VIVA Special Collections Committee

November 23, 1998

University of Virginia

Present: Eric Ackermann for Gail McMillan (VT), Lucious Edwards (VSU), Edward Gaynor (UVA), Jim Gwin (UR), Lyn Hart and Dale Harter (LVA ), Paul Koda (GMU), Jodi Koste (VCU), Joyce Ogburn, Jay Gaidmore (ODU) Susan Riggs (W&M), and Elsie Stephens Weatherington (VSU), chair, Tom Loftus, Consultant

Chair informed members of impending surgery and by unanimous consent Jodi Koste was selected to serve as acting chair during the chair's absence. Chair announced that her term of office would expire in June 1999. Moreover, she informed the members that the VIVA Steering Committee Organization Committee would be reviewing committee composition in December.

The VIVA Steering Committee also congratulated the Special Collections Committee work on the survey and the data gathered on archival material at public institutions. The Steering Committee recommended that the Special Collections Committee assist in gathering similar information from independent/private universities and colleges. The Special Collections Committee agreed to assist Jim Gwin, the independent schools' representative, in collecting data. Elsie Weatherington will write a letter to directors at those institutions informing them of the survey and the data gathering.


A two-day workshop for Encoded Archival Description (EAD) training was proposed for Special Collections Committee members or their surrogates. The workshop is planned for January 14-15, 1999 and will be held at the University of Virginia. Participants will be required to bring an appropriate finding aid to mark up. Joyce Ogburn suggested that a discussion of standards be a part of the workshop.


Edward Gaynor reported on the Oct.t 30, 1998 sub-committee* meeting in which they discussed new standards, California initiatives and grants, and the content of the survey.

Tom Loftus is planning to develop three prototype budgets and will begin working with Edward Gaynor on outlining proposals. Tom requested usage statistics for the grant proposals. Some questions still to be answered include project director(s), space, office, and computer facilities. Committee members will be asked to obtain support letters for grants. Also, sponsored programs in participating institutions should be informed of the Special Collections Committee's grant work and told about grant activities. Goal is to have a submission for Mellon in December 1998.

Jodi Koste and Susan Riggs agreed to investigate the purchase of software for the project. The author/editor, WordPerfect or other appropriate software will be needed at all participating institutions.


The next Special Collections Committee meeting will be held in Charlottesville on February 5, 1999 at 10:30 am.
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*Grant subcommittee: Lucious Edwards, Edward Gaynor, Jodi Kosti, Tom Loftus, and Joyce Ogburn.