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Archives of American Aerospace Exploration

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Earth-rise from Lunar Orbit
Earth-rise from Lunar Orbit (Official NASA Photo AS11-44-6552)

The Archives of American Aerospace Exploration (AAAE) were established by the Special Collections Department at University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, in April 1986. The purpose of the AAAE is to preserve and make available materials (collections of correspondence, notes, photographs, written or recorded reminiscences, memorabilia, oral histories, as well as illustrations and publications) documenting American aeronautical and space history. The AAAE seeks donations of collections from pilots, astronauts, and researchers in industry and academia, NASA administrators and project managers, and any others who have had a part in the development of American aerospace history.

AAAE Guide: listing by person of AAAE holdings

Collections of the AAAE:

  1. Aeronautical Engineers
  2. Aerospace Engineers
  3. Astronauts
  4. Astronomers
  5. Brochures and Pamphlets
  6. Business persons
  7. Chemists
  8. Inventors
  9. NASA Administrators and Project Directors
  10. NASA Project Tapes
  11. Physicists
  12. Pilots
  13. Virginia Tech Alumni and Faculty
  14. Writers and Illustrators

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