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December 1, 1821 -- letter from Francis Preston to James McDowell

Dec. 1st, 1821

My Dear Sir

The opportunity is so direct to Lexington that I cannot avoid dropping a few lines altho William has been with you so lately. We are all in point of health exactly as he left us here. I have not heard from Smithfield or any where below, so that I can give you no information from that quarter.

Genl. Carrington and my Dear Elza left here the day before yesterday, would get to Mr. Russells, remain there yesterday at a tremendous Camp meeting, and this day prodeed on there journey. Elza's health had almost became restablishing and the Genl in good health, but they are returning home too soon as I understand it is very unhealthy in the lower country.

I wrote to you by William to endeavour so search out for Jonathan Martin who I understand lived near Woodstock a place formerly belonging to the heirs of Colo. Floyd, or he may live in the neighberhood of Mr. Walter Preston, who I imagine is acquainted with him, I imagine Martin will be an usefull witness for me in case of Dunns ----, about which I have given you so much trouble. I wish you would endeavour to find him, and see what he remembers. He went out with Dunn when he went for the Land. They were acquainted and I suppose would communicate with each other freely, and I imagine they both lived about Alexander Breckenridges at that time.

I want to prove that Alexander Breckenridge got the mare and was to pay the Land, and that the bargain was made for Breckenridge, which Dunn knew and applied to him for it, and that Breckenridge promissed to give it. Now I think that Walter Preston can prove the first part and perhaps Martin and Wm. Breckenridge can prove the latter part. Pray if you have got any of the depositions by to get them forwarded to me as quick as possible, as I ought to have them against the 20th of this month. As if none are taken to inform me the reason that I may get the cause continued.

I had hoped that young Mr. ---- who carries this would have taken a servant by whom the wanted papers might have been sent but he does not. Perhaps if they were placed in the hands of Mr. Kean with particular directions he could forward them on. He would do it. At all events be so good as to write.

You and my Dear Susan will accept of my warmest affections, and imprint on the lips of you Dear Children a Grandfathers love.

Your Affectionately
Francis Preston

I had thought your mother would have been on in time for me in relation to those papers but I do not calculate that she will now, however if no other ---- offers please to send by them.

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