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Uniforms of Cadets
at Virginia Military and Agricultural College


In September 1931 the white mess jacket replaced the gray coatee for formal wear by underclassmen. Worn on each lower lapel of the jacket was the "V.P.I." insignia in gold block letters. The front of the jacket was closed by a short gold chain attached to two large gold V.P.I. buttons. Gold V.P.I. buttons also appeared on each side of the front of the jacket and at the neck end of each shoulder loop. The jacket was worn with a starched white tuxedo shirt with plain round gold studs on the shirt front, matching gold cuff links, and a black bow tie. As part of this formal uniform the cadets also wore gray wool trousers with black seam stripes, black low quarter shoes and black socks.

Seniors continues to wear the white paletot for formal off-duty occasions, changing the V.P.I. insignia to the upper lapels and adding the Army officer branch insignia to the lower lapels.

This cadet is standing in the foyer of War Memorial Hall.

Watercolor by Floyd Richard Vranian.

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Liz Ackermann,
July 25, 1996