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Images of "L" Squadron

Debbie (Noss) Ayers, Shirley (Burnett) Sypolt

1st Row
Cheryl Butler, Sue Miner, Ginny Anthony, Laurel (O'Conner) Harris, Diane Wheeler

2nd Row
Caryl Christian, Jeanie Waldrop, Debbie Boozer, Lesley Nelson, Spotty Ligon, Pam Kelly

3rd Row:
Kim Pogue, Kitsie Buckles, Barbara Jesse, Mary Gallagher, Kristy (Haught) Barthle, Emily Pollsbury

4th Row:
Becky Fox, Lisa (Lalar) Coulter, Janet James, Paula Kahle, Fran Hart, Marilyn Helmeyer

Not Pictured:
Bobbi (Brown) Wayne, Meg (Geurin) Birdseye, Dee Dodson, Jody (Hoff) Kessler

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Last updated November 4, 1998