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Student Quarters

Barracks and Dorms

Dutch Alley, 1874-75

Early Dormitory, c. 1880

Celebration, 1898

Midnight Feast, Rockbridge Club

Cecil Fisher's Barracks Room, 1905

Student at Work, 1905

Typical Barracks Room

"Rat Peabody Has to Have V.P.I. Surroundings"

In Barracks, 1924

Cadets Cleaning Rifles, 1924

Room in Barracks, April 1930

Room in Barracks No. 4, Company E, December 1932

Dorm Party in Hillcrest, c. 1967-68

"No Prison Labor Beyond This Point," 1974

Dorm Room, 1974

Dorm Room, 1975

Co-eds' Dorm Room, undated

Co-eds' Dorm Room, undated

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