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"My Precious Loulie...":
Love letters of the Civil War-- Sallie Seeper Scott

"...so good night My Dear + I hope you will rest contented + full assured that I will remain yours..."

April the 15 1865. Lower Chanceford.

Dear Friend,
After haveing done all the -------
On Saturday evening with the
Greatest of pleasure I have taken
The priveledge of a few minuts
To whold a conversation with you
Thou many miles apart we May
Be. I received a very Kind +
Welcome letter about noon yesterday
From my well wisher + lover +
Its content was very interresting
+ esceptable to me but
Whare do you think I was
When it came to my hands.
I will tell you but you
Musant tell any body nor
Think hard of it your self
For I Couldant help it I
Was in Bed but I am able
to be up and a doing to day.
I was sorry to here that
You had the head-ache but
I hope it is better by this
Time if it ant you had
Beter take care that you dont get
Wors than the headache + be
Obliged to go to bed as was yester
-day. If you do then what will become
Of you away whare you neither have
Friends nor relations nor not even
A gal to take care of you. You had
Beter come home for fear you do.
For you can get plenty of work
here on the canal every body in
the neighbourhood + more is working
There + they havant 1/2 hands enough
yet I would like very much to
See you comeing home for I was
out at Pine grove church on Sunday
Last + there I saw the bride +
groom + if you want to know who
they ware it was Mr. William moor
and Miss Mary hickman was her maden nam
I don't know what gussie will
Do know when wil moor as she
Calls him is gone unless you
Come up + hold her once a
Week but if that dont pleas
You + I exspect if you ware to come
Home you could get into a job
Of sleeping with Mary Jane Snyder
for I exspect she has to sleep by
her self since John went to the
Army I suppose you know for certain
By this time that David has gon
to the army + I herd yesterday that
He has the ague he didant write home
that he had but J. Stevens did.
Well my dear it is nearly 9 oclock
+ the rest the family are nearly
All gone to bed + I feel as much
like being there as any whare else to
I will quit writing for tonight I finnish
in the morning as tommorrow is Sunday
I will have plenty of time so good night
My Dear + I hope you will rest
contented + full assured that I will
remain yours fare well.

April the 16
Good Morning My dear friend
this is quite a pleasant morning
I almost forgot to tell you that
I got a letter about 2 week ago
forwarded from the president A
Lincoln but the next one he sends
to me he had beter not get you
to write it + I won't be so sure to
know that it came from you my
Dearest friend + only lover + loveing
Bob well I think I will haft to
draw my leter to a close for the present
time by telling you to write soon all
at presant from your kind friend
Sallie S. Scott to
Robert Barnett you said that you
wanted me to send you a stamp or
thats what I took it to be from the
way you had it speld I havent any
3 cts ones but will send you all the
one cent ones that I have at this time
I forgot the old hors he is doing well
only there is someting rong with his neck
so he cant put his hed down to drink
Sallie Seeper Robert James write soon

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