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Anatomy Class
Anatomy Class, spring 1892
From left, Newman, Gregory, Christian, Robert Cowardin, C. W. Courtland, Professor Smyth

"Looking Back: Glimpses of the Life of Virginia Tech's First Student"
An article about William Addison Caldwell by Clara B. Cox

Catalogue of Students, Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (V. A. M. C.), 1872-73
A list of the students at the first session of the college

Graduates, 1875
The first 12 graudates from V. A. M. C.

Graduates, 1876

Images of Cadets in 1886

V. A. M. C. Class of 1888

Class Officers at V. A. M. C. in 1893

Class of 1896 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Images from 1918 at Virginia Tech

Ring Dance at V. P. I. in fall of 1942

Reminiscences by Virginia Tech Students and Alumni

Student Quarters

Women at Virginia Tech

First Black Students at Virginia Tech, 1953-1963
An essay by Dr. Peter Wallenstein

The Early History of Affirmative Action at Virginia Tech
A short history by James W. Dean, former vice president of student affairs and dean of students at Virginia Tech

A Timeline of Black History at Virginia Tech

Black Women at Virginia Tech Oral History Project

Presidents of the Civilian Student Body and of the Student Government Association
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