Radford News Journal, June 21, 1944

Board of Visitors Settles Controversy
Over Place Of Residence for Women

Undergraduates Must Enroll At Radford College
Body Holds First Meet Here Tuesday

The Board of Visitors of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Radford College, Woman's Division, worked out details with regard to the registration of undergraduate women studies at Radford as provided in the bill consolidating the two schools, set up machinery for the handling of administrative matters and approved officials and faculty members, as well as the curricula for the 1944-45 sessions, Tuesday at its first session after the merger plan became effective.

In a joint interview yesterday with Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster, State Superintendent of Public nstruction, and President David W. Peters of Radford College, following an address by Dr. Lancaster at the college assembly, it was revealed that one of the items of major consideration was the question of matriculation of women undergraduates. Other than those students enrolling in engineering and agricultural courses, the matter will not be left to the discretion of the applicant and "in general, wherever courses are available at Radford college, the student must enroll at Radford," Dr. Lancaster stated.

To the dean of the college at Blacksburg, C. P. Miles, and Dr. M'Ledge Moffett, dean of women at Radford college, will fall the responsibility of deciding the place of residence of individual students within the limitations of the resolution as adopted by the board.

The board also authorized the presidents of the two colleges to appoint a committee from the faculties to reorganize the economics program in such manner that as much of the work as possible can be obtained at Radford.

The resolution requires specifically that all women students "entering V.P.I. for the first time" after July 1, this year, be domiciled on the campus at Radford except as follows:

"1. Whenever it has been conclusively demonstrated by a committee of the board to be appointed by the rector with outside specialists as advisors that such courses as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc., are not comparable to those same courses at Blacksburg or cannot be comparable;

"2. When specialized classes in the home economics curricula in the third and fourth years make residence on the Blacksburg campus necessary because such courses are not offered on the Radford campus;

"3. When it is desired to enter specialized curricula in engineering , agriculture, or other branches for which no provision is made at Radford.