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H.C. & CO. ACCOUNT BOOK, 1879-96. 1 vol. Unknown business in Virginia. Lists debtors, creditors, and labor, store, bank, cash, and interest accounts. Ms89-082.
HADEN, THOMAS. LETTER, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia; possible POW. Collection consists of an incomplete letter dated July 8, 1862 from Haden to his wife talking about marching and battle. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-027.
HADID, ZAHA (1950- ). EXHIBIT BROCHURE, 2000. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Exhibit brochure for Iraqi born architect titled Zaha Hadid Laboratory produced by the Exhibitions Program at Yale University School of Architecture in collaboration with Zaha Hadid. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HAFER, HANNELORE (1954- ). BOOK AND SKETCH. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Kassel, Germany. A 1986 book, Glasarchitektur: Bewohnte Glashauser und Glasanbauten, co-written with Egon Bohmer, and a sketch of a skyline. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HAGANS, HARRISON (1796-1867). ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1836-1858. 0.2 cu. ft. General store proprietor and iron furnace operator in Brandonville, Virginia (now West Virginia). Time book said to have documented workers at Muddy Creek Furnace and daybooks from Hagans' general store. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-057.
HAGER, ANNE JUDKINS. PAPERS, 1828-1990, n.d. Genealogical researcher, and collector of her family papers. Papers consist of files, books, and newspaper clippings gathered by Hager and other family members on the Preston family of Southwest Virginia (particularly the Abingdon branch), and other associated families that intermarried with the Prestons. Finding aid available online. Ms95-008.
HAGER, GEORGE H. (b. 1854). ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1913-1925. 1.0 cu. ft. Merchant of Wythe County, Virginia. Customer account ledgers and order books of general mercantile business. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-014.
HAHN, EDWARD H. CASSETTE TAPES, 1977-91. 76 tapes. Collection consists of tapes of lectures and talks given at Civil War Roundtables and sessions at a Civil War Summer Institute led by Virginia Tech History Professor J.I. Robertson, Jr., attended and recorded by Hahn. Topics focus on prominent Civil War battles, campaigns, and persons. Ms92-026.
HAHN, IVANKA VULCHANOVA, PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Collection includes three photographs and one advertisement featuring Ganglaz Pavillon designed by Glasbau Heinrich Hahn; an exhibit catalog; and one photograph depicting a dinner or lunch at the inn in Rheinsberg [Germany] circa 1950. Material is in German. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HAKALA-MEYER, MAIJA (b. 1944). PORTFOLIO AND BIOGRAPHICAL ABSTRACT. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Braunschweig, Germany. Collection consists of a portfolio of photocopies of articles, architectural drawings, and photographs, and a brief biographical abstract. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HALE, ANNIE M. (1888-1966). SHEET MUSIC COLLECTION, 1892-1987. 0.6 cu. ft. Resident of Blacksburg, Virginia. Collection of sheet music comprised mostly of popular songs from the first half of the twentieth century, including among others patriotic songs, novelty songs, show tunes, and instrumentals. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-002.
HALE, RUTH G. PAPERS, ca. 1984-87. 0.1 cu. ft. Roanoke, Virginia, resident. Papers consist of a copy of "Montgomery County Cemeteries" by Hale, listing markings on gravestones in cemeteries in Montgomery County, Virginia. Ms89-037.
HALL, LEWIS A. MEMORABILIA. 1921-1977. 0.4 cu. ft. Member of VPI class of 1924. Collection consists of newspaper clippings from VPI sporting and entertainment events; photographs from Rat Parades, football games, and the cadet corps; engineering sketches; and programs and bulletins. Collection also includes three armbands numbered "24," an award of appreciation from the Alumni Association, reunion materials, and a 1967 Certificate of Merit from the Hokie Club. Ms1983-009.
HALL, LOUISE (1905-1990). PAPERS, 1860-1990. 85 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Hall earned a B.A. from Wellesley College in 1927, B.S. from MIT in 1930, Ph.D. from Radcliffe 1954. She was a long-time member of the North Carolina Chapter of the AIA, and served as its archivist. She taught art and architectural history at Duke University from 1931-1975 and mentored many architects and scholars, including Dr. Mary Woods at the School of Architecture at Cornell who recently published a history of the profession. The Hall collection contains papers from her teaching career, various jobs including architecture projects, drawings from an architecture class, diaries, maps, blueprints, scrapbooks and original artwork. It also includes old family letters and photographs (including glass negatives, cartes de visite, cabinet cards, and tintypes), genealogical research notes, and personal papers. Preliminary inventory available by request. Ms2000-086.
HALL, WILLIAM P. CORRESPONDENCE, 1861-63. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier from Massachusetts in the Civil War. Four letters written from various camps in Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia, to his uncle in Worcester, Massachusetts. Worked in the cook house. Writes that several soldiers were discharged because they were too small and short, how the regiment grows smaller each month, and that a bowling alley will be built in a hospital for the men. Also writes that his regiment was inspected by the Secretaries of War and of the Navy, and by General Ambrose E. Burnside and Governor John Andrew of Massachusetts. Ms89-069.
HALSEY, HENRY (1784-1876). ACCOUNT BOOK, 1846-1874. 0.1 cu. ft. Farmer and leather tanner living in Windsor, Connecticut. Day book and other accounting entries. Finding aid available online. Ms1978-011.
HAMLIN, JEANETTE. 1841-1909. 16 vols. Collection includes textbooks found at the Thomas-Conner house in Blacksburg, later bought by Hamlin. Texts include 19th century works on law, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Ms92-012.
HAMILTON, PERCY CLAYTON. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, c.1909-1912. 0.1 cu. ft. Graduate of VPI, 1912; cadet and Electrical Engineering major. Collection contains Hamilton's photograph album from his years at VPI, including images of the Corps of Cadets and campus. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-007.
HAMPDEN-SYDNEY COLLEGE, UNION LITERARY SOCIETY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1829-57. 0.1 cu. ft. Literary society established in 1789 at Hampden-Sydney College in Richmond, Virginia, to provide a forum for writing, speaking, and debating for its student members. Correspondence consists of sixteen letters of acceptance or refusal to lecture or to accept membership in the society, from John S. Caskie, Thomas Saunders Gholson, James E. Heath, Elias Lyman Magoon, Chesley Martin, Henry W. Miller, Joseph Nimmo, and Harry Robertson. Also includes letters from craftspeople and merchants concerning membership pins, curtains, ribbons, and diplomas. Ms93-001.
HANCOCK, EDWARD A. (b.1911). LETTER TO, 1964. 0.1 cu. ft. Virginia Tech Professor of English, 1946-1978. Collection consists of a letter written to Hancock from Herbert Faulkner West at Dartmouth College. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-045.
HANCOCK, JOHN H. (ca.1841-1913). DIARY, 1862-1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Sergeant in 29th Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War. Brief diary entries relate largely routine information such as weather conditions, personal health, camp routines. Longer entries provide information on orders, marching, battles and war news. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-008.
HANNA, BRONWYN. Thesis. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Active in Constructive Women: The Association of Women Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners and Women of the Building Industry. PhD thesis on early women architects in New South Wales, Australia. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HANNA, ELVIRA JANE (1837-1905). RECEIPT BOOK, mid 19th century. 0.1 cu. ft. Illinois native. Collection contains a handwritten recipe book featuring dishes like ecipes include Sweet Potato Waffles, Turtle Soup, Bacon Frase, Ginger Beer, Cottage Pudding, Panada, Arrow Root Jelly, Oyster Pie, and Election Cake; other recipes include cleaning products and home medicines. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-052.
HANSARD, A.C.M.A. LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Civil War home front letter written February 24, 1865, from Tazewell, Claiborne County, Tennessee. Hansard writes to her family about the lack of available meat, robberies in the area, and a recent local revival meeting. Ms89-097.
HANSEN, FANI DANADJIEVA,ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1982-1987. (0.1 cu. ft.) International Archive of Women in Architecture. General Partner, Hansen Associates, Tiburon , California. Received Award of Honor (1980) for Design Excellence and first place for Energy Conservation Competition (1981). The collection include a resume, Hansen Architects firm project sheets, audio interview, and information about and photographs of the Pittsburgh Civic Center. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HARBIN, NANCY B. (b. 1814). LETTER (1862). 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Mississippi. Letter written by Nancy B. Harbin to her sons in Company F, 42nd Regiment of the Mississippi Infantry. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-013.
HARDIN, WALTER READE JR. (1917-1985). COLLECTION, 1934-1952. 0.1 cu. ft. Virginia Tech graduate and U.S. Army veteran. Collection consists of materials collected during college days, including mementos of local social events (especially dances and concerts); photographs of cadet and band groups, classmates, and events surrounding the 1938 homecoming football game with the University of Virginia; and a small assortment of newspaper clippings. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-027.
HARDWICK FAMILY. COLLECTION. 1910, 1919-1920. 0.1 cu. ft. John Cecil Hardwick and James Thomas Hardwick, Jr. were students of VPI in 1910-1912 and 1920, respectively. The collection consists of thirteen items, including correspondence concerning the Corps of Cadets, football, the YMCA, and a 1929 pamphlet, entitled Talks to Young Men and Boys by Great Athletes, by J.T. Hardwick. Finding aid available online. Ms1972-007.
HARDWICK FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 2007. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains a copy of Hardwick family letters transcribed by Charles Graham Burress, Jr. The spiral-bound collection of transcribed letters is supplemented with historical notes regarding various members of the Hardwick family. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-126
HARKNESS, SARAH PILLSBURY (1914-2013). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1985-1997, 2013. 2.25 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Lexington, Massachusetts, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Founding member (1945) of The Architects Collaborative, an architecture firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Collection consists of a book by Harkness, Sustainable Design for Two Maine Islands [HT393 M2 S9 1985], an audiocassette with a lecture given October 1986 by her at Virginia Tech about sustainable design, architectural drawings and photographs of a house she designed in 1996-1997 in Essex, Massachusetts, and a booklet documenting the presentations given at an awards dinner when she was presented with the Boston Society of Architects 1991 Award of Honor. Finding aid available online. Ms1997-024.
HARKRADER & SARVER. ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1921-1930. 0.3 cu. ft. Wholesale produce company in Christiansburg, Virginia. Two ledgers, recording customer names, goods purchased and dates of purchases for agricultural produce. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-029.
HARKRADER PRODUCE COMPANY. ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1923-1936. 0.5 cu. ft. Christiansburg, Virginia feed and seed wholesale business. Three daybooks, providing names, dates, goods purchased, and prices for each transaction. Finding aid available online. Ms1940-014.
HARLING, ELISABETH-CHARLOTTE (1922-2011). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1950-1998. 5.3 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect in Germany, but also worked in France and Switzerland. Papers reflect Harling's work as an architect and interior designer. Focus is on her university and commercial buildings. Harling also has papers at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Finding aid available online. Ms1999-007
HARMAN, EDWIN HOUSTON (1835-1864). PAPERS, 1856-1984. 0.3 cu. ft. Lieutenant colonel in Company H, 45th Virginia Infantry, in the Civil War. Born in Tazewell County, Virginia; enlisted in May 1861 as a captain; Promoted to Lieutenant colonel in May 1862; Killed in action at Cloyd's Farm, Virginia, in May 1864. Collection consists of letters to and from Harman in various camps in southwest Virginia and his wife, sister, and mother (some transcripts available); also includes some genealogy materials relating to the Harman family. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-019.
HARMON, DANA. PAPERS, 1885-1916. 1.0 cu. ft. Tennessee judge and unsuccessful Republican Congressional candidate. Collection includes correspondence to and from Harmon; receipts and court expense papers; election materials. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-013.
HARPER, ROBERT A. (1862-1946). COLLECTION, c.1910-c.1930. 0.2 cu. ft. Head of Columbia University Botany Department from 1911 to 1930. Collection consists of ca. 200 photographs--some attributed to Hicks Arnold--of various orchid specimens, together with a few scientific notes and personal materials. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-010.
HARRELSON, HERBERT FLETCHER (1901-1977). PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, 1919-1922. 0.1 cu. ft. Virginia resident and VPI student from 1920-1922. Collection consists of a disbound photo album with pictures of the VPI campus and nearby areas. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-054.
HARRIS, JAMES W. M., PAPERS, 1857-1900. 1 Linear Foot. The Papers consist of documents and over 200 letters written either to or from James Harris or immediate family members. Topics include descriptions of the siege of Vicksburg, life in Richmond, life during the Civil War, and treatment of African Americans during the time period. Finding aid available online. Ms2000-085.
HARRIS, JONATHAN. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in Company K, 17th Regiment of the North Carolina State Troops in the Civil War. Letter written July 21, 1864, from Greenville, North Carolina, to Major R.S. Tucker. Harris asks Tucker to use his influence with his commanding General to recommend him for the position of quartermaster in Washington, North Carolina, on account of failing health and his desire for an easy position. Ms89-065.
HARRIS MOUNTAIN SCHOOLS. PAPERS, 1913-61. 0.1 cu. ft. Presbyterian mission schools in Floyd, Montgomery, and Franklin Counties, Virginia. Schools included Shooting Creek, Ferrum, Cannaday, Christiansburg, Buffalo Mountain, Sylvatus; Pippen Hill, Boone's Mill; Taylor's Mountain, Thaxton; Cave Mountain, Greenlee; Algoma, Boone's Mill; and Franklin, Christiansburg. Includes act of incorporation for the Schools (1913); correspondence (1947-61) to Rev. R.G. See, President of the Board of Advisors, and Rev. G.A. Wilson; histories of the school; a brochure about John Kellogg Harris, after whom the school is named; and a copy of the "Montgomery Mountain Missionary" (1925) containing articles on the Schools and the Presbyterian home mission. Finding aid is available online. Ms61-001.
HARRIS, WILLIAM GIDEON. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, c.1908-1912. 0.2 cu. ft. VPU student from 1907 to 1911; Applied Chemistry graduate. Collection consists of a photograph album with photos of campus events and the surrounding area. Also includes several newsclippings and a love poem. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-005.
HARRIS, W. S. LETTERS TO, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains three letters to W. S. Harris, two by John Puller (July and August 1863) and one by D. C. Cahill(?) (April 1863); letters discuss business transactions for farm equipment, as well as the clothing needs of Cahill, who was serving in the Civil War. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-065.
[HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, DAYBOOK, 1823-25.] 1 vol. Account book for an unknown general store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Accounts for sales of sugar, blankets, tobacco, etc. Ms88-101.
HART, HECTOR S. LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Letter written by Hector S. Hart, private with the 126th Regiment, Ohio Infantry. Written from camp near Danville, Va., to his mother on April 30th, 1865. Letter discusses various regimental activities in Virginia, camp conditions, and relations with local citizens in Danville area. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-013.
HART, HENRY WELDO (1832-1895). LETTERS,1862-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Corporal in 2nd Connecticut Light Artillery Battery and husband of Margaret Elizabeth Black. Typescript copies of letters written by Hart to his wife from camps in the northern Virginia and gulf coast areas. Discusses at great length camp life; conditions in northern Virginia, Louisiana, and other areas; military actions; the war's progress; and personal matters. Part of the Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
HARTWICK, MARY JOSEPHINE. VPI MEMORABILIA AND SCRAPBOOK, 1924-1925. Collection contains a scrapbook filled with photos of the VPI campus as well as inlaid letters and tickets to both on and off campus events in the mid 1920s; also includes a VPI tie tack and belt buckle, a track medal for shot put, and a plaque. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-009.
HARVILLE, JOHN (1839-1913). DIARIES, 1861-1864, 1913, 2010. 0.4 cu. ft. Private in Company F, 7th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry from August 1861 to January 1864; transferred to Veterans Reserve Corp, January to August 1864, before mustering out. Diaries contain entries relating to camp life including picket duty, drills, dress parades, who is sick and absent, and war news. Later entries written while Harville was in hospitals around Baltimore, Maryland, also contain information about daily life in the hospital, chores, and social activities. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-053.
HASKELL-SPEER, JEAN. PAPERS, 1782-1995. 2.8 cu. ft. Professor of Communication Studies and Humanities at Virginia Tech. Collection includes research files on Floyd and Patrick County, as well as the Roanoke Valley and West Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-109.
HASTINGS, L. JANE. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1951-2003. 10.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect in Seattle, founder and owner of The Hastings Group - Architects. Papers include consists of material created and accumulated by Hastings (and, to certain extent, by the other architects of the Hastings Group) in the course of her design and other professional activities. This material primarily comprises drawings, presentation boards, photographs, and printed material, as well as other material, including certificates and plaques. The printed material includes copies of newspaper and magazine articles that document various completed projects and International Union of Women Architects(UIFA) meeting papers and programs from 1969-1998.Finding aid available online. Ms2004-004.
HATCHER, T.W. (abt.1900-1979). COLLECTION, 1919-1970 (Bulk 1920-1930). 0.6 cu. ft. Student at VPI from 1919-1922. Graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, then joined the Math Department. Head of the Math Department from 1944-1963. Collection contains class notes from Hatcher's time as a student, photographs, VPI ephemera from the 1950s, and reports from the National Bank of Blacksburg. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-040.
HAUPT, HERMAN (1817-1905). MANUSCRIPT REMINISCENCES, ca. 1862-1900. 0.5 cu. ft. Chief of construction and transportation for the military railroad system for the Union Army during the Civil War; later chief engineer or general manager for several railroads, including the Shenandoah Valley, the Richmond and Danville and the Northern Pacific, and president of the Dakota and Great Southern Railroad. Manuscript consists of the original draft for his Reminiscences of General Herman Haupt (1901), including correspondence, copies of telegraph messages, and general orders from the Civil War. Among the correspondence is a letter from Robert Todd Lincoln. Ms88-010.
HAUTMANN-KISS, KLARA, ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Vienna, Austria. Papers include an article, "Residential Parks as a Solution of Today's Housing Problem;" plans for "Wiener Flur," a housing project in Vienna; a brief biography; and a pen sketch (1980) of a theatre interior. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
[HAVANA, CUBA SHIPPING LEDGER], 1820-1822. 0.2 cu. ft. Shipping merchant in Havana, Cuba, possibly the firm of Miralla, Knight & Co. Payments received from a distributor in Havana, Cuba, to ship goods, including sugar, coffee, and cigars, to Boston, Massachusetts. Finding aid available online. Ms1988-116.
HAWKES, JOSHUA GILMAN (1831-1863). PAPERS, 1852-1870. 0.2 cu. ft. Sergeant in Company D, 52nd Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War. Hawkes' letters to family members detailing war experiences and from friends and relatives written after Hawke's death. Finding aid available online. Transcripts available. Ms1979-003.
HAWKINS, CHARLES N. LETTERS, 1863-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Craig County, Virginia, resident; private with Company D, 22nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry. Collection consists of three letters written by Pvt. Charles N. Hawkins and Pvt. George Rock to Hawkins's cousin, Dollie L. Eakin, between August 1863 and April 1864. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-026.
HAWKINS, HERMAN BRUCE (1889-1981). PAPERS, 1958-1970. 0.2 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (BS, electrical engineering, 1910); president and board member of Virginia Tech Alumni Association, recipient of Distinguished Alumni Citation in 1961. Correspondence with classmate Taylor Adams regarding such issues as communism, race relations, and nuclear disarmament; as well as a subject file on Adams' attempt to organize a protest march during the 1969 campus appearance of General William Westmoreland. Also included is material relating to Hawkins' receiving the Distinguished Alumni Citation. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-014.
HAWKINS, JAMES P. (1845-1931). PAPERS, 1863-65. 0.1 cu. ft. An agent for the Southern Express Company during the Civil War, James P. Hawkins was born in Albemarle Co., VA and died in the Millboro area of Bath Co. Collection consists of an expense/account notebook that also contains diary entries beginning with 2 April 1865, the day Hawkins arrived in Richmond as the city was being evacuated, along with loose pages of diary entries through 11 May 1865. Other documents include special orders, exemption from military service, itemized expenses and receipts, Hawkins's signed Oath of Allegiance to the United States, two letters, envelopes, and a photograph of an unidentified man taken in a New Orleans studio. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-025.
HAYDEN, FLORENCE KENYON. PAPERS, 1905-1907, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architecture instructor at Ohio State University. Papers include her lecture notebook, with her teaching outline for a class; a photograph of Oxley Hall at OSU, designed by her, and an advertising postcard addressed to her, for the millwork of a "20th Century" window. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HAYES, CARL N. "NEIGHBOR AGAINST NEIGHBOR, BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER: GREENE COUNTY IN THE CIVIL WAR," [1966?] 0.1 cu. ft. Photocopy of typescript collection of information regarding the Civil War in Greene County, Tennessee. Part of the Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
HEARD, JESSE THOMAS. BUTTONS, 1887. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of six uniform buttons belonging to Heard, who attended VAMC in 1887. Finding aid available online. Ms1973-010.
HEBALD-HEYMANN, MARGO, RÉSUMÉ AND COMPANY BROCHURE. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. President of Margo Hebald-Heymann, AIA & Associates, Inc., a company specializing in designing commercial structures and health care facilities in California. Collection consists of a brochure of her firm with a curriculum vitae. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HELG, FRANCA (1920- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1989. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Milan, Italy. The collection consists of an article that Helg wrote in 1989 entitled "Franco Albini-Architect and Teacher", as well as a catalog about Helg. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HELMS, HENRY, LETTERS, 1861-1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Typed transcripts of the war letters of Henry Helms, private, Company I, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry. His early letters focus mostly on personal matters, including his need for various items of clothing and food. He describes skirmishes, the aftermath of battle, and Confederate prisoners-of-war; and notes camp activities and rumors. Helms received a head wound at the Battle of Gaines' Mill on June 27, 1862 and was presumed to have died soon thereafter. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-008.
HENDERSON, LILBURN LEWIS (1786-1820). LEGAL DOCUMENT, 1820. 0.1 cu. ft. Abingdon, Virginia merchant; guardian of children of business partner William Trigg, deceased. Report of commission examining Henderson's accounts as guardian. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-092.
HENDRIX, LEE. CORRESPONDENCE, 1862-63. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in Co. B of the 1st North Carolina Sharpshooter Battalion in the Civil War. Collection consists of eight letters from Hendrix in camp in Front Royal, Virginia, and in a hospital in Lynchburg, Virginia, to Noah Beeson. Writes of lice in the camp and boredom between confrontations with the enemy. Mentions the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 1862). Transcripts available. Ms90-020.
HENLEY, BERNARD J. PAPERS, 1847-1897, 1906-1956. 0.1 cu. ft. Handwritten index to articles about VPI in Richmond, Virginia, newspapers from 1906 to 1956. There are two sheets indexing scattered years between 1874 and 1897. The index is arranged chronologically and gives the headline, then the citation (newspaper, date, and page). Ms88-024.
HENRY, ROBERT SELPH (1889-1970). PAPERS, 1861-1971. 4.3 cu. ft. Lawyer; Director of Public Relations for the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway (1921-1928); Assistant to the Vice President of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railrway (1928-1934); Vice President of the Association of American Railroads (1934-1958); Civil War historian. Collection consist of correspondence, subject files, photographs, and clippings concerning Henry's research on the Civil War, focusing on the Confederacy and Nathan Bedford Forrest, and also railroad history; Collection also contains Henry's Southern Historical Association (SHA) and Association of American Railroads papers. Finding aid available online. Ms1989-020.
HENSLEY, WILLIAM WALLACE (1834-1914). AUTOBIOGRAPHY, 1912. 0.1 cu. ft. Sergeant in Company C, 21st Illinois Infantry, prisoner-of-war at Richmond and Danville, Virginia; Andersonville, Georgia; and Florence Stockade, South Carolina. Typed transcript of Civil War memoir, including detailed descriptions of prison conditions and activities. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-007.
HERAKOVICH, CARL T. PAPERS, 1973-1987. 1.0 cu. ft. Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics Department at Virginia Tech from 1967-1987, and University co-director of the NASA-Virginia Tech Composites Program from 1974-1984. Collection includes budget records, renewal proposals, and reports concerning the Composite Materials Research and Education program, in addition to correspondence and budget proposals regarding additional projects. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-033.
HERBERT, DELIA. LETTERS, 1861-62. 0.1 cu. ft. Three letters written by a resident of Bergen, New York, to her sister in Lockhart, New York. Writes her despair in not hearing from her husband, a soldier in an unidentified New York regiment during the Civil War. Ms92-029.
HERBERT, HENRY E. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier in the Civil War writing on June 22, 1863, from an unknown place to his brother. Writes about a fight that occurred the day before involving four thousand cavalry and two or three batteries of Union troops. Transcript available. Ms91-071.
HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH (1880-1954). LETTER, 1918. 0.1 cu. ft. American novelist, short story writer, and biographer, best known for The Three Black Pennies (1917) and Java Head (1919). Autobiographical letter, written from Dower House, Hergesheimer's farmhouse in West Chester, Pennsylvania, giving details about his youth. Finding aid available online. Ms1975-004.
HERMANUZ, GHISLAINE, RÉSUMÉ, BROCHURE AND LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born 1942. Professor of Architecture at the City College of New York School of Architecture (1986- ), Director of the City College Architectural Center, and principal of Hermanuz, Ltd., in New York. Member of the Societe d'Ingenieurs et Architectes of Switzerland. Papers consist of a résumé with a list of publications and papers; a brochure, A Housing Platform for Harlem (1985), published by the Community Design Workshop of Columbia University, of which Hermanuz was director; and a report, "Shelter and Community: An Agenda for Action," (1988) prepared by Hermanuz for the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations Committee on Shelter and Community. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HERRICK, SAMUEL (1911-74). PAPERS, 1931-1974. 60.0 cu. ft. Professor of astronomy and engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) from 1937 to 1974, and recognized as the founder of the field of astrodynamics, which applied the disciplines of celestial mechanics and mathematics to the problems of space trajectory research. His interest in space dates from the 1930s, when he corresponded with and received guidance from R. H. Goddard. In 1945 Herrick founded the Institute of Navigation; in 1946 he instituted a course in Rocket Navigation at UCLA, the world's first university-level course on astronautics. Papers include correspondence, notes, drafts of publications, and files relating to and clippings concerning his research on various topics in courses and students. His consulting files for NASA's Project Mercury, the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and private industry are included. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms1978-002.
HERRMANN-CHONG, EVELYN CHI-CHAIN (1941- ). BROCHURE and VITAE, 1998. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Bern, Switzerland; born in China. Collection consists of a brief curriculum vitae and a brochure of the work she has done as a principal of A. & C. Herrmann-Chong Freie Architekten in Bern. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HERTFORD RECEIPT BOOK, 1800-1833. 0.1 cu. ft. Handwritten book of recipes for home remedies, household items, rat poison, cakes, breads, meats, stews, beverages (ales), and more. From Hertford, England. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-027.
HERTZLER, ANN A. COLLECTION, 1863-2003. 7.5 cu. ft. Extension Specialist at the University of Missouri-Columbia; professor of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech; Extension Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension. Collection contains biographical information, publications, project and subject files, and artifacts relating to food and food programs, and Extension publications from both colleges. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-004.
HETERICK FAMILY. GENEALOGY, 1996. 0.1 cu. ft. A copy of "A Record of the Family Heterick," compiled by Robert Cary Heterick of Blacksburg, Virginia. Includes genealogical information about the Heterick family, dating back to Robert Heterick of Ayrshire, Scotland, born in 1747, who came to the U.S. in 1784. Consists of genealogical charts and biographical sketches for Heterick family members, most of which were born in Frederick and Culpeper counties, Virginia. Ms96-016.
HICKMAN FAMILY. NEWSLETTERS and PAPERS, 1995-98. 0.1 cu. ft. Family newsletters written by H. William Gabriel of Florence, Montana, about his research into the history of the Hickman family of Back Creek, Bath County, Virginia. Includes extensive information about William P. Hickman (1810-64), a Presbyterian preacher who ministered to congregations in Wythe, Pulaski, and Montgomery counties, Virginia, until his death in May 1864, fighting with the Confederate forces at the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain during the Civil War. Ms98-007.
HICKORY FORK, VIRIGINIA. LEDGER, 1841-1842. 0.4 cu. ft. Collection consists of a 19th century manuscript business ledger from Hickory Fork in Gloucester County, Virginia. Accounts date from January 22, 1841 to May 23, 1842, for a variety of sundries, supplies, and foods for families in the county. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-011.
HICKS, EDWARD B. (1789-1858). LETTER, 1845. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains a letter from Edward B. Hicks to fellow attorney, William Townes and is dated December 16, 1845. The letter's contents lament over Polk's mismanagement of Virginia's debt and Hicks' fears of going to war with Britain over the Oregon Territory. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-081.
HICKS FAMILY. PAPERS, 1861-1938. 0.5 cu. ft. R. W. Hicks (1827-1917), Campbell County businessman and tobacco farmer. Family papers, including grocery bills, legal and business transactions, tax documents, and correspondence. Finding aid available online. Ms87-050.
HICKS HOUSE (APPOMATTOX COURTHOUSE). ADVERTISEMENT, c.1865-1892. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a single advertisement created by proprietor E.G. Hicks for summer tourists to stay at 'Hicks House' in the town of Appomattox Courthouse and see the site of General Lee's surrender, c.1865-1892. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-036.
HICKS, JAMES MORRIS (b. abt.1878). LETTER, 1897. Born in Campbell County, Virginia. Hicks attended VPI from 1897 to 1901, when he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The collection contains a letter to Hicks' father (December 5, 1897) discussing cadet drilling, his recent election to the position of Vice President of the freshman class, and replies to news from home. Ms1988-065.
HIDDEN HISTORY: THE BLACK EXPERIENCE IN THE ROANOKE VALLEY. CASSETTE TAPES AND TRANSCRIPTS, 1992. 2.5 cu. ft. Oral history project designed to interview African-American residents of Roanoke, Virginia, on the cultural, social, and political history of blacks in the city. Collection consists of approximately forty-six interviews. Transcripts available for forty of the interviews. Ms92-049.
HILL, HENRY HARRIS (1880-1954). PAPERS, 1908-51, n.d.. 0.4 cu. ft. Born in Scottsville, Virginia. Received B.S. (1907) and M.S. (1909) in chemistry from Virginia Tech. Became chemist in 1907 for the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station and eventually head of the Agricultural Chemistry department at VPI before retiring in 1950. Hill was an elder of the Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, and executive secretary of the VPI Alumni Association. Papers include personal, biographical, and genealogical materials, papers about the Civil War and VPI, and materials on Blacksburg and Montgomery County. Finding aid available online. Ms80-003.
HILL, PAUL R. (1909-1990). COLLECTION, 1936-1996. 5.6 cu. ft. UC Berkeley graduate in Mechanical Engineering, 1936; Teacher; NACA and NASA engineer. Collection contains material relating Hill's NACA and NASA career, including books, papers, newspapers, lantern slides, NASA publications and memos, overhead sheets, and notes from presentations and talks. Finding aid available online. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms2010-068.
HILLEBRAND, LUCY (1906-1998). BOOKS. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Gottingen, Germany. Collection includes a catalog of her 1991 exhibition and books about her work: Lucy Hillebrand--Wege Zum Raum by Klaus Hoffman [NA1088 H53 H63 1985]; Lucy Hillebrand--Bauen Als Impuls und Dialog by Christian Grohn [NA1088 H53 A35 1990]; and Zeit-Raume der Architektin Lucy Hillebrand by Dieter Boeminghous [NA1088 H53 A35 1983]. Hillebrand's papers are in the archive of the Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HILTON, JOHN (1828-1903). PAPERS, 1856-1903. 0.1 cu. ft. English immigrant, corporal in Co. F, 111th Pennsylvania Infantry. Photocopies of Hilton's Civil War letters (written from the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore, Maryland area, Cedar Creek. Loudon Heights and ) to his wife, Mary Jane. Also includes photocopies of various military and legal documents, newsclippings and a photograph of Hilton. Images are available on the VT Imagebase. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-014.
HIMANEN, MARINA, CURRICULUM VITAE, 2011. (0.1 cu. ft.) International Archive of Women in Architecture. Collection includes a curriculum vitae containing a written statement by Himanen as well as several reproductions of her projects. Himanen receieved a M.Arch from Moscow Architecture Institute in 1981. She worked for a number of years in Moscow, Russia in a state design institute for hotel, resort and retail buildings before moving to Finland in 1986. In Finland, Himanen worked for Juhani Pallasmaa, SAFA, Hon. FAIA, a prominent Finnish architect and former dean of Helsinki School of Architecture at Otaniemi, who she credits with shaping her architectural vision and taste. Himanen moved to the United States in 1994 where she has worked for several architecture firms in New York. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HINMAN, MINER. LETTER, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in Co. D of the 171st Pennsylvania Regiment during the Civil War. Letter written December 2, 1862, to his brother in Pennsylvania, from the Steamer John Warner, near Washington, D.C. Ms90-040.
"HISTORY OF WOMEN ARCHITECTS," (EXHIBIT, 1986-87). GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC SECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN ARCHITECTS. 18 cu. ft. (4'x3' panels). International Archive of Women in Architecture. An exhibit of documentary material about women architects in the early and middle 1900s. Includes photographs of the architects and their works with captions and abstracts. Women featured include Ray Eames, Eileen Gray, Florence Knoll, Lilly Reich, Hilde Westrom, and Emilie Winkelmann. Catalog accompanies the panels, with articles about women architects written by Karola Bloch, Grete Lihotzky, Helga Schmidt-Thomsen, and others. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HITE FAMILY. GENEALOGY NOTES, n.d. 0.4 cu. ft. Collection consists of a daybook containing information on the history of the Hans Joist Hite family, who immigrated from Germany in the 1710s; other family names include du Bois, Bouman, Chrisman, Froman, McKay, Green, Duff, and Stephens. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-083.
HITE, S. P. AND COMPANY. DRUGGIST'S LEDGER, 1905-09. 1 vol. Roanoke, Virginia, druggist, manufacturer of a pain reliever. Ledger shows shipments and customers, costs, and discounts. Ms87-005.
HOBART, ALBERT JR. CORRESPONDENCE, 1869-70. 0.1 cu. ft. Abington, Connecticut, native in Atlanta, Georgia. Twelve letters to "Friend Wallace" in Connecticut, from Hobart, mentioning freed slaves holding office in Georgia, the heat, and his own homesickness. Finding aid available online. Ms89-081.
HOBBS, EDMUND WELCH (1910-1993). SCRAPBOOK, 1928-1966. 0.3 cu. ft. Member of Virginia Polytechnic Institute's Class of 1932. Scrapbook focusing largely on events and activities at Virginia Tech during Hobbs' years as a student. Includes photographs of campus scenes and students (including such traditions as "rat parades" and "scrubbing numerals"); membership cards; dance cards; and newspaper clippings. Finding aid available online. Ms1974-013.
HOG ORDINANCE. BROADSIDE, undated. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a broadside containing suggested town regulations for the housing of hogs or pigs within town limits. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-078.
HOGE FAMILY. PAPERS, 1781, 1817, 1848, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Early Southwest Virginia settlers. Papers consist of a letter (n.d.) from James Hoge (1732-1812) to John Preston (1764-1827) of Richmond and later Montgomery County, concerning the settlement of an account, and a certificate, dated September 10, 1781, entitling Hoge to 130 acres of land in Montgomery County that he settled on in 1769. Also includes a letter, dated March 6, 1817, to Hoge's son, General James Hoge (1783-1861) concerning land in Russell County to be sold for non-payment of taxes. Also includes a survey plat (1848) for General Hoge's 3,000 acres on Back Creek in Pulaski County, Virginia. Ms92-045.
HOGE, WILLIAM EDWARD. FAMILY PAPERS, 1810-1933. 1.2 cu. ft. Letters and deeds from the Hoge family describing life in southwest Virginia in the 1800s. Includes descriptions of their daily life, experiences with family sickness and death, and the Civil War. Also includes financial papers and genealogical research of the early settlers of southwest Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-019.
HOLCOMB, HORACE (b. 1844). LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in 10th New Hampshire Infantry during the Civil War. Letter written from camp at Manchester, Virginia to friend Jennie, describing city's ruins and the fate of Jefferson Davis. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-042.
HOLCOMBE FAMILY. LETTERS, 1862-1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Transcripts of letters written to Amanda M. Fowler Holcombe of Texas by her husband, John M. Holcombe (Co. B, 17th Texas Infantry); her brother, Dr. William S. Fowler; and her brother-in-law, Lt. Charles Keton. The letters are written from camps in Arkansas and Texas and concern family matters, personal acquaintances, military activities, camp life, and Holcombe's illness and subsequent military discharge. Accompanied by photocopied biographical information on Holcombe. Part of the Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
HOLDEN, ROY JAY (1870-1945). PAPERS, 1904-1945. 6.0 cu. ft. Professor of Geology and Mineralogy (1905-42) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Papers include field notes, charts and maps, and geological surveys and research results, covering the history of mineralogy and geology, especially in Virginia, including work at the VPI Engineering Experiment Station. In addition to detailed materials on iron ores in Virginia, especially west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are reports on mines and furnaces in twenty-five counties of the state. Finding aid available online. Ms1982-014.
HOLDEN, ROY JAY JR. (1921-89). PAPERS, 1947-89. 9.0 cu. ft. Authority on the handling of hazardous materials. Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1942 (M.S., Mechanical Engineering). Progressed from Stress Analyst to Product Manager (1947-70) with American Car and Foundry Industries in St. Charles, Missouri. Manager of Technical Services (1980-89) of the Bureau of Explosives of the Association of American Railroads, and responsible for advising railroad companies on the shipping of hazardous materials and on measures for reducing the hazards. Papers document his career in railroad tank car design and the handling of hazardous materials. Unprocessed. Ms91-023.
HOLLIDAY, JOHN. DIARIES AND PHOTOGRAPHS, 1864-1865, undated. 0.2 cu. ft. Ohio resident; Corporal and later, Sergeant with the 91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry; served in and around the New River Valley. Collection includes diaries from 1864 and 1865, recording his service and return home at the end of the war, as well as five photographs, believed to be of Holliday and his wife. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-028.
HOLLOWAY - AMISS - LEAVELL SOCIETY. PAPERS, n.d. 0.6 cu. ft. Family historical society, established in 1937. Papers consist of genealogical information about the three families of the society, as well as about the Ball, Bayse, Blake, Browning, Davis, Eastham, Johnston, Menefee, Miller, Price, Roberts, Russell, and Taylor families, all of Virginia and North Carolina. Finding aid available online. Ms1998-012.
HOLMAN, ROBERT. MAP COLLECTION, 1920s-1980s. 2.4 cu. ft. Collection contains more than 350 maps dating from the 1920s to the late 1980s, depicting U.S. states, regions of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands, Antarctica, and the Arctic Circle, as well as celestial bodies; also includes more than a dozen travel guides, mostly for cities and regions in France and Italy. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-019.
HOLROYDE, MARJORIE, RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. Received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Sydney School of Architecture in 1926. Worked as a tracer for Julius, Poole & Gibson, Sydney, Australia.
HOLT, RENGIN T. SILKSCREEN, 1985. International Archive of Women in Architecture. nstructor of architecture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Framed silkscreen of Holt's "Palladio Bridge," hanging in Special Collections' Reading Room, Newman Library, and a print and an exhibition announcement. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HOLTZMAN, WARREN. RECORDS, 1979-84 7.0 cu. ft. Former Director of the Small Business Institute (SBI) at Virginia Tech. Collection consists of his records while Director of the SBI, including case studies, reports, class projects, videotapes and audiotapes of lectures, lecture notes and plans, operators manuals, and correspondence. Ms90-049.
HOME REMEDIES MANUAL, c.1921. 0.1 cu. ft. A handwritten manual containing personal recipes and instructions on how to cure common ailments in people and horses, as well as how to concoct household items like paint. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-073.
HOOK, CHRISTIAN. DIARY, 1864, 1925. 0.1 cu. ft. Corporal with Company C, 151st Regiment, Ohio Infantry. Served around Washington, DC from May to August of 1864. Diary details duty in the city, as well as a visit from Lincoln and Hook's arrest and near-court martial. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-030.
HOOK, MARY ROCKWELL (1877-1978). PAPERS, 1910-91. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of residences in Missouri, Florida, and of the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, Kentucky. Papers consist of photocopies of her autobiography, This and That, articles about her life and work, and biographies and obituaries. Also includes a taped interview of Mary Rogers, of Pine Mountain, by Louise Chawla about Hook's life and career. Access restricted. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HOOKER, HORACE B. (1837-1914). LETTERS, 1862-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Lieutenant serving in the Union Army's Engineer Regiment of the West (later the 1st Missouri Engineers). Photocopies of typed transcripts of Hooker's letters to his wife, describing his activities and expressing strong opinions on many aspects of the war and its conduct. Accompanied by photocopied typescripts of Civil War reminiscences of Hooker's wife, Susan, describing war-time activities and political sentiments in New York and her war-time stays in Vicksburg, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-009.
HOOKER, JOSEPH (1814-79). LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Union general in the Civil War. Letter from Capt. B.F. Harris of the 11th Regiment Battalion, from a camp near Fletcher's Chapel, Virginia, in February 1863, endorsed by Hooker from the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac in Washington, D.C. Letter concerns soldiers captured at Manassas Junction in August 1862, taken prisoners, paroled in January 1863, and reenlisted with Hooker. Ms88-064.
HOOKER, MARJORIE MEAD (PEGGY) (1925-2006). RÉSUMÉ. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of New Mexico. Received Bachelor of Architecture degree from University of Texas (1947) where she was the only woman in her graduating class. After graduating Hooker worked in various offices in Texas and California until she settled in New Mexico where she was an Associate with McHugh and Hooker, Bradley P. Kidder and Associates (1955-1965). She opened her own practice briefly from 1966-1967, until she joined Flatow, Moore, Bryan and Fairburn (1968-1988) to work with Max Flatow on the Albuquerque Urban Renewal Project. She specialized in hospital work. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HOOTEN, MOTT. CORRESPONDENCE, 1866-67. 0.1 cu. ft. Lieutenant in the 31st U.S. Infantry. Letters from relatives and friends in Westchester, Pennsylvania, to Hooten stationed in various forts in the Dakota Territory, Iowa, Minnesota, and Kansas. Ms88-100.
HOOVER, HERBERT (1874-1964). DEED, 1932. 0.1 cu. ft. Thirty-first President of the United States (1929-1933). Born in West Branch, Iowa; educated at Stanford University (1891-95). Collection includes a deed of trust of Hoover and his wife, Lou Henry, and William E. Carson, Trustee, for land in Madison County, Virginia, to become part of the Shenandoah National Park. Deed signed by Notary Public Nelson Webster. Finding aid available online. Ms1979-006.
HOPPENSTEIN, ISAAC. MEMORABILIA, 1923-1940. 0.4 cu. ft. Business major and 1937 graduate of VPI. Collection consists of academic papers from Hoppenstein's tenure as a student, correspondence, newspapers and clippings, photographs of cadets, and VPI publications. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-114.
HORD JR., ROBERT E.(1920-2010). PAPERS, 1942-1945. 0.8 cu. ft. Papers consist primarily of correspondence written by Robert Hord Jr. of Richmond, VA to his parents, Gladys and Robert Hord Sr. Papers also include a scrapbook and photographs of the Hord family. Robert Hord Jr. was born in Richmond, VA in 1920. He attended the Virginia Polytechnic Institute's Engineering Extension school in Richmond from 1937 to 1939. In April 1942, Hord enlisted in the Army where he served in the 302nd Ordinance Regiment before being transferred to the 758th Railway Shop Battalion. Hord was stationed in a number of camps across the United States before his unit was sent overseas in December of 1943. Hord spent the remainder of World War II repairing trains and railroads in Dibrugarh, Assam, India before being sent home. Hord was discharged from the army in November 1945. After the war, Hord returned to VPI and went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1949 and a Master's in Power and Fuel Engineering in 1950. Hord went on to a successful career working for the railroad before passing away in December 2010.Finding aid available online. Ms2011-058.
HORN, ASA F. AND FAMILY. ACCOUNT BOOK AND CORRESPONDENCE, 1854-1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Acton, Maine family. Collection includes an account book for the family's lumber mill business, as well as some correspondence to and from other family members. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-72.
HORNBARGER, EARL H. (1898-1967). COLLECTION, 1912-1963. 0.7 cu. ft. 1921 VPI graduate in Electrical Engineering; engineer for Westinghouse Electic Company. Collection includes photographs, publications, journals, writings and artifacts pertaining to Earl H. Hornbarger's time as a student at VPI, his later career as an engineer with Westinghouse Electric Company, and his involvement as a VPI alumn. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-003.
HORR, JOSEPH L. PAPERS, 1888. 0.1 cu. ft. Proof sheets for a regimental history of the First Battalion, 13th Regiment, U.S. Infantry of the Civil War, sent to William McDonald of Chattanooga, Tennessee, for comments and corrections. The book was prepared for a 1888 reunion of the regiment, and never published. Ms88-052.
HORSFALL, FRANK JR. (1902-1988). PAPERS, 1917-1973. 0.7 cu. ft. Professor of horticulture (1947-1973) at Virginia Tech. Thesis (1932) and dissertation (1935), reprints of articles about horticulture, awards, samples from barbed wire collection, and material about barbed wire and stone tools. Finding aid available online. Ms1992-040.
HORTON, INGE S. PAPERS, 1964-1999. 0.3 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Germany. Planner with the Planning Department of the City and County of San Francisco, California, from 1983 to 1998; member of the Board of Advisors for the International Archive of Women in Architecture. Papers consist of architectural studies written while in Germany; presentations made at various women's architectural organization meetings, including the International Union of Women Architects; and a curriculum vitae. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-065.
HORTON, MILES C. JR. PAPERS, 1961-88, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Newport, Virginia. Papers consists of correspondence, news clippings, articles, and notes, primarily by and about the work of poet Randall Jarrell (1914-65), author of Little Friend, Little Friend (1945) and The Lost World (1965), and Annie Dillard (1945- ), Pulitzer Prize winning author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. All of Dillard's correspondence in the collection is to Horton. Ms90-137.
HOSKEN, FRANZISKA PORGES. RÉSUMÉ AND BOOK, 1972; 1992. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Publisher and editor of Women's International Network News and a consultant to International Women's Development and Communication, Housing and Urbanization International. Earned her Master of Architecture degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1944. Resident of Lexington, Massachusetts. Papers consist of a curriculum vitae compiled in 1992 and a copy of her book The Language of Cities: A Visual Introduction to the Form and Function of the City [HT153 .H65 1972]. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HOTEL ROANOKE ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS, 1890-1983, 132 cu. ft. Various architectural drawings (mechanical, structural and detail) from the 20th century. Not all plans are included for various renovations. [See also over 175 images in the VT Imagebase.] Finding aid available online. Ms2000-093.
HOTEL ROANOKE MENUS, c1942-93. 0.2 cu. ft. 6. June 1942 menu, "Hotel Roanoke Congratulates J. Ed Brown...60 Years Service," is signed by J. Ed Brown. Leather bound menu is undated. Assorted menus from reopened Hotel Roanoke, 1993. Ms99-009.
HOUCK FAMILY. PAPERS, 1861-1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Thomas G. Houck (1841-1863) of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, served with the 96th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War and died from wounds received at Salem Church, Virginia. Collection consists of photcopied Civil War letters between Thomas Houck and his brother Joseph (1839-1908). Houck's letters are written from camps in Washington, D.C., Maryland and northern Virginia. Transcripts of the letters and of Thomas Houck's Civil War diary are included as well. Part of the Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
HOUGH, BENJAMIN F. (d. 1864). LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Private, and eventually corporal with Company K, 10th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry; taken prisoner at Chickamauga; POW at Libby (and possibly Andersonville?) Prison. Collection includes a letter from Hough to his cousin, requesting a list food supplies and paper. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-065.
HOUSE, STEVEN AND CATHI, ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1992-1999. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architects of California. Cathi House earned her bachelor of architecture from Virginia Tech. She worked at various firms until founding her own award-winning San Francisco firm, House + House Architects, with husband and fellow VT alumnus Steven House in 1982. The collection contains descriptions, plans, and photographs of two buildings designed by House + House, the Jarvis residence and the Langmaid residence. Finding aid available online. Ms2006-017.
HOUSE, STEVEN AND CATHI, ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION. 1.3 cu.ft. Collection contains nine sets of architecture plans from House + House Architects. Projects cover work from California and Mexico, including the Auerbuch Residence, the Dos Iguanas Residence, the Walden Residence, Casa Sullivan, and others. Unprocessed. Acc2008-062.
HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT LEDGER. 0.3 cu. ft. Collection consists of a daybook containing recipes, household remedies, and household cleaning tips, both handwritten and clipped from newspapers. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-085.
HOVEY, EUGENE B. SKETCHES, c.1861-1865. 0.l cu. ft. Collection consists of four sketches attributed to Hovey, a soldier with the 37th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry. Sketches depict various punishments used on soldiers, including the "wood tram" and the "wooden overcoat." Finding aid available online. Ms2011-092.
HOW TO COOK A HUSBAND MANUSCRIPT BOOK. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains a hand-made book called, A Novel Recipe "How to Cook a Husband," c. 1880. The book has no known creator and contains a version of the popular story for newlywed women that compares treating a husband well to cooking a good meal. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-079.
HOWLAND, HENRY (1827-1883). LETTER, 1862. Quartermaster for the 51st Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. Letter written aboard the steamer D. G. Taylor on the Mississippi River, describing the river fleet and the position and movements of his division, under orders to proceed up the Tennessee to assist at Pittsburg (Shiloh). Finding aid available online. Ms91-016.
HSIEH, ALICE LANGLEY (1922-1979). PAPERS, 1943-1978. 8.0 cu. ft. Political scientist specializing in the field of nuclear weaponry and military capabilities of the People's Republic of China. Educated at Queen's College, Clark, Stanford, and George Washington Universities, and the University of California at Berkeley. International Relations Officer and Foreign Services Officer for the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs of the U.S. State Department (1945-55), consultant to the RAND Corporation (1955-58) and member of the RAND Senior Staff (1958-69). Research staff member for the Institute for Defense Analyses (1969-71). Served as consultant to the U.S State Department throughout her later career. Collection consists of Hsieh's personal papers and publications; manuscripts of books written by her spouse, C. Kien Hsieh, himself an authority on Communist China; and publications from her library on the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), Chinese nuclear capability and strategy, and other Far Eastern topics and issues. Finding aid available online. Ms1979-004.
HUBACHER, ANNEMARIE. PAPERS, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Zurich, Switzerland. Collection consists of a list of architectural designs that Hubacher was involved in. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HUBER, VERENA (1938- ). PAPERS, 1994-1998. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Interior designer of Zurich, Switzerland, and former president of VSI, the Swiss Association of Interior Designers. Papers include a curriculum vitae, photocopies of articles about her work, and other biographical information. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
HUDDLE FAMILY. PAPERS, 1854-1970. 13.2 cu. ft. Charles Ross Huddle and his son Charles Richard Huddle, mining engineers in Ivanhoe, Virginia, who served in various capacities with the National Carbide Company; Ivanhoe Mining and Smelting Corporation (formerly the Ivanhoe Furnace Company); New River Mineral Company; and Sand Mountain Sand Corporation. Papers include personal and business correspondence of the Huddles, W. F. Rupp (business manager of the Ivanhoe Furnace Company's home office in Pittsburgh), and A. B. Dally (chief executive officer of Ivanhoe Mining and Smelting Corporation); reports; business ledgers; employee records; deeds; blueprints; and c. 300 photographs of Ivanhoe and the businesses with which the Huddles were associated. Also includes Charles Richard Huddle's files on St. John's Episcopal Church and Wythe county, and the local Ruritan Club. Finding aid available online. Ms1989-084.
HUDDLE, BENJAMIN. DIARY, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. A Confederate soldier in Company B of the 29th Virginia Infantry, Huddle was paroled in April 1865 from Farmville, Virginia. Collection consists of photocopy and transcript of diary detailing his experiences in the war. Finding aid available online. Ms85-015.
HUFF-HYLTON FAMILIES. PAPERS, 1803-14, 1858-82, 1975, n.d. 0.3 cu. ft. Settlers of Montgomery (now Floyd) County, Virginia, in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Collection consists of letters and other family papers of gathered by Barbara Ellen Huff Hylton Dillion (1828-1911), including promissory notes, fines, and an indenture for land of Samuel Huff, and letters written by Barbara's first husband Lorenzo Dow Hylton during the Civil War. Lorenzo Hylton (1830-64) served in Company D of the 54th Virginia Infantry, and died on February 13, 1864, in a Confederate hospital in Marietta, Georgia. Finding aid available online. Ms1998-001.
HUFFMAN, STANLEY A., JR. PAPERS, 1917-1991. 11.2 cu. ft. Teacher, professor, administrator, and consultant; Director of Learning Resources Center (1971-1987) and Director of Distance Learning (1987-1991) at Virginia Tech. Collection consists mainly of subject files, presentation notes, and publication research from Huffman's tenure at Virginia Tech. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-056. Please note: This collection is located in off-site to storage and requires 1-2 days notice for retrieval. Contact Special Collections for more information.
HUGHES, ELIZABETH. CLAIM, 1868. 0.1. cu.ft. Resident of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, during the Civil War. State of Tennessee, County of Lawrence, claim for the theft and destruction of property by fire in 1862. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-048.
HULL, JOHN N. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate soldier in the 4th Virginia Regiment, Co. D, Ewell Corps, Stonewall Brigade, during the Civil War. Letter written November 22, 1863, to "My Dear Friend" from camp on the Rapidan River near Orange Court House, Virginia. Writes about his wish to return to Winchester (possibly his home), his love interests, and how hard it has been for the Confederacy to win its independence. Ms92-043.
HULME, ANNE. DIARY, 1838-1850. 0.1 cu. ft. Pennsylvania resident and housewife. Collection consists of a diary with scattered entries between 1838 and 1850; entries give information on her time in school, visits by relatives, public lectures, church activities, her work feeding silk worms, and the courtship between Hulme and her husband, Samuel Woolman. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-048.
HUMMEL, VIRGINIA HOLDEN (1916-98). PAPERS, 1830-1998. 3.0 cu. ft. Resident of and teacher in Blacksburg, Virginia, and amateur historian of Blacksburg and Appalachian history. Collection consists of newspaper clippings, research notes, photographs, maps, and genealogical information concerning the history of Blacksburg and its founders and notable residents. Finding aid available online. Ms98-014.
HUMPHREY, HENRY P. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier in the Civil War possibly in the 66th Illinois Regiment. Letter, written June 16, 1864, to his sister, from Big Shanty, Georgia during the Atlanta Campaign. Writes about the death of the Rebel Lieut. General Leonidas Polk, the enemy camp on Kennesaw Mountain, and his hopes that the campaign will soon be over. Ms89-090.
HUNGARFORD, HENRY. PROMISSORY NOTE, 1834. 1 item. Note promising that Henry Hungarford [Hungerford?] of Westmoreland County, Virginia, will pay Stewart Payne a total of $877.51, signed on December 10, 1834. Ms93-020.
HUNT FAMILY. PAPERS, 1760-1933. 1 roll of microfilm. Pittsylvania County, Virginia, family. Papers include letters (1850-1922), business records and receipts (1806-1933), land sale notices and memoranda (1841-94), wills (1791-1906), and other family papers on one roll of microfilm. Ms90-034.
HUNT, MARY L. (1850-1865?). LETTER, 1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Young, dying girl of Thorndike, Maine. Letter to brother S. Everett Hunt of the 29th Maine Infantry, Beal's Brigade, Dwight's Division. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-055.
HURT, WILLIAM W. PAPERS, 1873-1929. 0.7 cu. ft. Businessman of Smyth and Washington counties, Virginia. General manager of the Douglas Land Company. Deeds, leases and other business and legal documents pertaining to Douglas Land Company and several other enterprises operating in Smyth County, Virginia, together with Hurt's personal financial papers. Finding aid available online. Ms92-025
HUSSEY, ROBERT E. (1888-1985). NOTEBOOKS, 1928-1937, n.d. 0.4 cu. ft. Professor of chemistry (1925-1952) and Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Collection consists of three research notebooks on topics in chemistry. Finding aid avaialble online. Ms1955-004.
HUTCHESON, JOHN R. (1886-1962). PAPERS, 1917-62. 12.0 cu. ft. President (1945-1947) of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical and Polytechnic Institute (VPI). Educated at VPI (B.S. in 1907 and M.S. in 1909) and at Clemson College (PhD 1937). Served as livestock specialist (1914-19) with the Virginia Agricultural Extension Service, director (1919-44) of Extension Service, chancellor (1947-56) of VPI, and president (1948-62) of the VPI Education Foundation. Papers consist of official and personal correspondence and records. Finding aid available online. RG 2/9.
HUTCHINS, EVERETT (1842-1864) AND WARREN (d. 1864). PAPERS, 1863-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Brothers serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. Cartes-de-visite of Everett (Company F, 33rd Massachusetts Infantry) and Warren (7th Massachusetts Light Artillery); two 1864 letters from Everett to sister; 1863 diary of Warren. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-014.
HYER, PATRICIA, ASSOCIATE PROVOST PAPERS, 1937-2013. 2.2 cu. ft. The Associate Provost Patricia Hyer Papers contains materials from her tenure as Associate Provost at Virginia Tech, covering subjects such as diversity, women's issues and strategic planning at Virginia Tech. Finding aid available online. RG5/1/10A.
IAWA SMALL COLLECTIONS, 1907-2013. (32 cu. ft.) International Archive of Women in Architecture. The IAWA Small Collections was compiled from a variety of sources by Special Collections staff for use in reference and research. The collection consists primarily of biographical materials for women architects, architectural historians, and designers including curriculum vitas, firm brochures, exhibit notices, photographs, and publications. Drawings, sketches, course notes, correspondence, and other materials pertaining to architectural collections are also present. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-054
[ICE SKATE COMPANY ACCOUNT BOOK, 1859-65.] 1 vol. Unknown company that sold ice skates to stores in the New York and New England area. Account book lists sizes of ladies and gents skates, and stores that bought them. Ms88-110.
IDDINGS, HENRY (1762-1854). FAMILY COLLECTION, 0.5 cu. ft. Montgomery and Floyd County, Virginia resident and farmer. Collection includes personal papers (correspondence, legal document, land surveys and grants, contracts, photographs, and tax receipts) dating from 1810-1900. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-021.
"AN IDEAL HOME." ILLUSTRATED SCRAPBOOK, c. 1940s. 1 cu. ft. Collection consists of an illustrated scrapbook, detailing the set up for a household, possibly compiled for a new bride or a school assignment; Each room is mapped out and illustrated with magazine pictures and includes a price list of furnishings and housewares. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-026.
ILIFF, JAMES A. PAPERS, 1870-78. 0.1 cu. ft. Lieutenant from Indiana in the 24th U.S. Infantry. Papers refer to his discharge from the army when he was wrongly accused by a colonel of being "worthless as an officer." Letters include one to President Rutherford B. Hayes, explaining the circumstances and asking for an investigation. Ms88-099.
INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ST. LUKE. RECORDS, 1877-1970. 1.1 cu. ft. Established in 1867 as a life insurance organization for blacks. The Virginia chapter was organized in 1914 and headquartered in Richmond. Records consist of handbooks, correspondence, receipts, programs, membership records, annual reports, and assessment reports of the Order, collected primarily by members in Blacksburg, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms88-121.
INDEX TO FEE BOOK (MONTGOMERY COUNTY, VA) 1850-1857. 0.1 cu. ft. Index to an unidentified fee book dating from the 1850s. Pages include a listing of names with column headings of the years 1850 through 1857 with corresponding page numbers. The fee book itself is not included. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-066.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION FOR SOUTHERN MOUNTAINEERS. COLLECTION, 1930, 1936, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Charitable organization based in New York City devoted to improving conditions of mountain people. Collection includes two pieces of correspondence by Caroline T. Burkham (President) and two pamphlets produced by the Industrial Education Association of Southern Mountaineers.Finding aid available online. Ms2011-059.
INGLES FAMILY. COLLECTION, 1797-1823. 0.6 cu. ft. Ferry Hill Ledger (1797-1804) and 3 of 6 volumes of Ingles Family Bible (1823); first available documentation of Mary Draper Ingles (kidnapped at Draper Meadows Massacre and later escaped from Shawnee Indian captivity) and William Ingles, operator of Ingles Ferry, Ingles Ferry Hill Tavern, and blacksmith shop. Documentation of the family's extraordinary history, its ferry, and related enterprises. Finding aid available online. Ms2002-021.
INGLES, JOHN. LETTERS, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of three partial letters from John Ingles. Ms1993-008.
INSURANCE SURVEY OF VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1931. 0.2 cu. ft. RECORDS. Insurance Survey of the buildings of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia, prepared in 1931 by Charles Lunsford & Sons, Roanoke, Va.; Insurance Company of North America, Philadelphia, Pa.; and F. Wharton Baker, engineer. Collection consists of 88 photographs and of buildings, faculty dwellings, barns, and storage lots at Virginia Polytechnic Institute covered by the policy; recommendations for coverage and for fire protection of these buildings; estimated insurable value and insurance carried; and property not insured. Short descriptions of some individual buildings are included. Photographs in the collection have been copied and included in the General Photograph Collection of the Special Collections Department. Ms95-029.
INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVE OF WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE (IAWA), RECORDS, 1967-2013, bulk dates 1985-2008. 15.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. The records of the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) consist of files created by IAWA founder Milka Bliznakov, various IAWA officers, and Special Collections archivists. Materials include founding documents, meeting minutes, newsletter information, correspondence with supporters and donors, and internal correspondence. Finding aid available online. Ms1985-021
IRELAND, REBECCA PALMER. COPYBOOK, 1837. 0.1 cu. ft. Letters written to her relatives from Washington, D.C., and school notes. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-042.
IRON GATE, VIRGINIA. LEDGERS, 1892-1931. 1.7 cu. ft. Collection consists of 23 ledgers and day books, as well as approximately 60 receipts and other loose documents relating to a general goods store in Iron Gate, Virginia; Includes correspondence, receipts and other business records, inventories, sales, and customer accounts. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-068.
ISON, LEONORA. RÉSUMÉ. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Although Ison did not build, she was the first woman to win scholarships at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London University, England, and was a successful illustrator of architecture books. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
IVANHOE, VIRGINIA, MOONSHINE STILL. GLASS PLATE, c.1932. 0.1 cu. ft. Glass plate and two black and white prints of a working still. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-028.

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