APRIL 1897 Saturday 24 Eliza Angel left her Son Willies home at Roanoke City for a visit two her old home an Sisters at Blacksburg MAY 1897 16th She and Tilda Gray went two the Graveyard and She Stood on the Spot of ground by her Husbands grave, Right here I want my grave and I want Mr Tom Camper to dig it then She said this is the last time time we will be here together till I am layed here, an June 11 was her birthday and She was 79 an She ate her birth day dinner at Tilda Grays an Stayed all night with me JUNE 1897 12 She ate breakfast with me, an went to Wesley Grays was there till Evening She come to Tildas Ate her Supper there was going to Stay all night with me agen but She got very Sick they Sent for the Dr was up all night She couldent lay down She was Porley all day and night of the 13 June 14 Monday morning at 6 oclock She Seste to breath She went quick and Eazey She wanted to See Wesley Gray thats the one She called for She Said on Sunday June 13th that She couldnt live She Said She was Ready and Willing to go anytime She was at Mr Argabrites a few days before She took Sick they had a beautiful callie lillie in bloom She said Miss Mag when I die I want you to cut that off an Put it in my hand in the coffin an So did Miss Mag doo and that in a few days after She Said it