From the Corps... Visiting Sash and Saber

Collegiate Times
January 23, 1996

by Stan Ward

The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets is home to many different organizations on campus. Many of these organizations do much for the university but are virtually unknown to civilian students.

In an effort to further educate the campus about the Corps, several Corps organizations will be highlighted throughout the semester. Today's highlighted organization is Sash and Saber.

Sash and Saber is an organization dedicated to serve the Tech campus and community. The organization is commanded by Cadet Capt. Bret Cabadilla.

So far this year, they have worked on such projects as setting up fireworks for Military Ball Weekend, running a canned food drive, getting protective chains put up around 'The Rock' on the upper quad 'VT' emblem and doing various saber arches for both Corps and civilian functions around the university.

The organization also serves as a voice for Corps-Only cadets, since the members of Sash and Saber are all Corps-Onlys, the meaning that they do not seek a commission in the military. Many think Corps-Onlys are inactive cadets who are only in the Corps because they have nothing better to do, but this is far from the truth. Corps-Only cadets are dedicated to the Corps and the university but because of the benefits they have received while being in the Corps.

Most members of Sash and Saber, and Corps-Onlys in general, hold many positions in and out of the Corps of Cadets. They are strong members of our community.

Sash and Saber is a outlet for Corps-Only cadets. The organization gives visibility to those members of the Corps who are generally disregarded by the rest of the student population.

Not everyone in the Corps seeks a military career, and just like the rest of the students at the university these cadets must seek employment in the job market when they graduate.

But these cadets believe they have an edge over their civilian counterparts because of the leadership training received in the Corps.

They want to be recognized for their existence in the Corps as well.

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