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OBENSHAIN. CULINARY COLLECTION, c.1930s-1980s. 0.2 cu. ft. Collection includes recipes that are both handwritten and clipped from magazines, boxes, and newspapers. In addition, the collection contains a number of nutrition and recipe pamphlets. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-089.
OGLESBY, J.T. ACCOUNT LEDGER, 1885-1890. 0.1 cu. ft. This account ledger from Lucretia, Virginia, documents individual, shipping, and railroad accounts. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-127.
OKHOTINA, NINA (1927- ). COLLECTION, 2005. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect in Russia. Graduated from Moscow Architecture Institute in 1951. Worked on institutional architectural projects until her retirement in 1983. Now an active painter and artist. Collection contains one exhibit brochure and a draft copy of a book with color illustrations of her architectural projects and photographs of her paintings. Material is in Russian. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
OKURA, JIRO. PAPERS, 1990-92. 0.1 cu. ft. Japanese sculptor. Papers consist of writings about Okura's artwork done at the Mountain Lake Workshop in 1990, and about exhibitions of his artwork and drawings at the Roanoke [Virginia] Museum of Fine Art in 1991 and at Virginia Tech in 1992. Ms92-056.
OLIVE FAMILY. GENEALOGY NOTES. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a daybook containing the notes from a genealogy on the Olive Family. The focus of the notes are mainly on James, William, Isham, James Berry, and Dorothy Olive. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-086.
OLIVER, MARCUS L. CORRESPONDENCE, 1947-2004 (Bulk 1950-1985). 0.4 cu. ft. Virginia Tech Assistant Secretary, then Secretary of the Alumni Association; Director of Alumni Affairs; Director of Placement. Director of Development, then Director of Annual Giving for the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. Collection includes business and personal correspondence with Virginia Tech administration, faculty, and alumni. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-096.
O'NEILL, VIRGINIA B. (1923-1999)., ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1937-1965. 1.0 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Stamford, Connecticut. Practicing architect in the Stamford area 1957-1963. Architectural projects include residential plans for several projects, including the Sawmill House and a hexagonal vacation home. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
"ORAL HISTORY OF THE PRINCIPALSHIP." RECORDS, 1987-95. 8.0 cu. ft. Ongoing project designed to interview retired elementary, middle, and high school principals for their views, reminiscences, and accumulated wisdom. Most of the interviewees are from the Southeast (mainly Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, and West Virginia), with representative materials from Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Project Director is Dr. Patrick W. Carlton, Associate Professor of Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Materials consist of cassette tapes and transcripts of over 230 interviews. Ms89-040.
ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN ARCHITECTS AND DESIGN PROFESSIONALS, RECORDS, 1965-2005. 4.0 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. The Organization of Women Architects and Design Professionals (OWA) is an organization for women architects and designers in the San Francisco bay area. It officially became incorporated in 1973. The collection contains documents, reports, agendas, membership directories, photos, slides, and publications concerning the history and activities of the OWA. Finding aid available online.Ms1988-080.
ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS [JAPAN] COMMORATIVE BOOKS, 1986 AND 1996. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Organization founded in 1976 for Japanese women architects and engineers to explore the many issues of working in these previously male-dominated professions. The collection includes two books. The Greedy Concerto, [HD4904.25 .J68] was published in 1986 with a history of the organization's founding and autobiographies and essays of the members. A 20th anniversary book, The Greedy Concerto: the Second Movement, [NA1997 .J68 2006] was published in 2006 with information about the activities of the organization since the first book was published. These volumes are available to view in the Special Collections Rare Book Room.
ORON, JOYCE (1954-). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1985-2004. 3.3 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in New York, architect in Israel. Collection contains drawings, text, and photographs of some of the public building projects handled by Joyce Oron Architecture and Town Planner from 1985 to 2004. Most material is in Hebrew, and English descriptions are available. Finding aid available online. Ms2005-006.
O'SHAUGHNESSY, LOUIS. LETTERS, 1903-1905. 0.2 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech, 1903; engineering professor at Virginia Tech from 1918 to 1954; first head of Applied Mechanics, acting Dean of Engineering, and Director of Graduate Studies during tenure at Virginia Tech. Collection consists of correspondence from 1903 to 1905; primarily includes letters to his future wife, Ida L. Surface, as well as one letter to G. T. Surface (Virginia Tech professor). Finding aid available online. Ms1993-010.
O'SHAUGHNESSY, LOUIS. PAPERS, 1890-1910. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection includes grade reports for O'Shaughnessy from a public school in Ohio, cancelled checks signed by G. Thomas Surface (a VPI professor in 1895), fourteen postcards of campus scenes, and an 1894 Maury Literary Society Debate Program. Ms87-052.
OTTINGER, C. WAYNE. PAPER, 1992. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains of a draft of a proposal, "Concept Proposal for Preservation of Aerospace Technology Project (PAT) [Improving Technology Preservation Processes]" written by Ottinger and others. Also includes an executive summary, cover letter, and slides of proposal presentation. Finding aid available online. Ms1992-038.
[OVERSEER'S JOURNAL, 1853-61.] 0.1 cu. ft. Journal of a slave overseer (possibly Erastus Bishop of Petersburg, Virginia), listing slave names and amount of crops (including cotton, peas, corn) each picked. Also lists when and which slaves were sick each day, how much money was obtained for a crop, some home remedies for common illnesses, and the journey itinerary for a cargo ship. Finding aid available online. Ms94-010.
OZKOSE, AYSUN. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, 2004. International Archive of Women in Architecture. 0.1 cu. ft. Architect in Turkey. Includes curriculum vitae and articles. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PAGE, THORNTON L. (1913-1996). PAPERS, 1936-1983. 0.7 cu. ft. Professor of astronomy at Wesleyan, Chicago, UCLA, and other universities; on staff at Naval Ordnance Lab, Operations Research Office, and NASA; taught astronomy to astronauts at Manned Spacecraft Center and worked on the S201 far ultraviolet camera used in Apollo and Skylab programs. Typescript drafts, offprints, and detachments of published papers; speech texts; and reports. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms1983-002.
PAGE MILLING COMPANY [LURAY, VIRGINIA]. LEDGERS, 1904-34. 4 vols. Ledgers of sales, purchases, and cash expenditures. Ms88-050.
PALMER, EARL (1905-96). APPALACHIAN PHOTOGRAPH AND ARTIFACT COLLECTION, ca. 1880-1989. Ca. 100 cu. ft. Award-winning Appalachian photographer and collector of Appalachian material culture artifacts. Palmer's photographs have been published in a number of magazines, including Life, National Geographic, and the Saturday Evening Post ; in newspapers including the New York Times and Washington Star; and in books including Mountain Medicine and many of the books of Kentucky author Jesse Stuart. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the nation. Palmer's photographs, taken over a fifty-year period, include depictions of the traditional culture of mountain people--their work, economy, daily life, and creative expression. Photographs include scenes of logging, mining, farming, railroading, moonshining, and homemaking; many photographs are accompanied by extensive typescript commentaries written by Palmer. The artifacts include a moonshine still; a hand-carved replica of Mabry Mill made by mountaineer Newton Hylton; handmade dolls, a rocking chair, wagon wheels, and a plow; and artifacts representative of coal mining and railroading in the Appalachian region. The materials have been donated jointly to the Appalachian Collection in the University Libraries and the Appalachian Studies Program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Finding aid available online. Ms89-025.
PANDAPAS, JAMES J. (1915- ). AUDIOTAPE and PAPERS, 1966-88, 1997. 0.2 cu. ft. Resident of Blacksburg, Virginia, born in Peabody, Massachusetts. Played a large role in the development of business and residential housing in Blacksburg by establishing Blacksburg's first industry, Electro-Tec, in 1947, and Poly-Scientific Corporation, in 1953, both manufacturers of electroplated slip-rings for radar antennae. Also developed various neighborhoods in Blacksburg, including Airport Acres (established in 1942) and Highland Park (1945). In 1948 Pandapas purchased a 500 acre track of land on Poverty Creek in Montgomery County, Virginia, as a recreational area for the employees of Electro-Tec. By the time he sold this land to the National Park Service in 1987 it was called Pandapas Pond. Collection consists of audio-tapes of an interview conducted on July 16, 1997, in which Pandapas talks about his life and career as a businessman in Blacksburg. The collection also includes a transcription of the interview with corrections and additions done by Pandapas, newspaper clippings (1966-88) of editorials written by Pandapas and interviews conducted with him, and a self-published book entitled "Early History of Poly-Scientific by its Founder James J. Pandapas." Transcript of interview available. Ms97-011.
PARDUE, LOUIS A. (1901-1963). RECORDS, 1950-1963. Louis A. Pardue was Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies at Virginia Tech from 1950-1963. The collection consists of general correspondence, general reports, financial reports, enrollment statistics, commencement and inaugural reports, minutes, and departmental information collected by Dr. Pardue from 1950 through 1963 while holding the offices of Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies. There also is correspondence relating to the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science (ORINS). VPI was a member of ORINS, and Pardue served on the Council and Board of Directors. Finding aid available online. RG 3/3.
PARKER FAMILY. LETTERS, 1855-59. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of twenty-four letters, predominantly from Elizabeth Parker and her brother George, to their sister Louisa and their parents, while caring for their sister Ann at her home in Somerset, Kentucky. Most of the letters focus on and describe in detail Ann's sickness and her death in April or May 1856. Ms91-052.
PARKER, GEORGE M. JR. (1921-1999). WORLD WAR II PAPERS, 1941-1945. 1.7 cu. ft. Mechanic in the Army Air Force during World War II from Water View, Virginia. World War II letters, his mother's wartime diary, and related ephemera and correspondence. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-022.
PARKER, OTIS JEROME (1918-1995). PAPERS, 1963-1975. 0.2 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center during Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs. NASA technical publications regarding "jet shoes" and other matters; inter-office communications regarding projects on which Parker worked; and photographs. Finding aid available online. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms87-065.
PARKER, W. DALE (1925-2007). PAPERS, ca. 1935-95. Ca. 23.0 cu. ft. Aerospace scientist and management specialist. Production engineer, personnel and public relations specialist, General Motors Corporation (1949-61); manufacturing engineer, General Dynamics/Astronautics (1961-64); aerospace scientist and management specialist in Gemini spacecraft production program, NASA (1964-69). Papers include correspondence; appointment books; patent and copyright files; photographs; scrapbooks; files dealing with civic, humanitarian, and political affairs; manuscripts of publications (books, newspaper columns, articles) on political and space exploration topics; materials relating to Parker's daughter, Jacquelin Susan Parker, the first female Air Force test pilot; and an inventory and videotape of Parker's extensive collection of memorabilia and artifacts relating to the U.S. Manned Spacecraft Program. Unprocessed. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms89-093.
PARSONS, BERNARD L. PAPERS, 1918-1942. 0.4 cu. ft. Collection includes pamphlets, books and reports relating to soil erosion, land drainage, and other agricultural issues. Ms92-053.
PARMMER LETTER, 1869. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a single letter to "Mr. Parmmer," regarding the use of poke root in cattle care. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-054.
PARSONS, HENRY C. (1840-1894). PAPERS, 1863-1905. 0.2 cu. ft. Attorney and businessman; captain in the 1st Vermont Cavalry; official of the Richmond & Alleghany Railroad, Atlantic and Northwestern Railroad, and Kanawha Construction Company; owner of Natural Bridge, Virginia. Correspondence, financial and legal documents relating to Parsons' business enterprises. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-109.
PARSONS, JOHN T. (1913-2007). PAPERS, ca. 1935-87. Ca. 250 cu. ft. Manufacturer; inventor; father of "numerical control," or the application of computer technology to manufacturing processes. Produced bombs and land mines for U.S. government during World War II. Conceived a machine tool for automatically producing aircraft structural shapes from punch card/tape input (1946); executed contract to produce the world's first numerical control milling machine (1949) and monitored design and completion of the machine (1950-52). Originated aircraft operation that became the world's largest designer, producer, and overhauler of helicopter rotor blades; built first all-composite airplane (for Office of Naval Research). Creator of many other processes involving computer applications to manufacturing. President and owner of the Parsons Corporation of Traverse City, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and Stockton, California (1954-68). President and owner of the John T. Parsons Company, Traverse City, Michigan (1968-86). First recipient, Numerical Control Society's Joseph Marie Jacquard Award as the "Father of Numerical Control" (1968); recipient, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Engineering Citation as the person "whose brilliant conceptualization of numerical control marked the beginning of the second industrial revolution" (1975); recipient, National Medal of Technology (1985); recipient National Tooling and Machining Association's Distinguished Service Award (1987); received approximately fifty U.S. patents in the fields of numerical control, marine propellers, foundry systems, and data acquisition manufacturing methods. Papers include correspondence, memoranda, financial records, engineering drawings and specifications, files about civic affairs in Traverse City, Michigan; reading files and other materials. Partial inventory available. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms87-016.
PARSONS, WINIFRED. ARCHITECTURE NOTEBOOK, 1900-1906. 0.3 cu. ft. Collection consists of a bound notebook containing about 800 cyanotypes, 300 halftones and process illustrations, and 32 hand illustrated images of architecture ranging from Ancient Egypt until 1900; Notebook is arranged chronologically and moves chronologically through the history of architecture. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-058.
PASSENGER PIGEON. CORRESPONDENCE, 1945. 0.1 cu. ft. Compiled by VPI Librarian Ralph M. Brown. Includes letters to and from Brown regarding the decrease in pigeon population. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-082.
[PASTOR'S DIARY], 1878-1881. Unidentified pastor, salesman, and farmer from Washington, Ohio. Diary entries pertaining to religious practices, death and disease, farming, business, and elections. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-056.
PATERSON, J.V. NOTEBOOK, 1891(?). 0.1 cu. ft. Manuscript copy of "Specifications of a Steel Paddle Wheel Saloon River Steamer," with information on how to construct bulwarks, promenade decks, galleys, and a captain's bridge. Ms88-119.
PATKAU, PATRICIA (1950- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1997. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in 1950, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The collection includes a book entitled Patkau Architects [NA749.P38 P37 1997] and a résumé from the firm that includes an extensive project list. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PATRICK COUNTY [VIRGINIA] PROJECT. RECORDS, 1980-1982. 19.0 cu. ft. Sponsored by the Blue Ridge Regional Library and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to explore the theme of "Continuity and Change in a Rural Community." It was conducted between September 1980 and August 1982. The project began by presenting a series of folklife programs on local traditions of music, dance, verbal art, history, and material culture; continued by collecting and transcribing taped oral histories of families and communities, building a collection of photographs of the county's past and present, and expanding the public branch library's and the University library's collections in regional literature, folk culture, and history; and then combining these activities as resources for producing a series of public programs which pursued the basic theme of "continuity and change" in this rural Southwest Virginia county. The collection consists of taped interviews; transcripts; biographical information about the interviewees; a subject card index to the interviews; a film, "Up and Down These Roads: a Rural County in Transition; slide/tape programs; and such project documents as the original proposal, the final report, photographs, publicity clippings, and program posters. For a published guide to the collection, available in Special Collections, see Addison catalog record. Finding aid available online. Ms1983-007.
PATRULIUS, IRINA. SPEECH AND NEGATIVES. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architectural historian of Bucharest, Romania. Collection consists of the transcript of a speech given in French by Patrulius about the work of early women architects in Romania, and photographic negatives of images of the work of Romanian architects Henriette Delavrancea-Gibory (1894-1987), Virginia Haret (1894-1962), and Maria Cotescu (1896- ). Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PATTISON, HARRIET. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, 2004, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Harriet Pattison, ASLA, is a landscape architect currently based in Pennsylvania. The collection contains a typed copy of her remarks to a 2004 Yale symposium about her collaboration with architect Louis Kahn as well as photocopied pages showing selected landscape projects she designed. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PATTON, WILLIAM MacFARLAND (1845-1905). PAPERS, 1896. 0.7 cu. ft. Civil engineer, professor at Virginia Agricultural & Mechanical College (now Virginia Tech). Partial draft of Patton's book, A Practical Treatise on Foundations, and draft of an unpublished textbook on civil engineering, together with patent documentation for two inventions. Finding aid available online. Ms1954-001.
PĂUN, SILVIA (1923- ). PAPERS, 1966-98. 0.5 cu. ft. and 2 vols. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Bucharest, Romania. Papers include photographs of children's hospitals and centers she has designed, correspondence, notes, photographs, and biographical information as well as writings by her and about her work, including Păun's books, which are available to view in the Special Collections Reading Room. Titles include Identites europeennes inedites : Italia-Romania dans la prehistorie, l'ethnos, l'architecture [AZ108 P38 1996] and Identităti europene inedite : Italia--Romania in preistorie, etnos, arhitectura [AZ108 P3814 1998]. Finding aid available online. Ms1991-057
PAXTON, JAMES G. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate major in the Civil War. Letter, April 6, 1863, from Paxton in Salem, Virginia, to Major William McLaughlin suggesting he consider being a candidate for the Confederate State Senate from Lexington and Rockbridge, Virginia. Ms88-071.
PAVLOVA, LIUDMILA PAVLOVA (1932- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1962-1990. 2.0 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in the Rostov Region of Russia. Worked for 35 years (1956-1989) in "Glavproekt" the largest state design organization in Sofia, Bulgaria. She now practices in her private architectural office (dated February 2009). Collection consists of some biographical material and photocopies of several projects including a library, a home, sanitoriums, and office buildings. Material is in Bulgarian with some English translation. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PAVLOVA, RADKA (1933- ). ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS, 1964-1999. 6.7 cu. ft. Born in Bulgaria. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Designed interiors and furniture, as well as urban design and landscape. Collection consists of a portfolio, original drawings, résumé, newspaper clippings and photocopies of projects including the Hotel and Restaurant "Nevrokup", the Town Hall and the "Home of Books," all in Gotse Delchev. Finding aid available online. Ms2000-003.
PAYNE, CHARLES K. PAPERS, 1949. 0.1 cu. ft. Payne of Giles County is listed as a student in the 1872-1873 and 1876-1878 catalogs. Collection consists of a letter from Payne to Walter S. Newman, VPI President (1947-1962), a letter from Newman to Miss Elizabeth Woolwine in the library, and a completed questionnaire regarding VAMC in the 1870s. Finding aid available online. Ms1949-003.
PAYNE, ELIZABETH BARTON SMITH (1817-1895). LETTER, [1864]. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Fauquier County, Virginia during the Civil War. Letter to friend mourns loved ones killed in battle and mentions raids by soldiers, the capture and imprisonment of a brother, and a son's desire to join the army. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-072.
PEEVA, MARIA. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1978-2006. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Maria Georgieva Peeva (sister of Rositsa Popova) graduated from Sofia Polytechnic in 1977 and was assigned to work at the Design Organization in the town of Schumen, where she led the design section. In 1988 she was named Chief Architect of the Beloslav Region, and in 2000 she became Regional Architect of the Black Sea tourist region. In 1991, while still carrying these appointments, she opened a private practice with fellow woman architect Natalia Liutskanova. After 1993, Peeva continued running the office alone. She is particularly known for designing schools, vacation houses and hotels, and retail stores. Papers include project lists, project documentation and drawing lists for vacation houses in Rogachevo, and drawings for a Worker's Vacation Retreat for the Schumen Chemical factory "Volov," as well as a curriculum vitae. Finding aid available online. Ms2007-033
PENCE, MR. & MRS. CARTE DE VISITES, c.1861-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection includes two carte-de-visites of Mr. & Mrs. O. S. Pence, taken at Rees studio in Richmond, Virginia, c.1861-1865. Each is posed beside photographer's stock background and chair. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-034.
PENCE, MYRVIN LAFE. SCRAPBOOK AND CLASS PHOTOGRAPH, 1918-1922. 0.3 cu. ft. Augusta County, Virginia, native and later, cattle farmer; 1922 graduate of VPI. Collection includes a scrapbook of memorabilia, photographs, and newsclippings from Pence's tenure at VPI, as well as a large photograph of the Class of 1922. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-087.
PENCHEVA-VULCHANOVA, JANA (1947- ). ARCHITECTURAL DRWAINGS, 1980-1995. 2.4 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Sliven, Hungary, where she graduated from high school with honors. From 1964-1970 she studied architecture at Sofia Polytechnic. in 1978 Vulchanova became involved in the planning and design of the neighborhood surrounding the National Palace of Culture. Her collection consists of architectural drawings, photocopies of drawings, photographs and newspaper clippings and documents her activity in designing underground commercial centers. The material contains seven projects regarding the design of neighborhood surroundings in Sofia, Bulgaria from 1980-1993. Finding aid available online. Ms2000-002
PENDLETON, LEE (1893-1977). PAPERS, 1967-77. 0.1 cu. ft. Montgomery County, Virginia, historian, author of Indian Massacre in Montgomery County, 1755-1756. Collection includes correspondence, manuscript drafts on local history and families, a copy of his book, and newspaper clippings. Finding aid is available online. Ms74-007.
PERKINS, CARTER JR. PAPERS, 1893-96, 1923-26. 0.4 cu. ft. Student at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Virginia Tech) in 1892 and 1894. Collection includes an 1894/95 VAMC catalog, an 1898 Bugle of VPI, photographs (1894-95), alumni literature, and two account books of a dry goods store (in Blacksburg, Virginia?) and relating to the establishment of Auburn Bank. Ms60-004.
PERKINS, WAYNE (1947-2004). COLLECTION, 1835-1996. 2.6 cu. ft. Wytheville, Virginia pharmacist and railroad enthusiast. A collection of records, memorabilia, and photographs relating to a number of North American railroads but concentrating mostly the Norfolk & Western Railway. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-078.
PERRIAND, CHARLOTTE, RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect and designer that specialized in furniture. Worked with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. Biographical article discussing her career. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PERRY, THOMAS DAVID (1960- ). COLLECTION, ca.1979-2007. 29 cu. ft. Virginia Tech graduate (class of 1984), historian, and founder of the J.E.B. Stuart Birthplace Preservation Trust, Inc. Research notes, writings, photographs, printed materials and photocopies of original sources relating to the history of Patrick County, Virginia, and the life, family and birthplace of native son Confederate General James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart. Inventory available online. Unprocessed. Ms2008-006.
PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA. LETTER, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of one letter from "Edward," written from a Union camp in Petersburg on June 25, 1864, describing his battlefield and camp activity. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-098.
PETROVA, ISKRA. COLLECTION, 1981-2005. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Iskra Nikolova Petrova studied architecture at Sofia Polytechnic. After her graduation in 1977, she worked for the state design and construction organization "Technoeksportstroi," which built many buildings in Africa and the Near East. The collection contains seven competition project drawings for housing neighborhood in Haarlem / Haarlemmermeer, Nigeria, Africa, ca. 1981, and a two-page curriculum vitae. Material is in Bulgarian and English. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PETTERSEN, ELEANORE (1916-2003). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1950-2003. 297 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Eleanore K. Pettersen received a Certificate in Architecture from Cooper Union for Advancement of Science and Art in 1941, and was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin from 1941-1943. She was one of the first women licensed as an architect in the state of New Jersey in 1950, and was the first woman in New Jersey to open her own architectural office. She primarily designed residences and was also very active in professional and civic organizations. She became a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) in 1991. The collection consists of project files, sketches, blueprints, drawings, models, photographs, and other material relating to over 600 of Pettersen's projects as well as material relating to her participation in various professional and civic organizations. The materials in the collection range in date from 1915-2010 with the bulk of the material dating 1950-2000. Examples of Pettersen's work can be viewed on the VT ImageBase. Finding aid available online. Ms2003-018.
PEYTON, JOHN HOWE (1778-1847). LETTER, 1821. 0.1 cu. ft. Born in Stony Hill, Stafford County, Virginia; attended the College of New Jersey at Princeton, and became a lawyer in 1799. Virginia Commonwealth Attorney, state senator (1839-45), and founder of the Virginia Female Institute at Staunton. Married Susanna Smith Madison (1780-1820) in 1802, and after her death married Ann Elizabeth Lewis (1802-50). Letter is from Peyton in Staunton to his first wife's mother, Elizabeth Preston Madison (1762-1837) at Fotheringay, Montgomery County, Virginia, and writes of the family and personal concerns. Finding aid available online. Ms1977-001.
PFEIFFER, ALBERTA RAFFL (1899-1994). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1929-1976. 10.3 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Hadlyme, Connecticut; born in Illinois. Graduated from the University of Illinois--Urbana/Champaign in 1923 as one of the first women to achieve a degree of architecture at that institution. Worked with the Harrie T. Lindberg architectural firm in New York City until she set up a practice in Hadlyme with her husband, Homer F. Pfeiffer, in the early 1930s. Practiced from the 1930s to the 1970s in Hadlyme, designing and renovating many residences in that area. Collection consists of detailed files and architectural drawings for 250 projects done between 1933 and 1976, correspondence, and photographs of her and her designs. Finding aid available online.Ms1988-017
PHILADELPHIA & READING RAILROAD. RECEIPTS, 1855-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Railroad serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Two receipts issued to the company by the Catawissa, Williamsport & Erie Railroad and N. & A. Middleton of Philadelphia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-038.
PHILLIPS, JEAN (1918- ). PAPERS, 1966-86. 0.1 cu. ft. Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods, 1969-85, Recipient of Wine Award for Excellence in Teaching. Papers include correspondence with editors, professional correspondence, advertisements and information about her monographs, and a paper written about Phillips by Evelyn Wight. Ms98-026.
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM HEWITT (1918-2009). AUTOBIOGRAPHY, ca. 1995. 0.1 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer at Langley Research Center for NACA and NASA; chief of Flight Dynamics and Control Division from 1970 to 1979. Typescript draft titled "Research at Langley: a Technical Autobiography," later published as Journey in Aeronautical Research: a Career at NASA Langley Research Center. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-080.
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM HEWITT. (1918-2009). PAPERS, 1918-2008. 28.5 cu. ft. Aerospace engineer for NACA and NASA Langley Research Center and chief of Flight Dynamics and Control Division from 1970 to 1979; retired in 1979 but continued work as distinguished research associate. Reports, working papers, memoranda and lecture notes tracing the development of Phillips' theories while at Langley, spanning from his work on World War II-era aircraft to the early U.S. space program and beyond, as well as his personal interest in model aircraft. Finding aid available online. Ms 2005-019.
PHYCOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA. RECORDS, 1874-83, 1946-95. Ca. 30.0 cu. ft. Society established in 1946 by and for phycologists, or those who study algae. Records consist of presidents' files and correspondence, financial ledgers, membership lists, conference programs, meeting minutes, videotapes, and a complete run (1965-90) of the Journal of Phycology. Also includes notebooks (1874-83) with sketches of algae by botanist Francis Wolle (1817-93). Preliminary inventory available online. Unprocessed. Ms90-038.
PICKETT FAMILY. LETTERS, 1914, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains several letters of condolence to his parents, following the death of Chester Pickett; also includes a condolence letter by Mary Pickett to another family member. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-072.
PIDGEON, MONICA. ARTICLE, 1999. 0.1 cu. ft.International Archive of Women in Architecture. Column from The Architects' Journal titled "People" dated 8 July 1999. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PIERCE, MARJORIE.OBITUARY, 2000. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Obituary from The Boston Globe dated January 20, 2000. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054. *
PIETILÄ, RAILI. PUBLICATIONS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect from Helsinki, Finland who works in collaboration with her husband. The book is titled Modernin Arkkitehtuurin Valimaastoissa or Intermediate Zones in Modern Architecture. [NA1455 F53 P546 1985]. Also includes an article "Pietilä, Modernin Arkkitehtuurin Valimaastoissa: Intermediate Zones in Modern Architecture " Material is in Finnish and English. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PINGEL, GERDA. EXHIBITION POSTERS AND DRAWINGS, 1998 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect from Germany. Collection consists of exhibition posters and drawings presented at the 12th UIFA Congress, Tokyo, Japan (1998). The drawings detail several buildings on the University of Kiel campus, Pharmacy building , "Sealarium," Research Laboratory, and Auditorium of the College Center and the efforts of the architect to integrate institutional buildings into the surrounding community. Material is in German and English. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PINOS, CARME (1954- ). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1994-1995. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Barcelona, Pinos graduated from the Barcelona School of Architecture in 1979. Her papers consist of a booklet, published in 1995 to showcase Pinos' work when she was awarded the Plym Distinguished Professorship in Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1994. The booklet contains pictures of Pinos' work and comments from students and colleagues. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PIOMELLI, M. ROSARIA (1937- ). PAPERS, 1960-1995. 5.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of New York, born in Naples, Italy. Educated in Italy and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.Arch., 1960). Professor of Architecture at the City College of the City University of New York since 1974. Served as Dean of the CCNY College of Architecture from 1980 to 1983, being the first woman to hold a deanship of any school of architecture in the United States. Worked as project architect at various architects offices through the 1960s and early 1970s, including I.M. Pei & Partners. Opened her own architectural practice in 1974. Member of the International Archive of Women in Architecture Board of Advisors from 1985 to 1995. Papers consist of architectural drawings, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and files that detail the many facets of her career as educator, architect, and advocate of the work of women in architecture. Most of the materials focus on her architectural projects when she worked at other architects offices, and as an independent architect, where most of the projects were focused in the New York area. Examples of her work can be viewed on the VT ImageBase. Finding aid available online. Ms1995-007
PITT, SARAH. COLLECTION, 1930-1939. 0.25 cu. ft. Sarah Pitt was an Agricultural Extension Agent in Prince William County, Virginia, 1930-1936. Papers include newspaper clippings, newsletters, notebooks, radio broadcasts, 4-H and Extension materials related to the farming in Virginia and the United States.Finding aid available online. Ms2005-018.
PITTENGER, WILLIAM J. (1838-1899). DIARY, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier serving in the 93rd Illinois Infantry and the U. S. Army Signal Corps. Diary discusses camp life, the Union advance down the Mississippi River, and the siege of Vicksburg. Finding aid available online. Images are available on the VT Imagebase. Ms2001-064.
PLETTA, DAN H. (1903-94). PAPERS, 1958-1994. 16 cu. ft. Educated at University of Illinois (B.S., 1927; C.E., 1938), University of Wisconsin (M.S., 1931), Virginia Tech, and Columbia University. Professor and Head of Engineering Mechanics Department at Virginia Tech (1944-70), Professor Emeritus, one of the original five University Distinguished Professors, and Ruffner Medal winner. Honorary member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and founding member of the American Academy of Mechanics. Author of Engineering Statics and Dynamics (Ronald Press, 1951), Engineering Mechanics, Part I Statics, Part II Dynamics d Press, 1964), Engineering Profession: Its Heritage and Its Semerging Purpose (1984) and numerous articles in technical journals (1952-82). Collection includes treatises, transcripts of talks and correspondence dealing with all aspects of the field of engineering, but especially with the role of education in producing a professional engineer. Inventory available. Ms82-006.
PLUMB, HELGA (1939- ). PAPERS, 1977-78, 1995. 0.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; born in Austria. Partner of The Dubois Plumb Partnership of Toronto (1979-93) and visiting design critic at various schools of architecture in Canada and the United States (1973-present). Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Educated at the Technische Hochschule in Austria and the University of Toronto (B. Arch., 1963; M. Arch. in Urban Design, 1967). Materials consist of a curriculum vitae; architectural drawings of the Tom Longboat Junior School in Toronto; and a reprint of an article about the Tom Longboat Junior School from The Canadian Architect (undated). Finding aid is available online. Ms95-023.
POCAHONTAS, VIRGINIA. CARTE DE VISITE, c.1890s. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a carte de visite of an unidentified man. Image taken by P.W. Poff (abt. 1854-1934?), photographer in Pocahontas, Virginia, and later in Bluefield, West Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-81.
POLAND, CHARLES O. DIARY, 1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in Company B, 142nd Ohio Infantry (National Guard) during the Civil War. Diary entries made while serving for six weeks near the front during the early siege of Petersburg, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-013.
POLHAMUS, EDWARD C. PAPERS, 1962-1986. 0.4 cu. ft. Aeronautical engineer, active in aerodynamics research related to the development of high-speed aircraft. Received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland (1944) and joined the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in 1944. Head of the Stability and Performance Branch, the Fluid Dynamics Branch, and a Distinguished Research Associate at NASA Langley Research Center, retiring from NASA in 1981. Polhamus is an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and has been and advisor to the U.S. Defense Department and the Air Force on variable-sweep technology. He is the holder or co-holder of three U. S. patents on variable-sweep wing technology; recognized as the co-inventor of the variable-sweep aircraft configuration concept that led to the U. S. Air Force F-111 and B-1 aircraft. Polhamus presented the AIAA Wright Brothers lecture on 1983. Papers include reprints of articles and reports by Polhamus, correspondence, notebooks, and photographs relating to his patents on variable wing sweeps, F-111 aircraft and cryogenic wind tunnel development, and vortex lift aerodynamics; Congressional testimony on the TFX contract investigation; and materials relating to his Wright Brothers lectureship. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-051.
POLLARD, HERBERT REED. COLLECTION, 1933-1934. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a ROTC dinner program from 1933, a photograph of VPI Corps of Cadets, Officers of Company E (1934), and a photocopy of another Corps of Cadets photograph. Ms91-028.
POPOVA, ROSITSA, COLLECTION. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Rositsa Peeva-Popova (sister of Maria Peeva) graduated from Sofia Polytechnic in 1981, and was then assigned by the government to work for the Design Organization in the town of Gabrovo. She later worked for towns of Ruse and Schumen before establishing a private practice with her architect husband. That practice opened in Schumen but moved to Varna, where Popova now also teaches architecture at the Varna Free University. Popova's work centers on urban design, with many apartment buildings as well as gas stations, commercial facilities, and urban space designs. Her donation includes drawings for an Evangelical Church and a Fashion House for the Factory "Val Poskova," both in Schumen as well as a curriculum vitae. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PORCHER, C.L. LETTER, 1876. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Charleston, South Carolina. Letter to her sister, September 12, 1876, referring to the riots in Charleston, women's clubs, and family matters. Ms88-072.
PORTER, LT. COL. A. P. COPYBOOK, 1862-1863. 0.2 cu. ft. Chief commissary of subsistence of the Fifth Army Corps, a member of the Army of the Potomac. Collection includes a copybook and letters written by Union Lieutenant Colonel A. P. Porter in 1862 and 1863 that document the transportation, inventory, and distribution of supply rations during the Civil War. Finding aid available online. Ms2001-001.
PORTER, J.C. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, ca. 1880. 1 vol. Scrapbook of approxmately 240 (all ca. 1880) photographs of structures and scenes in several southwestern Virginia counties, including Bland, Craig, Giles, and Smyth. Includes photographs of a Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad station in New Castle and Mountain Lake resort hotel, both in Giles County. Photographs believed to have been taken and compiled by Porter. Ms90-079. Images available online.
PORTUGALI, NILI (1948- ). CURRICULUM VITAE, 2000. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Israel. Collection is composed of her curriculum vitae. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
POWELL, CHARLES H. (1843-?). LETTER, 1891(?). 0.1 cu. ft. Served as a bugler in Company F of the 4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War. Collection consists of a letter, dated erroneously as 1861 but obviously written well after the Civil War, possibly in 1891, by Powell in a soldier's home to Miss Dorris about his upcoming visit to Hanover County, Virginia, to view a presentation of portraits, probably of Civil War notables. He also writes about his regiment's movements during the war. Transcript available. Ms97-012.
PRAUN, ANNA-LULJA. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1986-1987. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. The collection consists of articles about exhibitions of Praun's furniture in the late 1980's. Also included is an exhibition announcement with the picture of the "Komponierpult fur Gyorgy Ligeti," a desk which appears in most of the articles. A photograph of Praun and a book, published in 1986, entitled Anna-Lulja Praun [NK2546.P73 A4 2001], which is available to view in the Special Collections Reading Room. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PRESTON AND OLIN INSTITUTE. RECORDS, 1852-1871, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Academic institute in Blacksburg, Virginia, that opened in 1854 under the name of Olin and Preston Institute. Closed during the Civil War, and then reopened as the Preston and Olin Institute. Was given to the state of Virginia in 1872 and its buildings were used for a new land-grant college, the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, (now Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). Records consist of a book (1853-1857) with lists of trustees of the Institute and subscribers, a program (1871) of the anniversary celebration of the Preston Literary Society, and reports of the Committee on Seminaries (1852-1854, n.d.). Finding aid available online. Ms1964-001.
PRESTON FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1861, 1872. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains two letters. The first is written by James Preston to his wife, Sarah Caperton Preston; he describes his involvement in the First Battle of Bull Run. The second letter is written by Sarah to Colonel Grabowski; she addresses Hugh's (her son) failure to follow an order at VMI. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-070.
PRESTON FAMILY (ALICE PRESTON MOORE COLLECTION). PAPERS, 1749- 1882, n.d. cu. ft. Pioneer Montgomery, Botetourt, and Washington County, Virginia, family. Papers include business transactions, land surveys, and general store accounts (1745-1789) relating to William and Susannah Smith Preston; correspondence, business transactions, and notes on farm affairs (1782-1828) relating to their son, John Preston; correspondence and land surveys (1840-82) relating to John, William A., and Alfred G. Preston; correspondence (1848-61) relating to William Ballard Preston; and a day book (1789-1820) of the Prestons of Washington County. Finding aid available online. Ms1962-004.
PRESTON FAMILY (CHARLES PEALE DIDIER COLLECTION). PAPERS, 1747-1897. 282 items. Separate collection from the Preston family collection listed above. Papers include surveys, promissory notes, and land indentures (1747-70) relating to James Patton; list of quit rents in the Middle District of Augusta (1759-60); promissory notes and correspondence (1755-1806) relating to William Preston; and correspondence, surveys, and business papers (1780-1830) relating to John Preston. Finding aid available online. Ms1985-020.
PRESTON, FRANCIS (1765-1835). RECEIPT, 1791. 0;1 cu. ft. Virginia lawyer, state senator, congressman, and representative in the Virginia House of Delegates; served in teh War of 1812. Collection includes a receipt for 9 pounds paid to Robert McGee on behalf of Michael Drake by Preston. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-067.
PRESTON, JOHN (1764-1827). DEED, 1826, 0.1 cu. ft. Handwritten deed and bargain of sale between Henry Edmunson as trustee of John Preston of the County of Montgomery of the one part and John Walters and George Kester of the County of Montgomery of the other part for a 130-acre tract of land on the headwaters of Strubles [Stroubles] Creek and the English's Mill Creek. Indenture was made on March 30, 1826 and brought to the ofice of the Montgomery County Court Clerk on April 5, 1826. Born at Greenfield (the Preston family home prior to Smithfield), John Preston served in the Virginia militia and the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate throughout his life. Treasurer of Virginia from 1810 to 1819. Inventory available. Ms2005-014.
PRESTON, JOHN (1764-1827). PAPERS, 1806-20, 1844, n.d. 0.2 cu. ft. Born at Greenfield (the Preston family home prior to Smithfield), served in the Virginia militia and the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate throughout his life. Treasurer of Virginia from 1810 to 1819. Papers consist of letters and promissory notes, and documents stating the transfer of lands, slaves, and property. Also includes a letter from J.B. McBride at the Union Theological Seminary, to William M. Radford of Botetourt County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms94-034.
PRESTON, NELSON. LETTER, 1840. 0.1 cu. ft. Lieutenant colonel of the 94th Virginia Militia. Note from Preston to Captain Robinet, discussing regimental training and a muster at Lee Courthouse. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-075.
PRESTON, ROBERT TAYLOR (1809-80). PAPERS, 1829-71, n.d. 0.2 cu. ft. Born at Smithfield in Blacksburg, Virginia; built Solitude, his home near Smithfield, now part of Virginia Tech. Prior to the Civil War Preston served as a member of militia and justice of the peace. At the start of the Civil War he was appointed colonel of volunteers in the Provisional Army of Virginia, and in July 1861 was appointed colonel of the 28th Virginia Infantry, Confederate States of America, where he served until the infantry's reorganization in April 1862. Beginning in August 1864 he served as lieutenant colonel and then colonel of the 4th Virginia Reserves, and surrendered with the troops of General J.E. Johnston in North Carolina in April 1865. The collection consists of 218 letters, military orders, notes, certificates of military appointments, and other items, the majority collected or created by Preston during the period of May 1861 and December 1862. Includes several military orders signed by such members of the Confederate Army as Jubal Early, John B. Floyd, and George E. Pickett, as well as orders signed by Preston himself. Also includes a draft of a broadside written by Preston from Solitude on May 13, 1863, as a call to arms to the men of Roanoke and Montgomery County to repel the Union Army which was in the immediate vicinity. Selected transcripts available. Finding aid available online. Ms1992-003.
PRESTON, SAMUEL DAVIS (1892-1975). PAPERS, 1917-1972. 0.5 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Tech (class of 1923) and member of the university's board of visitors (1952-1960). Personal memorabilia, consisting largely of honors and awards. Finding aid available online. Ms1972-003.
PRESTON, SARAH BUCHANAN (1778-1846). LAND DEED, 1835. 0.1 cu. ft Born in Smyth County, Virginia; died in Abingdon, Virginia. Manuscript copy of a land transfer indenture statement for lands in Russell, Tazewell, and Scott counties, Virginia. Sold by Preston to John and Edward Fulton of Washington County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-034.
PRESTON, SUE R. DIARY, 1907. 0.1 cu. ft. Young Detroit, Michigan woman and later nurse-in-training at Sarah Leigh Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. Private diary describing her daily activities in Detroit, including shopping, reading, attending productions at the Temple Theatre, and following the famous Thaw Murder Trial. Enclosed are numerous newspaper clippings that pertain to the trial and theater gossip. Later entries describe Preston's first few days as a nurse-in-training at Sarah Leigh Hospital. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-034.
PRESTON, THOMAS L. LETTER, 1860. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Campbell County, Virginia. Letter to John M. Preston of Smyth County, Virginia, regarding personal matters and health and ending with comments on the political climate and the possibility of an impending civil war. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-041.
PRESTON, WILLARD (1921- ). GENEALOGIES, c.1998. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains three handwritten genealogies of the Preston Family, as well as a letter from Willard Preston to Charles Aschmann. Finding aid available online.Ms2009-121.
PRESTON, WILLIAM (1729-83). LAND GRANT, 1773. 1 item. Surveyor and miliaman. Born in Ireland, came to the American colonies in 1738. Settled in area of Virginia that is now Montgomery County. Established the plantation "Smithfield" in 1773, which is now near the Virginia Tech campus and run by the Montgomery County branch of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. Land grant is for 2175 acres in Botetourt County, Virginia (now the land that is Smithfield), purchased by Preston, signed by British King George III and Virginia colonial Governor John Murray Dunmore. Ms94-027.
PRICE, A. E. F. CERTIFICATES, 1883-1885. 0.1 cu. ft. Born in Blacksburg; Graduate of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1886; teacher and farmer in Montgomery County, Virginia. Collection includes three awards given to Price for "having been distinguished by attaining to an average of three-fourths in all his Examinations" over the course of three consecutive school years (1882-1885). Finding aid available online. Ms2011-031.
PRICE, EMMETT RUSSELL (1874-1944). SCRAPBOOKS. 1.6 cu. ft. Professor of agricultural journalism at VPI (now Virginia Tech), 1920-1944. Collection consists of scrapbooks with newspaper clippings about VPI and local history (mostly Blacksburg). Finding aid available online. Ms1987-011.
PRICE FAMILY. COLLECTION, 1840-1905. 1.6 cu. ft. Southwest Virginia family; Montgomery County residents; owner's of Prices Fork General Store. Collection includes correspondence (mostly to Samuel Winston Price from his wife, Della Hickman Price), photograph albums of friends and family, receipts, and ephemera. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-047.
PRICE, HARVEY LEE (1874-1951). PAPERS, 1853, 1927-49. 1.67 cu. ft. Descendant of early Montgomery County, Virginia, settlers. Price obtained his B.S. in 1898 from Virginia Tech and became a faculty member in the Horticulture Department (1900-50) and a School of Agriculture administrator (1908-48). Price had a strong advocational interest in genealogy and local history, and wrote Outline of Montgomery County Families (1940) which, though never published, has proved a valuable source for genealogists and historians Collection includes Price's extensive notes and correspondence which provided much of the information for his book. Finding aid available online. Ms75-001.
PRICE, JAMES BANE (1832-1896). ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1871-1897. 0.7 cu. ft. Proprietor of general store in Prices Fork (Montgomery Co.), Virginia. Collection consists of eight books detailing daily transactions, expenditures and customer accounts. Finding aid available online. Ms88-008.
PRICE, JIMMIE L (1940- ). PAPERS, 1986-2003. 4 videotapes and 0.1 cu. ft. Blacksburg, Virginia, resident, minister, and local historian, and founder of the Coal Miner's Heritage Association. Author of Malissia Said and one of the co-authors of Millstone Manufacture in Virginia: Interviews with the Last Brush Mountain Millstone Makers and A Brief History of Several coal Mines of Montgomery County. Collection consists of three videotapes of interviews conducted by Price with Montgomery County present and formerresidents, including an interview in 1986 with Elizabeth Kent Adams about the Kentland property; interviews conducted in 1987 with four Montgomery County residents, including Robert H. Surface, Albert Hamlin, Evans Linkous, and Arnold Linkous, about coal mines and mining in the county; and an interview with Frank Bannister of Montgomery County, whose ancestors were slaves and later servants at Kentland; and an interview (7 August 2003) with Josephine Scrivenor, who lived at Kentland. Also includes sketches of Kentland and coal operations, drawn by Price as described by the interviewees. Finding aid available online. Ms87-048.
PRIDDY, LAWRENCE. COLLECTION, 1894-1936. Collection includes photographs from Lawrence Priddy's time as a student at the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute. Priddy graduated with the Class of 1897. The majority of the collection is composed of newspaper clippings and speeches relating to Priddy's activities as an alumnus. Priddy campaigned heavily for the construction of the YMCA building on campus as well as raising funds for the construction of War Memorial Hall. The speech Priddy gave at the dedication of the building in October 1926 is part of the collection. A plaque honoring Priddy's contributions was placed in the hall. Finding aid available online. Ms1972-009.
PRILLAMAN FAMILY. LETTERS, 1862-1864. 0.1 cu. ft. Photocopies of Civil War letters of brothers Fleming M., Christian S. and Isaac C. Prillaman, of Franklin County, Virginia, serving in Co. B, 57th Virginia Infantry. Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection. Ms2003-014.
PRITCHARD, HERMAN LEMUEL. PAPERS, 1968-1974. 0.6 cu. ft. VPI Class of 1924 and Associate Director of the Alumni Association from 1967 to 1969. Collection includes memoranda, class reunion materials, and alumni lists. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-048.
PROCHAZKA, ELSA (1948- ). PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect and professor at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. Papers consist of lists of her various professional achievements and a brochure of the work she did with the group "Igirien." Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
PULASKI COUNTY, VIRGINIA. POSTERS, c.1970-1995. 4.0 li. ft. The collection consists of more than 80 posters relating to political and social events in Pulaski County, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-092.
PULASKI'S GUARDS. MUSTER ROLL, 1838. 0.1 cu.ft. Muster Roll for the Light Infantry in the Third Regiment, Third Brigade, and First Division of the Pulaski's Guards Militia, commanded by Lieutenant John Caldwell. Roll dates from May 1838. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-006.
PULASKI IRON COMPANY. TITLE ABSTRACTS, 1910-1918. 1.2 cu. ft. Iron furnace operating in Pulaski County, Virginia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Transcripts of land grants, deeds, surveys, wills, other legal documents and correspondence relating to various tracts of land conveyed to the company in Augusta, Botetourt, Pulaski, Roanoke and Wythe counties, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms94-025.
PULASKI THEATER ORAL HISTORY PROJECT. RECORDS, 2003-04. 0.75 cu. ft. Collection consists of interview cassette tapes and transcripts of local oral history interviews conducted in 2003 by a Ph.D. candidate in the Interior Design Program within the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech. Finding aid available online. Ms2004-007.
QUALITY CHEMICAL COMPANY. COLLECTION, c.1920. 0.1 cu.ft. The Quality Chemical Company was founded by Harold C. Breckenridge in Detroit, Michigan. The collection contains a promotional letter, special offer flyer, a catalog of chemicals, and an order blank and addressed envelope from the Quality Chemical Company. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-039.

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