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Uniforms of Cadets
at Virginia Military and Agricultural College


Following changes in the official color of the US Army Infantry from white to light blue, in October 1902, the Senior cadets of the six Infantry companies and the Cadet Band at VPI changed the lining colors of their capes and the background of their officers shoulder straps to light blue. Seniors of the Artillery Battery continued to have red trimmings. VPI in block letters and gold branch insignia were worn on the blue blouses of the Senior cadets.

All cadets wore a dark blue, tightly fitted blouse with a stiff stand-up collar, its front fasteners concealed by black braid. Cadet underclassmen wore plain black braid collars. The Cadet Seniors wore US Army regulation blue caps, but cadet underclassmen wore the kepi.

In 1902, the building in the background was remodeled for use as the infirmary. It had been the residence of the college president, but in that year the president moved into "The Grove", the newly completed house located at the lower end of the drill field.

Watercolor by Floyd Richard Vranian.

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Liz Ackermann,
July 24, 1996