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Presidents of the Corps of Cadets, 1909-1966

Prior to the union of the Corps of Cadets and the Civilian Student Body in 1966, a president of the Corps was elected annually. During the period of World War II, some cadets were unable to serve a full term.

Akers, P. L., 1951; Arnold, R. L., 1943*; Arthur, J. P., 1961; Barkley, C. C., 1960; Belcher, J. R., 1939; Belt, F. A., 1943*; Bishop, O. M., 1910; Brown, B. P., 1945; Brown, C. S., 1941; Clemmer, T. F., 1916; Cocke, B. T., 1918; Dance, E. H., 1942; Davis, C. B., 1921; Dear, P. S., 1927; Dekker, H. J., 1943*; Dunton, R. M., 1947*; Eden, D. D., 1956; Faison, C. H. (Jr.), 1940; Fuller, F. B. (Jr.), 1964; Giles, R. H. (Jr.), 1955; Gilman, J. P., 1948; Gregory, E. D., 1923; Greenlee, A. B., 1944*; Hardwick, S. E., 1932; Heckman, E. C., 1912; Hooper, H. V., 1931; Hurst, B. L., 1924; Jackson, W. H., 1925; Jennings, C. H., 1953; Kraft, C. C. (Jr.), 1944*; Legge, W. R., 1913; Lusk, E. R., 1922; McArthur, J. B., 1929; McBurney, W. A., 1920; MacGregor, R. J., 1915; Main, G. A. (Jr.), 1946; Malcom, R. B., 1950; Martin, W. B., 1909; Moffett, W. S. (Jr.), 1933; Moore, A. B., 1917; Morris, J. M., 1911; Morrison, D. C., 1959; Moss, J. S., 1928; Otto, T. W. (Jr.), 1965; Plummer, T. G., 1949; Quillen, C. D. (Jr.), 1958; Robinette, L. M., 1947*; Robinette, L. W., 1943*; Rowland, N. A., 1962; Ruby, W. H. (Jr.), 1937; Simmons, L. D., 1934; South, J. C. (Jr.), 1957; Stark, T. (Jr.), 1930; Sutherland, D. G., 1952; VanDyck, J. B., 1936; Vecellio, L. A., 1938; Witmore, C. E., 1919; Whitney, J. L., 1966; Wildes, G. W., 1935; Wysor, W. G., 1914; Young, T. C., 1963.

* Served part of the year

Source: Kinnear, Duncan Lyle, The First 100 Years: A History of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, Virginia: Virginia Polytechnic Institute Educational Foundation, 1972), Apprendix IV, p. 480.

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