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RACHEL, SHALIT (1919- ). DRAWINGS, 1993. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Born in Translyvania. Attended Sorbonne 1938-1939; she received her diploma in 1950 in architectural engineering from Transylvania Polytechnic. After ten years as a designed at the Design Institute in Bucharest, she moved to Israel where her design work focused on governmental institutions and offices. She taught in both high schools and professional schools and has worked on developing new materials for architectural uses. The collection consists of architectural sketches of some Rachel's work including an opera house, Complex for Winter Olympiada, Indian Museum. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
RADFORD, J. LAWRENCE. GRADE REPORTS, 1874-1875. 0.1 cu. ft. J. Lawrence Radford attended the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College in the early 1870s. This collection contains two grade reports from Radford's senior year. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-120.
RADFORD BRICK COMPANY. CASH LEDGER, 1889-1921. 0.2 cu. ft. Brick-manufacturing company chartered in 1889, operating a plant at Tiptop (Tazewell County), Virginia. Cash ledger detailing company income and expenditures. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-025.
RADSPINNER, ROBERT S. (1919-2011) AND MARTHA C. (1921-2013) COLLECTION, 1937-1942; 1988. 1.2 cu. ft. Collection contains memorabilia scrapbooks, photograph albums, Virginia Tech newspapers, concert programs, and other ephemera related to VPI. The material documents Robert S. (class of 1941) and Martha C. (class of 1942) Radspinner's time at VPI and dates from 1937 to 1942. Finding aid available online. Ms2014-004.
RAHM, BERTA (1910-98). PAPERS, 1951-63, n.d. 2.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Switzerland. Educated at l'Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Zurich (Diploma in architecture, 1934). Collection consists of photographs and architectural drawings of her main work exhibited in 1963, at the Congress of the Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes (UIFA) in Paris. Also includes nine drawings for the Kunzle-Stiftung Schaffhausen competition. Pictures of her work are available on the VT ImageBase. Finding aid available online. Ms1998-011
[RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES AND BONDS, ca.1840s-1910s]. 0.4 cu. ft. Collection of 138 United States railroad stock certificates and bonds from the 1840s to the 1910s, mostly from the 1870s through the 1890s. Most of the items have engraved pictures of trains and stations. The railroads include the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chicago Railway Company, the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company, and the Utica and Schenectady Railroad Company. One of the items, a stock certificate for the Michigan Central Railroad Company, is signed by financier Cornelius Vanderbilt (1843-99). Also includes certificates of loans made to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms91-066.
RALEIGH COAL & COKE COMPANY. RAIL SPUR DRAWING, 1920. 0.1 cu. ft. Coal mining company operating in Raleigh County, West Virginia during the first half of the twentieth century. As-built drawing for a rail spur line to the company's Number 3 Mine, located on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway's Piney Creek Branch (New River District). Finding aid available online. Ms2009-039.
RANDOLPH FAMILY. PAPERS (1851-2004). 0.1 cu. ft. Prominent Virginia family. Collection includes transcripted correspondence and photocopied railroad documents, military records, photographs, and a poem. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-011.
RANDOLPH, JAMES ROBBINS (1891-1969). PAPERS, 1922-1969. 1.5 cu. ft. Graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute (B.S. in mechanical engineering), 1912; M.A. in physics, Harvard University, 1921. Instructor of physics and mechanical engineering at various colleges; ordnance officer, U. S. Army Reserves, 1931-1942 (active service, 1942-1943). Manuscript notebooks containing notes, calculations, essays and published articles on rocket design, rockets in warfare, space travel, and mental mobility; and an unpublished 1920s science fiction novel, "The Neighbor World." Finding aid available online. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms1971-001.
RANDOLPH, LINGAN S. PAPERS, undated. 0.1 cu. ft. Professor of Mechanical Engineering at VPI, 1893-1918; dean of Engineering, 1913-1918. Papers include specifications for the details of labor and materials for the installation of a steam heating system at Sweet Briar Institute, Amherst, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1979-007.
RANDOLPH, LUCY. LETTER, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Two page letter from Randolph of New Market, Virginia, to Patsy, her former slave. Ms88-031.
REARDON, JAMES E., CIVIL WAR COLLECTION, 1861-1920. 0.2 cu. ft. James Rearden was a Confederate soldier for the Army of the Potomac, 7th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry. This collection is mainly composed of letters written by James E. Rearden to his wife and his mother in the years 1861 and 1862. Additional materials include a Civil War letter from an unknown author, materials from 1890s South Carolina, and three letters regarding dog sales in Ohio and Georgia. An EAD finding aid is available online. Ms2007-013.
RECIPE SCRAPBOOK, mid 20th century. 0.1. cu. ft. Creator unknown. Collection contains a spiral sketchbook used as a recipe book; includes clipped, printed, and handwritten recipes, as well clippings pictures of food and hand drawn sample table. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-053.
RECIPE SCRAPBOOK [SCHOOL PROJECT], after 1930. 0.1 cu. ft. Creator unknown, but likely created for school assignment. Collection includes clipped recipes, magazine images of food, household and kitchen tips, predominantly desserts; first page has a grade in one corner. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-055.
"RECORD" RECIPE BOOK. n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. This collection contains a record book filled with handwritten and news-clipping recipes. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-052.
REDD, HENRY B. (1895-1960). COLLECTION, 1930-1984. 0.6 cu. ft. Graduate of VPI, 1921; Professor of Agronomy at VPI, 1921-1926; Alumni Association secretary, 1932-1960; Freshman football coach, 1926-1932; head football coach, 1932-1940. Collection contains photographs, clippings, and VPI alumni material as well as a large amount of material related to Redd's position as a faculty member and a coach for the VPI football team. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-017.
REED ISLAND IRON COMPANY. LEDGERS, 1880-1896. 0.7 cu. ft. Iron furnace company in Pulaski and Wythe Counties; later run by the Virginia Iron, Coal, and Coke Company; active 1880-1906. Collection includes customer account ledgers from 1880-1893, as well as workman's hours ledgers from 1886-1896. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-081.
REED ISLAND IRON COMPANY. RECEIPTS, 1894-1896. 0.1 cu. ft. Iron company located in Pulaski County, Virginia. Two receipts issued to the company from Dora Furnace Company and wholesale grocers Robinson, Tate & Company of Dublin, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-040.
REES, ED. H. LETTER, 1863. 0.1 cu. ft. Union soldier in the Civil War writes September 9, 1863, from the Jefferson Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee to a friend at another hospital about Memphis and the surgeries and medical procedures he underwent there. Ms89-106.
REESE, ILSE MEISSNER, PAPERS, 1999. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Ilse Meissner Reese came to the United States from Germany in 1938. She received a certificate in Industrial Design (1941) and a Bachelor of Architecture (1946) from the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. She spent ten years as an Associate Editor of Progressive Architecture (1955-1965) before going into private practice in 1975. The collection includes one folder of biographical material containing a summary of Reese's educational and professional experience from 1941-1999 and a statement by Reese entitled "Reflections on a Career in Architecture." Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054
REID, ALASTAIR (1926- ). POEM, 1973-1974. 0.1 cu. ft. Scottish poet. One page poem, "1973/1974" published "as a New Year 1974 Greeting. For Ruby and Larry Wallrich and Alastair Reid." Finding aid available online. Ms1974-006.
REID, ALLEN HINES. RADIO TALKS, 1932-1933. 0.1 cu. ft. Assistant Professor of Landscape Design at VPI from 1928-1929 and from 1932-1933. Collection consists of fifteen transcripts of radio talks by Reid on various topics, including tips for residential landscaping and flower arranging. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-082.
REPASS/SPANGLER FAMILY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1861, 1936, undated. 0.1 cu. ft. Wythe County, Virginia residents. Collection includes three letters by members of the Repass family, and one letter by Henry Spangler (apparently related to the Repass family by marriage) relating family news. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-061.
REPUBLICAN PARTY [WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA]. BROADSIDE, 1874. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a broadside supporting Congressional Reconstruction, and opposing backsliding Republicans. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-042.
REVELL, WILLIAM A. PAPERS, 1882 and 1912. 0.1 cu. ft. Captain in the 13th New York Cavalry Volunteers in the Civil War. Papers consist of an envelope written on both sides in 1912 by Revell referring to passages in Memorial of Henry Sanford Gansevoort (1882), by J.C. Hadley, about Confederate ranger Colonel John Singleton Mosby's wounding and capture in December 1864, at which he was present. With the manuscript is a copy of the book, inscribed by Revell and Gansevoort's sister, Catherine Lansing. Ms88-063.
REVIEW. RECORDS, 1977-80. 0.1 cu. ft. Literary journal established in 1979 to publish reviews of books, reference tools, and bibliographies. Edited by James O. Hoge and James L.W. West III, Professors of English at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Pennsylvania State University. Records include correspondence to the editors, news clippings about the journal, and typescript copies of reviews from contributors. Ms91-002
REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER WELCH (1817-1876). LETTER, 1861. 0.1 cu. ft. Colonel and later brigadier general in the Confederate Army. Letter to sister in Lewisburg, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-030.
REYNOLDS, CATHLEEN CARLSON. MANUSCRIPT THESIS, 1987. 0.1 cu. ft. Resident of Marion, Virginia, and Civil War historian. Collection consists of a copy of A Pragmatic Loyalty: Unionism in Southwestern Virginia, 1861-1865 . Reynolds's 1987 master's thesis for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Ms91-038.
RIBAROV, ELISAVETA RICHOVA (1939- ). RÉSUMÉ AND DRAWINGS. 2.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Bulgarian architect. Collection includes a resume and several drawings. The drawings consist of a residential building, competition project for "St. Visarion" cathedral, and a project for the National Lyceum for Antique Langues and Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
RICE, DAVID S. (1833-1878). FAMILY PAPERS, 1857-1894. 0.1 cu. ft. Farmer in Rockingham County, Virginia. Family-related documents including three deeds and pages, possibly extracted from a family Bible, providing genealogical information on Rice, his wife Tabitha, and their children. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-067.
RICE, LILIAN, ARCHITECTRUAL DRAWINGS, 1926-1927, 1938. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Noted architect in California. materials consist of 27 drawings Rice did of residences in California, mostly in Rancho Santa Fe, with Olive Chadeayne as her associate. These drawings are located in the Chadeayne collection (Ms1990-057). Finding aid available online.
RICHMOND CLUB OF VPI. POSTER, 1949 or 1955. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of one poster advertising a dance hosted by the Richmond Club of VPI on December 28 in either 1949 or 1955. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-097.
RICHMOND ENQUIRER. ACCOUNT STATEMENT, 1830. 0.1 cu. ft. Richmond, Virginia newspaper of the early 19th century. Subscription account statement, mailed to Jos. Rogers of Rogersville, Tennessee, accompanied by letter from publishers explaining need for funds and pledging to continue improving contents and appearance of the newspaper. Finding aid available online. Ms2008-046.
RICHMOND, JAMES B. (1842-1910). POETRY BOOK, 1873-1883. 0.1 cu. ft. Virginia lawyer, judge and banker; Confederate soldier; served in the Virginia House of Delegates and U.S. House of Representatives. Collection contains a handwritten book of poetry written in response to experiences in Richmond's life. Finding aid available online. Ms2010-051.
RICHTER, ELIZABETH CHU. PRINTED MATERIALS, 1995-97. 0.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Corpus Christi, Texas, born in Hong Kong. Materials include copies of articles written by Richter for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times; literature about her firm Richter Associates Architects, Inc.; a copy of Texas Architect that had information about a design which received the 1997 Texas Society of Architects Design Award; and a copy of Letters for Our Children: Fifty Americans Share Lessons in Living, [BJ1581.2 .L474 1996] edited by Erica Goode, which includes an entry by Richter. Finding aid available online. Ms1997-022
RIGG, JOHN. PAPERS, 1798. 0.1 cu. ft. Washington County, Virginia, resident. Administrator's account of Rigg's estate upon his death. Ms88-054.
RIGGS, LUTAH MARIA (1896-1984). ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1958. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Riggs was the first licensed female architect in Santa Barbara, California and the first woman in the state to be elected to The American Institute of Architect's College of Fellows. She is a 1919 graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. The collection consists of color prints and slides of her most famous work the Vedanta Temple in Montecito, California. Riggs's work is in the Architecture & Design Collection, University Art Museum, University of California at Santa Barbara. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
RINGLAR, GEORGE W. (b. ca. 1831). LETTER, ca. 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Vermont native, living with Virginia farming family during the Civil War. Letter relating his attempt to join the army, unsuccessful due to illness. Also provides a contrasting description between the farms of Vermont and Virginia, instructs his father in handling his affairs during his absence, and denigrates newspapers as "liars by liars." Finding aid available online. Ms2009-070.
RITTENHOUR, JOHN. DEED, 1795. 0.1 cu. ft. Deed for 300 acres on Sinking Creek of the New River in Montgomery County, Virginia, granted to Rittenhour, assignee of Michael Drake. Finding aid available online. Ms1976-004.
ROAD COMPANY, THE. RECORDS, 1972-98. 36.0 cu. ft. Community-based theater company in Johnson City, Tennessee, dedicated to the production of new theater reflecting the concerns and interests of the community, based on the premise that theater is a community event. Established in 1972, produced plays about southern community history, frontier experiences in democracy, ancient and modern myths, the moonshine trade, land issues, wild lemons, love stories, and the impact of the world energy situation on Johnson City. Many of the plays performed were original works created for the company. Worked collaboratively with other community theaters. Closed up production in 1998. Records include administrative files, touring information, scripts, video and audiocassettes of productions, and public relations material. Partially processed. Finding aid available online. Ms1998-008.
ROANE, CURTIS W. HISTORY OF PLANT PATHOLOGY IN VIRGINIA AND BIOGRAPHIES OF PLANT PATHOLOGISTS. (1921- ) PAPERS, 1993-1999. 0.6. cu. ft. Collection consists of A History of Plant Pathology in Virginia and biographies of individual plant pathologists written by Professor Emeritus Curtis W. Roane from the Department of Plant Pathology at Virginia Tech. The history covers the period from 1888-1974 and is divided into eras: "The Pre-Alwood Era," "The Alwood Era (1888-1904)," "The Reed Era (1908-1915)," "The Fromme Era (1915-28)," "The Wingard Era (1928-1964)," "The Couch Era (1965-74)," "The Foy Era, (July 1, 1974 to August 30, 1980)," "The Hooper Era (1980-1984)," and "The Moore Era (1984-1997)."
Biographies of the following plant pathologists are included in the collection: John Joseph Albert (1935-78), Samuel Adam Alexander (1941- ), David E. Babineau, Robert E. Baldwin, Luben Spasoff Bozovaisky (1912-1990), Charles Roy Drake (1918), Alma P. Elliott, Sanford B. Fenne (1903-78), Joseph A. Fox (1934- ), Chester L. Foy (1928- ), James Godkin, Richard H. Gruenhagen, Kriton K. Hatzios (1949-2003), Robert Gordon Henderson (1903-1989), Kenneth D. Hickey, Gerald R. Hooper (1937- ), Wilbert Armande Jenkins (1905-1956), Dean A. Komm, Robert C. Lambe, 1927- ), John Lovelace LaParde (1906-1991), Arthur Ballard Massey (1889-1981), James Albertine McClintock, Frank Paden McWhorter (1896- ), Lawrence Ingram Miller (1914-1996), Laurence D. Moore (1937- ), Robert Spencer Mullins (1912- ), G. Keith Parris, Joseph Alexander Pinckard (1906- ), Carl Neel Priode (1898-1985), Robert Pristou, John J. Reilly, Curtis Woodard Roane (1921- ), Martha Ann Kotila Roane (1921-1996), John Felix Schneiderhan (1891-1974), John M. Skelly (1940- ), Grover Cleveland Smart, Jr. (1929- ), Roland Jay Stipes (1936- ), Harvey Earl Thomas (1890-1974), Ronald W. Tillman, Joseph L. Troutman, Edward Kemp Vaughan (1908-1990), Herman L. Warren, Albert Simpson Williams, and Wirt Henry Willis (1924- ). A History of Plant Pathology in Virginia is available online. Ms99-008.
ROANOKE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE POSTWAR PLANNING COMMITTEE. COLLECTION, 1946. 0.1 cu. ft. Short-lived Roanoke Chamber of Commerce committee involved in fundraising for and promoting development of a new vision of Roanoke following World War II. Collection includes committee correspondence and a pamphlet on potential development. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-083.
ROANOKE COMMITTEE FOR CLOTHES COLLECTION. FLYER, c.1945. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection consists of a flyer (c.1945) advertising the collection of clothes and shoes for World War II efforts. Includes sites, dates, and times around Roanoke, Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-077.
ROANOKE HOSPITAL. COLLECTION, c. 1931-1950. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection includes materials relating to fundraising and development, as well as by-laws and some administrative documents. Finding aid available online. Ms2012-037.
ROANOKE, VIRGINIA. SCRAPBOOK, 1931-1932. 0.5 cu. ft. Scrapbook containing essays, photographs, reports, maps and ephemera, compiled to promote Roanoke as the site for a proposed new Veterans Administration hospital in Southwest Virginia. Finding aid available online. Ms1932-001.
ROANOKE AND SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. CHARTER AMENDMENT, 1893. 0.1 cu. ft. Railroad company leasing a line between Roanoke, Virginia and Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Norfolk & Western Railroad Company. Flyer containing text charter amendment, granting the company the power to sell and lease property and to merge and consolidate with other companies. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-018.
ROANOKE RAILWAY AND ELECTRIC COMPANY. PHOTO ALBUM, c.1909. 0.3 cu. ft. Photo album featuring images of the Roanoke Railway and Electric Company buildings and lines, as well as scenic views within the Roanoke area. Finding aid available online. Images from the album are available on the VT Imagebase. Ms2003-002.
ROBERSON, JOAB (c.1838-1862). LETTER, 1862. 0.1 cu. ft. Private in Co. I, 57th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Copy of a letter from Roberson at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia, to his wife Nan, discussing the possibility of hiring a substitute to fulfill his military service. Finding aid available online. Transcript available. Ms1976-005.
ROBERT J. AKER/WILLIAM H. GOODPASTURE DEED. 1873. 0.1 cu. ft. This written agreement is for the sale of one-half acre of land to Robert J. Aker by William H. Goodpasture. This document is signed by both parties concerned. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-115.
ROBERTS, JOHN H. LETTER, 1864. Private in the 14th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery. Collection consists of a letter from Roberts to a friend discussing news about the Civil War, strenuous marches and fights, and unusual encounters with the Confederate soldiersFinding aid available online. Ms2012-038.
ROBERTSON, DONNA V. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS, 1980. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Donna Robertson has served as the dean of Tulane University's School of Architecture and the Dean of the Illinois Institute of Technology, College of Architecture. She received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Virginia School of Architecture in 1978. The collection consists of her ink and pencil drawings, and a plan as well as an exterior elevation of the Bessie Smith Memorial Dance Hall. Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
ROBERTSON, JAMES I. JR. (1930- ). PAPERS, 1862-2001. 22.6 cu. ft. Civil War historian, author and Alumni Distinguished Professor of History at Virginia Tech. Educated at Randolph-Macon College (B.A., 1955) and Emory University (M.A., 1956; Ph.D., 1959). Papers consist of manuscript and typescript drafts,edited working copies, and galley proofs of works written by Robertson between 1982 and 2001, including the books Civil War Sites in Virginia: a Tour Guide (1982); General A.P. Hill: The Story of Confederate Warrior (1987); Soldiers Blue and Gray (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in History (1988)); Civil War Virginia: Battleground for a Nation (1991); Civil War! America Becomes One Nation (1992); The Civil War's Common Soldiers (1994); Stonewall Jackson: the Man, the Soldier, the Legend (1997); Standing Like a Stone Wall: the Life of General Thomas J. Jackson (2001); and the articles "The Boy Artillerist: Letters of Colonel William Pegram" (1990) and "Stonewall Jackson: Molding the Man and Making a General" (1992). Also includes materials related to the preservation of lands adjacent to Manassas National Battleifled Park and manuscript drafts for various speeches made by Robertson. Finding aid available online. Ms94-021.
ROBERTSON, WYNDHAM (1803-1888). COLLECTION, 1846-1876, 1996. 0.1 cu. ft. Born near Richmond, Virginia, January 26, 1803. Richmond attorney and Whig politician. Governor of Virginia (1837-1838); member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1838-1841, 1859-1865). Collection contains correspondence to John G. English, who conducted business on Robertson's behalf; a promissory note to George Palmer; and a biography in The Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, Bulletin. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-100.
ROBINSON, DAVID TOBIAS. CONFEDERATE COMPANY LIST, ca. 1861-63. 0.1 cu. ft. Confederate soldier in the Civil War. Manuscript list of Company E, 4th Virginia Volunteer Regiment, written by Robinson, listing rank, age, eye and hair color, occupation, and other information about the men in the company, most of them from Southwest Virginia counties. Also includes an itemized list of clothing distributed to each man. Ms92-017.
ROBINSON, W. LETTER, 1810. 0.1 cu. ft. Pittsylvania County, Virginia, slave owner. Letter to Botetourt County, Virginia, man about slaves Robinson sent him. Finding aid available online. Ms88-068.
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, LEGAL DOCUMENT FOR BASTARDY. LEGAL DOCUMENT, 1873. 0.1 cu. ft. This legal document details the process by which Mary McDowell, an "unmarried colored woman," names the father of her bastard child. The Justice of the Peace orders the father to make payments in support of his child. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-093.
ROCK, GEORGE W. CORRESPONDENCE, 1863-1865. 0.1 cu. ft. Craig County, Virginia resident; private in Company D, 22nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry. Collection consists of six letters from Pvt. George W. Rock to a "Miss Ardelia" written between December 1863 and February 1865. < ahref="http://ead.lib.virginia.edu/vivaxtf/view?docId=vt/viblbv01028.xml" target="_blank">Finding aid available online. Ms2012-027.
ROCK ISLAND LINES. INSURANCE BOOKLET, 1926. 0.1 cu. ft. Company composed of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad and the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway. Booklet promoting and describing the company's employee insurance plan. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-041.
ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, COLLINS GENERAL AVIATION DIVISION. BROCHURES, 1979-1984. 0.2 cu. ft. Nine brochures from the Collins General Aviation Division of Rockwell International contain information regarding various products of the Division, such as Electronic Flight Instrument systems and Weather Radar systems. Archives of American Aerospace Exploration. Ms94-012.
RODECK, MELITA (1914- ). PAPERS, 1953-84, n.d. 1.7 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Washington, D.C. Papers consist of numerous writings done or contributed to by Rodeck while she worked as architect for special research projects of the Office of Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army (1968-1973); coordinator for architectural research for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (1973-1980); and program manager of Radiological Emergency Preparedness Programs for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (1980-1985). Also includes architectural drawings for several designs she worked on from 1949 to 1975 in her private practice. Finding aid available online. Ms1992-028
ROGERS, JOHN C. (1907-1979). PHOTOGRAPHS, LETTER, c1930s-1975. 0.1 cu. ft. Virginia writer, artist, and political activist. Collection includes letter from Dee Brown (September 10, 1975) and photographs, including photographs of Zora Neale Hurston at New York Times Book Fair (November 1937); Dee and Sally Brown; Jack Rogers in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia by Carl Nyquist; 1930s Hunger Marchers in Washington, D. C.; and Spanish Civil War demonstration in Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C. Ms 2001-010.
[ROLL OF BUFFALO GUARDS, n.d.]. 0.1 cu. ft., 1 item. Typescript listing of men in a Confederate regiment from Buffalo, Virginia (later West Virginia), and the Kanawha Valley, that mustered into service May 13, 1861, during the Civil War. Soon became part of the 36th Virginia Infantry as Company A, under John McGausland's command. Lists officers (including Captain William E. Fife and First Lieutenant B.B. Sterrett) and privates, with indication of whether or not they were killed, wounded, or had died. Ms96-004.
ROLLER VALLEY MILL [CRAIG COUNTY, VIRGINIA]. SCRAPBOOK, 1986. 1 vol. Abandoned flour mill in Craig County, Virginia. Handwritten survey of the mill done for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (Montgomery County Branch). Ms86-019.
ROQUE-GOURARY, JUDITH (DITA). (1915-2010). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1926-1981. 4.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect and founder of the Union of Women Architects in Belgium. Studied in Germany and Austria before emigrating to Belgium at the onset of World War II. She specialized in remodels of 19th century residences. Outspoken advocate for women in the profession. Collection consists of drawings, personal journals, business records, as well as published articles about the Union of Women Architects of Belgium and Roque-Gourary. Finding aid available online. Ms2011-074.
ROSEMONT CORPORATION. LEDGERS, 1939-1960. 0.3 cu. ft. Textile manufacturer and seller in Marion, Virginia. Ledgers detailing company sales and expenses. Finding aid available online. Ms1987-029.
ROTH, E. MARIA. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1954-2005. 0.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect currently residing in Virginia. Papers include curriculum vitae and drawings, sketches, and a project description for Christiansburg (Virginia) Library Reading Garden, 2005. Also includes class notes and a panel with views of a Chelsea redevelopment project from Cooper Union, and 1979 repair plans for Roth's New Jersey house. Finding aid available online. Ms2007-009
ROWE, C. EUGENE (d.1987). PAPERS, c.1961-1987. 13.3 cu. ft. VPI graduate (class of 1933); Alumni Association officer; member and later, rector, of the Board of Visitors. Collection includes materials created and collected by Rowe relating to Virginia Tech during his tenure on the Board of Visitors and Alumni Association; also contains a small group of papers from Rowe's involvement in the Presbyterian church. Finding aid available online. Ms1989-035.
ROWLAND, LUCY MINOGUE. PAPERS, 1968-1969. 0.2 cu. ft. Letters to the editor of the Virginia Tech, the student newspaper, received by Lucy Minogue as news editor and editor-in-chief. The collection includes other correspondence received by Minogue, editorial copy, and the paper's masthead. Educated at VPI(B.S., 1969; M.S., 1972) and University of Maryland (M.L.S., 1979). Finding aid available online. Ms2003-024.
ROYALL FAMILY PAPERS, 1813-17. 0.1 cu. ft. Botetourt County, Virginia, family. Papers consist of court statements involving the contested will of William Royall, and a court order for Ann Royall, his wife, to make an inventory of her husband's estate. Ms88-041.
RUDOFF, LORRAINE (1920- ). PAPERS, 1948-83. 3.2 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Los Angeles, California. Draftsman and job captain at several architectural and engineering firms in Los Angeles from 1948 to 1983, including Donald R. Warren, Engineers, and Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendelhall. Life member and former President of the Association for Women in Architecture; member of the International Union of Women Architects. Collection consists of elevations and floor plans of industrial buildings she worked on in California and Arizona; conference pins; and a scrapbook of photographs, clippings, and certificates of achievement. Finding aid available online. Ms1990-025
RUESCHEMEYER, MARILYN (1938- ). PAPERS, 1992. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Sociologist and head of the department of History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences at the Rhode Island School of Design. Has written on topics about residential communities in eastern Europe, particularly the former German Democratic Republic. Collection consists of a reprint of an article written by Rueschemeyer in 1992 for Urban Studies (Vol. 30, no. 3, 1993) entitled "East Germany's New Towns in Transition: A Grassroots View of the Impact of Unification." Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
RUFER-ECKMANN, CLAIRE (1914-73). PAPERS, 1933-38, 1952, 1958, n.d. 3.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Architect of Bern, Switzerland. Collection consists of architecture class notes taken by Rufer-Eckmann as a student at l'École Polytechnique Federale de Zurich, in the mid-1930s, notes and original drawings from her travels in Sweden and Finland, and several oversize folders containing 46 architectural drawings: designs of 2 pavilions for SAFFA 58, 2 drawings of Chalet Meleria in Valmont, a large drawing of Zurich, and 10 pages of accompanying notes. See also SAFFA 58 Architectural Drawings. Finding aid available online. Ms1998-018
RUFFNER, WILLIAM H. (1842-1908). LETTERS, 1855-1888, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. First superintendent of Public Instruction in Virginia. Member of Board of Visitors (1872-82) at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (now Virginia Tech). Established the Farmville Normal School (now Longwood College), and served as president. Collection includes photocopies of eleven letters from Ruffner to his wife and children, and to him from his daughter Anne. Finding aid available online. Ms1977-003.
RUHLE, KARIN. ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1991-1995. 34.5 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. The collection contains architectural drawings, images, and models for the Projekt 1.10, Gertenstadt Jahnstrasse/Dahlwitz Hoppegarten, or "Jahnstr." Finding aid available online. Ms2001-016
RUPP, SIGRID LORENZEN (1943-2004). ARCHITECTURAL COLLECTION, 1950-2004, bulk 1976-2004. 219 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Principal architect of SLR/Architects in Palo Alto, California (1976-1998). Born in Germany she earned a B. Arch. from the University of California, Berkeley (1966). The collection consists of architectural drawings, photographs, administrative and job files, contracts, and other material relating to over 700 of Rupp's projects, as well as material relating to Rupp's personal travel and artistic endeavors. Finding aid available online. Ms1997-006.
RURAL RETREAT HIGH SCHOOL. EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT BOOK, c.1914. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a ledger book, circa 1914, containing academic work of students (Math, History, and English); each page includes the name and grade of the student, as well as the teacher. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-004.
RURAL RETREAT PERCHERON CO-OPERATIVE BREEDING ASSOCIATION. LEDGER, 1939-1944. 0.1 cu. ft. collection contains minutes, financial records, and notes about/from the Rural Retreat Percheron Co-Operative Breeding Association from 1939-1944; additional minutes are laid in throughout the ledger. Finding aid available online. Ms2013-042.
RURAL RETREAT, VIRGINIA. CARTE DE VISITE, n.d. 0.1 cu. ft. Collection contains a carte de visite of an unidentified women. Image taken by W.A. Johnston, photographer. Finding aid available online. Ms2009-080.
RUSE, WILLIAM HENRY. CORRESPONDENCE, 1863-65. 0.1 cu. ft. Soldier in the 97th Ohio Regiment in the Civil War. Letters written to Maggie Stewart of Adamsville, Ohio. Three letters from Nashville, Tennessee, writing of his feelings for her, his dream that the war had ended, and how he misses home. One letter from Point Lookout, Maryland, about how soldiers at Point Lookout are attending religious meetings. Ms89-068.
RYSDALE, ANNE J. PATTERN BOOK, c.1950. 0.1 cu. ft. International Archive of Women in Architecture. Anne Rysdale was the only practicing female architect in the state of Arizona between 1949-1960. She was born and raised in Tucson. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 1940 with a degree in Engineering and Fine Arts as the University of Arizona did not have an architecture program at that time. In 1946, she received her Master's of Architecture at the University of Washington (Seattle). In her early career, she worked for Henry Jaastad and Arthur Brown, two prominent Tucson architects. She established her own firm Anne J. Rysdale, Architect & Assocs, Inc. in 1949. Rysdale Associates grew to be a 105 person architectural and construction management firm with offices in Tucson and Scottsdale, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rysdale moved to Florida and has been practicing there since 1981. Also goes by Barbara N. Rysdale. The collection contains a pattern book titled Anne J. Rysdale Distinctive Plans for Western Homes & Multi-Units. The book is divided into six sections: one bedroom (4); two bedroom (76); three bedroom (72); four bedroom (17); duplex (12); and triplex (4). Part of IAWA Small Collections. Ms2009-054.
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