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Uniforms of Cadets
at Virginia Military and Agricultural College


In September, 1908, Commandant George H. Jamerson replaced the shoulder strap rank insignia with chevrons to designate all cadet ranks.

White felt chevrons on the sleeves of a blue blouse were designated for all cadet commissioned officers and cadet noncommissioned grades. Grades above the rank of corporal wore chevrons on upper sleeves with the points upward and touching the shoulder seam. Cadet corporals wore chevrons pointed up on the lower sleeves, between the elbow and the cuff. Seniors wore dark blue trousers; red trousers stripes had disappeared.

The Chapel and Auditorium Building is seen in the background. In 1914 it became the Library. The building was destroyed by fire in August 1953.

Watercolor by Floyd Richard Vranian

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Liz Ackermann,
July 24, 1996