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Townsend, John W., Jr. (1924- )

Papers, 1949-90, 5.0 cu. ft.

Physicist, NASA administrator. Received B.A., Williams College (1947), M.A. (1949); Sc. D. (1961). Worked at the Naval Research Laboratory (1949-58, branch head 1955-58). With NASA (1958-68, 1987-90); deputy director of the Goddard Space Center (1965-68); director of the Goddard Space Center (1987-90). Deputy administrator, Environmental Sciences Services Administration (1968-70); associate administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1970-77). President, Fairchild Space and Electronics Company (1977-82); President, Fairchild Space Company (1983-87). Papers include correspondence and memoranda, travel files (1949-68, 1985- 90); Congressional testimony (ca. 1982-86); files on the history of the Upper Air Rocket Research Program at the Naval Research Laboratory (ca. 1956-58); Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station Advisory Panel (1966-68); International Academy of Astronautics (ca. 1981-87); NASA Advisory Council (1982-87); National Academy of Engineering (1982-87); National Research Council Space Applications Board (1983-87); and the Office of Technology Assessment Advisory Board Panel on International Cooperation and Competition in Civilian Space Activities (1982-85).

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