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Human Relations Council


Hands, 1968
From the 1968 Bugle


Human Relations Council, 1969
Human Relations Council, 1969
No place for racism here.
(1969 Bugle, page 201)


Human Relations Council, 1971
Left to right: Major Riddick, President; Myron Rimm, Miss Black Week; Dick Gregory; Sylvia Swilly, Vice-President; Francine Richardson, Treasurer

Black Week '71 - candid
Black Week '71 - candid
Images from Black Week, which was sponsored by the Council. Highlights included a speech by Dick Gregory, a tribute to black war dead by black cadets, and a tribute to Martin Luther King on his birthday.


Human Relations Council, 1973
First Row: Alvin Whitlow, W. Carlton, Yvette Henderson, Larry Cremshaw, Geraldine Brickhouse, Chris Mills, Anthony Crisp. Second Row: Deloris Jones, Eileen Miles, Daphyne Saunders, Sherrie Adams, Anita Edwards, LaVerne Richardson, Brenda Lipscomb, Angela Edwards, Marsha Givens, Shirley Watkins, Pearline Cooke. Third Row: Clyde Hicks, Darryl Givens, Robert Pinkard, Major Reddick II, Ronald S. Robinson, Reggie Travis, Lester White, Jerry Johnson.


Human Relations Council, 1976
Human Relations Council, 1976

Human Relations Council, 1976
"Human Relations Council: To Create a Greater Sense of Pride in the Individual"
(1976 Bugle, page 444)


Human Relations Council, 1977
Some members of the Human Relations Council, 1977

Human Relations Council, 1977"
Some of the officers of the Human Relations Council, 1977

"The Human Relations Council is an organization devoted to promoting better relations between the University administration, the campus community, and the black minority students on campus. Through the sponsorship of social, intellectual, economic, and political interactions its goal is to promote unity among the many diversified people and organizations that encounter one another surrounding the University and community. The Council believes in the pursuit of happiness for those who were lost in a world of the unpredictables."
(1976 Bugle, page 101)


Calvin Jamison - President, Cheryl Pettis - Vice President of Program[s], Ricardo Jennings - Vice President of Finance, Susan Pierce - Secretary, Morris McClenny - Vice President of Communications, Walter Ramsey - Parliamentarian.
Cheryl Pettis, Wanda Suber, Mike Wallace, Morris McClenny, Glenn Valentine, Andy Carrington, Steve Smith, Ed Thornton, Reva Press, David Cheek, Marilyn Richardson, Calvin Jamison, Robert Davis, Kevin Galfee, Ronell Johnson, Ron Sheffield, Bonita Moreland, Jeff Grant, Linda Banks, Judy Epps, Greg Thompson, Wayne Carrington, Huey Battle, Reginald Travis, Prathera Lanier, Gary Smith, Larry Blunt, Andrew Thomas, Cheryl Hardy, Peggy Hopkins, Avo Manns, Sharon Hunter, Rosiland Ranson, Sharrell Duke, Shelia Johnson, Harry ARcher, Willis Hargrove, Archie Watson, Kevin McReynolds, Joe Moore, Andrea Releford, Mike Price, Mike Johnson, Mike Morgan, Brian Witcher, Wendel Evans, Pam Smith, Pearline Cooke, Zoe Shaw, Denise Cook, Earl Boyd, Barry Griffith, Mike Cunningham, Sandra Cunningham, Renee Hollan, Anita Chapman, Mike Chapman, Deborah Johnson, Sylvia Watford, Charlene Garrett, Viveca Elliston, Ramona Cousins, Rairnia Cousins, Cookie Cockran, Ricardo Whitehurst, Clyde Blueford, Paul Parker, Gayle Williams, Valerier Martin, Kenneth Walkins, Conrad Clayton, Curtis Claytor, Randolph Schmidt, Deborah Specer, Winfred Derring, Ron Paterson, Jerome Berry.

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