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Groove Phi Groove

Groove Phi Groove, 1969
Groove Phi Groove, 1969
First Row: B. Rimm, S. Pyles, C. Adams, C. Beane, T. Dillard
Second Row: S. Lee, J. Watkins, L. Trower, L. Beale, G. Spurlock, B. Shelton, G. Brook

"The GPG fellowship organization was founded in on October 12, 1962 at Morgan State College. The aims are to promote a well-rounded individual, both on campus and in the community, and to support college events like concerts and various sports activities. The requirements are that members have a 2.00 QCA and be a sophomore with the required hours."--Bugle, 1969, p. 244.
The Virginia Tech (Gobbler) chapter was begun in the spring of 1968. The six charter members of Groove Phi Groove were Stan Harris (class of 1968); Dwight Crewe, Larry Beale, and Jim Watkins (class of 1971); and Steve Pyles and Byron Rimm (class of 1970).

Groove Phi Groove, 1970
Groove Phi Groove, 1970
First Row: Calvin Watkins, Eli Blackwell, Steve Pyles, Larry Trower, George Spurlock.
Second Row: Cleve Adams, Keith Pullens, Timothy Fields, Jim Watkins, Larry Beale, Bill Shelton, Calvin Twyman.

"The purpose of Groove Phi Groove is to provide social life for a segment of black students on campus and to integrate social, religious, and athletic phases of collegiate life. The Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship was founded in 1962 at Morgan State College."--1970 Bugle, page 314.

Groove Phi Groove (1971)
Groove Phi Groove, 1971
Front Row: Ronald Rollins, Carl Banks, Larry Beale, Garfield Cross, Clyde Jones.
Second Row: Bill Cannaday, Bill Stith, Calvin Twyman, Milton Ames, Leon Dillard, Tim Marshall, Robert Miller.
Third Row: Ernest Wilson, James Marshall, Stephen Dean, James Watkins, Charles Lipscomb, Major Riddick.

"An organization of young black men dedicated to the active fulfillment of its members thru participation in University life, Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship was founded in 1962 at Morgan State College. The social, academic, athletic, and political aspects of campus life are pursued by the brothers at Virginia Tech. Located at 405 Jackson Street, the Gobbler chapter of Groove Phi Groove sponsored varied social events during the 1970-71 academic year."--1971 Bugle, page 234.
Groove Phi Groove Reunion

Groove Phi Groove Reunion 2000
Five of the Six Charter (founding) members of the first black organization on campus (Groove Phi Groove)
From Left to Right: Larry Beale (1971), Dwight Crewe (1971), James Watkins (1971), Steve Pyles (1970), and Stan Harris (1968) -
(Byron Rimm (1970) was not present.)

National Groove Phi Groove

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