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MACFARLANE, JANE. PUBLICATION, 1987. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of London, Great Britain. Copy of Catalogue of Films and Television Programmes on Architecture, Town Planning and the Environment (1987) compiled and edited by Macfarlane. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MACON, ALABAMA. HOUSEHOLD AND RECIPE BOOK, 1842-1918. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consist of a handwritten household management/recipe book. In addition to a variety of recipes, including those with measurements like saltspoons and wine glasses, the book also contains a list of duties for household slaves. Several letters and clippings were also found in the book. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-088.
MAGEE, FANNIE. DRAWINGS. (1.7 cu. ft.) International Archive of Women in Architecture. Newcomb College class of 1925. Magee was in the Constructive Design and Interior Decoration Department. Newcomb College, a coordinate college of Tulane University 1886-2006, offered an industrial art program featuring pottery, interior design, furniture making, and many other arts and crafts in an effort to educate women in the "practical side of life" and also to provide employment for women at a time when few opportunities existed. The collection includes 13 original pencil drawings of furniture and interiors signed by Magee. See also Newcomb College Drawings (Acc2011-073). Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MAGILL, ORRIN RANKIN (1887-1976). PAPERS, 1945-1972. 2.5 cu. ft. Graduate of VPI class of 1913, VPI professor of philosophy and religion, and active member of Montgomery County community. Papers documenting community activities, particularly on the County Board of Supervisors and the New River Valley Planning Commission. Finding aid available online. Ms1975-010.
MAHER, FRANK J. (1915- ). PAPERS, 1948-83. 5.0 cu. ft. Engineer specializing in aerodynamic research. Received B.S. degree from Manhattan College (1936) and M.S. in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech (1937). Taught Applied Mechanics, Engineering Science and Mechanics at VPI from 1937 to 1978. Papers include consulting files for wind tunnel research on a number of projects, including the North Carolina National Bank (Charlotte), William Preston Lane Memorial Bridge (Maryland), and Hollins College Chapel. Also included is an extensive correspondence with David B. Steinman, engineer and bridge designer, dealing with consulting work Maher undertook for Steinman's projects, including the Macinac Straits Bridge and the Jefferson Memorial Arch. Other papers include publications, reports, photographs, and blueprints. Unprocessed. Ms86-004.
MAHOOD, THOMAS A. (1838-1916). CIVIL WAR REMINISCENCES, ca. 1895. 0.1 cu. ft. Lieutenant with French's Battery, Giles Artillery (Wise Legion, Virginia Artillery). Collection consists of a thirty-six page retrospective written by Mahood of his war experiences. Describes the company's involvement in the Battle of Drewrys Bluff (May 1864), and the actions of the Legion commander General Henry A. Wise. Finding aid available online. Ms1979-002.
MALONEY, JAMES. SKETCH, c.1863-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier and orderly of Col. George M. Love of the 116th Regiment, NY Infantry. Color sketch of Private James Maloney. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-021.
MAIZ APELLANIZ, MARTA (1959-). BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Madrid, Spain. Collection consists of a lengthy curriculum vitae with copies of architectural drawings and articles about her work. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MANEVICH, MARTHA BIL. ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1963-2012, (bulk 1963-1965). 1.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Argentina and the United States. Collection contains drawings of three projects developed, 1963-1965, at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina: a school, a hospital and an urban center. Also included are FAIA Fellowship Nomination materials (1995) for her work in heath care facilities. Material is in Spanish and English. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-059
MANG-FRIMMEL, EVA, BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Vienna, Austria. Materials consist of two posters of photographs and architectural designs of structures she and her husband, Karl Mang, have designed together from 1953 to 1984, a book Neue Laden [New Shops] [NA6220 .M27 1981], and two catalogs in which Mang contributed, two brochures, and copies of four magazine articles (1982-1987) in which her work is cited. Material is in German and English. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MANNING, WARREN H. PAPERS, 1925-1928. 0.1 cu. ft. Landscape architect in Massachusetts. Papers include Manning's reports and blueprint drawings on historic sites of Blacksburg, Virginia, including the Black homestead, Smithfield, and Preston Cemetery. Finding aid available online. Ms1962-007.
MANTOR, ALFRED L. (c,1839-1864). DIARY, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Massachusetts native; corporal, later sergeant with Company C, 27th Infantry, Massachusetts Infantry. Collection includes Mantor's diary from January-April 1864, shortly before he was killed in action; entries focus on regimental activities and Mantor's experiences teaching Sunday school near Norfolk, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-074.
MANSFIELD, JAMES ROGER. (1910-1977). PAPERS, 1928-[ca. 1930]. 0.1 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (class of 1931). Menu for 1928 Virginia Tech Cotillion Club banquet; photographs of Mansfield, two classmates, and the Fort Monroe Coast Artillery. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-062.
MANUSCRIPT COOKBOOK [MID-ATLANTIC REGION?]. c. 1840s-1915? Collection consists of a manuscript cookbook that includes a series of recipes dating from approximately 1840-1915; recipes for wine, syrups, baked goods, and preservation and pickling instructions. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-060.
MANUSCRIPT RECIPE BOOK. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a half-filled manuscript recipes for baked goods, vegetables, main dishes, desserts, and candies. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-050.
MANUSCRIPT RECIPE BOOK/SCRAPBOOK, late 19th-early 20th century. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a late 19th century book of Maine school reports, repurposed as a recipe book/scrapbook, including calling cards, advertisements, and dessert recipes. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-019.
"MANY MORE: WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE, 1978-1988." EXHIBIT MATERIALS, 1987-1988. 4.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Traveling exhibition premiering on May 15, 1988, at the American Institute of Architects National Convention and Design Exposition in New York City. It was sponsored by the AIA's Women in Architecture Committee in response to the exhibit "That Exceptional One: Women in American Architecture, 1888-1988." Finding aid available online. Ms2000-084
[MAP OF 1937 MERRIMAC COMMUNITY, 1996.] 0.1 cu. ft. Map of the Merrimac coal mining community in Montgomery County, Virginia, as it was in 1937. Produced by the Appalachian Studies Program and the Landscape Architecture Program at Virginia Tech. Restricted use. Ms96-012.
MARCHING VIRGINIANS'. APRIL 16, 2007 CONDOLENCE COLLECTION, 2007. 3 cu. ft. Collection contains the condolence materials received by the Marching Virginians after April 16, 2007; Much of the material pertains to Ryan "Stack" Christopher Clark, baritone and student leader in the Marching Virginians; collection incorporates a variety of materials and artifacts, including correspondence, posters, banners, an American flag flown on the USS Constitution, scrapbooks, and a band uniform. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-084.
MARION, VIRGINIA, QUARRY. PHOTOGRAPH, [c.1900-1920] 0.1 cu. ft. Photograph of men working at a quarry, possibly Pendleton Quarry in Wytheville, Virginia. Image taken by A.P. Snider, photographer from Smyth County, Virginia, in the early 20th century. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-082.
[MARITIME BILLS OF LADING, 1830-69.] 0.1 cu. ft. Coastal trade bills and freight receipts, most engraved with vignettes of sailing ships. Names port from which ship sailed, the name of the ship, the consignor, goods consigned and the port to which goods were bound. Ms87-035.
MARMION, BISHOP WILLIAM HENRY PAPERS, 1932-1981. 20.6 linear feet. Marmion, born 1907, was Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia from 1954 to 1979. The papers document the forty-seven year ecclesiastical career of William H. Marmion. Included are booklets, church bulletins, correspondence to and from Marmion, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, and reports generated by the Bishop in his service to the Episcopal Church. Topics of interest to the researcher include Marmion's interest in the civil rights movement, education, the Vietnam War, Race relations in South Africa, and social relations among all Episcopalians. Finding aid available online. Ms86-013.
MARQUARD, CLAUDIA. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1998. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Collection consists of color photomontages of Marquard's commissions in Berlin. Included is the restoration of a group of apartment buildings on Rosenthaler Street and the restoration of a house for Potsdam Gregor. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MARSHAK, ROBERT E. (1916-1992). PAPERS, 1947-1990. 65.0 cu. ft. Sub-atomic particle physicist. A.B., Columbia University (1936); Ph.D., Cornell University (1939). Instructor and professor of physics, University of Rochester (1939-70). President of City College, City University of New York (1970-79). University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1979-86). Chairman, Federation of American Scientists (1947-48); president, American Physical Society (1983-84). Recipient of the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize (1982) for his work on nuclear forces and of the Clark Kerr award (1987) for contributions to the advancement of higher education. Papers consist of Marshak's files on the Shelter Island Conferences (1947-49); and his administrative and correspondence files on the Rochester Conferences on High-Energy Physics (1950-57), which he founded. After 1957 the conferences were held under the sponsorship of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and Marshak's files from the conferences from 1958 to 1970 are also included. The collection also includes correspondence files on IUPAP (1953-73) and on the Commission on HighEnergy Physics (1958-63); photographs (1950-70); and a photocopy of an oral history interview done by Charles Weiner (1970). Also includes correspondence, notes, reports, files, speech texts, newsclippings, autographs, photographs, transcripts, and other personalia. Topics include the national and international development of high-energy physics, meetings and symposia, and scientific committees; awards and prizes, administration and education, science in the Eastern Bloc and Third World, and the scientist as social activist or citizen-scientist. Partial inventory available online. Ms1988-060.
MARSHALL, GEORGE H. (ca.1835-1919). DIARY, 1864-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in Company K, 113th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery. Short diary entries describe personal routines as well as activities of the 113th and Fort Monroe, Virginia, to which the regiment was assigned. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-001.
MARSHALL, J. PAXTON. PAPERS, 1967-1996. 1 cu. ft. Faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech (1967-1995). Collection contains papers, reports and publications on land use issues (primarily in Virginia), as well as a small amount of biographical materials. Finding aid available online. Ms.2012-074.
MARSHALL, JOHN. LETTER, 1945. 0.1 cu. ft. Lieutenant commander in U.S. Navy and member of Admiral Halsey's staff writes from the scene of the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945. Describes the surrender ceremony in detail, particularly his impressions of U.S. military leaders and representatives of other nations participating in the ceremony. Photostatic copy. Ms99-006.
MARSHALL-BAKER, ANNA. PAPERS, 1997. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Faculty member, Department of Near Environments, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1992-2001). Member of the Board of Advisors of the IAWA, 1996-1999. The collection consists of an exhibit catalog for Knoll Furniture. Marshall-Baker co-curated the exhibition, entitled "The Knoll Spirit," which was held in Wallace Hall at the College of Human Resources, Virginia Tech, in 1997. Also included is Marshall-Baker's curriculum vitae, with an extensive list of her publications. Select exhibitions curated by Marshall-Baker are available in the VT ImageBase. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MARTIN, JOHN S. LETTERS, 1862-63. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate soldier in the 18th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. Collection consists of two letters to Martin's wife Sarah Jane. One is written November 29, 1862, where he urges his wife to send him new gloves. The other (photocopy) is written March 1, 1863, from Mobile, Alabama, to his wife with an additional note to his father, telling them of his sadness at being away from his family and the high price of molasses. Ms93-013.
MARTIN, SHELLEY F. RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Faculty member of the Department of Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Member of the IAWA Board of Advisors, 1996-1998. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MARTIN, THOMAS R. (b. abt. 1848). LETTERS, 1861, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Letters written by Pvt Thomas R. Martin, Company F, 10th Virginia Cavalry (1st Cavalry Regiment, Wise Legion) to his parents. One letter is dated September 22, 1861 and written from Sewell, VA (now WV). Martin reports on recent events, including the Battle of Carnifax Ferry. He notes recent war news, as well as his unit's current position and winter plans. A second letter was written from Gordonsville in May 1963 and discusses his recent activities with his regiment. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-011.
MASON, EBENEZER E. (1829-1910). DIARY, 1864-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Maine, and later, Virginia resident; local magistrate and a member of the Accotink Home Guard; delegate to the Second Wheeling Convention and the Restored Virginia Government Convention. Collection includes Mason's diary from parts of 1864 and 1865; entries typically note the weather of the day as well whether or not Congress was in session; some newspaper clippings between pages. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-063.
MASSANUTTEN MOUNTAIN [VIRGINIA]. PHOTOGRAPH, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Mountain ridge in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Early twentieth century photograph taken from the mountain and overlooking Woodstock, Virginia to the west. Photograph by local photographer Hugh Morrison, Jr. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-066.
MASSEY, ARTHUR B. (1889-1982). PAPERS, 1902-1961. 0.5 cu. ft. Plant pathologist, assistant professor of botany at Alabama Polytechnic Institute, professor of biology at Virginia Tech, and member of the Virginia Academy of Science. Field notes; essays and studies; laboratory course outlines; printed materials; and photographs of trees on the Virginia Tech campus (with identifying notes). Finding aid available online. Ms1962-002.
MASSEY, W. F. (1839-1923). PAPERS, 1893-1908. 0.1 cu. ft. Professor of Botany Arboriculture at the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanics Arts, and editor of The Practical Farmer. Copies of correspondence to Massey from farmers, horticultural societies, and others regarding articles in The Practical Farmer, and asking for advice. Finding aid available online. Ms1984-171.
MATHEWS COURT HOUSE [VIRGINIA]. ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1838-1874. 0.9 cu. ft. Mathews County, Virginia, general store, likely operated by Francis Armistead and a succession of partners. Three day books, detailing customer purchases. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-021.
MATTHEW, HIRAM. CORRESPONDENCE, 1863-65. 0.1 cu. ft. Twenty-one letters from a Union soldier in the 66th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. Possibly in the siege of Atlanta, Georgia, May-September, 1864. Letters to his wife, Elmira, in Campbellsburg, Washington County, Indiana, from camps in Corinth, Mississippi; Pulaski, Tennessee; and Atlanta, Georgia. Writes of camp life, his fellow soldiers, the battle in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and his relief at the war's end. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-090.
MATTHEWS, THOMAS J. CORRESPONDENCE, 1878, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Surveyor for Kanawha County, West Virginia. Letters to W. W. Gitt regarding coal lands near Coal River and Cabin Creek on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad, accompanied by note from Gitt giving instructions to an unnamed person. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-032.
MATRIX: FEMINIST ARCHITECTURAL CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED. PUBLICATIONS, 1986. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Non-profit women's architectural cooperative in London, Great Britain, designed to help women's groups and groups that benefit women by finding and assessing potential building sites, aiding in obtaining funding for construction, and making models and giving workshops to help women's groups understand and take part in the design process. Records consist of publications written and published by MATRIX, including Making Space: Women and the Man-Made Environment [NA2543.W65 M35 1985], Building for Childcare [HV851 .B85 1986], and A Job Designing Buildings (1986). Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MATSUKAWA-TSUCHIDA, JUNKO. EXHIBITION MATERIALS AND FIRM BROCHURE, 1996, 1998, 2001. International Archive of Women in Architecture. President of Laboratory for Innovators of Quality of Life based in Tokyo, Japan. Material is in Japanese and English. See also International Union of Women Architects (UIFA) Congress Materials, Ms2012-001. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MATSUZAKI, EVA. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Biographical Information and project information sheets for the AIA Earth Day 2000 Top Ten Winner submission C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Records, University of British Columbia. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MAURY, DABNEY H. JR. (1863-1933). LETTERS, 1891-1892. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Colombia and son of Confederate general. Three letters to Lieutenant Wirt Robinson concerning Robinson's proposed trip to Colombia. Includes information on Colombian topography and travel. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-063.
MAYBURY, JOHN R. (1828-1917). DIARY, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Corporal in Company L, 10th New York Cavalry. Diary describing winter camp activities and routines, as well as skirmishes and battles with the enemy in northern and eastern Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-044.
MCBROOM, J. HARRY. PAPERS, 1899-1908. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection includes 22 letters written by McBroom, possibly from Abingdon, Virginia, to Thyrza Fugate detailing campus life in 1904-1905. Collection also contains three pieces of sheet music. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-016.
MCBRYDE FAMILY. PAPERS, 1859-1920s. 0.7 cu. ft. John McLaren McBryde was a professor of Agriculture and Botany at the University of Tennessee, 1879-1882; chair at the South Carolina College, expanded to South Carolina University, 1882-1891; President of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, later Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, 1891-1907. Collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and publications relating to the McBryde family, dating from 1859-1920s; also included are copies of the correspondence between Dr. John McLaren McBryde and the University of Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-024.
MCBRYDE HOUSE SPECIFICATIONS. RECORDS. c1900. 0.1 cu. ft. Specification No. 1755 of the labor and materials required in the erection and completion of a two-story, brick dwelling house to be erected for Dr. J. M. McBryde in Blacksburg Virginia. 20 leaves. Ms99-010.
MCBRYDE, J. BOLTON (1866-1925). COLLECTION, n.d. 0.2 cu. ft. Collection consists of approximately photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives depicting Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Montgomery County, and the New River area. Finding aid available online. Ms1992-059.
MCCALL, CATHARINE FLOOD. LEGAL DOCUMENT, 1810. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a court order from Henrico County, Virginia, ordering the seizure of the goods of Robert S. Smithey as payment for previously incurred debts. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-095.
MCCALL, WILLIAM. LETTER, 1785. Resident of Franklin County, Virginia. Letter written to John Barr, of Holstein, regarding family matters. McCall mentions having a letter from "Brother Robert," who intends a trip to "Caintucky." Finding aid available online. Ms2008-042.
MCCAULEY, JOHN. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Salem, Virginia during the Civil War. Letter describing arrival at home, advising Edward (probably his son) not to accompany fellow soldiers who steal from the local populace at night, and relaying news of a benefit exhibition for soldiers in the area. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-075.
McCLELLAND, KENETH. PAPERS, 1797. 0.1 cu. ft. Washington County, Virginia, resident. Administrator's account of McClelland's estate. Ms88-053.
MCCOMBS, DOROTHY. COLLECTION, 1970-1989. 8.6 cu. ft. Appalachian history bibliographer and reference librarian at Virginia Tech. Collection includes personal research notes, subject files, and writings; materials relating to the Virginia Tech University Libraries; course notes; dissertation research; work on textiles and arts & crafts history; genealogy notes; brochures on historic sites around Virginia; maps; and a copy of her unpublished manuscript, "Virginia Cloth: Early Textiles in Montgomery County, 1776-1830." Finding aid available online. Ms1995-006.
MCCORMICK & CO. ADVERTISING. COLLECTION, 1905. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a letter, booklet, and circular addressed to McCormick & Co. distributors in Marion, Virginia, in 1905. Items address a change in advertising and/or updates on spice markets. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-079.
MCCOY, RALPH E. (1915-2007) COLLECTION, 1919-2001, n.d. 0.3 cu. ft. Dean of Libraries at Southern Illinois University; late, Blacksburg resident. Collection contains materials collected by McCoy: publications, correspondence, programs, and Civil War memorabilia. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-047.
MCDONALD, MARTHA. LETTER, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Southern woman and wife to Lewis McDonald, a Confederate soldier. Letter of general inquiry to husband serving in the Civil War. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-029.
McDONALD, ROXANA. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1984. 8.0 cu. ft. Born in Romania, she did restoration work before moving to Britain and completing post-graduate studies in Building Conservation. The collection consists of the research, drawings, working drafts, and illustrations for McDonald's book entitled "The Fireplace Book" published in 1984. Inventory available online. Ms94-001.
MCDONALD, ROXANA. ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1984. (8.0 cu. ft.) International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Romania, McDonald did restoration work before moving to Britain and completing post-graduate studies in Building Conservation. The collection consists of the research, drawings, working drafts, and illustrations for McDonald's book entitled The Fireplace Book [NA3050 .M34 1984] published in 1984. Finding aid available online. Ms1994-001
McGAVOCK, DAVID CLOYD (1845-64). PAPERS, 1861-1901, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in Company B of the 24th Virginia Regiment in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Died in May, 1864. Collection consists of ca. 35 items, including letters written by McGavock to his family while studying at Roanoke College in 1861, and then from camps near Winchester and Petersburg, Virginia, and Goldsboro, North Carolina. Includes sympathy letters to McGavock's sister after his death, and other miscellaneous family papers. Ms90-032.
McGILL, JOSEPH. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier in the Civil War writing his parents on July 24, 1863, from Wartrace, Tennessee. Writes that the general opinion of the men is that the war will be over soon, and that there is talk of going back to Kentucky. Ms89-105.
McJELLISON, JOHN. PAPERS, 1861-1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Second Lieutenant, Company K, 27th Regiment, Maine Infantry. Collection contains McJellison's commission and a letter from his nephew in the 2nd Regt., Massachusetts Infantry. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-059.
MCKENNA, CHARLES F. (1845-1922). COLLECTION, 1861-1998. 0.3 cu. ft. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resident and private in the 155th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. After the war, he was lawyer and judge throughout Allegheny County, PA, until his death. He also acted briefly as Judge of the United States District Court of Puerto Rico from 1904-1906. Collection includes diaries with his accounts of the war from 1862-1865, an 1861 musket, and materials related to his published history of the 155th, Under the Maltese Cross, from Antietam to Appomattox. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-031.
McKINNIS, HENRY (1841-1893). LETTERS, 1863-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in Company B, 3rd Iowa Infantry from 1861 to 1864. Letters written to mother from camps near Moscow, Tennessee (January 20, 1863) and Hebron, Mississippi (March 5, 1864). McKinnis writes of Union and Confederate raids, a lack of rations, and general family matters. Accompanied by photocopies of typed transcripts, biographical material and a photo of McKinnis and his wife, Elizabeth Gilchrist McKinnis. Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
MCLEAN, F. EDWARD (1924-). PAPERS, 1950-1985. 0.6 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer; Specialized in supersonic aerodynamic design and analysis, and high-speed management; Graduate of Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (1948); NACA and NASA administrator from 1948-1978. Collection includes personal papers, clippings, correspondence, publications, technical reports, photographs and presentation materials, subject files, and awards. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-054.
McPHERSON, PAULINE KIRTLEY (b. ca. 1902). COLLECTION, 1777-1992. 2.7 cu. ft. Resident curator of Baltimore, Maryland's Hampton Mansion (later Hampton National Historic Site) from 1957 to 1972. Materials relating to Hampton Mansion and its longtime owners, the Ridgely family, including correspondence, diaries, printed material, administrative documents, and reports, genealogical data. Finding aid available online. Ms1993-017.
MEADE & BAKER. APOTHECARY LEDGER, 1861-1870. 0.4 cu. ft. Pharmaceutical company in Richmond, Virginia. Accounts ledger including customer names, addresses and itemized purchases, possibly for the company's mail-order business. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-130.
[MEDICAL TEXT, LATE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY.] 0.1 cu. ft. Manuscript text from unknown late eighteenth century physician. Refers to cures for hemorrhages, fainting, gout, "morbid congestions," and jaundice. Suggested cures include cathartics and leeches. Ms89-008.
MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPT LEAVES, 14TH-16TH CENTURIES. 0.1 cu. ft. Four manuscript leaves from the 14th-16th centuries. Text is written in Latin, with some marginalia. Finding aid available online. Ms1981-104.
MEETING MINUTES OF THE ART LEAGUE OF PHILADELPHIA AND DIARY OF ART LEAGUE MEMBER ELSA MARIE RUPP HOFHEINZ. 1928-1947. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Organization that aimed to present and promote the work of member artists, both male and female, including painting, watercolors, ceramics, photography and a variety of printmaking techniques. Hofheinz served as secretary beginning in 1944. Collection includes minutes from the meetings of the Art League of Philadelphia from October 21, 1936 to October 21, 1947 as recorded by the League's secretaries over those years. Collection also contains the diary of Art League member Elsa Marie Rupp Hofheinz from 1928. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-094.
MENDELSOHN, LOUISE (1894-1980). AUTOBIOGRAPHY, n.d. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Germany, wife of German-American architect Eric Mendelsohn (1887-1953), who was an exponent of German Expressionism and the functional modern look called the "International Style." Collection is a typescript autobiography, "My Life in a Changing World" by Louise Mendelsohn, about her life with her husband, her views on architecture and design, and her attempts to establish what is now the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Also includes a typescript proposal by Mendelsohn for the establishment of "A Museum of Architecture." Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MENTAL HYGIENE IN THE CLASSROOM. MANUAL, 1970. 0.1 cu. ft. Manual to help educate teachers on recognizing and preventing the development of mental health issues in their students; manual outlines sixteen symptoms of "personality difficulty" ranging from cruelty to daydreaming. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-054.
MERCHANT, VIOLET ROBINSON (1919-2008). PAPERS, 1940-1953. 0.1 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech, Bachelors of Business Administration, 1941. Collection consists of a newspaper clipping, a cotillion club invitation, a VPI playbill, a football schedule, and a hand-drawn Valentine card from fellow VPI graduate, Bill Gearhart. Ms2002-012.
MEREDITH, AMAZA LEE (1895-1984). BIOGRAPHICAL ARTICLE, 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. African-American architect in Virginia; professor of Art at Virginia State University. Materials consist of a November 1994 article written for Inform about Meredith's life and work, particularly about her design of her home in Petersburg, Virginia. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MERLE, ULLA. ARTICLE, 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Collection includes a 1993 periodical "Hessische Heimat" vol.3, containing an article by Merle of Marburg, Germany about a female architect and monument-caretaker named Anneliese Klappenbach. Material is in German. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MERRICK, C. HENRY. LETTERS, 1862-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Businessman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Collection consists of letters to Merrick from various people, including his brother Spencer in Lancaster, Massachusetts; Edward E. Clapp writing from Hagerstown, Maryland, and Sarah E. Whitten writing from North Vienna, Maine. Spencer writes eloquently of his feelings about the war, claiming he does not feel comfortable being at home while "this great conflict is going on," and his strong pro-Union stand. Whitten thanks Merrick for writing about the details of his soldier brother's death. Clapp writes (October 1862) about his life in the Union Army in Sharpsburg, mentioning that he got his hair cut short for fear of lice. Ms94-038.
MERRY ANNE DRESS COMPANY PATTERN BOOK, New Haven, Connecticut, ca. 1930-1940. 0.2 li ft. Book of patterns for girls' dresses; includes fabric samples and original color photographs. Ms2002-035.
MERVINE, HENRY G. LETTERS, 1864-65. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in the 17th New York Battery in the Civil War. Two letters to his wife. The first letter (July 24, 1864) was written in the trenches before Petersburg, Virginia, where he took furniture from a nearby house to protect himself in the earthworks. He notes that all the trees in the vicinity were filled with lead from picket firing. In the second letter (April 8, 1865), from Richmond, Virginia, he writes about the suffering of the citizens for lack of luxuries and necessities and that a committee was sent to General R.E. Lee asking him to surrender. Ms89-046.
METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SOUTH [PULASKI, VIRGINIA, MISSION]. RECORD BOOK, 1892-96. 1 vol. Mission for the Methodist Episcopal Church in Southwest Virginia. Record book list membership, baptisms, financial information, Sunday school attendance, and other business for Pulaski and Carroll counties and other areas of Southwest Virginia. Ms90-039.
METZ, PAUL. 1982. 0.1 cu. ft. Memo by Metz, the User Librarian at Newman Library in 1982, that documents his study on programs applied to subject collections. Finding aid available online. Ms1982-020.
MICHAEL, RUDOLPH DIXON (1904-1994). PAPERS, 1925-1984. 0.2 cu. ft. Virginia Polytechnic Institute alumnus (class of 1926) and Agricultural Experiment Station agricultural editor (1928-65). Contains correspondence and notes relating to the histories Blacksburg, the Preston family, and Smithfield Plantation (including maps of the grounds and the cemetery). Also contains a few campus photographs and printed materials related to Virginia Tech. Finding aid available online. Ms60-005.
MICULINIC, SONJA (1956- ). BROCHURE, 1997. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born 1956 in Croatia. Architect in Croatia and Slovenia. Printed brochure containing basic biographical information about Miculinic as well as a listing of exhibitions, reference projects, and competitions she which she participated. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MIKIC, VESNA (1954- ). ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Facility architect at the Faculty of Architecture of the University in Zagreb, Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia). Received first prize in competitions for urban designs in Zagreb and Krg. Collection consists of architectural drawings and copies of photographs for competitions (1987-1990) in which she submitted entries (urban villas in Zagreb and housing in Belgrade). Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MILES, CLARENCE PAUL (1879-1966). PAPERS, 1902-1960. 0.2 cu. ft. Virginia Tech graduate (1901), professor of modern languages (1902-1920, 1935-1951), and director of athletics (1920-1935). Grade books (1904-1913), together with personal memorabilia and photographs. Finding aid available online. Ms1961-003. (For his official files as Dean of the College, see RG 11/3.)
MILES, JAMES. DIARY. (d.1865). 0.1 cu.ft. Civil War diary spanning January-March 1865. Entries include descriptions of battle and death of soldiers by snipers. Last entry is the day before Miles was killed in action and ten days before the end of the war. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-006.
MILKA BLIZNAKOV PRIZE. RECORDS, 1999-2006. 0.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Established in 1998 to honor of the founder of the International Archive of Women in Architecture, the Milka Bliznakov Prize is awarded for research that advances knowledge of women's contributions to architecture and related design fields. The collection consists of announcements about the award and proposal submissions for the prize. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-045.
MILLAR, CAROLINE VIRGINIA TALIAFERRO. DIARY, 1860-62. 0.2 cu. ft. Doctor's wife in Georgia. Collection consists of a photocopy of her diary kept during the first years of the Civil War. Unprocessed. Ms82-015.
MILLER, CHARLES A. (1819-93). FAMILY PAPERS, 1708-1926. 0.5 cu. ft. Christiansburg, Virginia, clergyman. Served as a home missionary in Giles County, Virginia, (1849-51) and in the Kimberlin Church of Giles County (1853-62). Pastor in the White House Church near Radford, Virginia, from 1871-93. Collection includes account books (1818-1903) of Rev. Miller and his second wife Melinda Taylor, as well as those of his ancestor Johann Muller of Schwabisch Hall in Germany (1708-26); oath of allegiance (1778) annotated by Miller's uncle, the folk artist Lewis Miller (1796-1882), of Ludwig Miller of Worcestor Township, Pennsylvania; certificate of apprenticeship (1799) of Daniel Miller of York County, Pennsylvania; and several other papers belonging to Rev. Miller, including deeds (1855), a diary (1858), and receipts and promissory notes (1840-1906). Mrs. Miller's papers include correspondence (1893-1903), a bank book (1901-02), and a typescript genealogy of her family (1926). Finding aid available online. Ms83-001.
MILLER, JOSEPH. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in the 78th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Sherman's Army, during the Civil War. Letter written June 23, 1864, to Rev. John Wright of Batesville, Ohio, from "the woods near the Kaunausau Mountains." Miller gives a detailed and extensive description of the corps's march over the Cumberland Mountains, skirmishes with the "rebles," and woundings among the captains. Also makes several comments about the military strategies of Union Generals William T. Sherman and Joseph Hooker and Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston. Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, battle activity was part of Sherman's Atlanta campaign. Transcript available. Ms89-076.
MILLER, JOE. MERCHANDISE BAR CODE COLLECTION, 1960-1991. 1.0 cu. ft. J. Joseph "Joe" Miller was born in Richmond, Virginia, and began a career in retail sales there. He then became involved in the development and implementation of bar codes for use in the retail trade. This collection contains a proposal by Univac for implementing computer merchandise tracking for Thalheimer Brothers, Inc. of Richmond, ca. 1960. It also has information in binders, a slide presentation, and published documents about merchandise codes (including UVM, Universal Vendor Marking, and ASC X12 standards) mostly issued by or in conjunction with the National Retail Merchants Association from 1982-1991. There are two 2003 obituaries about Miller. Finding aid available online.Ms2007-801.
MILLER, THOMAS S. (1860-1949). ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1885-1914. 3.0 cu. ft. Proprietor of general store in Giles County, Virginia during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Day books and ledgers detailing customer accounts. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-020.
MILLSPAUGH, NINA. DIARY, 1889, 1895-1898. 0.1 cu. ft. Diary of a Kansas City, Kansas, housewife. She gives the weather in each entry and an account of her chores and the day's events. Selective transcript available. Finding aid available online. Ms1982-001.
MINE HILL & SCHUYLKILL HAVEN RAILROAD. STOCK CERTIFICATES, 1833-1836. 0.1 cu. ft. Coal carrier in Pennsylvania, eventually purchased by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. Three certificates of stock, issued to John H. Cresson. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-035.
MINOR, CHARLES L. C. (1835-1903). ANNOTATED _THE REAL LINCOLN_, 1901. 0.1 cu. ft. Captain of ordnance in Confederate Army, first president of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (later Virginia Tech). Collection contains a first edition copy of The Real Lincoln belonging to the essay's author, Charles L.C. Minor; copy includes extensive annotations by Minor, as well as the removal and editing of many sections. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-057.
MINOR, CHARLES L. C. (1835-1903) AND HARMON, EDWARD P. (ca.1844-1888). CASH BOOK AND CIVIL WAR DIARY COLLECTION. 0.2 cu. ft. Minor, captain of ordnance in Confederate Army, first president of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (later Virginia Tech). Entries detailing Minor's expenditures and income during the Civil War. Union Army Private Edward P. Harmon, 5th Maine Infantry. Diary entries describing Harmon's war experiences of May-June 1864, including battles of The Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, North Anna, and Cold Harbor. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-081.
[MISSISSIPPI RIVER LETTER, 1862.] Obsolete title. See HOWLAND, HENRY LETTER. Ms91-016.
MOCK WEDDING, ROANOKE, VIRGINIA. PHOTOGRAPH, c.1900. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection is a photograph of a mock wedding by children. Cardboard frame with stamp "Davis, Roanoke, VA," suggests the image may have been taken by George C. Davis, a prominent local photographer. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-083.
MØLLER, ALICE FINNERUP. POSTER, 2007. 2.5 cu. ft. )International Archive of Women in Architecture. Møller is a practicing architect in Denmark. The collection consists of a poster entitled "A House on the West Coast of Denmark: Identity - Preservation and putting into value of the national heritage." It has written narrative (in English), interior and exterior photos and a photo of architect. Another poster by Møller is part of the International Union of Women Architects (UIFA) Congress Materials. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MONTEITH, JIMMIE WATERS JR. (1919-44). PAPERS, 1935-45. 1.0 cu. ft. Born in Lowmoor, Virginia, and raised in Richmond, Virginia. Studied for two years at Virginia Polytechnic Institute; member of the class of 1941. Lieutenant in the United States Army during World War II. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for "courage and gallantry while leading his men in destroying an enemy emplacement on Normandy Beach" on June 6, 1944 (D-Day). Collection consists primarily of his letters home (1941-44) during the war. Also includes letters of condolence to his family following his death, congratulatory letters for being awarded the Medal of Honor, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Collection also contains letters home (1942-45) from his brother, Robert P. Monteith (V.P.I. class of 1935) during the war. Finding aid available online. Ms90-062.
MONTGOMERY COUNTY [VIRGINIA] BICENTENNIAL COMMISSION. RECORDS, 1972-1977. 1.0 cu. ft. Commission formed to organize events celebrating the 200th anniversary of the formation of the United States and Montgomery County, Virginia. Includes correspondence, minutes, working notes and preparatory materials, printed material, and a scrapbook. Finding aid available online. Ms76-001.
MONTGOMERY COUNTY [VIRGINIA] DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE. RECORDS, 1961-94. 3.0 cu. ft. Correspondence, newsclippings, meeting minutes, and rosters concerning the committee, local politics, and the Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential races of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Includes information about the specific campaigns and tenures of Rick Boucher (9th District Congressional Representative), L. Douglas Wilder (as Governor of Virginia, 1989-93), Al Gore and Bill Clinton (1992 Presidential campaign), Don Beyer (Lieutenant Governor campaign), Mary Sue Terry for Attorney General (1989) and Governor (1993), and Joan Munford and Jim Shuler for the 12th District Virginia House of Delegates. Ms89-061.
MONTGOMERY COUNTY [VIRGINIA] HISTORIC SITES SURVEY. RECORDS, 1985-1986. 1.2 cu. ft. Records arising from a 1985 survey of significant architectural and/or historical sites in Montgomery County, Virginia. Includes an inventory of structures and sites, a copy of the survey's book, Montgomery County Historic Sites Survey (1986), and maps indicating locations of the inventory's structures and sites. Finding aid available online. Ms86-006.
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, VIRGINIA. LAND SURVEY, 1784. 1.0 cu. ft. Collection consists of map of Montgomery County as it was in 1784. The acreage, divided into thirty-two tracts of one thousand acres each, is situated on the Guyandotte River, a tributary of the Ohio, in present-day West Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-023.
[MONTGOMERY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, SURVEY, 1965]. 1 vol. Typescript survey prepared by the first-year graduate students of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Virginia Tech. Topics include land use and misuse, transportation, commerce, employment, political aspects, non-urban lands, shopping distribution, county government, financial implementation, and land use controls. Ms91-060.
MONTGOMERY FEMALE COLLEGE. COLLECTION, 1886-1892. 0.1 cu. ft. Christiansburg, Virginia institution of higher learning for women during the latter 19th century. Assorted ephemera relating to the school, including a program for the 1886 class exercises; an 1892 program of entertainment; and certificates awarded to students Annie V. and Eugenia V. Sullivan. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-013.
MONTGOMERY FILM SOCIETY. RECORDS, 1956-1972. 0.5 cu. ft. Society devoted to bringing foreign, art and classic films to Blacksburg, Virginia. Records include correspondence, membership lists and administrative notes (including constitution), film advertisements and reviews, film rental agreements, programs, and financial records. Finding aid available online. Ms73-007.
MONTGOMERY SAVINGS BANK. ACCOUNT BOOK, 1873-1878. 0.3 cu. ft. Bank operating in Montgomery County, Virginia during the latter 19th century. Ledger detailing customer accounts. Finding aid available online. Ms1975-009.
MONTGOMERY WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. GUEST BOOK, 1886-1890. .6 cu. ft. Resort operating in rural Montgomery County, Virginia from 1855 to 1904. Register includes names of resort's guests, their places of residence and notes on their meals, rooms and porterage. Finding aid available online. Also available in PDF format (PDF 90.2mb) Ms2003-007.
MOODY, HARRIET and MILDRED MOODY [MOODY SISTERS]. REPORT, 2000. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Report from Santa Barbara's Historic Landmarks Commission on securing a landmark designation for 1086 Coast Village Road, A Moody Sisters design. The report contains biographical information about the sisters and history about their architectural business. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MOODY, JOHN F. DIARY, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Sergeant, later lieutenant, 40th Regiment, Virginia Infantry; Wounded at Gaines' Mills, June 27, 1862; died from injuries June 30, 1862. Diary includes a series of entries from June and July of 1861 about the regiment, war news, and Moody's philosophical and religious observations on the war. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-022.
MOOR FAMILY. COLLECTION, 1859-1885, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains 24 letters, 2 stamped envelopes, 2 cent stamps, 1 baby photo, a Victorian valentine, newspaper clippings, a photo of an unidentified infant, and a decorated box. Correspondence is mostly between family and friends and contains news of day-to-day life. A majority of the letters are by Charles Moor and include some Civil War content. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-033.
MOORE FAMILY. PAPERS, 1847-1948. 1.4 cu. ft. Collection includes photographs, correspondence, and papers relating to the Moore family. Notable creators include John Moore, an army surgeon in the Third Seminole War and Civil War; John R Moore, a clerk for the IRS; and Mary M. Kelly, a member of Daughters of the American Revolution. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-033.
MOORE, ROBERT G. (1898-1927). PHOTO ALBUM, 1918-1922. 0.4 cu. ft. VPI graduate of 1922 in Civil Engineering. Collection includes scrapbook withe VPI campus photographs from 1918-1919, as well as drawings from engineering courses, newspaper clippings, and student memorabilia. Finding aid available online. Ms1992-051.
MOORE, WILLIAM J. (d.1862). LETTERS, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in the 27th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry. Died from disease in June 1862. Collection includes four letters from Moore home to his wife, Lydia, and his brother. Also contains two letters to Lydia by Moore's captain following his death. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-031.
"MORE THAN THE SUM OF OUR BODY PARTS: AN EXHIBIT BY CARY, 1992-1993." RECORDS, 1932-19932 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Exhibition designed and produced by CARY, Chicks in Architecture Refuse to Yield (to atavistic thinking in design and society), an offshoot of Chicago Women in Architecture. Collection consists of materials created for the exhibit or in preparation of it, including press releases, drawings and floorplans, announcements and newsletters, copies of articles advertising the exhibit, meeting minutes, a videotape of the exhibit set-up and opening reception, and exhibit catalogs. The exhibit was shown at the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, in June and July, 1993, illustrating the ways that women architects are discriminated against in the workplace. Finding aid available online. Ms1994-023
MORGAN, BERRY (1919- ). GALLEY PROOFS, 1966. 0.1 cu. ft. American author and free-lance editor in Mississippi. Author of Pursuit and The Mystic Adventures of Roxie Stoner (1974), and contributor of short stories to the New Yorker. Author's galley proofs for Pursuit (Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1966). Finding aid available online. Ms1969-002.
MORGAN, GEORGE WASHINGTON (1820-1893). AUTOGRAPH, c.1840-1890. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier, Lawyer, Farmer, Consul, and Congressman for Ohio. Collection contains the signature and brief biographical note of George Washington Morgan. Three other unknown signatures are included.Finding aid available online. Ms2010-047.
MORGAN, JACOB. ACCOUNT BOOK, 1814-1858. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Alexandria, Virginia. Account book describing transactions with Union Bank of Alexandria (1814-1819) and transactions involving sewn goods and farm produce (1846-1858). Finding aid available online. Ms1940-022.
MORGAN, WILL H. LETTER, 1861(?). 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier writing November 5, 1861(?), to his mother from Pilot Knob, Missouri, during the Civil War. Writes about the regiment's plan to build barracks and go into winter quarters. Ms89-103.
MORRIS, HENRY M. (1918-2006). PAPERS, 1937-1999. 5.7 cu. ft. Founder and President (1970-2006) of the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, California; Professor of Hydraulic Engineering and Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering (1957-1970) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Papers consist of course materials (exams, notes), reprints, publications, technical reports, and correspondence concerning such topics as hydraulic engineering and soil mechanics. Finding aid available online. Ms1994-028.
MORRIS, J.C. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate soldier in the 21st Texas Cavalry, Company F, during the Civil War. Letter written May 10, 1863, from camp near Lanjer, Arkansas, to his wife. Writes about a recent raid to Missouri where they killed and captured many of the enemy, and about their fighting in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Ms92-013.
MORRIS, SYLVAN B. CORRESPONDENCE, 1862-64, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Union captain in the 194th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. Three letters to his wife from Fayetteville, Ohio, and another unknown camp. Writes at length of poverty of country people he has seen on the marches. Also includes a letter to Morris from his cousin, Alex Caudle, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Transcript available. Ms88-089.
MORSE, WAYNE (1900-1974). LETTER, 1947. 0.1 cu. ft. Republican United States senator (1944-52) from Oregon. Brief letter from Morse, dated March 31, 1947, on U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services letterhead stationery, to Paul H. Farrier, Director of Admissions at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Finding aid available online. Ms1947-001.
MOSS, ANN EVE. PAPERS, 1920-90. 1.0 cu. ft. Ziegfield Follies chorus girl in the 1920s. Personal secretary and novelist in her later years. Papers consist of photographs, playbills, news clippings, and other memorabilia from her early career, as well as manuscript copies of her unpublished novels. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-028.
MOSS, BETTY L. (1921-2007). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1950-2007. International Archive of Women in Architecture. New Orleans architect and advocate of architectural preservation and conservation. Architectural drawings, business correspondence/notes, catalog pages illustrating fixtures. Notable projects include proposals for the adaptive re-use of the Rivergate in New Orleans and redevelopment after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-071.
MOSS, JACK WELFORD. PAPERS, 1925-1968. 0.2s cu. ft. The collections consists of photographs, varsity letter certificates ca. 1925, a 1927 Commencement Program, issues of The Skipper magazine, Bugle yearbooks, and textbooks used at VPI from 1926-1927. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-055.
MOSS, WILLIAM STEPHEN (1839-1924). COLLECTION, 1863-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in 4th Virginia Cavalry and Confederate prisoner-of-war during the Civil War. Letters to mother relating to conditions in northern prisons (specifically Elmira, New York and Point Lookout, Maryland) and Moss's personal life. Also includes identification card, biographical sketch, and hand-tinted photograph of Moss. Finding Aid available online. Ms2008-019.
MOUNTAIN LAKE: DAVID SHERMAN COLLECTION, 1870-2002.0.5 cu. ft. This collection consists of papers collected by David Sherman of the U.S. Forest Service and Appalachian Trail Conference while working to establish a federal wilderness area around Mountain Lake in Giles County, Virginia during the 1980s. Materials include hotel brochures, magazine and guidebook articles, a dissertation about the lake, maps, federal reports about the environmental conditions, and research and correspondence about local land ownership. Finding aid available online. Ms2004-014.
MOUSER, AMANDA. HONORS THESIS, 2009. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains Amanda Mouser's Honors Thesis titled, "The History of History: A History of the History Department at Virginia Tech, 1966-2009." Finding aid available online. Ms2009-123.
MRS. SPRINGER. MEMORANDA BOOK, 1880-1881. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a memorandum book presented by A. Rosenstock of Petersburg, Virginia, and used by a Mrs. Springer, probably of Washington County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-025.
MULLENS SMOKELESS COAL COMPANY. RECORDS, 1937-60. 2.0 cu. ft. Mullens, West Virginia, coal company, owned by Harry Meade. Briefly called the Harmco Smokeless Coal Company in the 1950s. Records consist of ledgers, cash books, and certificates of stock. Finding aid available online. Ms94-005.
MULLER, CORNELIA. PHOTOGRAPHS AND BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Berlin, Germany, and a partner in the firm Muller, Knippschild, Wehberg. Materials consist of photographs (1983-1988) of her work with her firm, biographical information, and a brochure of her designs. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MULLER-SCHMID, CATHERINE (1953- ). RÉSUMÉ AND PHOTOGRAPHS 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Zurich, Switzerland. Materials include a résumé and forty-five copies of photographs and architectural drawings of apartment complexes and other residential housing projects she has designed. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MULLINS, HENRY I. (1874-1951). ACCOUNT BOOK, 1921-1924. 0.1 cu. ft. Merchant in Pound (Wise County), Virginia. Ledger recording customer transactions of general mercantile store. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-022.
MULLINS, NICHOLAS C. (1939-1988). PAPERS, 1960-1988. 46.2 cu. ft. Professor of sociology at Indiana University (1971-1984); professor of sociology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1984-1988). Collection consists primarily of material concerning a ten year research project studying sociology citations in international journals. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-046.
MUNSEY, WILLIAM T. ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1912-1924. 4.6 cu. ft. General store merchant in Giles County, Virginia during the early 20th century. Ledgers and day books detailing customer account transactions in general store. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-025.
MUNTONI, ALESSANDRA. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Practicing architect in Rome, Italy. Papers consist of a résumé, a brochure of works completed, and articles published in the magazine metamorfosi. Her 2003 book, Metamorph: Architetture = Works and Projects 1965-2003: Gabriele De Giorgi, Alessandra Muntoni, Marcello Pazzaglini [NA1123.G785 A4 2003] is available to view in the Special Collections Rare Book Room. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
MURDOCH, FRANCES A. (b. ca. 1847). JOURNAL, 1861-1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Young woman living on a Mississippi plantation during the Civil War. Frequent journal entries, largely introspective and religious in nature, but also relaying war news of such events the Battle of Shiloh, the surrenders of New Orleans and Vicksburg, a battle between local militia and a Union gunboat at Natchez, Mississippi, the looting of Bruinsburg, Mississippi, and the death of Col. Stuart Wilkins Fisk at the Battle of Murfreesboro. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-132.
MURDOCK, FRANK M. PAPERS, 1877-93. 0.1 cu. ft. One volume of notes taken by Murdock, of Kingwood, Preston County, West Virginia. Notes are of several clubs in Kingwood, and include the constitution and meeting minutes of the Kingwood Amateur Troupe, programs and minutes of the Kingwood School Literary Society, and treasurer's notes of the Mozart Band of Kingwood. Also includes Murdock's certificate of baptism (1877). Ms88-056.
MURPHY, JAMES. INVENTORY OF ESTATE, 1812. 0.1 cu. ft. Patrick County, Virginia, landowner. Inventory of possessions taken at the time of his death. Ms88-037.
MURRAY, JOHN (1909-2002). PAPERS, 1883-1999. 0.5 cu. ft. Professor of chemistry at Virginia Tech (1942-1971) and participant in Virginia's ornithological community. Bird logs, manuscript articles, and correspondence with academics and bird enthusiasts, focusing largely on Montgomery County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-036.
MURRELL, E. H. (b. 1825). NOTE TO GENERAL JOHN C. BRECKINRIDGE, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. The collection contains a single note from E.H. Murrell, MD of Lynchburg, Virginia addressed to General J.C. Breckinridge inquiring about the 150 bushels of corn from Montgomery County, VA that he had ordered and instead requests 200 bushels be delivered. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-083.
MUSGRAVE, JOSEPH SIMMONS, SR. PHOTOGRAPHS, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. VAMC graduate in 1883. Collection contains two copies of a photograph of Musgrave's home in Southampton County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1965-001.
[MUSIC BOOK, ca. 1830s.] 1 vol. Small manuscript booklet with notes and lyrics for music lessons. Ms90-066.
MYERS BROS. & CO. TRADE CARD, likely c. early 1870s. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection includes a trade card depicting a Confederate soldier swapping tobacco with a Union soldier in exchange for a bag of coffee. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-046.
MYERS, JOHN H. (1841?-1919). MEMOIR, 1888. Corporal in Company G, 55th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. Civil War memoir, providing an overview of the common soldier's life, focusing particularly on the behavior of officers; food, water and clothing rations; marching; encampments; battle preparation; picket duty; battle and its aftermath. Accompanied by carte-de-visite identified as Myers. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-061.

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