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William J. Heron Speculative Fiction Collection
Special Collections, University Libraries, Virginia Tech

Reference Works

Bibliographies, Indices, Histories, Essays, and More!

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  1. Anatomy of Wonder: Science Fiction (n.d.): 1 volume
  2. Cinema of the Fantastic (n.d.): 1 volume
  3. Complete Checklist of Science Fiction Magazines (n.d.): 1 volume
  4. Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (n.d.): 3 volumes
  5. Explorers of the Infinite (n.d.): 1 volume
  6. Fantasists On Fantasy (n.d.): 1 volume
  7. Future Tense: The Cinema of Science Fiction (n.d.): 1 volume
  8. Hero Pulp Index (n.d.): 1 volume
  9. History of the Hugo, Nebula, and International Fantasy Awards (n.d.): 1 volume
  10. History of the Science Fiction Magazines (n.d.): 3 volumes
  11. Index to British Science Fiction Magazines (n.d.): 1 volume
  12. Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections (n.d.): 1 volume
  13. Index to Science Fiction Book Reviews in Astounding, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Galaxy (1949-69): 1 volume
  14. Index to the Science Fiction Magazines (1926-50, 1951-65, 1966-70): 3 volumes
  15. Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines by Author and Title (n.d.): 2 volumes
  16. In Search of Wonder (n.d.): 1 volume
  17. Jewel Hinged Jaw: Essays on Science Fiction (n.d.): 1 volume
  18. More Issues at Hand (n.d.): 1 volume
  19. New England Science Fiction Association Index to the Science Fiction Magazines and Anthologies (1971-76, 1981-82): 7 volumes
  20. New Worlds for Old (n.d.): 1 volume
  21. Pulps (n.d.): 1 volume
  22. Reader's Guide to Fantasy (n.d.): 1 volume
  23. Science Fiction (n.d.): 1 volume
  24. Science Fiction Encyclopedia (n.d.): 1 volume
  25. Science Fiction and Fantasy Pseudonyms (n.d.): 1 volume
  26. Science Fiction Fantasy Weird Hero Magazine Checklist (n.d.): 1 volume
  27. Science Fiction: History, Science, Vision (n.d.): 1 volume
  28. Science Fiction Movies (n.d.): 1 volume
  29. Science Fiction: The Other Side of Realism (n.d.): 1 volume
  30. Science Fiction Teacher's Manual (n.d.): 1 volume
  31. Science Fiction: Today and Tomorrow (n.d.): 1 volume
  32. Seekers of Tomorrow (n.d.): 1 volume
  33. Shattered Ring (n.d.): 1 volume
  34. Shudder Pulps (n.d.): 1 volume
  35. Turning Points: Essays on the Art of Science Fiction (n.d.): 1 volume
  36. TWACI Index to the Science Fiction Magazines (1977-78, 1982): 3 volumes
  37. Ursula K. LeGuin's Science Fiction Writing Workshop (n.d.): 1 volume
  38. Weird Menace (n.d.): 1 volume
  39. Weird Tales Story (n.d.): 1 volume
  40. What Will They Think of Last (n.d.): volume
  41. Who Goes There? A Bibliographic Dictionary (n.d.): 1 volume
  42. Who's Who in Science Fiction (n.d.): 1 volume

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