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Uniforms of Cadets
at Virginia Military and Agricultural College


Cadets were attending college year round during World War II, necessitating the addition of a lightweight summer uniform. This uniform, adopted in the summer of 1942 consisted of a gray poplin long-sleeved shirt, and trousers in matching gray twill cotton. These were worn with a matching gray web belt with a brass G.I. buckle. The shirts carried a US-ROTC patch on the pocket, and small black chevrons of rank were sewn on the sleeves. The uniform also included black neckties, black socks and black low quarter shoes. The uniform cap was of the overseas pattern, made of heavy gray cotton twill, carrying a braid in the color representing the branch of service and "V.P.I." embroidered in black within a black bordered gray oval.

This cadet is shown in the east sally port of the Lower Stone Quadrangle, known today as Eggleston Hall.

Watercolor by Floyd Richard Vranian

Digital Image Collection

Liz Ackermann,
July 24, 1996