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Landon Duncan (1786-1867)

Papers, 1814-37, n.d., Ms97-023

November 21, 1812. Letter from Landon Duncan to
"Respected Uncle & relatives."

Back side of letter addressed to "Mr. Alamander Duncan, Stokes County, North Carolina."

Giles County Virginia

Respected Uncle & relatives

By and through the tender mercies of infinite Goodness who presides over the univeral system of all Creation I am permitted to address a few Words to you to give you all to understand I yet retain in remembrance your tenderness toward me whilst in a State of infancy, Youth_ etc. which I thank God my Creator and Saviour_ and consider I should be very ungratified not to return God thanks and praise also acknowledge your bounty & generosity. I must inform you that Myself, Wife & mother are at this time enjoying the blessings of Good health. Which I trust through the benevolenece with Almighty God those broken paragraphs may also find you enjoying_ With those blessings which contribute to the present enjoyment of this precarious mortal life; also for the felicity of immortality I must acquaint you that I arived to Cosin Charles' after a Journey of 7 days without any disaster or accident. Within a week after I moved all my effects to my settled home_ Mother appears better Sattisfied than I expected and Says she is much more so than she ever has been since she left Rockbridge_ and as to worldy concerns she appears to be at ease_ There appears a peace & harmony Subsisting among and between us_ which good qualities appear to be cultivated among our little family for the mutual tranquility of us; and truly it inspires my heart with the tendrest Affections to see each one Strive to make each other happy not by laying on burdens on each others shoulders which are weighty but each bearing his proportionable part of those accidental evils which befall the humane family in this depraved State they have fallen into by Sin. As for my Welfare_ I have a prospect of Supplying myself with every necessary uppon good terms considering the depression of the times I have bought 50 bushels of Corn for 2/2 pr Bush_ Rye what I want at 3/ Beef at 2 1/2----. as for pork I know not how it will sell but suppose about $3 or 4 all these things which I want the kindness of my employers supply without my going out of my house_ but how long those pleasing prospects of tranquility may last God of heaven knows it remains for time to prove_ for prosperity gains friends but adversity tries them I now forbear to trouble you with any further Ceremony but could write almost a volume but suffice it that I conclude by praying God to bless you all

This from your unworthy
Landon Duncan
Nov. 21st. 1812

NB. Mother & wife
join with their love & respects
to all enquiring friends & relations

Post script on next page of letter: "A Letter from Mr. Landon Duncan July the 9 Day 183? A. Duncan"

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