A Co-Ed's Diary

1929 Tin Horn

September 17, 1926. Well, ole diary, it's been many a day since last we met- nearly two years. To begin with, I'm a co-ed at VPI. Last year was one worth remembering, pretty interesting and pretty hard. You know the boys don't want us here- lead us a dog's life. But regardless of what they think, I think every girl likes to be treated like a lady and I, having always lived a sheltered life, expected at least politeness at college. But I was destined to be disappointed. It didn't take me long to become disillusioned about VPI. I s'pose one can hardly blame the boys for feeling about us as they do. It must be a nuisance to have co-eds in classes where heretofore they have told jokes that were not fit for our ears, smoked and kept their caps on, because some professors allow this when there are no girls around.

It was hard for us outside the classroom, also, one thing especially- we had to go back of the barracks to some of our classes and thus see and hear. 'N' funny thing, seemed like the boys always need fresh air just as we came by. Up went the windows and down came the water as they seemed to be in their chief indoor sport. Along with the water came squeaky voices yelling and saying silly things to us. We became exceedingly alert and quick movers, in fact we became so efficient in dodging water that we decided to extend our athletic ability even further, and as a consequence of this we had a basketball team. We had a hard time with this, too, as we couldn't even get enough girls out to scrimmage, and how can you have a team like that? Of course we weren't in the Athletic Association, so we couldn't expect support at our games. A few of the boys did come and always rooted for the opposing team. Not very sportsmanlike, by maybe some day it will be different. I wonder?

To get back to classes- there were heaps of them. Some of the professors didn't appreciate us any more than the boys did, and we had a hectic time, especially with the wonderful science, Chemistry. One of the professors was even so inconsiderate as to say that our class of co-eds was dumb. Doesn't speak so well for him I should say, when we make plenty good grades in other things.

I wonder if I'll ever get accustomed to this life. I've never seen so many boys at once in my life as when we change classes in the second Academic building. They needed a traffic cop. It was terribly bewildering at first but I s'pose one lives through such things.

Well, that's that for last year. Today we registered as sophomores and spent an hour looking for Physics class. Never found it.

October 23. Went to the Memorial Hall this morning. 'Twas a big day for Blacksburg. It's been just four years since the Golden Jubilee when this was planned and the alumni are so proud of it.

The game was grand. We beat Virginia 6-0. But oh! So many people were drunk. It was terrible.

November 25. Thanksgiving Day at last. THE game. We won, VPI, 14, VMI, 7. Wonderful! Went on the Special. Was fun. Had a lovely day.

December 9. Supposed to play basketball with Radford tonight. They didn't come this afternoon so we called them up. Sure enough they had planned to come tomorrow night.

December 10. The game was awful, but they had so many players. The score was 50- something to 5. But some of the boys were for us anyhow.

December 17. Exams all week. Such a life. But it's all over now. We go home tomorrow. Two whole weeks without classes.

January 4, 1927. Seems like we have gone to classes a month and this is just the second day. Our English is changed. We are in a section all alone, just girls. Some of the boys have threatened to come in but I surely hope they don't.

May 24. Wo, the co-eds had a banquet tonight in honor of the seniors. There are just three of them so they each gave talks and we had jokes, toasts, et cetera. There were thirty three girls in all, so we consider it quite a success.

June 3. Our Home Economics clothing class gave a dress revue this afternoon. Everyone thought it grand. And the historic costumes which were made in class and worn by ourselves made quite a hit.

June 10. No more exams. Passed everything. They had to have the Junior-Senior Prom in the German Hall. 'Twas hot and crowded, but no on cared. The favors were Bugles and the girls were thrilled to death. We could hardly stand in line, so excited, and don't you know there weren't enough for all the girls and I didn't get one ... Just a co-eds luck! But a co-ed can live through anything. Its all over now. Good-bye ...

November 1. It seems so funny to be a junior, but I like it. I've really studied some, more than last year, and yet I've had more fun, more dates, and have run around more than ever.

November 24. I was disappointed because I wanted to go to Roanoke on the Special, but wasn't any early train back and it isn't much fun just hanging around with nothing to do, so a bunch of us went in a taxi. VMI won the game so that made everything wrong. But the dances were wonderful!

January 20, 1928. The Aggies held their Mid-Winters to-nite. Had a grand time. So cold!

February 3. Went to the Minstrels. Splendid I thought. The best I've seen. I love things like that, college things.

February 14. They say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." We tried this out tonight. Gave a buffet supper at the Home Economics Building and invited cadets. Did it work? I wonder.

February 23. Went to a tea at Lucy Lancaster's that she and Mary Ava gave the co-eds in honor of wining the Bluefield game. It was lovely.

March 10. Left for Bristol this morning at ten. There were ten of us in the car and we were awfully crowded. Got there about five. Played basketball at eight on a gym floor which was awful. Sullins won 30-19. They entertained us in the YW hut and we had a very good time.

June 12. Finals are always interesting. They had competitive drill on the stadium. More cars and more people! The Memorial Hall was full on Sunday morning, so hot. I almost went to sleep.

The dances were grand! Oodles of girls at the Junior-Senior Prom. Too many. Not so bad Saturday and Monday; of course the crowd was divided. But I had a wonderful time. Everyone was so sweet to me. Most too good to be true. Was like a dream, with the music, the lights, 'n everything was marvelous.

The graduation exercises were long; they'll probably be all too short next year. Just think, diary, I'm a senior at last!

September 29. It's more fun being a man! Wo surely found that out tonight at the party the town girls gave the dormitory girls. About half of us were dressed as men. We danced, had a figure, got favors and ate more good things. Everyone had a delightful time.

October 5. An exciting time! Blacksburg had a community day with a parade 'n everything. We worked all morning on our float, was very pretty, but there wasn't much left of it by the time the public saw it.

October 18. Today was a busy day. Went to Foods Lab at 7:30 this morning and nearly worked ourselves to death cooking and serving dinner to eighty Presbyterian men. Made a million lemon pies. To'night we dressed up in our best and went to the President's reception. Had a delightful time. It was lovely.

October 24. Even co-eds can get in the movies. We had a theatre party to-nite and actually saw ourselves on the screen. So our labors of last week were not in vain after all and the float looked splendid. Thank goodness they didn't show us going in the wrong direction.

December 18. Well, we are in the midst of a flu epidemic. Having it isn't so funny, even though you do miss some classes, because you can't go home when the others do. Most everybody is gone now.

January 9, 1929. Don't tell me about taking exams just after a three weeks' vacation. That's what we've been doing this week. They were awful as usual. Passed all of them and that helps.

January 25. We played Radford to-nite and it was wonderful! Not the score, because they beat us as usual, but the way the boys came out and routed for us. I never dreamed so many boys would come to a co-ed game.

February 8. If any human being could possibly do more this week than I have done, I should like to see him. When you take a basketball trip and give a play all in one week, you almost feel as if you had done your duty by the co-eds for a while. Monday nite we practiced the play until 12. Tuesday morning we left for West Virginia and Played Concord that nite. Good game; had a dance after the game. It was fun. Played Bluefield College Wednesday night. Tied them but it was a rotten game. Left Bluefield Thursday morning, gave a dress rehearsal of our play to the boys' Dramatic Club at three. The boys were wonderful with their appreciation. Practiced the pay all this morning. Well, we presented "Adam and Eva" tonight! We were favored with an unusually appreciative audience which was lavish with its praise. We feel, though that the most of the credit for our success should go to the coaches. They were wonderful.

February 14. Another buffet supper, only we were guests this time. The Home Ec sophomore entertained the "Adam and Eva" caste, and served us a delicious supper.

March 2. I played my last game of basketball for Tech tonight. That's awful to think about. I have enjoyed the four years that I have played here. This is just one of the LAST THINGS that we will do for Tech. The fame was with Marion and was very good; we won. Had a party for the girls afterward. Well we can break training now.

March 19. Physical Ed. Exhibition tonight and the co-eds were ushers. It was lots of fun to dress up in white and red sashes, the latter borrowed from cadets, and officiate as ushers. The hit of the evening was the Sailor's Hornpipe given by the freshmen co-eds.

March 23. Our fame in large quantity cookery has gone abroad. One of the ladies of the town, knowing how efficient we were last term, asked us to help her five a reception for her brand new daughter-in-law. It was a regular frolic. More fun and more eats than you ever saw.

April 25. Well, ole diary, once more I bid you adieu. I just won't have time to write any more in this, the last year of my college career. Just as we can't really appreciate a person until we know that person, so we can't really appreciate a college until we know that college. Everything we have done this year has been great. The dances were wonderful, the boys were so nice to me, a co-ed. They've been splendid in everything. And so have the professors. They've helped us in our co-ed activities and of course to them we owe our education. And so we bid farewell to VPI with regrets, but with glad hearts, because of the years spent here that helped to give us ambition, inspiration, and an eagerness for life in the years to come.

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