a Sheate about the burning an building of the Alx Blacks house in 1897 and 1898 July 1897 Sicond morning about 4 oclock Mr Alx Blacks house caught fire no one knows how, for there wasent any body in the house for he and his Wife was gone to Some Springs for his health oh what a Sight it was to See the flames lickingup towards the Sky the last Part of July and august they were men and boys hunting and cleaning off the Ground two build another house September, fourth day Mr. Frank Gray layed the corner Stone at 9 oclock in the morning for the new house with Charley Clemones help and he Said he would make a Speech but Mr Black must come first they sent for him he come and didnt have a Pennie along they all Put a Pennie in the corner Rock an Alx borrowed one of Clemons he got up to make his Speech I hope you will have a long time to live in your new house an have good luck an all Joy first a Girle then a Boy October 6th, the builders layed the first wood, on the Rock Foundation, november 5th day the Builders have the house Ready for the Roof, the middle of the Roof from the big chimeny down the Side next to Snidows, the Slat (slate) Put on in the down Singe (Sign) February 22 (1898) Shrove tuesdy Mr Alx Black and Wife Slept in there new House for the first time, it wasent all finnished inside March 5th day Mr an Mrs Black ate there first dinner in there new house her two brothers and her Sister Mrs Hoge ate with them, Friday, March 11, 1898 at 8 oclock to night Edgar an Wesley Grays finished up the last bit of Mr Alx Blacks new house August 24th Mr Alex Black left on a visit near the Place they went lst year when there house burned down 1898 a Sheate for what the Children give in this year January 17 Lissa kinzer Sent me 2 Skanes of lambs woll yarn it so nice She got Mrs Smith to card by hand on cotton cards an Spin on a hand turnin wheel an twist February 5 I got my calfskin Shoes Willie T D(awson) made for me finnished them the day he was 55 years old, ground hog day was his birth day 1843 borned March 2 Lizzie kinzer gave me 3 yards nice bleached cotton for a birth gift March 3 Ela gave me a Pare of Silk gloves Black are two little Satrdy august 6 Sarah (Barkman) gave me a nice quilted under Scirt She made it herself and a nice teapot Mary Pepper Sent me Some candy an grapes august 10 the Present come this Evening that Mr. George Barkman Sent two me We all gessed what it ws but didnt hit it it was a nice iron bed Sted with Springs and a big hug and kiss to me from Sarah (Barkman) and $6.00 August 18 Sarah (Barkman) gave me 25 cts Silver and a Diary book for a nother year and gave Charley Gray 30 cnts for Putting tempels in my Spectils October 29 I got a box with two Paires of wollen Red drawers from Sarah Barkman and they are S nice they caust two dollars november 3 Tilda (Gray) brought up the overcoat an a warme Jacket for me and the candy and other things Sarah (Barkman) and Mary (Pepper) Sent December 17th the Cristmas box come from Philadelphia Wesley (Dawson) an family Sent the things they Sent me 13 yards apron check 11 yards black calico for a dress a Paire artick over half boots 2 an half yards towling goods Seazening tea coco for cakes box candy Silver knife fork Spoon Chiney cup and Sauser to Myrtle Snidow a bottle liquid Electricity and a lot things to Ella Bessie Gra(y) gave me a hanchercheif a nice one for a Christmas gift Dora Gra(y) gave me a hdnkerchief for a Christmas a nice one a black Border Sarah Barkman gave me 30 cts Silver for a gift. 1898 a Sheat for Little Things January Monday 3 the kinzer boys have finished there ice house an filed it with ice 6 inches thick January 7 Frank (Gray) got his Fathers an mothers Picture two night he an Bessie had them enlarged and Put in nice large frames hung up in there Room January 20 I was fixing Some Pappers in the box and a Roll of a lb of butter fell in my lap, I Picked it up come to the door asked Ela where it come from and Georgie Lankester was in an She dropped in my lap a gift January 29 I Put a new wick in the two big lamps that we use every night february 14 an 15 Frank Gray Scemented Hustons Sisteren march 1th Frank Gray brought the brick to Show me he Sawed out of a Sand Rock march 12th this Evening Walter Croy knoct out of Billie Price little boys down, his owne Size, at Walkers gate old Mrs Price come Runing bare heded Picked up a brush in the Street and gave Walter Croy a whiping march 12th Bod kinzer cleaned the well out for Grisom and Effinger at the Stor, the Sign was down and in the crawfish, 3 days after the full moon the Sun Signe in the knee Mrs. Francisco and one of her Daughters is here at Edd Blacks they come in March March 30th and 31st the Cats kept Such a Squalling like to Run Minnie cook off April first week the day little frose close to the ground all the chriseantums all frose they took like they never Will come out agen today is the 14th Thursday April 21st I dampend 6 yards of a yard an half wide broad cloth in a wet Sheat and Presed it for Ela to make Mrs Pro(fessor) Price a dress April 22th 1898, Mr Bodell Put a wire fence from the Sedar tree around the back Street yard two the Seller door agenst the house, tore the fence I made by the front Porch an Put Pailing and a gate there is no way too get in the flower yard onely in that gate, april 30th Rev Hudson left here this morning after Preaching 13 days and nights in the Baptist church, Ela an I didnt mis going but one night an She was Sick Sunday May 1th Walter Gray went two Giles Co. to see his Wife an children an come back May 4 Mrs Pro(fessor) Price gave Ella a Paire of light brown kid gloves What a nice present May 11th I destroyed a large cattelpilernest on the buckenham tree Edgar Grays furnitur an other things come from Roanoke City May 11th Ela gave me the 25 cnets Mrs Sue Price gave for Srinking her cloth may 12 Laura Gray come home to day about 12 ocl her Father brought her May Second Week Mr Willie Librook got a letter from his Brother that has been gone for many years they Thought he was dead but he is in Ohio May 16th Mrs Judie Evans an children left for Roanoke She has been on a visit here May 20th Maggie (Snidow) Sent for my bonnet too Put one of the Rushes in it that Sarah Sent me October 23th 1897 and forgot it at 11 oclock She Said her Prayers to get in bed and thought of my bonnet an fixed it that late hour Jimie (Snidow) brought it two me this morning to ware to our first quarterly meeting May 22 May 24 Mrs Patterson come two Mrs Blacks from Philadelphia her Sister Sunday May 29 I took dinner at Mrs keisters with her cousin that lived here in the years of fiftys She was a old friend of mine We had a nice time talking and a nice dinner cake Strawberies her name was Switser She married Leftrick he died here She agen married and her last husband died this last February June 24th there was a Catholic Preast in Town this morning had Serveses at Mrs Bettie Thomas He Baptised Jodie Bocks baby dont know the date July 9th Miss Mary keister brought me Some Pretty flowers the flower committy sent them July 16 Miss Mary Pugh brought me nice light Sale Eyest (yeast) bread and cake and nice flowers Pansies July 24 mr James keffer and wife went two her mothers to Spen a week July 29 Mr Wesley Wright was here this evening he is from Roanoke City July 30 Mrs Denis Patterson Camper come to See me She had her 2 little Girles with her August 8 Rev Burnet and his wife called to See us they went two Mr Tuckers too dinner August 19 there was two little Girls of the Baltimor freshair children come to Stay with Ella and two went to Surfaces August 31st this morning at 10 oclock all of the Fresh air children fifty-two in number got in the hacks at the bank house door went back two there homes at Baltimore September 1thday Mary Ledgerwood left her home and mother to gow two Washington, D.C. two Stay with Sarah Barkman and Sarah met her at Roanoke. She was at Mary Pepers She got on the Train with Mary, when they got to Lynchburg the Washington train was gon they had to Stay in the depot till 3 oclock Friday morning got two Washington in the day Time September 6 Mrs Nellie Carter left to go to her home took her Sister Myrtle Johnston with her September 27 a Mrs Price come from Newport to day to have a dress made her Husband died a Short time ago her Fatherinlaw was Peter Price Ela took her Measure So she could do her lining while She an her brotherinlaw went two Christiansburg to get her Triming She couldnt get what She wanted they got on the train and got what She wanted at Roanoke City they got back here after dark and Ela fit her lining and they got on there horses two go back to Newport to night a mourning dress it is October 7 Tilda Gray left two day at 10 oclock to go to Roanoke two Stay with Mrs Willie Angles children till She and Mary Pepper Gowes to Washington DC to see the children that lives there Monday October 17 Mr Frank Spickerd began his School above Lissa kinzers they call it the Glade Schoolhouse Anna an Janie (Kinzer) began to go October 28th Mary kinzer went home this Evening She come two Town October 25 a long stay for her October 29 Mrs Luster and Dazey Conway Spent the day to day at Mrs Tuckers november 24 thanksgiving day Ela and I was invited to take dinner up at Mr and Mrs Tuckers I wasent wellenough too go Ela went they had a nice dinner old lady Cabrich Mrs Johnhamton Hoge, Callie Caldwell was the Guyestes november 25 two day about 3 oclock this evening there was a hard Earthquake we didnt feale it up here but at Tilda Grays an at Maggie snidows and other Places and on college hill NOTE added to Diary- Janie Kinzer Callaway, Roseanna Croy's granddaughter who lived at Fairview (the Kinzer home on the Glade Road) remembers "the earthquake is 1898 - I went to the potato patch to shoo the chickens out. On returning to the house several bricks came rolling down from the chimney. Mary was hanging clothes on the pailing fence around the yard. She hurried, scared into the house." november 26 George Lankaster come home She was gone two Richmond to See Walestiene and Pollards was gon Several weeks november 28 karl Snidow has been here all day and to night and this Evening Rev Davidson an wife Mrs Willie Lybrook Edd kinzer and Gracie Lincus all around the fire Rev Dav(idson) wife got up to leave an karl said aunt Ela ask him to Pray and She ask him and he Prayed a good Prayer and Prayed for the little one December 1th all the Soldiers boys here and in the country around here went to Salom two be musterd out of the armey december 16th they come back with there discharge free men to night Wesley Gray brought us about 2 lbs a gift a sassage Edd kinzer come and Showed us his Suit and his mothers dress and other thinges he got at Roanoke and he went to See Mary Pepper Bob kinzer went to See Mary too december 21th Grace Lincous brought me a can of quinces a Christmas gift Saturday december 24 I Sent Mrs Davidson a can of quinces an Sweet apples caned together Preaching at Lutheran Church, and they went this night up there to a Christmas Tree in the year 1891 but there was a deep Snow on the ground then 1898 a Sheat for Most any thing January 8 Ela got a ham 11 lbs January 21 Ela got a ham 11 lbs february 5 Ela got a ham of Ledgerwood 13 lbs march 19 Ela got of Mrs Ledgerwood 14 lbs of Shoulder an 2 lbs of coffee April 9 Ela got Mytle Snidow to go Shopping for her She went two keffers (Store) Sent beef went to hardware Store got a galonhalf tin bucket 20 cts She went up to Harveys Stor got 5 lbs of Sugar 25cts come back to Black Store got a pair of Striped hoes for Ela 25 cts a pair May 13 Mrs George Argabrite was to see us Saturday May 14 at 12 oclock Clarence Snidow began to Stay in kipes Store Sundy May 15th Rev Davidson took a little Girl in the Church and Baptized her too her name was lee Rev Edwards Emersed little Willie Argabright in the Pool, and Bessie Price Billie Prices daughter Friday may 20 this Evening between 7 and 8 oclock the Blacksburg band men left for Richmond to Play the Virginia boys in the War Edd kinzer and Bob k, came told us goodby and So did Willie Lankaster and Willie Price went I cant tell all the names ther was 24 Every body come along main Street too See them go along 3 hacks full the Preachers had Serveses for the men at the Luthren Church this Evening before they left and Rev Davidson Read 14 verses of the 25 Psalm May 24 Mary Wall Sent Ela a midling of bacon 27 lbs 10 cts Per lb June 10 Mr Pat Harvey come home from the armey Willie Price Profesed Religion since in the armey July 4 Ela got ham of miss Sue Wall 17 lbs Thursday July 7th Mr Pat Harvey left this morning two go back to the armey his wife went two the depot with him July 26 Ela went to Mrs Shibes an Sewed all day July 27 Minnie Cook Gray was Sick Edgar came for Florence to get his dinner August first night Ela and Ida (Oliver) went two See Minnie Gray She is Sick August 4th Ela and Ida Oliver went two Mrs Shibes an Sewed all day August 5th Ela Sewed a half day for Mrs Shibes to day August 12 Willie Price come home on a furlow August 29 Willie Price left for to go back to his company September 24 the boys all come on 30 days furlow October 27th Ela got Some Pork Ribs at keffers november 30th got 2 1/4 lbs of Sasage of Prisla Grissom december 6th got 9 lbs of salt 5 lbs crock lard of Prisla Grissom 1898 a Sheat for moving January 5 Wednesdy Humpriers the miller moved in the Mrs Jacob keister house January 7th an 8th Mrs Songer moved in the Amous house with her Brother January 8 Mrs Git moved in the hous her Sister lived in Monday 10 Mr Luckis moved out the hous by the blacksmith Shop his wife moved down on Roanoke kreek to his wifes mothers her name was Miller Saturdy January 15 old Miss Batey moved back in the house by the blacksmith Shop She moved in the Scale Sign, down Sign, and dark moon february 11 a old colored man owens lived clab town he is moving back two the country february 21 Mr Waller Stanger an wife moved in the hous Wesley Dawson had built february 21 or 22 Bob cabrick moved in his new house on the college hill hollow february 23 Jimie David moved in his new house on college hill or hollower Thes men built there houses and moved there thingsin then got there wives Put them in Mrch 31 Mr kyle Luckis is moving this Evening in Mrs Gitts house Wednesd April 6 Mr. Harmen keister moved in the house Wick Scantlon lived in and She moved in the hous near Stangers branch below Murrels, the house Isahia Campter built it and lived in it Several years May 19 Mr and Mrs Rash moved in Mrs Mathewes upstairs this mornin May 30th Edgar Gray moved his things to his owen house from Mr Croys mondy June 20 Mrs Palmer and her Family come home for the Summer June 23 or 24th Mrs Black fixed up Charlsis Roome She is going two her owen home July 24 Mrs Black was to See me and Said She has all her house Ready to take her bed an go in it, Mrs Black went in her owen house to live her an Charley, one day last week after the moon fulled August 24 Mr Frank Harvey is moveing in his own new house August 25 Mr Fleets moved in the Part of the house joining Blacks Store august 30 Mr Billie Hall and family are moving two Roanoke near Hollands Institute, they have lived near Town for a good many years Mr Hall went two School to Mr Dawson when a young man in three year 1839 When the log School house was in the town Graveyard September 16 the Family that lived in DR Eletts house moved in the house Cor (Colonel) Shanks lived in all these moves down Sign dark moon September 17th Ela and I made a move new moon Scale Signe Venis Star the dowen moon, we moved our wardrobe in the corner between the two windows and my bed where it was and the washstand at the foot of the bed September 3 Mr Routledge moved in the house Wesley Dawson built East of Blacksburg September 23th Mrs Rash Sent a load of her house things to Rev Edwourds September 28 Mitchel Linkous widow moved in the house Jimie Snidow left emty October 10th Mrs Walker began two move in the DR Eletts house October Second week Willie Angel moved October last week Mr Packs Soninlaw Mr Kale has been moving in the Martin house november 5 two night is the first light I have Seene in Mr Cales house Since they moved there things there Monday November 7 Miss Sue Gray moved in the office at the Presbytrian Parsnage and Eates at Walter Grays. Sarah wouldnt let her live with her after tomes death thursdy november 10 Mr Fleat moved in the Presbyterran Parsnage november 10th Mcroskey moved in with Ballard Lincous in the Amos house november 10th Humphries moved in the Bodell brick mansion november 10th Wallter Stanger moved in the keister house where humphries lived november 10th Willie Price moved in his new house on the corner of his fathers lot her had it most done before he went two the army november 17 Mr Pack moved Some of there things an thereSelves in there new hous november Mr Luster moved his Grosery Store in Dr Conways Drug Store november Mr John Grisom moved in the Rooms over the Store and Side of the Store november 22 Sarah Smith moved in the Rooms at Blacks Store november 29 kile Tuckes moved from the widow Gitts up in the house Wesle Dawson built his Sister Mrs Rutledge lives in that house too, and Mrs Gitts Sister Mrs Songer moved back in that house December 19 to day I Recon Rev Bula left Roanoke city to go to Baltimor city and a very hard move for him his 4 years wasnt out till conference december 26th Myrtle Snidow moved her Christmas house this morning between 10 and 11 oclock She and Ela carried it over Clarence got a box and made a house, Ela Pappered it nice with blue Paper Bob kinzer Painted the Roof and Chimneys, and Ela filled it for her Xmas gift bed an a nice little Stid, burow 3 little chairs a table 2 Silk foot Stools her mother got a little Piano clarence got a doll, Ela had it dressed and other toyes in it Sallie Ledgerwood come up an made the clothes for the doll Ela to buisy 1898 a Sheat for Church things Janary 3 Charley Mcdonal brought 25 bushel coal two the church Januar 7 Mr Bob Price brought 26 bushel coal to the church $2.60 cash Wednesdy 26 heard what the League made at there Picture Galery and Supper of oyesters cake and cream they Took in that much $29.82 cents March 4 Rev Fishburns Lecture to night was for to help on the building of the new Part to our old Parsage they cleared $13.87 cts March 21th Rev Davidson left for Conferance in Hinton West Virginia the Stureds an members Payed him up Every dollar he went a clean Sheat may 1th Sunday the new Luthren church at Vickers Switch was Dedicated Dr. Fox a Luthren Preached, and Rev Groseclose, they two conducted the Serveses may 13th night Georgis La(nkaster) and Mrs Davidson made at there Entertainment $33.00 wednesd may 18 I went two the Parsnage to mite and I was all the mite I gave to Mrs Apperson 20cts Friday may 27th the Ladys had a cream cake an Strawberie Supper at Eakins (Hotel) and finished up 28th in Georgies (Lankaster) vard in afternoon they made about 18 dollars december 27th the Methodist Sundy School Christmas doing to night the church was decerated larel leaves on all over the Pulpit an alter fasened to the galery 3 large white bells long in front with Electricks in the make a light globes all the leaves Some was Red an some blue Lesla Lankaster worked them he would make Red an blue lites the dark the Silver Star on the wall back of the Pulpit was a clear glass globe that light made the Star look like the Sun it was nice Nellie (Keister) and her man walked in to the alter and was married an went out, then after a while the children Sang and made there Speaches they done well then the old Cristcrinkle come in the End window with long gray berd and gave out the Presents an candys