling cards. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-133.
FITTING, MINNIE ADAMS. "THE PAST IS NEVER LOST," [n.d.] 0.1 cu. ft. Mimeographed typescript biography of Richard Henry Adams, Jr. (1841-1896). Adams served in the 5th Alabama Infantry and 51st Alabama Infantry, then later as an engineer under General Wheeler before being captured at Mt. Pleasant Tennessee in 1863. Adams became one of the "Immortal 600" prisoners-of-war held on Morris Island, South Carolina in 1864. He was released from prison in June, 1865. Biography includes lengthy excerpts from Adams' journals. Part of the Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
FITZPATRICK, FRANCIS BURKE (1872-1943). PAPERS, 1936. 0.1 cu. ft. Unbound typescript copy of History of Ingles Ferry, Virginia (1936) by Fitzpatrick of Radford State Teacher's College. Finding aid is available online. Ms37-001.
FLAGGE, INGEBORG. CATALOG, 1987. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Bonn, Germany. Flagge edited the catalog entitled "Frauen in der Architektur--bauen Frauen anders?" (Women in Architecture - Do Women Build Differently?) that arose from a discussion at the Friedrick-Ebert-Stiftung in 1987. IAWA Small Collections. Ms2001-053
FLANARY, CREED F. (1844-1910). ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1871-1908. 1.4 cu. ft. General store merchant in Wise County, Virginia, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Store ledgers providing names of customers and details of transactions. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-008.
FLECKEN, URSULA. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS. 0.1 cu. ft. Architect of Aachen, Germany. Papers consist of two sets of architectural drawings, "The Reorganization of the Central Area of Monchengladbach" and "Improvement of the 'Märkisches Viertel' in Berlin." International Archive of Women in Architecture. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-036.
FLETCHER, THOMAS. CORRESPONDENCE, 1848-49. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Letters to and from Fletcher regarding his giving financial support to his friends for an expedition to the goldfields of California, by way of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Ms1988-098.
FLETCHER, TIMOTHY (1779-1864). HOUSE EXPENSE BOOK, 1825-1833. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains items created by Timothy Fletcher, a Maine-based school teacher and farmer: one home expense ledger that features foodstuff purchases and two papers listing the sale of personal effects like furniture, books, and maps. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-080.
FLOYD AND WYTHE COUNTY LUTHERAN CHURCHES. COLLECTION, 1916-1946. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains two photographs (1940), a newspaper article (1946), and an index card with notes from the article (n.d.)relating to the Zion Lutheran Church near Crockett, Virginia. Also contains a photograph (1923) and a mailer (1916) from the Zion Lutheran Church in Floyd, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-077.
FLOYD COURTHOUSE CHAPTER, NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. RECORDS, 1935-2004. 0.5 cu. ft. Floyd, Virginia chapter of women's volunteer service organization. Minutes, yearbooks and annual reports. Finding aid available online. Ms2005-008.
FLOYD, JOHN BUCHANAN (1806-63). LETTER, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Major-general of the Virginia state troops in the Civil War. Born in Montgomery County, Virginia. Governor of Virginia, 1848-52, Secretary of War, 1857-60. Commissioned a Confederate brigadier general in May 1861 and served in the West Virginia campaign under Gen. Robert E. Lee. Commissioned a major general in March 1862. Letter written from Camp Jackson in Wytheville, Virginia, to L.P. Walker. Concerns a West Point cadet, B.A. Tirrett(?) from Louisiana, who wanted a position as a Confederate officer. Ms1989-015.
FOLEY, M. L. COLLECTION, 1958-1946, undated. 0.8 cu. ft. Collection includes correspondence and receipts from Foley's Salem, Virginia-based bird business. In addition to correspondence with buyers and sellers, other letters relate to the importing and exporting of birds. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-031.
FOLSOM, CHARLES W. COLLECTION, 1865. 0.4 cu. ft. 1st Lieutenant in Company S of the Massachusetts 20th Infantry Regiment of Volunteers; promoted to full Captain; commissioned an officer in the U.S. Volunteers Quartermaster's Department Infantry Regiment; became Chief Quartermaster of the Nottoway District, Petersburg, Virginia, at the end of the Civil War. Collection includes 4 letters, 13 payroll sheets (mostly relating to the rebuilding of Campbell's and Pocahontas bridges near Petersburg), 33 pieces of ephemera (notes, receipts), and 47 newspaper clippings (in envelope) from 1865. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-085.
FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION INFORMATION SYSTEM. REPORTS, [1981]-2001. 1.0 cu. ft. Program compiling nationwide higher education data for the agricultural, food, human, life, natural resource, and veterinary sciences. Statistical reports on student enrollment, degrees awarded, placement, and faculty salaries. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-094.
FORBES, R. W. POEM, 1830. 0.1 cu. ft. Poem written by R. W. Forbes to Rebecca Simpson in Pensacola, Florida, dated October 1830. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-017.
FORD, R.H. CIVIL WAR LETTER. 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Letter from R. H. Ford to his son, Willie. The letter dates from September 3, 1862 and originates from Knoxville. Ms2009-030.
FORSTHUBER, SABINE. PAPERS, 1988. 0.2 cu. ft. Art and architecture historian of Vienna, Austria. Papers consist of literature about prominent women architects of Austria, including Anne-Lulja Praun and Margarette Schutte-Lihotzky. Also includes an article Forsthuber wrote about the history of women architects in Austria. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms1992-018
[FORT SEDGWICK, VIRGINIA, LETTER, 1863]. 0.1 cu. ft. Letter written December 26, 1863, from a Union soldier in the Civil War to his brother about his efforts to pass the time, and the bounty and furlough promised to those who reenlist. Ms1989-073.
41ST UNITED STATES COLORED TROOPS. MUSTER ROLL, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Muster roll for Company A of the regiment, providing soldiers' names, dates, places, and periods of enlistment, pay status, and notes. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-060.
42nd VIRGINIA INFANTRY. MUSTER AND DESCRIPTIVE ROLL, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. John W. Dillon, resident of Floyd County, Virginia and private in the Confederate Army, serving as a steward with the 42nd Regiment of the Virginia Volunteers. Civil War-era muster and descriptive roll that shows Dillon's service as steward, signed by Dillon and certified by John W. Smith, assistant surgeon. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-090.
FOSTER, LEWIS M. (b. abt. 1844). LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Private, later Corporal with Company C., 9th NY Heavy Artillery. Collection includes a letter from Foster to his mother, writing about his regiment's recent travels, nearby defenses, daily activities, and building winter quarters on the site of a previous battle. Finding aid available online. Ms2014-007.
FOSTER, JACK. LETTER, 1883. 0.1 cu. ft. Former slave and body servant in the 36th Virginia Infantry. Letter written to former Confederate General John McCausland, reminiscing about the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain and Foster's time in camp service. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-018.
FOSTER, LAFAYETTE SABINE (1806-80). LETTER, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. United States Senator (1855-67) from Connecticut. Letter written by Foster on June 9, 1862, from his Senate Chambers in Washington, D.C., to Fitz-John Porter (1822-1901), commander of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. Foster congratulates Porter on his successes during skirmishes with the Confederate Army at Hanover Court House and Ashland, Virginia, the month before. Transcript available. Ms1991-044.
FOSTER, SAMUEL D. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier in the Civil War, writing August 17, 1864, from Louisville, Kentucky, to a friend. Describes conditions at the Confederate prison in Danville, Virginia, where he was recently held as a prisoner of war. Notes the behavior of the guards and the quality of the food. Ms1990-001.
4-H ALL STARS. PAPERS, 1991-2002. 0.5 cu. ft. Student organization in which membership is based on leadership, service, and activities. Papers consist of minutes, special conference schedules, correspondence, financial reports, bylaws and policies, nomination information, and photographs. Finding aid available online. RG 26/4.
FOUSHEE, BOBBY. COLLECTION, 1954-1956. 0.1 cu. ft. Graduate of VPI in Chemical Engineering (1956). Collection includes yearbook photos of Foushee; receipt from purchase of 1956 Bugle, and a letter explaining the suspension and punishment of 104 male students who apparently raided the rooms of female Radford College students. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-030.
FOWLKES, HENRY M. (1830-1887). LETTERS, 1863-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Chesterfield County, and later, Montgomery County, Virginia, resident. Collection consists of two letters written my Fowlkes to his two daughters, one after the death of their mother, and the second what he believed was his death bed (Fowlkes lived another 22 years). Finding aid available online. Ms1980-004.
FRANCIS, HENRY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1898. 0.1 cu. ft. Corporal in Co. F, 2nd Virginia Regiment, during the Spanish-American War. Letters from camp in Jacksonville, Florida, to his mother in Simpson, Floyd County, Virginia, about life in camp, his estranged wife, and his various misfortunes. Transcripts available. Ms1989-005.
FRANKLIN COUNTY, VIRGINIA. LEGAL DOCUMENT OF DEBT, c.1810. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a document from Franklin County, Virginia, describing the unpaid debt of two men being who are being sued for the balance. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-091.
FRANKLIN, JAMES C. (1836-?). LETTER, 1863. 0.1. cu. ft. Soldier in 57th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Letter to wife Susan, in Galveston (Pittsylvania County), Virginia, describing a recent, difficult march through rain and snow near Fredericksburg, recounting a massive snowball fight between Toombs' and Cross' brigades, and advising his brother to bring a surgeon's certificate when he returns to duty. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-076.
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM E. MEMORABILIA, 1873-1879. 0.1 cu. ft. Attended the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College from its founding in 1872 until his graduation in 1875. Collection includes memorabilia from his student years: a program from the 1875 commencement exercises, an undated photo of the Cadet Corps, and an 1879 letter from Charles Martin, a professor of English at VAMC. Finding aid available online. Ms1985-019.
FRANKLIN, WILLIS E. PATENT, 1872. 0.1 cu. ft. Paper indicating the sale of a patent "Improvements in Bee-Hives" from L.L. Longstroth of Oxford, Ohio to Willis E. Franklin of Concord, Campbell County, Virginia for $10. Finding aid available online. Ms1967-001.
FRAZER, G. PRESTON. ARTWORK, 1940s and 1950s. 22 sketches and drawings. Artist and former professor of architecture at Virginia Tech. Collection consists of twenty-two sketches and drawings done by Frazer of nudes and scenes of Blacksburg, Virginia, and the southwest Virginia region. Ms1992-055.
FRAZER, G. PRESTON (1908-2003). COLLECTION, 1939-2003. 0.2 cu. ft. Associate Professor of Art at Virginia Tech, 1939-1940, 1946-1974. World War II and Army Reserves veteran, 1941-1968. Collection contains correspondence with Marcus L. Oliver, formerly of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. Also contains enclosed articles of interest and a signed publication of Frazer's sketches of Hawaii. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-098.
FRAZER, WILSE (1840-c.1949). MEMOIR, 2000. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains a memoir written by Robert Schmidt Fulghum and Helen Caulfield Madine Gregory titled, "Wilse Frazier: Remembrances of a Former Slave." The memoir details the later years of Mr. Frazier's life as he worked at "The Woodlands" – a former plantation near Clopper, Maryland. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-118.
[FREIGHTER DAYBOOK, 1820-1821]. 1. vol. Ledger with statistics about freight costs for packages, hides, leathers, and other materials from and to Boston. Ms1988-104.
FRENCH, CHAPMAN J. (1880-1964). DIARIES, 1906-1912, 1928-1935, 1937-1944. 0.4 cu ft. This collection consists of twenty-three diaries written by Chapman J. French, a civil engineer for Norfolk & Western Railway, created during the years of 1906-1912, 1928-1935, and 1937-1944. The diaries relate his day to day life in and out of the office. Additionally, dairies include such items as addresses, cost accounts, and major league baseball scores. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-045.
FRENCH, CHAPMAN J. (1880-1964). PAPERS, 1891-1957. 4.2 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech (class of 1902), civil engineer employed by the Norfolk & Western Railway Company (1902-1950). Office papers, including notes, correspondence, memoranda, specifications, maps and plans relating to both specific projects and engineering department procedures, as well as other aspects of railway's administration and operation. Also contains personal papers, mostly consiting of receipts, invoices and correspondence relating to purchase of household goods. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-034.
FRENCH FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1862-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Six letters from three brothers who were soldiers in New Hampshire infantries during the Civil War. All the letters were written to their sister from various camps and hospitals in Maryland, Kentucky, and Virginia. Elias French of the 11th New Hampshire Regiment writes of seeing a Confederate balloon bound for Washington, D.C., and about general fighting. John French writes from a Louisville, Kentucky, hospital, describing his wounds. Henry French, also of the 11th New Hampshire Infantry, writes about the great increase in Rebel deserters. Ms1989-102.
FRENCH, WARREN (ca.1822-1879). COPYBOOK, 1864-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Captain of Company A, 42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Militia during the Civil War. Copies of muster rolls; clothing, ordnance and equipage reports; special and general orders; and memoranda pertaining to the 42nd. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-009.
FRICKE, HERMANN. MANUSCRIPT, 1932. 0.1 cu.ft. German cosmologist. Presents new theoretical perspectives on the sun's relationship to the atmosphere in a paper titled "Eine Neue Sonnentheorie" ("A New Theory of the Sun"). Finding aid available online. Ms2008-062.
FRIES [VIRGINIA] TEXTILE PLANT. RECORDS, 1900-1988. ca. 130 li. ft. Town and textile plant in Grayson County, Virginia, founded in 1903 by Col. Francis Henry Fries, and operated successively by Washington Mills, the Rigel Textile Company, and the Mount Vernon Corporation. The plant was closed in 1988. Materials include correspondence, ledgers, production records, employee records, and other items documenting the history of the town and plant. Partially processed. Partial inventory available online. Ms1989-039. Note: This collection is in off-site storage and requires 2-3 days notice for retrieval. Please contact Special Collections for more information.
FRITZ, SYLVIA (1955- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. Born in Vienna, Austria Fritz is an architect and artist. The materials include a brochure of Fritz's work from 1977 to 1987; photographs of her; an exhibition leaflet, Turme von Sylvia Fritz (1982); and articles (1981-1984) in which her work is cited. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2000-037.
FUGATE, HENLEY (1843-1913). BUSINESS RECORDS, 1879-1918. 3.0 cu. ft. Abingdon, Virginia, businessman whose concerns included a lumber company, a coal company, and a proposed hydroelectric power plant on the Holston River. Records include letter files, copy books and account books for the Trigg, Fugate and Company lumber business (1881-96); correspondence for the Fugate lumber business (1902-08); and financial records, annual statements, and correspondence (1909-13) for the Raven Ash Coal Company. and former professor of architecture at Virginia Tech. Finding aid is available online. Ms1978-007.
FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER (1895-1983). COLLECTION, 1949-78. 0.4 cu. ft. R. Buckminster Fuller was a poet, philosopher, inventor, engineer and architect. Fuller, or "Bucky" to his friends and colleagues, was most well known for his invention of the geodesic dome, a ground-based dome with no limiting dimensions. The collection contains unsigned correspondence by Fuller and others, as well as various reprints of articles on architecture and the geodesic dome, nature, utopian design, space and science written by and about Fuller. An EAD-encoded finding aid available online. Ms1975-007.
FULTON, REID STANGER (1886-1979). PAPERS, 1900-1976. 0.2 cu. ft. Economics instructor at Drake University and City College of New York; avid book collector; owner of Graham mansion at Max Meadows, Virginia. Correspondence, legal papers, and printed materials relating to Fulton's life and the Graham mansion. Finding aid available online. Ms1978-010.
FUNERAL CONSUMERS ALLIANCE OF THE VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE. PAPERS, 2001-2004. 0.25 cu. ft. Volunteer organization begun in Blacksburg in 2001 to provide information about end-of-life planning. Papers consist of cemetery and f uneral home surveys, pre-planning forms for making end-of-life decisions, informative brochures about various end-of-life and funeral concerns, and information about the organization. Finding aid available online. Ms2005-001.

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