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Members of the Board of Visitors

Legislation creating the VAMC provided for appointed and ex-officio members. This provision continues for VPI & SU today, although changes have been made regarding the number and qualification of appointees and the offices to be represented ex officio on the board. All appointments have been made by the governor "with the advice and consent of the Senate."

In 1872 the State Board of Education and the president of the State Agricultural Society served on the board in an ex-officio capacity. In 1873 this policy was changed so that only the state superintendent of public instruction and the president of the agriculture society served ex officio. During one of the periods of struggle for control of the College the president of the agricultural society, not being subject to appointment by any elected official, was dropped as ex-officio member. The state superintendent of public instruction continued, however, until 1966. Shortly after 1902 the president of the Board of Agriculture and Immigration (now Agriculture and Consumer Services) was added as ex-officio member.

Appointments to the board were always made for a specified term of years which did not necessarily coincide with the academic year. Since the College catalogs were published to coincide with the academic years, members often began serving before their names appeared in the catalog or retired from the board before the names were removed. Generally, board appointments are now made with an effective date of July 1.

Lists of Rectors and Members of the Boards of Visitors, 1872 - present

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