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Lewis Wood

Letters, 1862-63, 8 items, Ms91-011

Lewis Wood Letter: January 12, 1862

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Camp Denison Jan 12th

Dear Wife

I have tryed all day to set my self to writing some thing but have failed til this evening so I have got into my bunk to write while the rest are singing meathodist hymns or anny thing els gest as the spirit mooves I have received two good letters since I sent my last and some other good things so I am in to you debt you may have learnt by this time that I got a watch from Abe Baldwin he sent me one a hunter case watch a 10.25 or 10.50 Murve did not know wich so you will hafto settle on other watch bill for me and I shall have one to sell we got our monney yesterday 26 dollars with 13 dollars that I get for watch and lent monney I should have 40 dollars if should get the 10 shillings that Alex Harper

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ows me but I shant get that now for he ant here to get his pay he has not got back yhet he sent word to the Capt that his wife was sick but would be back fryday last AJ Harper says he has mad arrangements with F bowls to send our monney to him by Express and is anxious to have the monney pass through his hands betwene you and me I dont beleive he sent anny monny home I saw Asa today he told me he was agoing to Express some to his uncle so I send throug him but the bother is I dont know how much I can spare I dont know when I shal get again Asa is gest in says he wants to fire it up to night I cant write as much as I should like I dont beleive we leave here for a number of days yhet I think whe shal stop at St Louis

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a spl in fact I am not much scart about our going much further I shall write again soom I haf to read the letters that Mrs. Robbert sends to Mr. Robberts and I wrote one for him last night Asa let me take a letter to day to read that he got from Mr. Gale but I shal haf to take time to read it I see by it that are at work on the meeting house I think I can spare 30 dollar Asa shal send 20 dollar out of 40 that he has got mabby I can send some mor after a little if I sel a watch I think Abay wrote a good letter you may kiss her for me and the boys to tel Home to let me know how that poor pig gets along

L, Wood

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