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Lewis Wood

Letters, 1862-63, 8 items, Ms91-011

Lewis Wood Letter: January 28, 1862


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Hudson Mo Jan 28th 1862

Dear Wife

I thought I would make one more attemp to write though I may make as much of a failure as usual this is a town about the size of Centerville where we chanenge cars we came here on the north AHO.R.R. and take the Hanibal and St HO R.R. weleft St Charles yesterday noon we was at St Charles 4 or 5 days I engoied my self verry well there we had the privelige of going where we pleased we had a plenty of apples and other things at a moderate price and then I engoyed the Sabath that I was there I went to meettin 3 times I went to the slaves meetting 20 pm They have a House of their own and a meathodist man to preach to them some 15 or 20 soldiers went to and we was all the white persons that went they have a brick house about the size of your shoolhouse or larger and they could not all get in I asked them if they was all slaves they said they was I asked how far they come they said some of them 8 or 9 mills they invited me to take a seat near the desk with the brederin so I did and and had a good time shakeing hands with them before the meeting was out and after to they have a good deal of order and sistem about their

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meetting I went quite often to the house of a widdow woman or to her slaves hous and got coffee and pie of them verry cheap I took quite a likeing to them I saw the works of the rebbels as I came through the on cars but the soldiers that are stationed along the road say they are great for running now I see some horses here to day that was taken from the rebbels the 1 and 2 battallion has pased this place we are staing here over night the Officers say we must sleep with one eye open to night the telegraph wire was cut to day and they sent out a man and engine 30 miles and he has ben gon 6 ours and not heard from so they seem to be a little concerned on the whole this war buisness is not like home hard bread and raw ham is our living except the butter + cheese you sent I gave Mr. Harper some yesterday and he asked me for more to day I told him I wanted to take some of it to Kansas and so I did not let him have anny I spose you have found the trunk key under the lock cover if you have got the trunk I got milk hungry here so I went arround the town to find some but could not I like what I have sean of Mo verry much This is the place to rais hogs I must close for it is after 9oc I paid 5 cents for a candle to use to night

L Wood

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